5 Things WWE Got Right This Week And 5 They Got Wrong - September 1, 2017

WWE is pumping out Wrestlemania quality matches for this September's No Mercy pay-per-view, and we don't know why. If they're giving us such big dream matches now, what do they have planned for Wrestlemania 34? We'd like to think that what they have planned is even greater, but we never know, this is WWE we're talking about.

Here are five things they got right this week and five things they got wrong.

5. WRONG - Ugh. Bray Wyatt Again?


WWE has no idea what to do with these two and it's sad. We just saw Finn Balor defeat Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam, which normally should mean that he's onto bigger and better things, but nope! Wyatt decided to interfere in the Battle Royal (instead of participating in it for some reason) just to screw Balor over. Do we really need to see this again? The short answer is "no!"

5. RIGHT - Raw Women's Championship. Kind Of...


Sasha Banks can't catch a break. WWE had her win the title just to lose it back to Alexa Bliss, continuing the sad trend of Banks winning the Championship and losing it immediately after. But in better news, yay for Nia Jax. Nia finally turned on Bliss to stake her claim to the Raw Women's title. Something she should have done a long time ago.


4. WRONG - The Raw Women's Division As A Whole...


A few years ago, it was rare for Raw to feature two women's matches in one night. Sure we get it now, but can the second women's match go longer than a couple minutes? Is Emma and Mickie James trading quick wins doing anything to benefit them in the long run?

4. RIGHT - Jeff Hardy Next In Line For Intercontinental Championship


So Kurt Angle decided to throw an old fashioned Battle Royal on Raw this week where the winner would be next in line to face The Miz for the Intercontinental title. To our surprise, one-half of the Hardy Boyz won the match—Jeff —which gives the Hardys a much-needed detour from the tag title scene for the foreseeable future. Wouldn't it be cool if this leads to a Jeff Hardy title win and he and Matt Hardy feud one last time for old time's sake?


3. WRONG - Dolph Ziggler


Sure, Dolph Ziggler sounded passionate in his interview this week. You know, with how most wrestlers are more flash than substance these days and how you're more likely to win fans over with a gimmick than actual wrestling skill. But the problem is, Ziggler said the exact same thing this week that he did last week. Like, most of it word for word verbatim.


3. RIGHT - Benjamin & Gable


So the World's Greatest Tag Team is back together. Sorta. Well. Pretty much. Everybody already drew comparisons to American Alpha anyway, so it's fun to see it come together so wonderfully.

Shelton Benjamin looks like he's in the best shape of his life at 42, and their match with The Ascension this week was everything it needed to be. We're just hoping that somewhere down the line, this leads to a tag team match pitting Benjamin and Gable against Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle. How and why this would happen is up to the writers.

2. WRONG - Tye Dillinger Loses Faster Than Jobber


We know Tye Dillinger got attacked before his match, but did he have to tap out to AJ Styles in less than a minute's time? Distraction or not, it made him look just as useless as Baron Corbin. Hell, a jobber we've never seen before (and sadly for her, will probably never see again) lasted longer in her match with Tamina. What does that say?

2. RIGHT - Kevin Owens


There's something really entertaining about watching Kevin Owens act like a prepubescent brat. Such a brat, he took the referee's shirt off and put it on himself merely to cost Sami Zayn his match just because. Kevin officially has no more chances at the United States Championship as long as AJ Styles is champ, and he's placing the blame all on SmackDown GM, Shane-O-Mac. We all know this will lead to a match between the two at the next pay-per-view, and though you can complain that Shane is taking the spot of a "real" wrestler, when isn't a match involving one of the McMahons good?

Wait. Don't answer that question.

1. WRONG - Feet Kissing


Yes. Let's give the "USA! USA! USA!" chanting crowd even more of a reason to show the entire world just how prejudice they can be. Let's have the audience laugh at the evil Indian dude who is getting his lackeys to kiss his feet. Let's make the one man in WWE who wears a hijab look like the absolute worst person on the planet.

Do you ever notice how when WWE's in Canada, they don't boo the foreigners and chant "CANADA! CANADA! CANADA!" (unless we're talking about late 90s Bret Hart, but that's just one instance) Just saying, America. Just saying.

1. RIGHT - John Cena And Roman Reigns


Whoa. Was this an intense promo or what? The word "promo" was even used and that never happens. John Cena flat out told Roman Reigns he can't cut a "promo' for his life and broke the fourth wall. Literally, he broke the fourth freakin' wall. Cena flat out said they broke the "fourth wall," like he's CM Punk. WWE is getting super meta, right?

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns has gold written all over it. We're a little confused as to why it's happening now, but it is and it's probably the best thing to be happening in a long time.

Until next week!

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