WWE Post Hilarious Mixed Match Challenge Face Swap Photos

A little humor never hurt anyone in the WWE, and a little laughter amongst peoples favorite superstars serves as a testament to the WWE's commitment to their fans. One of the big items in the WWE right now is the Mixed Match Challenge. The match is appropriately named because the theme pairs one male and female superstar against another male and female superstar.


The WWE has thrown in a few twist within these mixed match challenges, such as pairing the monstrous Braun Strowman with the petite Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. These match-ups do not include faces with faces and heels with heels, but some pairs are face/heel pairs adding to the variety. Speaking of variety, the WWE  decided to have some fun with the pairings by swapping faces of the wrestling pairs on their website to inject a little humor into these matches.

For those who have kept up with all of the promos of the Mixed Match Challenge, they are geared to be silly and humorous. The bizarre interactions between Asuka and Goldust before he found a partner in Mandy Rose only serves to add a humorous aspect to the challenge. There is also a clip of Alexa Bliss being shooed away by Curt Hawkins as he goes down to ringside, only to prompt Bliss to call on her mixed tag-team partner Braun Strowman to "smash" Curt Hawkins in a squash match.

Appearing in some of the humorous photos are a face swap of Sami Zayn with his partner Becky Lynch, which is indeed hilarious because the face swap of Becky Lynch includes a beard, in which Becky Lynch does not have. There is also a picture swap of Bayley and Elias in which Bayley has a full beard, not to mention the smile.

Perhaps the most hilarious picture of all is an in-ring face swap of The Miz and Asuka. The Miz photo with Asuka's face is a sight to behold, but the funniest image is of Asuka with the face of the Miz. The Miz with rainbow colored hair is just only the beginning, it is the winning face of The Miz which is most hilarious of all.


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WWE Post Hilarious Mixed Match Challenge Face Swap Photos