10 NFL Players Who Spend Way Too Much And 5 Who Are Ridiculously Cheap

Being an NFL player is one of the highest paid professions in all of North America. The average NFL player makes $1.9 million a season. The lowest paid player makes $450,000 a year while the highest paid player currently makes $27 million dollars a season. As you can see that's a lot of money. A lot of times these players come from a poor background and having all this expendable cash is a very unfamiliar situation. They never had enough money to learn how to save it. Even before rookies even step foot in a game they are already spending their money on fancy cars, jewelry, and big houses.

While for the most part, NFL players have no problems parting ways with their money, there are a few players who are smart with their money. They know that the average length of an NFL career is rather short and there is life after football. However, in some instances, these players come off a bit too cheap.

Here are 10 players who spend their money like they have a never-ending supply and 5 players who don't like letting their money go.

15 Likes To Spend: Antonio Brown


You can make a good argument that Antonio Brown is the best receiver in the NFL today. During his career, the Pittsburgh Steeler has hit the 1000 yard mark in six seasons. He's also had double-digit touchdowns in the past three seasons. With all that success you can start to tell that Brown has built a bit of an ego, and he uses his money to satisfy that ego.

Brown has made millions during his career and he isn't shy to spend it. He has shown a love for expensive cars, and you don't have to look further than his custom painted Rolls Royce for proof. He bought his 12 bedroom house for a hefty $6.6 million. However, the most puzzling purchase Brown has made is when he bought his nine-year-old son a Rolex.

14 Likes To Spend: Ezekiel Elliott


When it comes to controversial players in the NFL, there is arguably no one more controversial than Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot. He emerged as a star on the field in his rookie season as he tore up teams for a total of 1,631 yards. While Elliot has been very flashy on the field, he's been just as flashy off of it.

Elliot's name was the number one topic of discussion coming into this NFL season, and it was for all the wrong reasons. In his very short NFL career, Elliot has already got himself in trouble with the law. His reputation only get's worse when you realize how much of his salary he has already spent. Before he even stepped on the field he bought his mother a house. Last Christmas he bought each member of his offensive line ATV's. If this is any indication, Elliot is just beginning to throw his money around.

13 Cheap: Kirk Cousins


Kirk Cousins had a breakout season in 2015, as he emerged as one of the top quarterbacks in the entire league. Although Cousins is currently the sixth highest paid QB in the NFL making just shy of $24 million a season, he still very careful on what he spends his money on,

As recent as this past year, Cousins spent the offseason living in his parent's basement. He also drives a 2000 GMC Savana van that once belonged to his grandparents. His cheapness dates back to college where Cousins picked up golf balls for minimum wage. Cousins is slowly making his way off of the cheap list as he is currently building a large sized house in Michigan.

12 Likes To Spend: Tom Brady


Tom Brady is worth an estimated $180 million. When you add the fact that his wife Gisele Bündchen is worth $380 million, Brady has some money to burn. Considering all the money he has, Brady hasn't gone absolutely crazy with spending money. However, that doesn't mean he hasn't made some outlandish purchases.

Brady loves to spoil his teammates by showering them with gifts. A couple examples of gifts that he gave his teammates include Audi SUV's to his offensive lineman and a pair of UGG boots to every player on the Patriots. The thing that Brady has spent the most money on is houses. In 2014, he sold his $40 million house to Dr.Dre. He then built a lush mansion only to sell it a couple of years later.

11 Likes To Spend: LeSean McCoy


Ever since breaking into the league in 2009 with the Philadelphia Eagles, LeSean McCoy has been one of the top running backs in the league. The 2011 season was particularly special for McCoy as he racked up over 1300 yards and an incredible 17 touchdowns. With numbers like that McCoy has gotten paid some good money, to say the least.

While McCoy has donated a good chunk of money to his non-profit organization, he has also wasted his fair share of cash. He has brought plenty of gifts for his teammates over the years including fancy watches and $3,000 worth of cheesesteaks. McCoy also has a love of gambling, recently betting $200,000 on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.

10 Cheap: Giovani Bernard


The average career length for a running back in the NFL is about 2.5 years. So when Giovani Bernard got over $5 million on his rookie contract with the Bengals, he knew he had to be smart about it. During his rookie season in 2013, Bernard borrowed his girlfriend's mom’s minivan in order to get around. He also got an apartment as close as he could to the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati so that he could walk to work.

Prior to joining the NFL Bernard heard lots of horror stories of NFL players going to broke and he doesn’t want to fall into the same category. As long as his vehicle gets him from Point A to Point B he’s happy. He’s smart enough to know that there is a lot of life left after his football career is over.

9 Likes To Spend: Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson came into the NFL without much fanfare. The 2012 third round draft pick surprised everyone by earning the starting quarterback job for the Seahawks as a rookie. Since then Wilson has become one of the most talked about QB's in the league, on and off the field.

Wilson is one of the highest paid players in the league with an annual salary just shy of $22 million. Based on the how Wilson spends his money, it's not hard to see he gets paid well. Not only does he buy his teammates gifts like first class plane tickets, he bought his house for a hefty price of $6.7 million.

8 Likes To Spend: Emmanuel Sanders


Emmanuel Sanders recently made news for helping to raise money for helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in his home state of Texas. While no one will ever question him donating money to people in need, it doesn't mean he has always been smart with his money.

It seems all of Sanders' bad spending habits have to do with his many romantic relationships. According to his now ex-wife, Sanders spent thousands of dollars on women he was having affairs with. She even said that Sanders bought a brand new car for one of his mistresses.

7 Cheap: Alfred Morris


Alfred Morris has been a solid running back in the NFL ever since he broke into the league with the Washington Redskins back in 2012. While he’s definitely not the highest paid player by any means, he’s still made millions of dollars in his five-plus seasons. Even though Morris is a multi-millionaire he sure doesn't act like one.

Morris still drives his 1991 Mazda 626 that he got from his pastor for a measly two dollars. He feels like it’s a waste of money buying a new car when his current one runs perfectly fine. Morris does not at all live a flashy lifestyle as he comes from a poor background and is just humble to be where he is. He knows his career won't last forever and wants to be ready for life after football.

6 Likes To Spend: Marshawn Lynch


No one will ever question Marshawn Lynch's on-field career. "Beast Mode" has had six seasons of 1000-plus yards. He also played a huge role in the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl in 2014. However, when it comes to off the field, Lynch is a bit of an enigma, to say the least.

While Lynch has made a ton money during his career, he also wasted a ton too. Something about Lynch that is a well-known fact, is that he is not a fan of the media. While he has reportedly saved his entire NFL salary and only spent his endorsement money, he detests the media so much that he has paid $150,000 in fines just so he didn't have to talk to them. When Lynch isn't spending money on fines, he's buying big houses, fancy cars, and even his own restaurant. At least he kept some money on the side!

5 Likes To Spend: Dez Bryant


Dez Bryant is one the more controversial players in NFL today. While he has been elite on the field, he has a hard time keeping out of trouble off of it. He had his fair share of problems with the law, but it's his spending habits that are a bit of a red flag.

While still in college, Bryant bought $200,000 worth of jewelry on credit. In 2011, he was sued for not paying for said jewelry. In 2016, Bryant spent another $200,000 on a matching necklace and bracelet. Although he is one of highest paid players in the league, it's hard to say just how little he might actually have left in the bank.

4 Cheap: Jordy Nelson


As the one the favourite targets of Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson has established himself as one of the top receivers in the entire league. With being one of the top skilled receivers he's also one of top paid with an annual salary just under $10 million.

While Nelson should be set for life when it comes to money, that hasn't stopped him from being a self-described "extremely cheap" man. One of the cheapest things Nelson does is pocket the money the Packers give him each day for food. He instead just eats what snacks the Packers give out. Even though Nelson signed a $39 million contract in 2014, he still works during the offseason at his parent's farm putting in 12 hour days.

3 Likes To Spend: James Harrison


James Harrison doesn't seem human. At the age of 39, when players his age have long since retired, he has remained a solid NFL linebacker. Amazingly Harrison has not seen much of a drop-off in recent years. In the last three seasons, he has recorded at least five sacks.

Despite all the success Harrison is still having, it hasn't come that easy, or cheap. In order to keep playing at the highest level, Harrison has his own team of specialists. He currently sees an acupuncturist, a dry needle specialist, three massage therapists, and two chiropractors at least once a week. The price tag for all these people costs Harrison upwards of $600,000 a year. If you add the fact that he has paid $150,000 in fines from the NFL since 2010, playing football has been quite pricey for him.

2 Likes To Spend: Desean Jackson


DeSean Jackson has been one of the better receivers in the NFL since coming into the league in 2008. He's had five seasons where he has topped the 1,000-yard mark. With performances like that Jackson has made a ton of money during his career and he isn't afraid of flaunting it.

Jackson has not been the wisest when it comes to spending his money. In 2012, he started his record label, which included a $25,000 launch party. You can also tell he has a love for bling considering he once had $150,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his house. Jackson's latest questionable purchase was when he paid an undisclosed amount of money to Buccanneers' Adam Humphries in order to get his number eleven jersey.

1 Cheap: Rob Gronkowski


There are a couple of things that everyone knows about Rob Gronkowski. Everyone knows he’s one of if not the most talented tight ends in the NFL. They also know that off-field, Gronk is not afraid of having a good time. The one thing most people don’t know about him is that he super cautious when it comes to handling his money.

To this day Gronk hasn’t spent a dime of his NFL money, and that includes all the bonus money he has made. He instead only uses the money he makes off his endorsement deals. Even though he makes a great deal of income through endorsements, he doesn’t spend it on fancy cars or jewelry. He actually still wears his favourite pair of jeans he’s had since high school.

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