15 Cheerleaders The NFL Would Rather Forget

NFL cheerleaders are typically drop-dead gorgeous. But being gorgeous is not the only criteria under which cheerleaders are judged. Extensively auditioned and part of a group of only a select few, to make the cut you have to be either extremely photo friendly, good in your community or know your stuff if you're going to reach the pinnacle of the cheerleading world. Want to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Good luck, the lineup starts over there. If you want to dance for the Giants, Ravens, Dolphins, Broncos or any other team for that matter, you need to lead a squeaky clean life and have that "it" factor. Credit to cheerleaders all over the world, it's not an easy gig to get and definitely not the easiest gig to keep. Someone younger and hotter is always nipping at your heels.

For some, the job isn't terribly taxing. Already attractive, often times their personalities match and these women are among the most wholesome and friendly of the female species. Then, there are some cheerleaders who throw it all away. Whether it's the fame, the football players or the temptation, poor choices can place you in a headline that reads, "Cheerleading Scandal Rocks Small Town". Being in that second group means all sorts of trouble and you can kiss your 15-minutes of NFL fame goodbye. Below are photos and stories of 15 cheerleaders who the NFL does not want us to remember. Whether these photos caught someone in a bad spot or shed a negative light on cheerleading and the league in general, if they could, the NFL would erase these photos from existence.

Here are 15 Pictures Of Cheerleaders The NFL Doesn't Want You To See

15 Molly Shattuck


Molly Shattuck was the mother of a 15-year-old son. Her son had a friend, also 15 years old. Unlike most mothers whose biggest worry is that their kids might fight, drink or get into illegal substances, Molly didn't have to worry. None of that was a problem. All she had to do was not have relations with her son's friend but she couldn't help it.

After sending texts and emails back and forth with the boy, she eventually would meet up with him in parked cars and eventually made an advance on him. It led to the boy's parents charging her with assault for which she was sentenced. This is clearly not the type of image the NFL wants, nor would the Ravens. Cheerleaders are supposed to be desired, but cheerleaders aren't supposed to desire 15-year-old boys and then act out on that desire.

14 Mary Delgado


Life after cheerleading can be interesting, but even if you find your 15-minutes of fame the NFL really isn't that interested, unless you represent yourself like a fool. Then they probably pretend they never knew you.

Such is the case for former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Mary Delgado, who appeared as a contestant on both Season 4 and Season 6 of The Bachelor. During the series in 2004, she eventually got together with Byron Velvick. The two stayed together for a while, but Delgado was arrested for driving under the influence on two occasions and then once for domestic battery after she punched Velvick in the face. It wasn't Velvick though that was driving her bonkers. After they broke up, she was arrested one more time. What a train-wreck.

13 Courtney Lenz


Courtney Lenz was a veteran cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. Having been on the team five years, she was part of the Super Bowl Championship squad that helped the Ravens take down the San Francisco 49ers in 2013. Not all of the 60 cheerleaders got to go to New Orleans that year for the championship game, but being a member of the team so long, it was fair to assume that she would be among the 32 selected.

When she was advised she wasn't chosen, she was told it was because she had gained a whopping four pounds. Four pounds? That's the kind of weight I gain after going to Olive Garden. Obviously, the story caught the attention of national media and a petition was started. It didn't matter. She still wasn't allowed to go. This story shows just how much these women are judged and tossed away when they don't fit the NFL's extremely specific standards.

12 Sarah Jones


Ok, this one is bad. When former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones was done her cheer duty, she became a molder of young minds (a teacher). You can probably guess where this is going... Anyways, she began a relationship with one of her students via texts and emails and eventually was charged with "convincing" him into an "intimate" relationship. Ya, it must have been some serious arm turning to get a teenage boy to wanna hook up with a former NFL cheerleader.

To make matters worse, Jones was married and 27 years old. Both she and the student denied it at first, but after she was looking at more than five years jail time, she decided to plea down to a lesser sentence. Amazingly, the two stayed together, even after the scandal hit the media. In general, the NFL wants to stay as far away from Jones as possible. She was also involved in a lawsuit over a website and some dirty photos.

11 Malori Wampler


If there's one thing the NFL likes less than catching one of its cheerleaders doing something they deem harmful to the league, it's getting sued by the person they reprimanded for committing the act. That's what happened with Malori Wampler, a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader. Some fan with nothing better to do sent the league a photo of Wampler from an issue of Playboy where she wasn't nude, but her top was dressed only in body paint. Sure, it probably wasn't a great idea to pose for a photo like that, but there could have been much worse things to do than that.

After she was relieved of her duties, Wampler sued for bias. The case was eventually dismissed in 2012 but it caught a lot of attention and the NFL isn't a huge fan of that either.

10 Elizabeth Leigh Garner


Ever wonder what happens to some of the NFL cheerleaders who retire, get older and don't know what to do when people stop gawking over them? Hopefully, most handle it better than former Tennesse Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner did. She was arrested attempting to seduce a 12-year-old boy at his own house.

Garner was drunk and for some unknown reason decided to stalk him as he went to the bathroom and then ask him all about his intimate experiences. Maybe she decided it would  be cool to be his first foray into that world and tried to take his clothes off and perform an act on him. As most 12-year-old boys would do, he immediately ran to his mother and told on the former cheerleader. Mom called the cops and Garner was arrested. The eventual official charges were aggravated  battery and solicitation of a minor.

9 Samantha Baker


Sometimes, even if you aren't officially proven guilty, in the NFL being associated with the wrong image is enough to get you blacklisted. This is especially true if you're a cheerleader and don't really offer anything in terms of the league making a profit off you being part of it.

In 2011, Samantha Baker was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. When she wasn't cheering, she was performing as a fitness model and there was speculation PED's played a role in that part of her career. After some genius tried to have a load of marijuana shipped to a UPS store, she got caught up in a narcotics bust in Massachusetts and large amounts of illegal substances and performance-enhancers were seized. Baker was charged with possession and other related crimes but the charges were eventually dropped. The NFL likely doesn't want to be associated with someone dumb enough to get involved in that sort of situation.

8 Beverly Lynne Hubscher


Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, Beverly Lynne Hubscher found herself a new career. After cheering for the team and being part of the "City of Brotherly Hate" (a term of affection often used to describe the nastiness of Eagles fans), she moved to Hollywood, flopped out of landing the big gig movie roles and went into shooting films for Playboy TV.

Sure, Playboy is one of the classier promoters of the skin-flick variety, but that's not exactly the image the NFL is trying to go for in the long-term plan they expect of the cheerleaders they put through the interview process. I wonder how those questions went. Did they ask, "Why do you want to be an Eagles cheerleader?" to which she responded because "I love the Eagles!" The followup being, "Where do you see yourself in five years?". I don't think Hubscher would have gotten the gig if she said "Playboy films".

7 Megan Welter


We understand that arguments happen. We even get it if people get to drinking a bit too much and things get a bit violent. It's not a good thing, nor are we condoning it, but it happens. When you're an NFL cheerleader, these are the types of things you can't let happen. In 2013, Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Megan Welter made the news for all the wrong reasons when she got herself arrested for beating up her boyfriend. It all stemmed from too much booze and texts from an ex-girlfriend. To make matters worse, after Welter called 911, she accused her boyfriend of abusing her, but smartly, he filmed the entire fight on his cell phone and had proof she did all the damage. When it was shown he hadn't physically hurt her in any way, she wound up the one in trouble.

Not becoming of a cheerleader and definitely not of an ex-military from the U.S. Army. Even though she disgraced the U.S. Army and the Cardinals, she was allowed to keep cheering for them.

6 Kori Lanard


So far our list consists of cheerleaders who have made some dumb mistakes or been on the sour end of some extremely bad judgment calls, but this one is the first where the cheerleader got into organized crime and played a major factor in a chop shop and running stolen vehicles. Former Falcons cheerleader Kori Lanard, along with her sister, were among four suspects arrested in the case and connected to a long run of criminal activity.

It's probably safe to assume this is not the type of activity the NFL would like to associate itself with.  It wouldn't surprise me if a survey of fans showed many to find owners a bit shady and unethical, but an illegal chop shop is a bit much.

5 Caitlin Davis


To say cheerleaders never have any fun or party would be naive. But there's a way to party that doesn't get you in trouble with the NFL and society in general. Apparently, former Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis never figured that one out. She was kicked off the cheer squad after posting some Facebook photos where she posed over a passed out party-goer and was writing all over her friend's body. That's not so good, but should probably only be a slap on the wrist violation.

Where it got ugly was that in the photo, you could clearly see some questionable phrases right next to some drawings someone moronically drew of some hate symbols. I'm sure she didn't post the photo herself, but what would make someone do something so clueless while having so much to lose is baffling.

4 Danielle Gamba


The NFL understands that the cheerleaders probably drink a little. But, I'm sure the NFL expects their cheerleaders to remain calm, keep themselves out of trouble and definitely don't resist if a cop is trying to sort out the nasty situation you seem to have gotten yourself into. Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader Danielle Gamba must have been absent when they taught that class.

In 2005, she and Playboy model Carrie Minter got to drinking at a San Antonio airport. Probably not the best place to get insanely drunk. When they became unruly on a flight (again, another dumb move) the cops tried to arrest them and Gamba tried to work her way out of trouble by offering "favours" to the officers. In most cases, that probably would have worked, but as everyone knows, airport police are about the most serious people on the planet.

3 Whitney Isleib


In this case, the cheerleader in question (Whitney Isleib) didn't lose her job but she came awfully close and the team in question, (The Dallas Cowboys) were not impressed. Isleib stirred up a ton of issues when she went to a Halloween party dressed as Lil Wayne. She painted her face and pretty much everything else to mimic blackface (she was caucasian) and if you know anything about celebrities who do that, they almost always find themselves the centre of a public relations nightmare.

The photo of Isleib went viral and if there's one team that doesn't stand for that kind of stuff it's the Dallas Cowboys who are very concerned with their public image as "America's Team". It was a bonehead move and one she likely regrets as the NFL had a bit of mess to clean up because of her.

2 Caitlin Yates


The NFL has been part of its fair share of scandals. One of the biggest involved with the cheerleaders was a lawsuit that was led by Caitlin Yates, a former cheerleader, who accused the NFL of underpaying the women to an unfathomable degree.

Led by lawyer Drexel Bradshaw, they all claimed the NFL purposefully kept the women’s salaries low and made it impossible to negotiate raises (I actually didn't know cheerleaders got paid). Bradshaw called it a national scandal and couldn't understand how a group of owners could be so openly discriminatory of another group that consisted exclusively of women. The NFL declined to comment, but you can imagine they weren't happy and Yates, who claimed she was only paid $1200 per year (and less than the mascot), was not on their Christmas card list.

1 Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas


We've seen scandals of cheerleaders with men, younger boys, getting in trouble because they drank too much, and some who sued the league. We've not yet seen a story of two cheerleaders who were arrested for getting it on with each other in a public restroom of a Banana Joe's in Tampa, Florida.

Let us introduce you to former Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas. Police responded to a complaint about two women having "relations" with each other in a bathroom stall. After witnesses told them to stop, they started to fight them and one of the women was so drunk she could barely stand while being arrested. They were charged with disorderly conduct, battery, lying about their identity and then they foolishly tried to hide it from the team. It might have worked except they called the other cheerleaders to bail them out. Both women were fired.

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