Yoga Pants Queen: 15 Must See Photos Of Danica Patrick

Along with her numerous endorsement deals, Danica’s now shifting her priorities towards yoga.

Like all polarizing figures in pro sports, many are torn when it comes to their legacies. Danica Patrick is one of those trailblazers who’s been in the midst of controversy throughout her career. From drivers complaining that she had an unfair advantage due to her weight, to many believing she’s been more preoccupied with fame, Danica’s career hasn’t been without the controversial moments. Heck, years ago a fan in Montreal threw a shoe at her car which derailed her first place position, yes it hasn’t been all that easy.

Her storied career might be coming to an end sooner rather than later with the recent rumors claiming this might be her curtain call. If it is, Danica won’t be struggling that’s for darn sure with a staggering net worth of $60 million. Along with her numerous endorsement deals she’s now shifting her priorities towards yoga. That same practice landed her a deal with Warrior apparel recently.

In this article, we celebrate her new passion by showcasing 15 pictures of Danica in yoga pants. At the age of 35, she’s still taking our breath away with the attire. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Let’s begin!

15 Hitting The Splits


Nowadays, it seems like Patrick’s making the news for two main topics. For one, many believe her NASCAR career is soon to be over with, as many publications have indicated such a headline. However, along with her racing skills, she also makes the news pertaining to her career as a huge fitness enthusiast, most of all, Patrick has a love for yoga and its many positions. Just make a quick search and type in Danica Patrick over on Google and one of the most recent stories you’ll see come up is Patrick pulling off an impressive handstand pushup. Her yoga skills aren’t just a hobby folks.

In the picture above, you can clearly see that Patrick has the mobility and flexibility to pull off such movements. Most of us pulled a hamstring just looking at the picture above. Although the position isn’t the easiest, those yoga pants made things a lot more easy for both Patrick and us the creepy on-lookers.

14 Get in that Stretch


Yoga pants and yoga positions, it truly doesn’t get any better than that. Patrick has a slew of pictures such as the one above. Although many of us are blown away by the combo of yoga pants and these eye-popping positions, a big part of the practice is actually breathing properly, something most of us aren’t doing when ogling at such pictures. Patrick actually took up the practice while nursing an injury, it was her ex partner who suggested she undergo such treatment. Not only does it help the joints and facilitates movements but it also helps a great deal in terms of relaxation.

We wish we can say the same when looking at such pictures, instead, our hearts race a little quicker viewing Patrick in them yoga pants.

13 Recent Instagram Post

Ah life before Instagram, what the hell was that like right? Nowadays, the tables have turned and we’re able to follow our favorite athletes and celebrities 24/7 by such social media platforms. If posting pictures wasn’t enough, Instagram has now added a story feature following your daily experiences, yes, it’s a scary time to be alive.

On the bright side, it enables us to more Danica Patrick content such as the picture above she posted on the ‘Gram a couple of months back. Rocking an awesome pair of yoga pants, she looks as though she can step into a WWE ring with such attire. Okay, enough of the ogling and let’s appreciate the message of the photo, Danica encourages us to find balance in life, for most of us, balancing a piece of pizza in our hands is the extent of that statement.

12 Yoga Pants & Dog


This is the kind of picture men or women aspire to come home to after a long days work. A smoking hot chick rocking some impressive yoga pants along with a beautiful dog, seriously though, what can be better?

At the age of 35, Patrick is a huge animal lover, we’ve seen her in a slew of pictures particularly with her dogs. Patrick doesn’t have kids, instead, she treats her dogs that way. Like they say, whatever floats your boat. If Danica’s career is set to come to an end it’ll be interesting to see if she finally takes some time off to start a family, or, will she continue her trend as an animal lover and ongoing yoga practitioner? Whatever she chooses, we hope those yoga pants stay afloat.

11 Upside Down On The Beach


Some might say Patrick in yoga pants and a dog is some serious goals, however, this one is also in consideration for future goals as Patrick rocks the yoga pants while on the beach. Just imagine, you’re sitting there soaking up the sun while Patrick performs some impressive positions. Yup, you seem to be forgetting about that dog right?

Also visible in the picture is Patrick’s stunning tattoo on her lower back side. The art was the center of attention a couple of years back when Patrick posed for SI. Many were furious the magazine removed the tattoo for the shoot for the simple reason that it was an American flag. The decision wasn't the most popular, however, SI claimed it was a simple decision as the shoot was mainly intended to promote her natural beauty.

10 Rock Climbing & Yoga Pants


Some activities go hand-in-hand with yoga pants and rock climbing is one of them. This post was made public by Natures Bakery and we thank them for the post as we ogle at the picture above. However, Patrick wasn’t necessarily thanking the company herself as both sides were in a heated court battle recently.

Basically, Patrick wasn’t doing a good enough job sponsoring and reporting the product, which caused the company to want out of their deal with the stock car driver. Danica wasn’t going away that easily as she had a lengthy contract with the company, Patrick sued her former partners for $31 million. Both claims ended up being invalid as Patrick made the claim the company pulled the plug due to not wanting to make further payments. Despite the failed claims, Patrick and the company reconciled the situation and she continued her deal.

9 In The Air With A Friend


So you know what’s better than one hot female in yoga pants? Yep, you guessed it, that’s two hot females in yoga pants as you see in the picture above. That flexible beauty being propelled in the air is in fact Patrick as she works the yoga position in all areas, even when lifted in the air. Of course, Patrick is quite light which was actually a major problem at one point during her racing career.

Many drivers have taken shots at Danica in the past and one of the biggest criticisms was her unfair weight advantage. Drivers made the claim that due to her smaller figure, the car was able to drive faster. Although that does sound kind of logical it certainly hasn’t been the case recently as Patrick continues to flop in the standings.

8 The Behind Of A “Warrior”


Yup, there’s a catch as to why we used the term “Warrior” to describe Danica’s fine looking booty in a set of yoga pants. Being the sponsorship giant that she is, it shouldn’t be too shocking to find out that she also has a sponsorship deal with the apparel company Warrior, which has a plethora of women’s leggings and yoga pants. We can seriously spend an entire day watching Patrick model for the brand, not only are the items really nice, but Patrick rocking them is the cherry on top folks.

Of course, even without Go Daddy Danica continues her dominance outside of the race track as a huge sponsorship giant maintaining various endorsement deals to this day. A couple of companies she’s currently working with includes TaxAct, Code 3 Associates and Aspen Dental, all sponsors you can find on her Indy car.

7 Building A Bridge


We warn you not to try this particular movement at home, heck just a simply bodyweight deadlift would probably result in a back spasm for most of us. Patrick certainly doesn’t seem to have such a problem as she performs this intense movement quite easily. Building a perfect bridge, the mind is truly wondering looking at such a picture.

Okay, all jokes aside, the practice is exactly what more drivers need to be undertaking. Driving inside a race car your entire life can cause some serious stiffness to your back, legs and neck, especially if you’re involved in some type of crash throughout your career. Although racing doesn’t seem all that physically demanding, it still requires proper body care, some drivers might be laughing at Danica for her passion of yoga, but it’s she, that’ll be having the last laugh 20 years from now when a drivers struggles to get a Bud Light out of the fridge.

6 Black On Black

Some would love Danica to turn around and do a little twirl but in all seriousness, this picture is truly perfection at its finest as Patrick rocks the black on black attire, oh, and even her shoes are black. Where can we purchase a Danica Patrick like the one in the Instagram picture above? The answer, in our dreams.

To make matters even more salivating, Danica’s promoting a yoga video in this picture as she performs more steamy movements. With close to half a million followers, her fans wouldn't mind more posts of that nature. She recently signed with Warrior apparel so maybe, just maybe, we’ll be seeing even more yoga pants in the near future. Maybe in a couple of months if you guys are on your best behaviors, we’ll do a sequel to this article.

5 Black & Blue Warrior


Looking at her social media page, it seems evident that Patrick’s really excited when it comes to her new deal alongside Warrior. However, when we think of Danica and her slew of deals, one always sticks out and that’s her previous relationship with Go Daddy that put both sides on the map.

Patrick turned into a massive sex symbol because of the ads, it would even lead to a breathtaking SI shoot that rocked the media big time. Unfortunately, like all good things, the relationship finally came to an end with both sides as Go Daddy made a public statement back in 2015 that it would not be returning as Danica’s sponsor, moving onto other popular faces to promote the brand. This caused an outburst of montages paying homage to Danica’s great stint with the company.

4 Sky Blue Yoga Pants & Position


Another position showing Danica’s great flexibility, all of you might be surprised to realize that Danica was showing off that same agility long before back in the 90s when she was a part of her high school cheerleading team.

However, Danica’s biggest love was always racing as she started in her craft at the age of ten competing in go-karting. She eventually moved to England at the age of 16 in order to advance her career and by 2005, she was a trailblazer in the sport. It was that very year that she entered the Indy Series becoming the fourth woman to compete in the monumental Indianapolis 500. Looking at the legacy she would go on to create more than a decade later, she’s obviously up there as the most memorable female driver of all-time.

3 Handstand & Yoga Pants


Although the picture above might look easy, it certainly isn’t. Most of us would struggle attempting the position while holding up against a wall. Of course, Patrick is quite advanced when it comes the positions as she pulls this movement off with ease. However, her dog doesn’t seem all that impressed just going on with his day likely thinking about his next meal. That sounds like the story of a lot of our lives.....

Danica has certainly toned things down in terms of intensity compared to back in the day when she was involved in heated arguments on the regular with other drivers. Although yoga comes with a lot of positives, maybe it was that same practice that took a bit of her bite away?

2 Candid Shot From The Back


If you’ve followed us religiously here on The Sportster, you know we love them candid photos. The beauty of a candid picture is the simplistic nature of it all, an athlete or celebrity isn’t hiding behind the glitz and glamour of a computer that perfects one’s look, instead, a candid picture gives a true inside on how someone we love truly looks in there every day lives.

Some fail miserably in this type of picture while a certain class of others absolutely thrive, those are usually the natural beauties. Patrick, without a doubt is one of them as rarely does she wear any makeup when it comes to her Instagram posts. We can also clearly see she looks just as fine from the back as this photo is truly perfect.

1 Yoga In The Great Outdoors


We saved the best for last in this article as Danica poses in a stunning yoga position. The photo is truly perfection as her glutes seem to be hitting off the sun, or maybe that’s just what are mind is thinking looking at such a steamy picture. One thing we’ve learned throughout this article is that Danica should keep them yoga pants on forever.

In terms of the future, we might be seeing Patrick in more yoga pants as her racing career seems to be winding down despite her obvious fame. Don’t feel too sorry though, she still has various endorsement deals to her disposal along with her yoga practice. She’ll be just fine regardless and this article is a clear indication of that.

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Yoga Pants Queen: 15 Must See Photos Of Danica Patrick