Triple H Returning To The Ring For UK Tour

WWE superstar Triple H hasn't appeared on television since losing to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33. However, The Cerebral Assassin did suit up last weekend for a show in Chile, where he defeated Rusev.

Triple H announced his return to the ring shortly after Kevin Owens was sent home for personal reasons. With KO having to leave abruptly, The Game was able to come in as a last-minute replacement. But don't think that's the last Triple H appearance you'll see or hear for a while.

On his Twitter account, Triple H listed a number of events that he'll be appearing at during WWE's European tour:

Unfortunately for the majority of WWE fans, these will be non-televised events, so you won't be seeing The Game from your living room. Monday Night Raw takes place on Oct. 30, while SmackDown will happen on Halloween.

It's worth mentioning that Triple H is not replacing Owens this time around. Next week's SmackDown takes place in Norfolk, and it was announced last week that K.O. was set to return on Halloween night.

But Triple H's return is great news for the fans appearing at UK shows, as this future Hall of Famer is rarely seen on television anymore. He's taken a much larger role in the front office and works closely with developing the NXT brand, plus other young talent.

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Triple H's return to the ring could possibly set up his next appearance on television, as well. With Survivor Series coming up, perhaps he could make an unexpected return and join one of the two teams.

Otherwise, it could be a while before he makes it back to TV. Though Triple H competes at WrestleMania every year, the show is still five months away -- so there won't be any rushing to get him back on air.

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