5 Wrestling Siblings You Didn't Know Went Into Wrestling (& 5 Who Stayed Away)

The wrestling world has plenty of real-life siblings that have gone on to great success. Brothers like Matt and Jeff Hardy, Matt and Nick Jackson, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, and Toma Tonga and Tonga Loa are just some of the many successful siblings that have had successful runs as brothers.

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However, there are some siblings of wrestlers that went into wrestling that did not have nearly as much success. Even further, there are some wrestlers with siblings that did not even try to go into wrestling. Here are some of the wrestlers with siblings that you never knew about, whether they went into wrestling or not.

10 Went Into Wrestling: Vic Steamboat

While Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is one of the most successful and groundbreaking wrestlers in the history of WWE, the other Steamboat brother was not as successful. Ricky's brother, Vic Steamboat, wrestled for 12 years for various promotions. While Vic only had a handful of matches for WWE and WCW in his career, he was able to multiple NWA and CWA Championships. Vic Steamboat was even ranked as one of PWI's best wrestlers in 1993, nearly breaking the top 100. However, after a single match on WCW against Arn Anderson in 1996, Vic was not heard from again.

9 Stayed Away: Hannah Scherr

While Braun Strowman is known as "The Monster Among Men," Strowman seems to be anything but monstrous behind the scenes. Strowman is often seen in candid pictures having fun with his other locker room coworkers. One of Braun Strowman's candid pictures that has made the rounds on the internet is a picture of Braun Strowman with his sister, Hannah Scherr. Strowman is nothing short of gigantic, standing at 6 foot 8 inches, and it seems to run in his family. While his sister's height is not public knowledge, she looks to only be a few inches shorter than her brother.

8 Went Into Wrestling: Sam Fatu

While Solofa Fatu Jr., also known as Rikishi, is a wrestling fan favorite and a WWE Hall of Famer with his own offspring in the WWE, his twin brother, Sam Fatu, was not as successful.

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Sam Fatu wrestled for nearly 3 decades, spending years in WWE and WCW as The Tonga Kid, Tama, and The Samoan Savage. Sam has been out of wrestling for around 8 years, and it is unlikely that he will make the Hall of Fame like his twin. Other members of this same family are Yokozuna, Rosey, and Roman Reigns.

7 Stayed Away: Troy And Chad Lesnar

While Brock Lensar is regarding as a general super-athlete, with a history in UFC, WWE, and the NFL, his family seems to be just as genetically gifted as he is. In Brock Lesnar's autobiography, Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival, Brock talks about how both of his brothers, Chad and Troy, were interest in athletics just like he was, but they chose not to pursue it as Brock did. Lesnar's impressive size also seems to run in his family, as a famous photo of Brock with his dad and one of his brothers made the rounds in 2018.

6 Went Into Wrestling: Logan Caine

While Al Snow is a name known to both hardcore fans and casual fans alike, his brother, who wrestles under the name Logan Caine, is not as lucky. Also known as Con the Rocker, Caine has been inactive since 2003, when he lost a match in Violent Championship Wrestling, a small promotion based out of Ohio. While Snow won championships all around the country and even opened up his own professional wrestling training school, his brother has not been nearly as successful. Caine's wrestling career spanned only 6 years, never making it to the WWE.

5 Stayed Away: Curtis Bowles-Johnson

It must be difficult being the brother as one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and, as the brother of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Curtis Bowles-Jackson likely knows what that is like. The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, was married on more than one occasion, but Curtis was the son of Rocky and Rocky's first wife, Una.

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While pictures exist of Curtis inside of the squared circle alongside his brother, Bowles-Johnson has shown no interest in going into professional wrestling, and, according to a Familytron profile and The Rock and his family, Curtis lives in Toronto, Canada, where he is a business owner.

4 Went Into Wrestling: Ryan Nemeth

While Ryan may not be a familiar name to WWE fans, his brother Nick Nemeth is definitely known to current WWE fans, but under the name Dolph Ziggler. Ryan Nemeth is the most recent entry on this list, as he actually wrestled in NXT in 2012 under the name Briley Pierce. Pierce began as a backstage interviewer for NXT but would transition into an in-ring performer, competing in matches against Sakamoto and Conor O'Brian (now known as Konnor of The Ascension). However, Ryan Nemeth was released from WWE in 2013 and has only made sporadic wrestling appearances since then.

3 Stayed Away: Nathan Orton

While Randy Orton is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers currently active on the WWE roster, his brother Nathan Orton is attempting to become a decorate stand-up comic. The St. Louis-based comedian received a shout-out from his brother on Twitter over three years ago, obviously with the hopes that his audience would garner his brother some notoriety. Nathan is still a performing comedian, as he is actively promoting his comedy shows on his Twitter account, but the 14-time champion Randy Orton has not given his brother any other Twitter-based shout-outs, keeping the two brother's separate online.

2 Went Into Wrestling: Eric Angle

While fans may chant "You suck," at Kurt Angle when he comes to the ring, Kurt Angle is still one of the most beloved veterans of in-ring competition and will go down as one of the greatest to step into the ring. However, the same cannot be said for his brother, Eric Angle. Eric, the older brother of Kurt, debuted for the WWE at Survivor Series 2000, helping his brother in a WWF Championship match against The Undertaker. Eric Angle would stick around, floating between the main roster and the developmental OVW for the next 3 years, until he was released in 2003.

1 Stayed Away: Matthew Cena

While Matthew Cena may live in the shadow of his brother John Cena, that is only figuratively speaking. While John Cena has multiple brothers, Matthew was chosen for this list due to him being a body-builder and a seemingly successful one. Every WWE fan knows that Vince loves bodybuilders, and it is a wonder why Matt Cena has not been recruited by Vince yet, as the name "Cena" alone would garner him a big-money contract. However, while Matt is not a wrestler, he seems to support his brother, and he constantly retweets anything related to John.

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