15 Dark Confessions From Former NFL Players

Just like any other profession, someone always has something to say about it after they are done with it. Some things may be regarding the profession, while others may just be some unknown facts that they just stated. With the NFL having some of the biggest stars in sports, there is a lot going on that many players may dislike. Unlike many sports, the NFL is a very physical sport that can really traumatize a player’s life.

Many players have come out anonymously, or as themselves, stating some very dark confessions. Some of these confessions may just add to a belief that some fans already have, while other confessions may completely shock some of the diehard NFL fans. The NFL always seems to have different things going on, and these confessions just add to it. As a lot of these confessions are anonymous and negative, many times they aren’t publicized because it hurts the image of the NFL. But, we have to be fair and look at what these players have to say, as some things that go on in the league could mentally or physically hurt other players. As great as the NFL is, it’s important for the players to stay safe, able to go home to their families after games.

Here are 15 Dark Confessions From Former NFL Players:

15 The NFL Is Manipulative

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This goes back to the NFL wanting to make money. For many players, it is there lifetime dream to make it to the NFL. They live their whole life practicing and playing against the best players, going to different workouts just to make it to this moment. For many, they get so excited and want to do whatever they possibly can to make the biggest impact on the league. What is sad for many of them, is the fact that the NFL is nowhere near as passionate about their players as the players may be about the league. It's all about self-interest for the NFL; the NFL needs players to make their money. Without the players, there’s no NFL. The NFL tries to manipulate players to playing through these rigorous conditions, in order to help make the league money.

14 Groupies Are A Problem

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In Complex.com’s NFL preview, it was discovered that groupies are a huge problem in the NFL. Groupies are considered women that may hang around with a bunch of men and have some type of relationship with several of them at a time. Sometimes these women may even hang out with multiple players at a time. A former NFC South Pro Bowler, claimed that groupies are not every woman that hangs out with NFL players, but many of them are around these players and are problematic. It is said that many of these players cannot deal with the amount of attention they get from these women, which leads to them cheating on their wives or girlfriends and may end up leading to a break up or divorce.

Apparently, many of these groupies happen to be in big cities where big events are such as New York City or Los Angeles. Many of them try and get in touch with these players on social media, which sometimes lead to these players spending thousands of dollars on these women that they may not know.

13 Offensive Linemen Sometimes Pee Their Pants

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Offensive linemen try to be tough, but sometimes they may try too hard. Some offensive linemen will actually pee their pants during games rather than use the restroom to show their toughness and dedication. Letting yourself urinate on yourself during a game may not show strength to all of us, but some of these linemen believe it may. It may prevent them from missing the game, which may be a little more understanding, but this doesn’t seem like a comfortable decision.

There are plenty of ways to show strength, but Adam Sandler was wrong; peeing your pants is not cool. It is a bit disgusting and disturbing. Offensive linemen may just want to hit the gym a little harder to get stronger, rather than allowing themselves to swelter in urine for the rest of the game.

12 Players Hide Concussions

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Concussions are probably the most concerning injury to occur in the NFL. As the NFL is a physical sport, there is a lot of head to head contact during games. A lot of these collisions lead to concussions, which can be very harmful to a player’s brain. Dr. Bruce Grossinger created a podcast regarding the confessions of how NFL players hide their sustained concussions and what not.

Many people who may have injuries or deal with concussions, can have up to three months off from work to recover from that injury. Many NFL players have to push to get ready for the following week due to not wanting to let their team down. Many of these players have to try and avoid showing symptoms of concussions that way they can keep on playing, even though it may not be what's best for their long-term health.

11 Some Games May Be Fixed

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Not every game seems to matter to every NFL fan, as there are plenty of games that feature two losing teams that have no chance at the playoffs. And sadly, those games are actually fixed to be played a certain way. Many fans believe this is true, and a player actually confessed and stated that many times during meaningless games, these games are actually fixed. This also sometimes happens when a team with a winning record plays a team with a losing one. This happens because there isn’t a lot of money in bets going on in the game, so the games are made to be more interesting.

This isn’t an awful tactic by the NFL from an entertainment standpoint, as some of these games that are pointless to watch, actually become more interesting. But, you have to be concerned about the integrity of the game. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it apparently does happen occasionally.

10 The NFL Combine Gets Personal

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Expectations for the NFL Combine may not be anything extreme, considering many fans only pay attention to some of the drills which last no longer than a few minutes at max. Former Safety of the New York Jets, Gerald Alexander, confessed how at the NFL Combine, players barely get any time to relax. Alexander claimed that he was ready for a lot of the drills, but he was not prepared for the number of interviews he would be partaking in when he wasn’t on the field.

Alexander goes on to explain how the Combine is very similar to a job interview, as players are interviewed with many people. He also states how there are many medical exams. For fans that don’t know much about the Combine, it’s quite interesting to know how much players have to go through during the NFL Combine.

Players have even stated how personal and bizarre the questions can get. For example, Dez Bryant was once asked by Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland if his mother was a prostitute.

9 The Patriots Did Cheat... But So Do Many Other Teams

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One of the most popular debates through the NFL in recent times has been the Deflategate fiasco. The Deflategate was an issue that went on claiming that during an AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, Tom Brady and the Patriots allowed footballs to be deflated in order for Brady to get a better grip on the ball. An anonymous NFL player claimed that many teams may not play fair, as they all do whatever they possibly can to win games.

This player claimed that the only issue with the Patriots is that they were caught. This confession may hurt some fans knowing that some of their favorite teams don’t win these games cleanly. And also, many Patriots fans may be upset to know that they actually did cheat.

8 Players Put Bounties On Other Players

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Who would have ever thought, this next NFL confession would come from current sports broadcaster, Cris Carter. Carter was a former NFL wide receiver, who played for the Eagles, Dolphins, and Vikings. Carter confessed that players do place bounties on other players. A bounty is a sum paid to harm someone, which would deal with the NFL. According to Carter, these bounties usually came from defensive players to place on offensive players. A lot of times this happened because of personal feelings, or emotions of a NFL player’s personal life.

Carter stated that sometimes you could tell if a player was after you. As us fans watch as much football as possible, it’s impossible to see everything that goes on away from the camera and under the pile on. And unfortunately for many of these players, they have to watch out for other players coming after them to harm them.

7 All Players Use PEDs

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Fans like to believe that many athletes are all naturals, however, an anonymous player claimed that there is no such thing. Unlike what most think, the NFL does not test for all PEDs. It’s common to see on networks that another player got in trouble for going against the NFL’s Performance Enhancement Drug Policy, but there are certain things that the NFL doesn’t test for, that apparently many players use. This PED that is very popular for players to take, is called HGH. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, which helps stimulates growth. This PED is considered to be one of the more popular for many players to use, that the NFL does not test for. Usually before the season begins in players’ rookie seasons, they find out which PED they are going to use without getting punished for it.

6 Emotions Take Over And Nasty Things Are Always Said

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With the NFL having so much physicality involved, many players use the game as their own therapy. Many times, fans forget that these players have lives outside the game of football, and not all the time are their lives filled with happiness. Many of these players have struggles outside of the game, and their anger gets the best of them and they take that into the game. Their feelings may lead to them playing harder, being more aggressive, and may be even saying some things that they don’t mean. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens in many professions where people take their anger out on the wrong person. The only thing with the NFL, is it’s too easy to do it without it seeming intentional. It may not be obvious, but a player did confess that players do take their feelings out on to the field.

5 Josh Brown Admitted To Abusing His Wife

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Yes, this article is supposed to be about former NFL players and their confessions, and that is exactly why this confession was put in. The chances of placekicker, Josh Brown, ever getting another shot in the NFL are slim to none. The former kicker of the New York Giants admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his wife. We try and find the good in many of these players that we follow, but unfortunately, sometimes these players just may not be good people off of the field.

Brown may have exaggerated stating that this only happened for a “moment,” but police reports stated that they have around 20 reports of Brown abusing his wife. Brown confessed that he has been a liar most of his life and since age 7, he has abused women. As Brown is one of the few players to admit it, it may be more players than expected that participate in these awful actions.

4 The NFL Is All About Money

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As we continue with some of these dark confessions, we come to one of the more obvious ones; the NFL is all about making money. This isn’t that much of a shock, as they’re a business, and most businesses do whatever they can get to make money. The only way the league can survive and be broadcasted on television and these players can get paid, is if the NFL is making money.

However, there should be morals and other feelings to help make the NFL be a great business to play for, but this anonymous player did not like that the NFL only cared to make money. Many fans may not be surprised, as many fans always tend to talk about this issue during the season that the NFL mainly cares about just making money.

3 Common Injury Reaction: "I'm Done"

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We see it week in and week out. Some of the game’s best go down due to injuries. What goes through the mind of these players when these injuries occur? A former player confessed stating that many players just think that they are done. Injuries can be crucial and scary, especially when you may not know what it may be or the severity. This former player claimed that for many players, they feel that the injury will take that player away from the game. And many times, it does.

Just recently, we saw running back of the Arizona Cardinals, David Johnson go down due to a wrist injury. The running back will miss the rest of the season. These injuries could be freaky, and could take players away from the game for an extended period of time. Now when you watch NFL games and you see a player go down, you probably know what they are saying to themselves.

2 Different Positions Have Different Personalities

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An interesting thing to think about when watching these games on weekends, is how do these players act? Why is it that when the wide receivers of the New York Giants went to Miami last winter before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, Eli Manning wasn’t involved. In the novel, “NFL Confidential: True Confessions From The Gutter of Football,” the author explains how different position players act differently.

The writer went on to talk about how some positions specifically act, using quarterbacks as an example, stating how they have virtually no sense of humor. He claims wide receivers act like divas, having very fancy items, and that offensive linemen try to act like tough guys. Even if it is a team sport, there are clearly different groups when they aren’t on the field together. And maybe, these different groups may be the reason why teams don’t always click.

1 The NFL Still Has Racism

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One of the biggest problems in today’s society may be racism, and a former NFL player confessed that racism does occur as well in the league. According to the author, his NFL team actually sat at lunch tables by race, as opposed to freely sit wherever you would like. Lunch breaks weren’t always pleasant, as racial slurs screamed through to lunch room as if it’s a common thing. The worst part is, the author actually thought it was no big deal that racism surrounds the NFL because of how accustomed to it he was. If you are used to racism, there is a huge problem in that organization. Everyone on every team is coming together for one goal, not that players should be split up because they come from a different background or their skin color may be different.

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