5 Wrestlers Who Should Retire Goldberg (& 5 Who Shouldn’t)

In the past few years, some of the biggest names in wrestling history have retired. The Rock, Mark Henry, and Kurt Angle all recently hung up their boots for good. One name floating around as possibly next in line to do so is WCW legend Goldberg.

Though he spent a little more than a decade away from wrestling after 2004, Goldberg returned in 2016. He won the Universal Championship, competed at WrestleMania, and even wrestled as recently as the middle of 2019. However, if retirement is coming for him, we've chosen five guys who would be ideal to do the deed and five we don't want to see retire him.

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10 Should: Braun Strowman

The shine on Braun Strowman has worn off since 2017. That year, he was red hot and looked to be on the verge of becoming a top guy in WWE. While his momentum has stalled and is a lot less interesting to most fans, a battle with Goldberg could change that.

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Strowman is one of the few guys who can overpower Goldberg. That makes him similar to Goldberg's rival, Brock Lesnar. If Strowman were to be the guy who ended Goldberg's career, it could help relaunch him back towards the top of the company. It might be exactly what Strowman needs.

9 Shouldn't: Chris Jericho

The names Goldberg and Chris Jericho kind of go hand in hand. During their stint together in WCW, Goldberg never saw the point in a feud with Jericho and basically went out of his way to make sure Jericho didn't gain any momentum. This was something Jericho took to heart and has mentioned in many interviews since.

When Goldberg worked for WWE in 2003, Chris Jericho was one of the first wrestlers he was put in the ring against. Their history means this could be the type of match we'd see again, but it's not one we need to. Jericho works best now against younger guys. Having him face Goldberg wouldn't really work at this point in his career.

8 Should: Roman Reigns

The "Big Dog" looked like the guy who ended the career of The Undertaker back at WrestleMania in 2017. Undertaker ultimately came back, but Reigns was believable as the kind of guy who could pull off something so notable. He would work in the same vein against Goldberg.

There doesn't even need to be much of a buildup for this match. Simply announcing Roman Reigns against Goldberg would be enough to get people excited. Being the guy who retires Goldberg would add another accomplishment to a long list for Reigns and we love that idea.

7 Shouldn't: Bray Wyatt

On paper, Bray Wyatt seems like the kind of guy who would be perfect to end Goldberg's career. He's young, could use a notch like this in his belt, and is in need of something big to go with his latest character change. In fact, that new character "The Fiend" has seen him target legends in recent weeks.

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Bray Wyatt has gone after both Mick Foley and Kurt Angle in consecutive weeks. What makes us think he shouldn't do it is because he and Goldberg don't seem like wrestlers who would mesh well together. Their styles in the ring and their characters don't lend themselves to something compelling.

6 Should: Matt Riddle

For months, Matt Riddle has made one thing clear on social media above all else. He wants to be the guy to eventually retire Brock Lesnar. Given their backgrounds in UFC, that makes sense as a rivalry. But what if Matt Riddle began targeting someone Lesnar's career is associated with?

We believe that Matt Riddle challenging Goldberg would be a great move. It would be a big deal for Riddle and he could use it to launch a rivalry with Lesnar. After all, Lesnar has just one win over Goldberg in his career and if Riddle could do it in his first try, he'd have bragging rights.

5 Shouldn't: Baron Corbin

Earlier this year, fans were upset when it was announced that Kurt Angle's final match would be against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania. They wanted Angle to face someone like John Cena. They were even more furious when Corbin defeated Angle and sent him off into retirement.

For that reason alone, we don't think Baron Corbin should retire Goldberg. He's already done it to Angle and won't gain much from doing it to another Hall of Fame member. At this point, it would feel repetitive. Also, it doesn't sound all that appealing as a matchup.

4 Should: Brock Lesnar

Why not? Goldberg's biggest rival outside of WCW, and maybe even of all time, is Brock Lesnar. When the two were set to meet in 2004, it should've been something special but wasn't, because both were leaving wrestling. When it happened again in 2016, it was something different.

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Goldberg dominated Brock Lesnar at every turn. That included a singles victory in under two minutes and an easy elimination during the Royal Rumble. Lesnar finally bested him for the Universal Title in a wild sprint at WrestleMania. If Goldberg had to go out against someone, Lesnar would make a lot of sense.

3 Shouldn't: The Undertaker

Most fans would agree that WWE's worst show of the year was Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. The main event pitted Goldberg against The Undertaker for the first time in history. A WCW icon against arguably WWE's greatest of all time. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, these guys are both way past their primes. The match turned out to be a struggle for both and moved at a snail's pace. Throw in Goldberg getting injured and this sounds like a recipe for disaster if they tried it again. Things would be best if Goldberg and Undertaker were kept far apart in the future.

2 Should: Kevin Owens

At first glance, this might seem like a pick out of left field. But it makes perfect sense. Entering 2017, Kevin Owens was riding high. He held the WWE Universal Championship and was fresh off of victories over the likes of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Then, from out of nowhere, he was booked against Goldberg.

Despite Goldberg not being a consistent member of the roster, he was granted a title shot. Kevin Owens carried most of the feud by himself. When the match finally happened, a distraction from Chris Jericho allowed Goldberg to dethrone Owens in 21 seconds. An angry Owens could target Goldberg as revenge for that night. It would make for one hell of a story.

1 Shouldn't: Triple H

A vast majority of the time, WWE makes sure they come out on top against WCW. When the invasion angle ran in 2001, a lot of WCW guys looked like goofs against their counterparts from WWE. That was also the case in 2014 when Sting made his long-awaited WWE debut.

Sting immediately began a feud with Triple H and they faced off at WrestleMania. For some inexplicable reason, Triple H beat Sting. It felt like another case of WWE having to beat WCW. That's not what we want for Goldberg's final match. If Triple H, the COO of the company, did the deed, it just wouldn't feel right. Also, their matches in 2003 didn't exactly light the world on fire.

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