WWE Releases NXT Star Sawyer Fulton

Well, it looks like the WWE isn't quite finished with this current round of releases. This current round started last Sunday with the releases of Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae. And they have continued—but this time in NXT—with the release of Sawyer Fulton (real name Jacob Southwick).

Fulton announced the news on his Twitter account and also posted a lengthy message to his fans and fellow superstars. The message is all class and he definitely isn't burning any bridges as he leaves. In the message, he thanks his coaches, fans, and his family saying that he is leaving with his "head held high."


If he has anything to say about it, you will see him back in the WWE in the future. He told his coaches he will be back and he is fully committed to proving that statement true. Here is the full text and tweet.

One of the first people to message Fulton following his announcement was Tyson Kidd, who told him to keep his head up.

Fulton is 27-years-old and signed with the WWE back in 2012. His biggest break—as far as a big push goes—came when he and Alexander Wolfe joined the NXT faction, SAnitY last fall. With him as part of the group SAnitY made it to the semi-finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic last year.


However, Fulton then had to leave the team due to an unrevealed injury and his spot in the group was taken over by Killian Dain.

For those of you who follow NXT, you are probably aware that they are currently the NXT Tag Team Champions and will be headlining TakeOver: War Games on Nov. 18, 2017 in Huston, Texas.

If Fulton hadn't suffered his injury, would he still be a part of SanitY? Would he be heading to Huston in a couple weeks to be part of TakeOver: War Games? We may never know that answers to those questions.

What we do know is that Sawyer Fulton has been released by the WWE and, as Tyson Kidd put it, he is off to start writing the next chapter in his life/professional career.


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