10 NFL Players Who Are Loyal Husbands And 10 Major Playboys

NFL players haven't always proved to be the most loyal individuals. With only one game a week, and the season having a long off-season, NFL players have plenty of time to do other things. Many players in the league are notoriously known as players and people who are highly active off the field. Multiple children, a knack for partying, and crazy stories from their time in the league are things we will be taking a look at as we highlight those who are playing big, on and off the field.

There are also the players who are more focused on being the most loyal husband they can be. The allure of the nightlife scene never appealed to these current and former players, as they have either been in a relationship for a very long time, or have a high profile marriage that has stood the test of time.

In the age of digital media being accessible virtually anywhere, we can see that more and more player's personal lives get out into the open. There may be a boom in the amount of stories that get out now that players are using social media apps not only for regular functions, but to meet up with women as well. Today we will be seeing the highs and lows of NFL player's relationships, as we outline which are loyal husbands that can be trusted, and those who are major playboys off the field.

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20 Loyal Husband - Kurt Warner

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Kurt Warner has been married to his wife Brenda for 20 years, tying the knot in 1997. You know what else happened in 1997? The Disney version of “Hercules.” That is how old this marriage is and their bond and faith in each has never wavered. They meet as college sweethearts and now have seven children between them, five as a couple and two that Brenda had before they meet. These two have been through thick and then, as Warner was in and out of the league and the two were struggling before striking big in the Arena Football League and gaining an NFL roster spot. Warner, who is a mon of God, has remained faithful to his wife while trying to also do the Lord's work with charity initiatives.

19 Playboy- Vernon Davis

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Vernon Davis got caught cheating on his fiance, after the two were together for 15 years, and was called out publicly. His now ex- fiance went to Instagram to call out the former Pro-Bowler, stating in the caption that claims he was sleeping with a 20 year-old “child.” Davis has taken the silent treatment over the accusations, not saying a word about the incident. Since then, Davis has not been linked to any relationship rumors since the ordeal, trying to take a low profile as he finishes out his career. There hasn't been any public contact between Davis and the 20 year-old that he was caught cheating with. But the one takeaway from this (regardless of age) is that Davis comes across as a real playboy.

18 Loyal Husband - Rodney Peete

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Rodney Peete and his wife, Holly Robinson Peete have the longest marriage out of every entry on this list. Being married since 1995, the Peete’s have celebrated a long 22 years together. Peete has been out of the NFL for more than ten years, and since has focused on being a father to four children. Both have them have had hardship over the last 22 years, and one incident in particular has caused the most strain on the two’s relationship. In 2000, while Peete was still in the league, one of their twins were diagnosed with autism at the age of three. They have been very open with how the process was, as they were in completely different states after hearing the news. The two have never been on the verge of drifting apart, and have been on record stating that they have no problem seeing a counselor, especially in the early parts of their relationship. They have been through a lot, and are a shining example of an NFL marriage being wildly successful.

17 Playboy - Willis McGahee

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Willis McGahee (Pictured Right) was never a beloved character during his time in the NFL, as he was a hated by fans as a member of the Bills, but that didn't stop him from getting busy. Willis McGahee is a known player. He had three children during two years in Buffalo, all with different women. He was absolutely irresponsible and has produced ten children with eight different women. McGahee, like others on this list our neck deep in child support payments, and he has not played since 2013. He says that he does see his kids though, but we can't be sure that he means all of them, or if he knows how many kids he has. After just three seasons in the NFL, the running back was facing three paternity suits. McGahee’s personal life has been quiet since he left the NFL in 2013.

16 Loyal Husband - Fred Robbins

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Fred Robbins and his wife Tia are so committed to having a successful marriage that they are attempting to help others find success as well. In 2010 they started a business named Off The Market, to keep NFL players and their significant others faithful with each other. That is the true definition of commitment. Robbins has been on record saying that the idea that all athletes are cheaters is a perception that is getting hard to shape. Robbins hasn't left any reason for us to question his character, and the couple is celebrating their eigth year anniversary this year. In total, Fred and Tia have been together for over 17 years, having dated nine years before getting married in 2009. Now, the two can be seen spreading awareness of football related injuries, as well as having a back up plan through education when football isn’t your life anymore.

15 Playboy - DeMarco Murray

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DeMarco Murray (Pictured Left) shows zero loyalty when it comes to women, and zero loyalty to his teammates as well. In 2014, amidst Murray’s break out season, former Sooner teammate Brennan Clay exposed the fact that Murray was sleeping with his wife. Clay took to social media to call out the running back and told TMZ afterwards that he was planning on getting a divorce. A little while after the incident became public, Clay out of character said he jumped to conclusions. Is DeMarco Murray going around the back of former teammates just to sleep with their wives, or was Clay misinformed? Either way the situation does not look good for Murray, and doesn't help build the reputation of someone who can be loyal in a relationship.

14 Loyal Husband - Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler’s “don't care” mentality he shares at times on the field hasn't seemed to translate to his relationship with reality star Kristin Cavallari. The celebrity couple are very out in the open when it comes to the marriage, as Cavallari has shared her feelings about living in Chicago and Jay’s career. In 2015 she openly told the Chicago Tribune that “Chicago’s just not home” and how she was hoping the family could move as soon as Cutler’s tenure with the Bears was over. The couple has never been shy about them both being celebrities and managing the things that come with being a celebrity couple. They even appeared on an episodes of the FX series “The League” as themselves, where the subtly addressed things like their marriage and dealing with crazy fans.

13 Playboy - Rob Gronkowski

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Rob Gronkowski  is the definition of a player. Living the college frat boy style while still being an NFL veteran, Gronk certainly isn't holding down any type of long term relationship soon. Frequently we see the New England tight end openly hitting on women any time he is on television. During a promo for the show MVP on Verizon Go90, one where Gronk is featured on, he blatantly asked two people on the show if they were on Tinder. No one in the NFL is the classic playboy more than Gronk, and he genius idea of throwing a Gronk cruise is a classic example of the type of player he is when not catching passes from Tom Brady. Gronk may very well be the ultimate NFL playboy.

12 Loyal Husband - A.J. McCarron

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A.J. McCarron’s relationship with model Katherine Webb has been very public when they were dating in college, thanks to Brent Musburger’s comments during the 2013 BCS National Championship game. People have kept up on their relationship since, and they got married in 2014. McCarron was a victim of the tabloids in 2013, with a rumor of the two on the brink of leaving each other, but both of them stood tall and put to rest any rumors of that being true. The couple is now focusing on bigger things since getting married, as they welcomed their first son Raymond Anthony McCarron into the world in the summer of 2016. It appears as though (despite rumors) A.J. McCarron is a loyal husband and his marriage is definitely going strong.

11 Playboy - Ray Lewis

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Ray Lewis will go down as one of the most active players of all time during his career, and is also going to be known for how active he was off the field as well. Ray Lewis has six children with four different women. He may act like a preacher while on the field, but he actions have been anything but that of a deeply religious person, and was called out for it as well. His actions led Anna Welker, wife of former Patriot player Wes Welker, to call Lewis out on Facebook. “If anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids, six wives…. A true role model.” Lewis was also under scrutiny for under-paid child support, but the charges were ultimately dropped. His oldest son was recently in the news, after being kicked out of Coastal Carolina University in 2016.

10 Loyal Husband - Tim Hasselbeck

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Matt Hasselbeck didn’t have the most successful career in the NFL, but certainly has one of the most successful marriages of any recent former NFL players. His wife Elizabeth was a contestant on Survivor in 2001, and turned that into a co-hosting gig on The View for ten years. They started dated in 1997 while both in college and got married five years later in 2002.Tim once shared a story on how their first date went, and claimed it lasted for 14 hours, talk about a good sign. The two have perfectly blended both being celebrities and being successful partners,not once being rumored to have any issues. In 2016, the Hasselbeck’s bought a $2 million dollar house in Nashville, where the two of them and their three kids live.

9 Playboy - Delanie Walker

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Delanie Walker’s story is unlike any others. Walker’s actions were made public from his own Instagram account, as his ex fiance, Racine, posted a picture of the two with a very descriptive caption. Looks like Walker was doing just more than cheating on his fiance, as she alluded to this being a recurring thing in their relationship for them to break up during the off-season. It seems like the two would split for long periods of time, and then get back together before the season started. The couple actually got back together after this incident though, just long enough for Racine to accuse him of cheating once again, this time from her own Instagram page. In a video that she posted, she accused Walker of cheating once again, this time claiming that she knew that Walker attempted to pay her off with $ 20,000 dollars worth of diamonds. It seems like these two are just not meant to be, and that is due to Walker’s inability to stay loyal with one person.

8 Loyal Husband - Tom Brady

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Although there is ideas that Tom Brady has cheated on the field numerous times, he is very trustworthy to his wife Gisele. One of the world’s premier power couples, with Brady being a five-time Super Bowl champion and Gisele Bundchen being one of the highest paid models in the world, they show no signs of slowing down. They have both said public that the hardest part of the marriage was recently during the entire Deflategate scandal, as Brady was irritable and nasty at times during the process. Now that the ordeal is over, the two should be able to be one of the most successful high profile marriages we currently have. In a recent Forbes ranking, only Beyonce and Jay-Z were the highest paid celebrity couple in the world.

7 Playboy - Chad Johnson

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When Chad Johnson (Pictured Left) wasn’t playing on the field, or playing Fifa in retirement, was playing people off the field as well. Following his arrest in 2012 for allegedly head butting his now ex-wife, Johnson’s secrets slowly got out. Apparently even before Johnson got married he was cheating, and wasn’t to secretive or attempting to cover his tracks. He was rumored to be paying another woman’s rent while him and his ex wife were dating and constantly hit on women on Twitter. This comes to know surprise, as the former NFL star is constantly on the social media platform. As with many players on this list, Johnson finds himself with a hefty child support bill, as he was accused of not paying over $ 38,000 in child support over the years. He is still very active on Twitter, and could possibly still be using the site as a way to meet women.

6 Loyal Husband - Matt Schaub

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Four years ago Matt Schaub was a starting quarterback in the NFL. That seems like an eternity ago, and yet Schaub has been married to his wife, Laurie, for double that time. The couple meet while he was with the Falcons, meanwhile Laurie was a cheerleader for the organization. When they first meet though, Schaub was not a recognizable figure, and she didn't believe he was on the team. Even though Schaub can’t be trusted on the field regularly anymore, he is a more than trustworthy person off the field, never once being rumored of anything suspicious. While Matt is still in the league, and recently signed an extension with the Falcons, he is looking forward to retirement and spending more time with their four kids.

5 Playboy - Travis Henry

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Travis Henry is now out of the NFL, and due to child support payments for his nine children, he is also out of money. Henry had nine different kids with nine different woman in a short span of time. Many of Henry’s children are just a few months in age apart from each other, which just goes to show what Henry was doing off the field. After bouncing around the league for seven years he quickly found himself buried in child support payments and claims that is what made him broke after in the NFL. His lawyer estimated that he was being near $170,000 in child support in 2009, when a federal judge denied him the option to lower his payments. Henry never showed the ability to be loyal during his time in the NFL.

4 Loyal Husband - Philip Rivers

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It seems like Philip Rivers has been a fixture in our lives for years. Since 2004 we have seen Rivers as a loyal member of the now Los Angeles Chargers. Feels like a long time, for the last 13 years we have seen him carve up defenses and be on of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL. Well, Rivers has been married to his wife, Tiffany for even longer than the 13 years Rivers has been on our television screens. The couple got married after their freshman year in college in 2001, and have been by each other’s side ever since. They have had a relationship that has been going on since the two were in seventh grade. Since their marriage began in 2001, their family has been rapidly growing, as the couple now has eight kids. Rivers has been a model of consistency as a quarterback, and it looks like he has been just as reliable off the field as he is on.

3 Playboy - Deion Sanders

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Sanders is one of the premier players of all time, and that leaves him as a very eligible bachelor. Primetime has had plenty of issues in his relationships out in the open. He has five kids from two different marriages, and both of them have not ended well. His second marriage landed him publicity as a player, as his ex-wife claimed he had cheated numerous times. It was also said that she found out about the divorce from TMZ first, before Sanders had brought it up or had her sign divorce papers. After the divorce, Sanders wasted no time getting into a relationship immediately, and people are skeptical that there was not something going on before the divorce. Overall, Sanders actions after retirement has left his character in question, and made he seem like a huge playboy, something that Sanders probably does not want to be publicized.

2 Loyal Husband - Tony Romo

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Tony Romo showed loyalty to the Cowboys, spending his entire career in Dallas, and he also shows loyalty off the field. After his very public break-up with Jessica Simpson, Romo started dating former Dallas journalist Candice Crawford. The couple dated for about two years before getting married in 2011 and have had two children since. Recently, it has been announced that a third child is on the way, and is expected to join the family in August. Romo’s playing career is now over, and will have more time to spend with his family during retirement, so we probably wont hear about him doing anything crazy or going loose while enjoying his new job at CBS. Romo may seem like a playboy to some but is actual quite loyal.

1 Playboy - Antonio Cromartie

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This wouldn't be a proper list without the leagues biggest player mentioned. Antonio Cromartie (Pictured Right) might not be a star in league anymore, but he is by far the biggest player when it comes to women. He has, to date as the number could change at any moment, 12 kids with nine different women. After the tenth child, Cromartie took preventive measures and got a vasectomy, but he was a victim of an unlikely circumstance, and had twins after the procedure. That likelihood of that happening is minuscule, as it is reported that two out of 1,000 women have unplanned births after the other partner has had the procedure. That is just Cromartie's luck though, and he is certainty paying for it. After being cut by the Colts earlier this season, he may have a hard time keeping up with his child support payments, and estimated $336,000 a year.

As time goes by, the reputation of NFL players in terms of relationships hangs in the balance of how often we see stories like the playboys mentioned above. Fred Robbins is actively trying to get players to be seen in a more positive light, meanwhile others feed into the idea of NFL players sleeping around with no consequences. As we have seen today, there have been consequences for the major playboys, as many find themselves publicly exposed and living just to pay off child support debts.

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