Ronaldo And Neymar: 15 Women These Soccer Superstars Dated

They are the top two players in the world. If you don’t agree with our rankings, you definitely can’t disagree that these guys can rope pretty much any girl willing. Two eligible bachelors, world-class status, and soccer skills like nobody has ever seen. These two men seem to have it all: talent, status, money, and women swooning left and right.

Ronaldo: FIFPro World Player of the year, UEFA Club Forward of the Year, World Soccer Player of the Year, GSA Best Player of the Year, Onze d’Or, Bravo Award, and the list goes on and on. Some may argue that Messi is a constant contender against Ronaldo, but true CR7 fans know the truth: the Portuguese really have pride in being the best.

Neymar: Wonder-child, leading goalscorer, FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball winner, Olympic Gold Medalist, Neymar and his young career are still just getting started. This soccer player from Brazil has still so much potential at only age 25.

Although through the years there have been some questionable choices on their escorts or past girlfriends, one thing we know for sure: some of these women are drop-dead gorgeous.

Although they might have used their wit and charm to win over one of these two famous soccer players, it’s easy to see why Ronaldo and Neymar fell for them. Even though we haven’t captured all the women they've been with, here is our list of the top 15 hottest and most beautiful women that Ronaldo and Neymar have hooked up with.


15 Anitta - Neymar

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Her actual name is Larissa de Macedo Machado, but interestingly enough, she has a party name: Anitta. The young soccer star is famous for not only his insane soccer skills but can definitely throw a good party or two, which is where the couple met and hooked up once or twice.

Not only was it reported that during this party in question that the Brazilian star rented the West Zone of Rio for $6,000 just for a fun, Saturday night, he also banned cameras from the premises in hopes for a little privacy for their fun shenanigans. Now the couple was seen, or rather, disappeared for almost two hours through a back entrance and heading to a reserved room. Both were later spotted at a nightclub, Vitrinni Lounge, later on, that night.

14 Raffaella Fico - Ronaldo

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The Italian showgirl, singer, and model is also a beauty contest winner, and reigned Miss Grand Prix. She was a contestant on Big Brother, the version from Italy called Grande Fratello.

The crazy thing about Raffaella Fico is that her claim for fame is not exactly one of great virtue or value. It was actually (if not, allegedly), known to have to do with her auctioning off her virginity for one million euros during an interview for Chi, which is an Italian magazine. Aside from Ronaldo, Fico had an on-and-off relationship with Mario Balotelli, with whom she had a daughter with (after a paternity test). She was also known to be a part of the sex scandal Bunga Bunga and was one of the girls who were at Italian Prime Minister’s sex parties.

13 Gabriella Lenzi - Neymar

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This athlete and model, native to Sao Paulo, liked to keep her relationship with Neymar a secret, but a leaked photo from Neymar himself where he was posing with the supermodel in a way that left no question to their status definitely pushed away some doubts with his fans.

After Neymar went to Ibiza to party after his famous back injury that put him out the play for a while, it was public knowledge that the model was chasing him around the party place, trying to get them back together. Now being so close to sealing the deal with the international soccer, we don’t blame her, but this beauty seems a little too much of a stalker for our taste, but it doesn’t hurt anything to just look at her.

12 Irina Shayk - Ronaldo

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This Russian model might be a familiar sight to see. Over ten years ago, she became the face, the “exclusive contracted face” of Intimissimi Lingerie. She also was on the cover of Sports Illustrated and has been gracing covers and photographs that have made it worldwide.

The relationship with Ronaldo had lasted five years. She stated to the public that she had found out that he was secretly messaging girls all over the world (shocker), and that’s the main reason why she called it quits. She began dating Hollywood star Bradley Cooper shortly afterward in 2015, and now she’s married and has a daughter with him and seems to have bounced back quite nicely after Ronaldo had admitted to her on New Year’s Eve about his betrayal.

11 Andressa Suita - Neymar

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Another television star and Brazilian model has found her way into Neymar’s heart, or she’s captured his attention. Unfortunately, this model hook-up was at a questionable period since Neymar was also dating Carol Abranches around the same time.

The night in question, the pair of them were seen canoodling at a nightclub down in Sao Paulo, and from there, proceeded on to various other nightclubs. The tale between the three of them is twisted, because Andressa Suita, who was really Andressa Oliveira was seen shortly, if not, right after some had caught sighting of Neymar with Carol. The tale is twisted and is hard to be set straight, but none can really deny that she was a bad decision based solely on her looks.

10 Luciana Abreu - Ronaldo

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Over ten years ago, in 2007, Ronaldo decided to try catching the eye of one of his countrywomen — Luciana Abreu, hailing from Portugal. Abreu was a contestant on Portuguese Pop Idol for one season. The pair of them were seen together back in that year, making their connection public as Luciana actually went to his practice to watch him play.

The pair had made their relationship less in the news than most of the others, so the speculation of its validity might still be there, but either way, we can definitely say she was not a bad choice! Her career from 2008 had blossomed into an actress and television host and represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Her full name is Luciana Abreu Sodré Costa Real.

9 Bruna Marquezine - Neymar

This well-publicized relationship with the soccer star was going strong until he decided that they were no longer compatible with one another. Of course, Bruna states that the couple had actually broken up a various amount of times because Neymar wasn't extremely faithful, leading her to break up with him.

Bruno is an actress who has been on television since she was five years old. The relationship lasted two years and was a topic in the nation’s eye as they were called an item in a serious relationship. Rumors have it, however, that the pair of them have rekindled their relationship and have solidified a more prestigious take on the on-again-off-again style of relationship. From a professional perspective, the duo is killing it, but personally — we’ll have to see.


8 Alice Goodwin - Ronaldo

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Even if Ronaldo’s English hadn't started off as that great, there’s really no question as to how he began seeing Alice Goodwin, a British bombshell who is now married to another soccer player, Jermaine Pennant. Before she was gracing the presence of these famous male soccer players, she was gracing the covers of Britain’s magazines, called Nuts, Maxim, and Zoo Weekly.

The two definitely got together back in 2009, and we don't blame either one of them. If you're on the cover of magazines and if you're an international soccer star (whom apparently Goodwin has a thing for), then it should be pretty hard to rest. This vivacious and curvy model catches the eye of many men since she is a cover girl for men’s magazines.

7 Barbara Evans - Neymar

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Seeing a trend in the professions of these women, Evans is a model and reality television star from Brazil (despite her very American name). She won the sixth season of The Farm (Brazil) and was actually the youngest contestant to ever win it.

Evans has had a stint of dating professional soccer players, having also had a public relationship with Peruvian forward Paolo Guerrero. He currently plays for Flamengo in Brazil. Guerrero is also really famous in his home country, holding the most goals ever scored in his country. Evans and Neymar, however, had their relationship shortly after Neymar had gone through a break up with the mother of his son. For a rebound, Neymar has done pretty well for himself.

6 Imogen Thomas - Ronaldo


This Welsh model and TV personality is former Miss Wales. She was in the news recently because of her trip down to Miami, Florida, where she was flaunting her newfound body after going through breast reduction surgery.

She was also a contestant on Big Brother and proves that at the age of 35, women can have it, flaunt it, and give Ronaldo something to cry about. She was a swimwear model who recently announced her retirement (we’re pretty sad about it) and actually now has her own company called Chasing Summer. She has two children and is looking for a model with size 8 to replace her. Ladies, this might be your shot, so look for casting calls! Thomas had her fair share of mix-ups having been dating Ronaldo at the time she was also dating another man who was married at the time — talk about a triangle of love.

5 Nicole Bahls - Neymar

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Although Neymar never really admitted to hitting it off with Nicole, she had definitely made it public as a presenter on television on Panica na TV. During a show called “Eu Nunca” — which means I never, she relayed out to the world, well, at least all of Brazil, that she had seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and two famous actors in Brazil: Andre Marques and Caio Castro.

She participated in a segment called “SuperPop” where she couldn't escape from

Luciana Gimenez’s questions about her relationship with Neymar. She told Luciana that they kissed but after that, she admitted it really wasn't anything special. She literally said, “I was in Santos and there was nothing else to get”. Of course, this could be a bad rep for Neymar, but we’ll give him a break.

4 Karina Ferro - Ronaldo

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The original girlfriend of Ronaldo was Portuguese native Karina Ferro. Unfortunately, Ronaldo had cut her loose upon finding fame and moving on to the world of international supermodels available to him.

Of course, she didn't let that stop her. She makes her living as a model as well, traveling the world just like her ex. The two definitely had a serious relationship before Ronaldo hit the big time, but unfortunately, Karina didn't make the cut. It is great to see that the two of them have continued on to their careers seemingly unscathed from the breakup. The great thing about seeing what Karina looks like is saying that even before Ronaldo became a famous, worldwide soccer star, he still was able to sweet talk his way into relationships with beautiful women.

3 Caroline Belli - Neymar

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Another television star, Carol was a stage girl on Panica na TV, which was a Brazilian comedy show. She had a relationship with Neymar and thought it was going to turn into something more serious, but that was around the time that Bruna Marquezine showed up, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, after that, Carol turned out to be more of a nuisance than an attractive partner, attempting still to catch Neymar’s eye even after he started dating Bruna. The story goes that Bruna then took a more controlling stance, deciding to make it impossible for Carol to get close to Neymar, even when she was invited to one of his parties, and also was forbidden to speak to any of his friends. Talk about catfight.

2 Letizia Filippi - Ronaldo

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Italian model Letizia Filippi actually dated Ronaldo while he was also dating Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. Of course, this relationship was from around ten years ago, and is a bit old news, but was in the news a few years back for some of her questionable actions.

She was actually investigated for allegedly recruiting escorts for the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They were known to have dated for the summer when Ronaldo still had that ugly rat tail, so we know now why it didn't last too long. Filippi is an Italian TV personality as well, having appeared on Buona Domenica. The pair of them actually met at a yacht party that Ronaldo was at with his other girlfriend at the time, Nereida Gallardo.

1 Mayra Cardi - Neymar

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The Brazilian fitness guru currently lives in the USA, but before was a presenter and journalist for over a decade. Once upon beginning her life in America, she took up courses and dedicated her life to Sports Nutrition. She also taught aerobic classes and courses as a personal trainer.

This fitness trainer was also a television star, widely known in Brazil as a contestant on Big Brother Brazil. She is one of the fittest girls on the list, so that’s why we placed her at the top. For us, we think, just based on the interests of their personalities, that they would fit best together. Before they began seeing one another, they were neighbors, and from there, their interest blossomed. But this was all over five years ago.


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