WWE Is More Concerned With AEW Creating New Fans Than Losing Its Own

Although you'd think WWE would be concerned with AEW stealing its fans, apparently, Vince McMahon is more worried about it creating new ones.

AEW might only have two shows under its belt at the time of typing this. but it has already made quite the splash. The latest numbers suggest that 108,000 people purchased its debut show, Double Or Nothing. Even more promising is that recent reports suggest that there were 350,000 unique logins on B/R Live during Fyter Fest. Incredibly impressive numbers even if it was free in North America.

At this point in its lifetime, AEW's biggest selling point is that it isn't WWE. That it is a mainstream pro wrestling alternative to WWE, something that has been missing from the industry for almost 20 years. It is still early days, but it seems as if some disillusioned WWE fans are already turning to AEW for something they've been missing for years.

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However, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that losing its own fans isn't WWE's biggest concern when it comes to AEW. It's the new fans that it's creating. "The belief is they come from two camps, those who despise WWE and want an alternative, and a new fan base they’ve created through social media," WON reported in referral to AEW's fans.

It's no secret that a lot more people were watching wrestling during the latter half of the 1990s than are watching it now. However, it has always baffled us that many argue the aim is to bring those lapsed fans back. 20 years have passed. There is now a whole new generation of potential fans that have never watched wrestling before. It seems that is the demographic AEW is trying to reel in, and clearly, it's working.

Despite AEW only having been around for six months, there is already a belief among some groups that it's time to pick one or the other. We don't think it is that black and white. It's highly unlikely that AEW's weekly show will air on the same night as any of WWE's. If you have the time, and you want to, why not watch and support both? For us, the more pro wrestling the better, and we can't wait for October to roll around.

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