Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes Inadvertently Flirts with Stenographer at Press Conference

The "hot mic" strikes again.

Nigel Hayes got caught in an embarrassing situation at a press conference this week after he was asked the "start" the proceedings by "warming up" the stenographers (with the word "cattywampus", no less).

He turned to his two teammates and meant to whisper - for their ears only - that the woman was beautiful, but he let his voice rise high enough for the microphone to pic up the comment.

Luckily for Hayes he didn't say anything derogatory or drop any expletives, or this story would have a much different tone. Hayes was mildly shamed, but hey, maybe the stenographer is into basketball players. Maybe he gets her number. Maybe they go on a date.

Maybe it was nothing...but maybe it was the start of a beautiful story - wouldn't that be something?

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