10 Best Moments When WWE Raw Went Off The Air

As Vince McMahon likes for all of his announcers to say, Monday Night Raw is the longest-running weekly episodic series on network television ever, or something to that effect. WWE’s flagship show has produced a plethora of memories and matches over the years. From Bobby Heenan trying to sneak into the Manhattan Center all the way to Bayley turning heel and every point in the between - big title victories, weddings, burials, embalmings, crucifixions, career retrospectives, retirement speeches, shocking returns, epic promos, tributes, celebrities, beer bashes, and so much more!

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But that’s all what happens during the hours that Raw is one the air. Once that little logo pops up in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, then it’s time for the live audience only portion of the show. Just like when the show is on, fans in attendance over the years have been treated to live show-only memorable matches and angles. But they’ve also been privy to the boys just having a grand time basking in the ring. The superstars have had so much fun after the show over the years the company even released a Blu-Ray compilation of the fun. Some of these can be found on that set, some on the Network’s “After The Bell” segments on certain Raw, and some just on YouTube; here are The 10 Best Moments When WWE Raw Went Off The Air.

10 The Hitman, The Showstopper, And The Phenom - 09/22/1997

Bret Hart had worked with HBK and Taker dozens of times over the years and vice versa with Shawn Michaels and the Deadman as well. But they never had a Triple Threat Match before.

That changed several weeks after Bret and Taker’s epic SummerSlam match, several weeks before Taker and Shawn’s Hell In A Cell match, and nearly a month before Montreal. The match wasn’t very long, but with tensions mounting between the three it was fast paced match for the fans in attendance to enjoy.

9 Rock Phones - A - Friend - 02/20/2017

Whenever The Great One comes home, rest assured electrifying memories are bound to happen. The Rock showed up after Raw to help the crowd get ready for their close-up while he was filming Fighting With My Family. He was instructing the crowd at the Staples Center to cheer the hearts out, which elicited CM Punk chants from the crowd, over three years since he took his ball and went home.

The Most Electrifying Man In All Of Entertainment tried to give the crowd what they wanted and rang up Punk on his cell phone, but it went to voicemail. Recently Punk let the world know what he was doing at that moment, he was in an elevator with no service getting ready to walk his dog.

8 Taker-Roonie - 08/12/2002

The Phenom was in his Deadman Walking phase and that didn’t stop practically the entire locker room from trying to see the Deadman Spinning. The American Badass wanted to see Booker T do a Spinaroonie, and he was more than happy to oblige. Then Book turned the tables on the Phenom and tried to get him to do an “Undertaker-Roonie.”

He obviously balked, but that’s where things got ridiculous – the Rock came down, then the Game, and even the Chairman – all trying to comically convince Taker boogie down. But the Conscience of the WWE wasn’t having it.

7 The Shield Say Goodbye - 04/08/2019

The Raw After WrestleMania is always a raucous affair. It’s when the entire WWE Universe from all corners of the world converge for the year’s biggest show. The night after WrestleMania 35 was no different.

Not only did the Raw crowd get to keep the good feelings going of Rollins slaying the Beast and Roman Reigns first singles match on Raw since defeating Leukemia; but they also got to say their goodbyes to one of the most dominant factions of all time, as Dean Ambrose got to deliver a goodbye as the Shield rode one more time.

6 Celebrations For The Nature Boy - 05/19/2003, 03/31/2008, 02/25/2019

When the Nature Boy comes to town, it’s always a celebration. Ric Flair has gotten at least three so far when Raw went off the air. The first came after “walkin’ that aisle” one last time trying to be the Man against Triple H. Flair was hoisted upon the shoulders of his peers.

The next time would be his retirement ceremony, where everyone including the Undertaker saluted the legend. He might have missed his birthday thanks to Batista, but Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers wound up slammed into the cake after the show.

5 Rock, Sock, And Austin Walking Tall - 03/01/2004

In Atlanta, on the road to WrestleMania XX, the Rock N’ Sock Connection cleaned house against Evolution and then had a celebration with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake had already gained a reputation for keeping the party going and here was no different.

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He and the Great One admired their new shirts, drank some beers, hit on Lillian Garcia and reminisced about all four of their time living in and around Georgia. Foley was just hoping to score a spot on the red carpet for Rocky’s new movie at the time, Walking Tall.

4 Happy Birthday John - 04/23/2012

After another long, hard-fought match on Raw, CM Punk, Triple H, and the rest of the Raw locker room came out to not only wish John Cena a happy birthday but lead the crowd in Detroit Rock City in singing to the leader of the Cenation.

The Great Kahli got in a solo and Hornswoggle and the Divas piled on the birthday boy. Just another night in Motown!

3 Stone Cold Can’t Stand Music City - 09/17/2001

Even though the Texas Rattlesnake was firmly embedded in the Alliance, that didn’t stop him from having a party in Nashville. After the show, Stone Cold strolled around the ring getting to know the locals. But each local he met did something that Austin couldn’t stand.

He couldn’t stand smart mouth college kids or truck drivers who almost drove him off the road. But then event the Bionic Redneck was left speechless when he met Stacy, who worked at Christian Publishing Company.

2 Austin Loves Lillian - 02/09/2004

Anyone who listens to Stone Cold’s podcast, as well as Lillian Garcia’s know that the former ring announcer and former world champion have a loving friendship and affinity for one another.

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Part of that friendship came during the After Raw escapades and Austin’s infamous Beer Bashes. On one such night, the Texas Rattlesnake was fully ready to ask Lillian to make him on honest man. But the Bionic Redneck ran out of beer and asked the host of “Chasing Glory” for another beer instead.

1 Cage Match Triple Threat - 05/08/2006

It’s not always fun and games after Raw. Sometimes big time matches go down when the show goes off the air. One such occasion featured John Cena and Edge, right square in the middle of their great rivalry get it on. It wasn’t an ordinary match though. Triple H joined the fray and the trio were surrounded by the twisted metal of the steel cage.

The match was brutal and everything you could hope to want from these three with a great ending - Triple H nearly out of the cage and victorious but instead had to watch from afar the referee noticed Edge tapping to the STF.

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