WWE Announces Return Of Popular In-Ring Tournament

WWE announced after the first commercial break of Raw, King of the Ring will be returning on Raw.

It’s been a while but King of the Ring is returning. Whether that be a result of the passing of Harley Race that WWE wants to honor his memory or the company wants to bring back a tournament that often proved its winners were going to move on and become one of company’s biggest stars, fans lit up social media after the announcement.

Some of the biggest stars in wrestling were, at one time, winners of the King of the Ring tournament. Bret Hart, Booker T, Randy Savage and others all played the role of the King after outlasting other worthy opponents. Some winners didn’t move on to act the character of a king, but used the platform to elevate themselves and their status within WWE.

Perhaps no one used the tournament as a launching pad more than Stone Cold Steve Austin who gave his infamous Austin 3:16 speech and became a household name.

Who gets entered into the tournament isn’t clear but there was no shortage of suggestions from the WWE Universe. Andrade was among the more popular selections with Daniel Bryan the suggestion by many thinking he would make the most of the King gimmick. Some used this tournament as an excuse to elevate someone like EC3 and others are hoping this tournament allows for the emergence of a new star.


Either way, it all begins next week on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw.

What This Means

We’ll need to keep an eye on the entrants into the tournament or if each participant will be announced as the matches unfold next week as the combatants make their way to the ring.

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