15 Current NFL Players You Didn't Know Have Hot Partners

Try to think about every single movie you ever watched in your life that involves high school drama. What is the one trope that was always present regardless of when the movie was made, what the audience for it was, or its genre?

Every time there is a high school movie playing on the big screen, the hottest cheerleader in the film is dating the starting quarterback of the football team. It doesn’t matter, the school could have a great basketball team, a solid baseball team, a national champion soccer team, and still, none of those guys would have been able to hold a candle to the starting QB of a team with a record under .500.

Perhaps that is just a cultural thing or something that really works in movies because a lot of folks can relate to that reality. The bottom line we’re trying to get at is that football players in America are ultimately the guys with the best chance of going out with the most beautiful women. There is no saltiness involved in this analysis. This is a long-standing movie trope as well as a long-standing reality. You can believe it or not, that is why we have free will, but deep down everybody knows there is at least a little bit of truth behind that statement. Nevertheless, even in football, there are guys who, due to being mostly in the spotlight, seem to always get the hottest girl (Cough… Tom Brady… Cough). So we have separated a little list to show you 15 current NFL players you didn’t know have hot partners.

15 Jon Dorenbos and Annalise Dale

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If you are one of those people, who believe that in any given football team, the guy going out with the hottest girl is always the quarterback, get ready to have your beliefs stricken down. Because there are a few guys on this list who will blow your mind.

The first name out of this amazing bunch is Philadelphia Eagles' long snapper Jon Dorenbos. This 36-year-old center has been in the NFL since 2003 and has played 162 games since arriving in Philadelphia in 2006. What you wouldn’t expect, however, is that this guy might have one of the most beautiful wives out of all of the Eagles' roster. It was earlier this year that this talented veteran packed his bags and went to Bora-Bora in order to tie the knot with the beautiful Annalise Dale.

14 Kyle Van Noy and Marissa Powell

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At just 26 years of age, Kyle Van Noy already has a Super Bowl under his belt with the New England Patriots and is looking forward to another successful season as an outside linebacker in Bill Belichick’s squad.

A standout athlete in college playing at BYU, Van Noy does seem to have a bright future ahead of him in the NFL. But what makes this guy even luckier is the fact that he has a former Miss Utah USA to share his success with. Formerly Marissa Powell and now Marissa Van Noy, the Miss Utah is always happy to share the moments of her life with her professional football husband with her more than 27,000 followers on Instagram. And of course, she did not miss a chance to pose for a picture wearing her husband’ Super Bowl ring.

13 Matt Flynn and Lacey Minchew

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Matt Flynn is currently a free agent, but technically he is still in the NFL since he hasn’t announced his retirement. That and also the fact that his longtime girlfriend and now wife Lacey Minchew is ridiculously beautiful, qualify him for this list. The season where Flynn had the most starts was in 2013 when he started four games for the Green Bay Packers. He didn’t do as bad as many people thought he would, and finished up his stint as a starter with a 61.4 percent completion ratio while throwing for 1146 yards, seven touchdowns, and just four interceptions. Those were solid numbers for someone who wasn’t used to being the guy under center in every possession.

Flynn’s greatest success, however, came in college when he won the national championship in 2007 as he led LSU to a 38-24 win over Ohio State.

12 Jordan Cameron and Erin Heatherton

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Another young guy on our list, Jordan Cameron allegedly had one of the most impressive conquests of this entire list. During his six seasons in the league, Cameron has tallied 2046 yards in 173 receptions with 14 touchdowns playing first for the Cleveland Browns and then signing a very lucrative contract to play for the Miami Dolphins. Those are not bad numbers for a fourth-round pick, who seems to be still improving as in the three games he played last season his catch percentage was almost at 73 percent.

On another side of the business, Cameron supposedly dated the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. And anytime even a professional athlete gets to go out one of the beautiful women who represent Victoria’s Secret, that guy deserves some recognition.

11 Britton Colquitt and Nikki Hairrell

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We already had a long snapper filling the first slot for unusual positions we wouldn’t imagine football players with beautiful partners playing in. Well, get ready for another hit, because here is a punter to represent all of the guys who use their feet in the NFL. The chosen one is none other than the Cleveland Browns' Britton Colquitt. With seven years of playing experience under his belt, this former Denver Bronco is one of the most reliable punters in the league.

A fun fact about Britton, other than the fact that his wife Nikki is stunning, is that he comes from a family of punters. His father is a former Pittsburgh Steelers punter who won two Super Bowls, his uncle punted at the University of Tennessee, and his big brother is a punter for the Kansas City Chiefs.

10 Andrew Luck and Nicole Pechanec

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Perhaps it’s not really surprising that Andrew Luck would have a beautiful girlfriend. Nevertheless, we thought it would be worth a mention on this list because we don’t hear nearly as much about Nicole Pechanec as we should.

Aside from the fact that she is dating a three-time Pro Bowler and perhaps a future Hall of Famer, Pechanec has a fascinating life and is a gifted athlete herself. She was the captain of the Stanford gymnastics team and was named Stanford’s MVP during her senior season. Not only in the collegiate level, but she also competed at the international level for the Czech Republic. She was even the second all-around finisher in the 2010 World Championships for the Czech national team. So yes, Andrew Luck not only knows how to pick his passes well, he picked a girlfriend well too.

9 Wes Welker and Anna Burns

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It’s hard to believe that Wes Welker is retired now. He played for more than 10 years in the NFL, but whenever somebody brings up his retirement, there are people who still say that he is still only 36 and could very well return to playing. And while we see a great many players in other positions playing well into their 40s, it is hard to see a wide receiver be effective once he surpasses a certain age threshold. Welker still deserves a place on this list though, because he is still in the NFL serving as an offensive and special teams assistant coach for the Houston Texans.

In the love department, Welker is doing better than many of his counterparts who are still playing and earning the big bucks, since he is still married to the former swimsuit model Anna Burns.

8 David Nelson and Kelsi Reich

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Another current free agent to grace our list, wide receiver David Nelson is a guy who hasn’t played in the league since he was released by the New York Jets in 2014. He had a chance when the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him to a one-year contract in 2015, but unfortunately for Nelson, he injured his shoulder at the first team practice. That is the kind of bad luck he had in the game but didn’t translate to his love life.

This guy became famous back in 2011 while he was still playing for Buffalo when the Bills traveled to Dallas to play against the Cowboys. The fun fact was that Nelson’s girlfriend was a Cowboys cheerleader. Yes, and going into the game the Bills' wide receiver said he would do something special if he got a chance to score in front of his loved one. As fate would have it, he caught a touchdown pass and jogged down the sideline until he found Kelsi Reich and gave her the touchdown ball.

7 Eric Decker and Jessie James

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After two successful seasons with the New York Jets and one that was cut short, wide receiver Eric Decker signed a contract to play for the Tennessee Titans in this upcoming NFL season. Decker is a solid wide receiver who had numbers like 1027 yards in 80 receptions with 12 touchdowns in his last complete season. So we could see him pairing up well with Marcus Mariota this upcoming season.

While he might still be a question mark on the field for the Titans, this guy has no such thing as doubts when it comes to his love life. Back in 2013, Decker married the famous country singer Jessie James. The happy couple has two children, a daughter who was born in 2014 and a son who was born in 2015.

6 Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo

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The second New England Patriots’ Super Bowl champion on our list, Danny Amendola quickly went from being a question mark when he arrived in New England to become one of the most reliable slot options that Tom Brady has. Just this last season, his catch percentage went up to 79.3 percent and he scored four touchdowns.

Off the football field, Amendola also made quite a catch. Sorry for the pun, we just couldn’t resist, it was right there. But then again, Olivia Culpo is indeed quite a catch even for a Super Bowl winning wide receiver. She took the world by storm when she consecutively won the competitions of Miss Rhode Island USA, Miss USA, and ultimately she won the Miss Universe 2012. So yeah, we believe Danny Amendola’s girlfriend qualifies as a hot partner.

5 AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb

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You all knew this was coming. But the fact that he has only played eight games since being drafted in 2014 made us guess that it would be a good reminder to everyone that AJ McCarron is not just still hanging around. He’s breathing on Andy Dalton’s neck waiting for a chance to get the starting job in Cincinnati, and he is still married to the beautiful Katherine Webb.

This is an interesting story because of how crazy of an overnight celebrity Webb became after appearing in the BCS National Championship Game in 2013. Just one little television stint as “AJ McCarron’s girlfriend” was enough to put her as one of the highest trending topics on Google. That’s right, not Twitter, Google.

Not just McCarron’s girlfriend anymore, today they are happily married and have one son.

4 Christian Ponder and Samantha Ponder

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The free agents on this list just never seem to end. You remember Christian Ponder, don’t you? Yes, Ponder is still around since he hasn’t retired, which is not all that surprising as he still is only 29 years old. The fact that he is a free agent, however, is quite surprising when we consider how promising he looked early in his career. After being drafted in the first round by the Vikings in 2011, he was an instant starter for Minnesota. In his second season, Ponder led the Vikings to a 10-6 record. He finished that season with 2935 passing yards and a 62.1 percent completion ratio while scoring 18 touchdowns. That is impressive for a 24-year-old.

Unfortunately for Ponder, his last game with the Vikings was in 2014, and he hasn’t been able to get another playing job in the NFL since then. If there is any consolation for the young quarterback is that whenever he gets home, he always has the supporting shoulder of his wife, Samantha.

3 Garrett Celek and Sarah Hinton

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San Francisco 49ers’ Garrett Celek is a 6’5” 252 pound beast of a tight end whose stock is rising in the league. Since he joined the 49ers in 2012, it has been a steady climb for Celek en route to solidify himself as a regular player on the team. This next season might prove to be another breakout year for Brent Celek’s brother, as 2016 was already the best season in Garrett’s career. He played all 16 games and tallied 350 yards and 29 receptions with three touchdowns scored.

In the love department, this 29-year-old is also an All-Star. He is a lucky man as he married the beautiful Sarah Hinton. She is someone who seems to be enjoying life a lot as she posts pictures from all around America and the world while traveling with her football star husband and her friends.

2 Matt Schaub and Laurie Schaub

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Is it just us or does it seem like there was never an NFL without Matt Schaub? By that we mean that this guy has been around forever. Maybe he was Joe Montana’s backup back in the day, and we just didn’t know. Either way, despite feeling that Matt Schaub should be somewhere around 60 years old, he is still only 36. And he is very much still around in the NFL.

Schaub is still the backup quarterback in Atlanta, and it doesn’t seem like he will be able to be anything more than that since Matt Ryan is just playing out of his mind since last year. Nevertheless, in his great many years in the NFL, Schaub has tallied not only some very successful campaigns as a starting quarterback, but also a very happy and successful marriage with his wife, Laurie.

1 Ryan Tannehill and Lauren Tannehill

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Another young gun on our list, Miami’s Ryan Tannehill is another guy who made quite a catch off the gridiron.

Drafted as the eighth overall pick of the 2012 draft, Tannehill seems to have been the quarterback the Dolphins were expecting when they picked him. Until last year he had yet to lead his team to a winning record despite getting to .500 twice, first in 2013 and then in 2014. In 2016 Tannehill only played 13 games but finished with a record of 8-5, his best since arriving in the NFL. He also had his best completion ratio at 67.1 percent while throwing for 2,995 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Off the field, the lucky break for Tannehill came while he was still a Texas A&M student when he met his future wife Lauren during spring break in Panama City, Fla. The fun fact is that both of them were Texas A&M students, but had not met until that spring break.

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