10 Reasons Dan Snyder Needs to Change Washington's Team Name

If there is one person absolutely thrilled with all of the press attention being given to the likes of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Josh Gordon, Greg Hardy, and Ray McDonald – among others – it's the owner of Washington's football team, Dan Snyder. All of the press coverage being given to the domestic abusers, child abusers, and drug offenders, means less press coverage for Snyder and the controversy surrounding his football team's nickname. The less ink it gets, the happier Snyder is.

Eventually though, those court cases will be resolved, punishments handed out, and the waters around the NFL will calm again. Eventually, the controversy surrounding Snyder and his utter defiance about changing his team's nickname will come back into focus and have the spotlight shined on it once again. For many, sooner would be better than later.

It seems inexplicable in this day and age – in this post-Donald Sterling world – that the owner of a major sports franchise would fight tooth and nail, to keep a name that is recognized as a racial slur. Time and tradition changes, and what was acceptable decades ago isn't found to be acceptable today. Take Adrian Peterson for example – there was a time when hitting your child with a switch, regardless of whether or not it left actual injuries to the child, was deemed an acceptable disciplinary practice. That's not so today. If you injure your child in the course of “disciplining” them, you will face serious consequences. And rightly so.

Call it out of control political correctness if you wish, but the fact of the matter is that the term “redskin” is demeaning, it is insulting, and it is a racial slur. It is every bit as offensive as using the “N” word or any other demeaning racial slur people sometimes use.

If you've never experienced racism or had racial slurs thrown at you, you might not truly understand what the big deal is. But as somebody of Japanese descent, I have had a countless number of racial slurs directed at me growing up, so this is an issue I take particularly seriously. To me, defending the name of Washington's team is an exercise in defending the indefensible.

Though there are so many more, here are just 10 reasons Dan Snyder needs to change the name of his football club.

10 The Team Name Has Been Changed Before

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

9 Annenberg Report Debunked

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

8 An Actual Poll of Native American People Further Debunks the Annenberg Report

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

7 The Donald Sterling Effect

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

6 The Team Name Highlights the NFL's Hypocrisy

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

5 It's Actually Been An Issue for Quite a While

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

4 The History of Washington's Team is Steeped in Racism


3 It's Becoming Bad Business

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2 It's a Dictionary Defined Racial Slur


1 It's Just the Right Thing to Do

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Not that doing the right thing is really much a blip on Dan Snyder's radar, but if he were, changing the name would in fact be doing the right thing. Countless thousands of Native Americans have spoken out about how offensive and degrading the team name is, and are urging Snyder to reconsider his use of it. Just as we wouldn't have a team name called the “N” word, it makes no sense to have one with that name either. Continuing to use a name that Native Americans have been fighting the use of for more than four decades is not honoring them. It's continuing to degrade them. It's continuing to perpetuate the use of a racial slur. Things change over time. And while some things were considered socially acceptable 80 years ago – such as using the “N” word freely – times change. That word is no longer considered socially acceptable. And neither is using Washington's team name. It's time Snyder, and everybody who supports the continued use of that name, step into the 21st century and do the right thing. Stop the continued degrading and offensive use of that team name.

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10 Reasons Dan Snyder Needs to Change Washington's Team Name