15 Dark Confessions From NFL Cheerleaders

The beautiful women of the NFL shine their bodies throughout many stadiums on Sundays. Many fans excited to see the performances of the NFL cheerleaders week by week, as they perform different routines each week, giving fans something else to be excited about, besides the game. NFL cheerleaders have become extremely popular in the NFL to go see, especially those in Dallas.

The cheerleaders are always looked at as these beautiful women that have the best job cheering for some of the best teams in the NFL. The dream, may not be reality according to many former cheerleaders. There are many dark secrets that NFL fans don’t know about the job of NFL cheerleaders. Some of those secrets being more horrifying than others.

Fans expect the job of working for a NFL team to be an awesome experience, but many cheerleaders may say otherwise. Some secrets may be simple complaining, where others may involve the law. Many of these cheerleaders stay quiet to secure their job, but when their career in the NFL is finished, all hell breaks loose.

Many of the confessions that are made may not even be publicized because the media wants to protect these NFL teams, and not give them a bad reputation. But unfortunately, life isn’t filled with flowers and happiness all the time. There are negativities surrounding many things in the world, and one of those being NFL teams. The life of a NFL cheerleader may be punishing, vigorous, and uncomfortable.

Here are 15 Dark Confessions From NFL Cheerleaders:

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15 Cheerleaders Get Paid Around $100 Per Game

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking about the average NFL cheerleader, you may expect them to cash out being big time performers on the big stage, week in and week out. That actually is not the case at all. According to Manouchcar Pierre-Val, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader, cheerleaders were only paid $100 per game. Pierre-Val also claimed that they were not paid for practices and other team events, adding up to less than $2 per hour.

Many fans would expect cheerleaders to make a pretty penny, performing at such a high level. But according to this former Bucs cheerleader, they may make more money working at McDonald’s rather than being a NFL cheerleader. Cheerleaders practice around three days a week, and have to attend team events and charity events. It’s nice to help out the community, but for $100 each game, it may not seem worth it to many cheerleaders.

14 No Pay For Practice Time

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In the typical job in the United States, you get paid for all the time you’re there. With one of the most popular performing jobs in the country, you do not. This may be striking to many NFL fans, but NFL cheerleaders for certain teams don’t get paid to practice.

Cheerleading teams including the Ben-Gals, Raiderettes, Flight Crew, and the Buccaneers cheerleaders, do not make any money from practice. These cheerleaders are required to practice on average around six to 15 hours per week. The amount of time they’re practicing may not seem like much, but it’s time that they are doing work that they aren’t getting paid for. It’s like going to work at your job, and they tell you that three days a week you aren’t getting paid. This sets many cheerleaders off that are trying to make money to eventually have a family, or already have a family, and need to support them. With not getting paid three days a week that they are away from home, it may be hard for them to make the payments they have to make.

13 NFL Cheerleading Is NOT A Full Time Job

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The competition to become a NFL cheerleader is out of this world. But according to Evony Thompson, Tennessee Titans cheerleader, NFL cheerleading is not a full-time job. A full-time job normally consists of 40 hours each week. As a NFL cheerleader, they practice three days a work, perform on game days, and occasionally have to appear at a corporate or charity event.

Going to games, fans may expect cheerleaders to put a lot more work into their performances than they do. But three days a week, doesn’t seem much for an employee in the NFL. When you think of part time employees for a NFL team, you may think of those working merchandise or concessions, not those performing at the 50-yard line each week.

But it is true, these cheerleaders don’t work, or get paid like a full-time job would. Thompson said that being an NFL cheerleader helps make connections to get a job after their career is as a cheerleader is over.

12 Cheerleaders Fined For Being Wrong Items To Practice

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

If Tom Brady forgets his jersey for a game, chances are the Patriots organization is going to quickly come up with another jersey for him, free of charge. If a NFL cheerleader forgets their pom-poms, or brings the wrong ones to practice, they are fined for it. Bringing the wrong pom-poms doesn’t seem like a big deal, but teams actually make the cheerleaders pay for them if they don’t have them with them. The Raiderettes charge cheerleaders $10 if they forget to bring the correct pom-poms to practice.

The Raiderettes also have fined cheerleaders for bringing the wrong mat to yoga practice, or not having their boots polished for game day. It would be expected for the team to take care of these small things, but it’s actually the cheerleaders responsibilities. It may not seem like a big deal for cheerleaders to pay an extra $10, but when you’re only making $100 per week, $10 could mean a lot.

11 They Cannot Date Co-Workers

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is a rule that seems to be appearing at many workplaces, but when you’re traveling with the team and spending a lot of time around them, it may be hard not to catch feelings. Co-workers don’t just include the players, they include everyone including the team mascot. Even though fans may not know who is under the costume, it still may be a conflict of interest to the team.

It’s unfortunate that these cheerleaders work so hard, yet are so limited. This may even be the cause of why some cheerleaders quit; if they fall in love with another worker of the team. Cheerleaders can’t control love and affection, but it may affect their job. Maybe the mascot can hide its identity the as good as they can hide their relationship with cheerleaders.

10 Required To Pay For Uniforms

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine going to a job, where they require you to purchase your whole outfit. Now, imagine if those outfits cost you $650. Many people would deny the job on the spot knowing that they are required to pay for their uniform, and that it is $650 to pay for the outfits.

According to Alyssa U., former Buffalo Bills cheerleader, the Bills cheerleaders are required to pay for many of the things that go with being a NFL cheerleader that include uniforms, which cost $650. That price may vary depending on the team, but it is a very expensive price tag for cheerleaders who are making maybe double that amount in a season.

Some teams may change their outfits on a weekly basis, which can become very expensive for cheerleaders to have to pay for.

It’s insane to see that these NFL teams who make billions of dollars a year, have to require their cheerleaders to pay for their outfits. It’s almost like asking the LeSean McCoy to pay for every player's uniform for game days.

9 They Are Benched If They Gain Weight

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With many performing jobs, NFL cheerleaders are required to maintain a certain weight throughout the season. According to a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, the cheerleaders are weighed in at the beginning of the season, and if they gain weight they are benched for the game. With some professions, this may be the case, but it’s sad for cheerleaders that they can miss games due to gaining a little bit of weight.

This may put cheerleaders on crucial diets throughout the season. This can be bad for the health of many cheerleaders, who may have to stick to a low calorie diet where they aren’t absorbing enough calories for an athlete that is working a lot, or may even have to starve themselves from the thought of being benched due to their weight. This is a sad thing that these NFL cheerleaders have to encounter.

8 Cheerleaders Have To Buy And Sell Calendars

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Cheerleaders are performers, celebrities, and promoters? Cheerleaders of NFL teams are required to partake in yearly calendar photo shoots that fans across the nation can purchase. The immediate reaction would be, “how much do they get paid for this?” Cheerleaders actually have to purchase these calendars and then sell them. According to a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, the women were required to purchase at least 100 copies of the annual swimsuit calendar. The cheerleaders were able to purchase these calendars at a reduced price of $12, where they could turn back around and sell for $15.

Making $3 per swimsuit calendar, seems like they could make more money at a restaurant in tips.

NFL cheerleaders do more than just perform, they help sell the business of the game. These cheerleaders help bring in money to these football teams by more than just being performers.

7 Some May Be Looked As A Different Person

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

When going from being a star to reality, people may treat you or look at you differently. It may be in a good or bad way, but sometimes these ex-stars forget what it’s like to be an average person. Former New Orleans Saints cheerleader, Vanessa Sardi said the employees at the pharmacy she worked at treated her like a local celebrity when they found out that she was a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints. Sardi didn’t want to meet known as just a pretty face, she wanted to be known as a someone who provides value to others.

When working in the industry, the lives of those former stars changes. Especially with some of the most beautiful women in a city coming to work for a local pharmacy, men will try their best to become as close as possible to these women. Unfortunately, for those women, it’s hard to prevent from being known as a star when you perform at mid-field each week.

6 NFL Cheerleading Is A Scam

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cheerleading is filled with many different aspects that help certain men and women on the field each week. A former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader explains the process and how everything works, and why it's a scam. She starts by talking about women are carried at high expectations. Those chosen to perform for the team have a combination of skill, yet a nice physique.

All social media networks are monitored by the team. You’re required to add your director on social media to allow them to track what goes on your social media accounts. If a NFL cheerleader finds an opportunity to model or work for another company, they must get permission from their team first before heading off to the other opportunity, while remaining employed with the team.

The former Ravens cheerleader even explained that a coach missed practice once, and a few weeks later, the cheerleaders were required to sell their Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake tickets at the stadium, because they had practice. Cheerleading is a one-sided job, that has very few advantages.

5 Cheerleaders Had To Sit On Men's Laps On Golf Karts

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

When taking a ride on a golf kart, there is a limited number of seats, which means only a certain amount of people can ride the golf kart. Not with NFL cheerleaders. According to Alyssa U., there were times where four guys were sitting in a golf kart, and the cheerleaders would have to sit on their laps to get a ride to wherever they would go.

Many people may say, “what’s the problem with this?” Well, if cheerleaders have no problem with sitting on a man’s lap for a golf kart ride, then it may not be a problem, but for many cheerleaders this can be extremely uncomfortable. Women wearing tight revealing outfits having to sit on a man’s lap who are staring at their body, isn’t a comfortable feeling for a NFL cheerleader. This may be degrading and upsetting for cheerleaders to be forced to do this. It puts cheerleaders in a position that may not make them feel comfortable. These cheerleaders are supposed to be performers, not dancers at a nightclub.

4 Security Guard Pleasured Himself While Watching Cheerleaders During A Game

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

These cheerleaders are gorgeous, all NFL fans can agree to this, but this security guard just a bit too excited to see these Chargers cheerleaders perform. A security guard was caught pleasuring himself to the now Los Angeles Chargers Cheerleaders in San Diego against the Washington Redskins. This security guard was caught with his hand in his pocket, fondling what seemed to be his genital area.

Cheerleaders are performers, not strippers. They don’t perform these dances at games for fans and employees to give pleasure to themselves while staring at them. For these cheerleaders, it can be very disrespectful and embarrassing to see a man do this type of action on the field. The security guard was fired for his actions, and has to serve three years of probation and counseling for his actions. For many fans it may have been funny to watch, but for these lovely ladies on the field performing, it can be quite weird.

3 The Jiggle Test

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This may be the most uncomfortable part of the relationship between a NFL team, and the cheerleaders. Before games, cheerleaders had what they’re called, “Jiggle Tests.” These tests are when all the cheerleaders line up, and the coaches analyze each part of the different cheerleaders’ bodies. They would have to look straight at the coaches, then turn around, and then do jumping jacks to see what part of their bodies are jiggling.

For women, it’s very uncomfortable being stared at like that and understandably so. To have to sit there and be watched, while jumping around half naked, many cheerleaders can feel ashamed. The coaches would even check them off if a certain part of their body does not meet their standards, which would result in that cheerleader being benched for a game. The Jiggle Test is a test by the coaches that judges everything about the body of cheerleaders. The smallest issue that many fans wouldn’t realize, can keep a cheerleader out of the game.

2 Cheerleaders Are Told How To Maintain Themselves

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams keep these cheerleaders to look as perfect as possible for game day, almost as if they were playing with toy dolls. It’s sad, but this is the way these teams treat these women. These cheerleaders are taught how to do everything to maintain their weight and beauty. Cheerleaders are even taught the proper way to eat served pasta. The women are told that when eating pasta, they have to take a small amount, wrap it around a fork, and have a spoon as well.

The Jills are even taught how to brush their teeth and wash their faces the proper way. And the absolute worst thing that they are explained on: how to use a tampon. They are supposed to change their tampons every four hours as they can be “big and irritating.”

Many people don’t like being told what to do, and many of these things are typical parts of an average women’s life. It’s sad knowing that these sweethearts on the field are being told the way to live their life, just to give an incredible performance to NFL fans.

1 Cheerleaders Auctioned Off

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Auctions are popular at charity events to help raise money for the cause at hand. Then there are auctions where cheerleaders are auctioned off to sit on a man’s lap in a golf kart. Like we said earlier, these women felt extremely uncomfortable, and some felt the need to have security with them.

Auctioning off women to give men pleasure is absolutely absurd. They should not be auctioned off to a rich male that has the money to pay for a woman to sit on his lap, while she may be half naked. Auctions are meant to help raise money and help others. These women weren’t auctioned off to help anyone, except for the male who paid for this woman.

These ladies have families and friends. They are people, not objects. Regardless of how beautiful they are, it’s not right for a team to have these women auctioned off at events. You wouldn’t see Peyton Manning or Drew Brees auctioned off to hang out with a women for a day, so it should go the same for cheerleaders.

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