10 Reasons NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Needs to be Fired IMMEDIATELY

The Commissioner of a major sport in the US is a powerful person indeed. Professional football has become the 800-pound gorilla in the sports world and has expanded its already expansive reach in the U.S. to global proportions. Which makes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell one of the most powerful men in professional sports today.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. And Goodell has been anything but responsible with the power he's been given by virtue of the office he sits on. So busy with making the already wealthy owners insanely wealthy, and attempting to install gimmicky rule changes like moving the extra point, or adopting a ban on the use of the “N” word, Goodell has neglected his duties as the Commissioner, and has repeatedly broken his promises to clean up the game of football. If you're a prime time performer and help make money for the league, the chances are good that Goodell is going to find a way to be lenient with you should you ever find yourself in trouble.

From cheaters, to drug abusers, to domestic abusers, to deadbeat dads, to guys who kill their teammates, Goodell's position is one that has varied from case to case. Some players get leniency, while others don't. His inconsistent approach to discipline in the league gives the impression that he's just winging it and that any punishment a player may face, will depend upon his mood as well as the revenue you help generate for your team and the league.

Ever since Goodell assumed the office of the NFL Commissioner in 2006, the league has endured a complete void in leadership. As the head of one of the world's biggest professional sports leagues, Goodell's word carries a lot of weight, and he's had the opportunity to make a really positive impact, not just in the sport, but in the world as well. And he's completely fumbled that opportunity away time and time and time again.

While most of the focus lately has been on the Ray Rice situation – and rightly so – that is just the latest issue that has highlighted Goodell's appalling lack of leadership, lack of integrity, and lack of credibility. Goodell shouldn't be fired simply for the way the Rice situation has been handled – it's not just one thing. It's a long list of things, that taken as a whole, show Goodell's incompetence and lack of caring about doing the right things.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be fired immediately, and here are a few reasons why...

10 10. Spygate

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9 9. Continued Support of the Name for Washington's Football Team

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8 8. Jim Irsay's “Punishment”

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7 7. The Reinstatement of Josh Brent

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6 6. Ben Roethlisberger's Suspension

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5 5. Greg Hardy

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

4 4. Randy Starks

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3 3. Ray Rice

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2 2. Ray Rice Pt. II

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1 1. Lack of Credibility, Lack of Integrity, Lack of Leadership

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When Goodell took over the Commissioner's office, he promised to bring credibility, and integrity with him, vowing to clean up the game of all the bad seeds and problem children. So tough was his rhetoric, Time Magazing labeled him “The Enforcer” from the start. Since then, he's done nothing but what's in the best interests of the owners and the financial bottom line of the league. He's been wildly inconsistent with his rules, his punishments, and his authority. He's attempting to run the NFL like a dictatorship in which he is the sole voice of discipline, acting as the judge, jury, and executioner for the league. But he's got a problem in that to be the leader of a massive organization like the NFL, you need credibility and integrity – both things that Goodell is absolutely missing. There is a void of leadership in the Commissioner's office precisely because he's making things up as he goes along and is attempting to seize even more power, which leads to the wild inconsistencies in his dealings with players. Goodell has made the NFL owners an enormous pile of cash in his tenure, but he is nowhere near fit nor worthy to sit in the Commissioner's chair.

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10 Reasons NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Needs to be Fired IMMEDIATELY