15 Women Tiger Woods Got With: Where Are They Now?

Back in 2009, the National Enquirer destroyed Tiger Woods personal and professional life. Not only did his reputation suffer but his game hasn’t been the same since. The allegations began with one name, Rachel Uchitel, soon after, the situation would spiral and just turn ridiculous. By the end of it, Tiger had confessed to having intercourse with over 100 women, the final count was 121.

Among the females included are entertainment stars, club hosts and even an $8 per hour waitress. Tiger also had other kinds of hookups, that part of his life was called actual relationships. He definitely had a type and you’ll see that in this article, usually selecting a girlfriend that was thin, blonde and with a girl next door cute type look. We can’t say the same for his mistresses however, you’ll also see some bold evidence of that throughout the piece.

From ex-wife Elin Nordegren, to film star Joslyn James, to his current partner Erica Herman - this article will document both his past and present flings along with giving you an update on what his mistresses and ex-girlfriends are up to nowadays. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 Tiger Woods hookups and where they are now.


15 Elin Nordegren – Mother Of Two Children

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It seemed like the perfect marriage but in 2009, it came to a crumbling end. As of 2010, Elin and Tiger were officially divorced and Elin has opted to lay low ever since. She’s made the tabloids in the last couple of years for some minor flings, however, nothing ever came of them. She was finally interviewed by People in 2017 and her comments were pretty surprising, one of which, was complementing Tiger and their current relationship today.

Elin admitted that the two share a close bond despite the divorce, even Tiger made the claim a couple of years ago that the two are the best of friends and in fact, they only live 30 minutes away from one another. As for Nordegren’s life nowadays, she’s a proud mom of two - both children from her relationship with Tiger. She’s living a comfortable life away from the spotlight. Don’t worry about her financial situation, she walked away with $100 million following the court settlement.

14 Kristin Smith – Personal Stylist

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Tiger definitely has a separate taste when it comes to his hookups and actual girlfriends. Kristin Smith was Tiger’s latest ex and she resembled both Lindsey Vonn and ex-wife Elin. She was another blonde with girl next door looks.

The relationship went viral for all the wrong reasons, after hearing about Tiger’s DUI arrest, Smith apparently went on a crazy shopping spree. A Personal Stylist, one can assume the type of damage that was done was not pretty - the result, a $4, 000 shopping spree.

Woods’ admitted in the summer of 2017 that two had in fact broken up. You can follow Kristin’s journey via Instagram as she’s under the “Cladlife” account. Her recent adventures include lots of traveling and of course, styling or fashion, whatever you call it.

13 Rachel Uchitel – Children’s Boutique Owner

Rachel will forever be remembered as Tiger’s “first”. Back in 2009 when the National Enquirer ran the story of Tiger being unfaithful, Rachel Uchitel was the name that surfaced as his alleged mistress. Her life changed forever since then, and she’s had a rocky past since and even before.

Rachel, like Elin, recently took part in an interview with People. She recalls her life changing forever when she lost her boyfriend back on September 11th, Rachel claims she was never the same. She went through some tough times after the affair which included a terrible divorce. Despite all the bumps along the way she’s in a much better place nowadays as a proud single mother along with being the owner of Children’s Boutique back in Scarsdale, New York. For what’s it’s worth, she told the press that she doesn’t care about Tiger anymore.

12 Joslyn James – Mature Entertainment

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Tiger loved to hook up with the very best and when we say the very best, we’re talking about the top women between the sheets. He took a liking for hooking up with adult stars and Joslyn James was one of the names.

James was extremely revealing about their relationship even leaking out text messages between the two. Once her 30 seconds of fame were up, James struggled and made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In 2014, she made a most wanted list for a failure to make child support payments. James owed $20, 000 in numerous missed payments, she was even included on an embarrassing grid of the world’s most deadbeat parents. She remains quiet nowadays, however, she’s still working in the adult industry selling private clips along with putting on cam shows.

11 Lindsey Vonn – US Olympic Skier

One of Tiger’s most well known relationships came during his time with Lindsey Vonn. Following his divorce, Tiger and Vonn’s relationship made the headlines, Vonn made the claim that all the media coverage hurt their relationship in the long run. The two would part ways with another, though it was done on amicable terms and two still remain close.

Just a couple of months back however, things once again took a terrible twist as pictures of both Tiger and Lindsey leaked out. Vonn was furious with the incident, Tiger’s people also weren’t too pleased. Nonetheless, all of that is in the past as Vonn is now focused on bringing a gold medal home for the US with the 2018 Olympics just weeks away. At the age of 33, it’s more than likely that it's the last time we see Vonn compete for her country at the winter games.

10 Cori Rist – Mother/ Charity Work

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Rist was one of the few mistresses that defended Tiger both then and now. She referred to their affair as passionate and even said their chemistry between the sheets was like fireworks.... Yea, she liked him very much. It seems as though that sentiment stayed years later as she once again took the side of Tiger a couple months back defending him after his DUI arrest.

After a brutal divorce following the affair, Rist wisely decided to lay low for a while, however, she’s now taking the positive approach to life and you can track her down via Twitter. She posts about lots of topics including aiding those in need, she supports various charitable causes. Rist is also a proud mother nowadays.

For what it’s worth, you can also give her a follow via Instagram, although you've got to wait for her approval as she’s private on the social media platform.

9 Jamie Jungers – Rehab / Private Life


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Jungers was one of Tiger’s mistresses that completely hit rock bottom following the reveal. Jungers worked as a club host and the lifestyle ended up getting the better of her. She was addicted to alcohol and pills, Jungers recalls taking two shots of vodka every morning at one point. Not only was the addiction bad for well being but she also suffered from it financially almost going completely broke. She earned $125, 000 for letting out the details pertaining to her affair with Tiger, however, the cash was all gone quickly due to her addictions.

After a DUI, she would get help and by 2014, Jungers was officially sober for five months. She’s now laying low living a quiet life away from the Tiger Woods bubble.


8 Holly Sampson – Retired Film Star

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Holly Sampson was another adult star that got it on with Tiger, like Joslyn James earlier in the article, she wasn’t afraid to let out the details pertaining to their steamy encounter. Sampson was descriptive when assessing their experience between the sheets making the claim that it was an incredible 45-minute session. Sampson stated that the affair took place during his bachelor party. Following a lap dance, Woods requested Holly go to his private room for further discussion... and that’s when the affair took place. In Holly’s defense, Tiger wasn’t a married man yet.

Nowadays, it seems as though Holly’s days in the adult industry have come to an end. She returned to the industry in 2008 but hasn’t been heard of since. At the age of 44, she’s living life off the grid nowadays with no social media accounts.

7 Joanna Jagoda – Executive Director JPMorgan Chase

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Before all the mistresses made the headlines and even before Elin entered the picture, many tend to forget that the female in Tiger’s life was a law student at the time, Joanna Jagoda. As we stated earlier in the article, Woods definitely has a specific type when it comes to women he dates and Joanna perfectly fit that mold as a near replica of his ex-wife Elin. The two dated in the late 90s and had numerous pics together, even photos on the golf course during Tiger’s golf breakout.

Thankfully, she got out long before the madness would ensue. Jogoda is living a quiet life nowadays and you can even follow her via Instagram. Jagoda currently works a position as an Executive Director for the bank JP Morgan Chase.

6 Kalika Moquin – Motherhood/DJ Agency

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Along with adult entertainment workers, Woods took a liking for night club beauties as well hooking up with a plethora of hosts and bartenders. Kalika Moquin was one of them as she met Tiger while hosting at a Vegas night club. Of course, you know how the story goes, the two would hookup and Moquin became another name to add to his ridiculous list of affairs.

Nowadays, Kalika is still involved in the night club scene over in Vegas. Just a couple of months back, she launched her own DJ agency, Blackout Artists. Along with attending the night clubs and representing DJs, Moquin is also a proud mother of two nowadays, Kenedi Rose and Landon Karma. You can track her down via Instagram as she remains very active on the social media platform.

5 Brooke Langton – Married/Motherhood

Brooke Langton is a name you might be familiar with due to her involvement in various TV shows and films. She briefly dated Tiger back in the day, both of course have moved on since their fling. You might remember Langton from the film, The Replacements, she also appeared on Melrose Place for a couple of years back in 1996.

It looks like the 47 year old is taking some time away from the industry nowadays, she hasn’t appeared in a film or TV show since 2015. Judging by her Instagram account, she’s instead enjoying life today as a proud mother who’s happily married living the family life. It’s unknown if she’ll return to the entertainment world enjoying her new role as a mother.

4 Mindy Lawton – Off The Grid

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One of the most controversial Tiger Woods hookups took place with an $8 an hour diner waitress, Mindy Lawton. The story of intercourse between the two was like a scene out of a movie, a black SUV would pick her up behind the diner and the intercourse would take place between the two, yea as you might suspect, the windows were tinted.

According to news later on when the scandal broke out, it’s speculated that two were caught together back in 2007, but the media was paid a hefty amount to keep the affair private. Nonetheless, Lawton would spiral after the affair leak as she was under the impression to two were actually in love. It only got worse for her a couple of years back facing a DUI crash charge. She’s remained on the down low ever since with limited information on her whereabouts.

3 Erica Herman – Restaurant Manager

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At the Presidents Cup a couple of months back, Erica Herman appeared alongside Tiger Woods. The 33 year old is now Tiger’s newest girlfriend as the two appeared very close to one another - Herman even had the player spouse tag on. She was seen once again by Tiger’s side in early December wishing him luck during the Hero World Challenge.

So who is Tiger’s newest partner you might ask? Well, ironically, she’s a manager at Tiger Woods’ pop-up restaurant, likely the place where the two initially met. Neither has made a comment pertaining to the relationship yet, though it seems that two are still together and very much a couple. Though for obvious reasons, Tiger’s keeping the cautious approach with his latest love interest.

2 Jaimee Grubbs – Recently Engaged


A New York nightclub worker, Jaimee Grubbs was one of the first mistresses to go public pertaining to the details about her affair. Not only did Grubbs share the details of intimate text message between the two, but she also took part in various interviews, yup, she leaked the incident till she couldn’t anymore.

Nowadays, she’s enjoying life and recently engaged to fiancée Adam Kasower. In early December, she said yes to his proposal and the clip is actually online of how the proposal went down. For what it’s worth, she's looking quite steamy nowadays and her looks haven’t faded one bit. Also another fun fact, she removed her last name from her Instagram bio, she now goes by the name of Jaimee Blue Sky, whatever that means.

1 Laci Kay Somers – Social Media Personality/ Model

When it comes to Tiger’s steamiest hookups from the past, Laci Kay Somers will always be discussed in the top tier on the list. The two were linked back in the summer of 2017 and rumors also indicated that the two were together prior to Tiger’s DUI, however, the model declined that she had anything to do with Tiger’s arrest.

Nowadays, she continues to do her thing posting some of the steamiest pictures you’ll ever see via Instagram, to no surprise, she’s got 9 million followers and you’ll understand why just scrolling down her page. She’s got all the social media platforms covered with accounts on Twitter, Snacpchat and even a YouTube channel. Oh, and she also recently released a song which you can purchase via Spotify called Turn Up.


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