The Young Bucks' Matt Jackson Talks To CM Punk About AEW "All The Time"

The Young Bucks admitted that they have been in touch with CM Punk about joining AEW, but right now just isn't the right time for the former wrestler.

Due to the emergence of AEW, every single unattached and unhappy wrestler is being linked with a move to the company. Some of those links turn out to be something more tangible while others are nothing more than rumors. In some cases, it even seems as if WWE has offered disgruntled stars more money to convince them not to make the jump.

One name that continues to rear its head is CM Punk's. It has been more than five years since Punk left WWE, and hence cut all ties with the wrestling business. If history has taught us anything, almost everyone who leaves wrestling returns eventually. That's why Punk fans refuse to give up hope no matter what the former WWE Champion might say to the contrary.

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It's assumed that Punk doesn't hate wrestling necessary, but that it was WWE which drove him away. That's why the presence of AEW now has fans hopeful. We don't want to get your hopes up too much, but The Young Bucks recently revealed to Chris Van Vliet that they have been in touch with Punk regarding his future.

"Matt talks to him all the time about it," Nick Jackson admitted, adding, "but the timing is not right, I guess." Matt then explained that wrestling is an incredibly demanding business. That if Punk is going to return one day, it won't be as simple as him waking up one day and deciding today's the day. "You really have to want to do it and that’s up to him," Matt explained.

It really is going to be the case of if it happens, it happens with Punk's potential return to wrestling. Most of the time he argues that he'll never be back, but there are also times when it seems as if he is starting to lean the other way. Since we are Punk fans ourselves here at TheSportster, we would love to see him return. Even if it was for one match only, or even in a non-wrestling role.

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