15 Dark Confessions From NFL WAGs

The life of a NFL player may be extremely stressful. With unusual schedules that may cause them to miss a holiday with their family, or traveling the weekends while their family is elsewhere. As a youngster, it may be all fun and games, but as players age, it may be harder for them to continue their career traveling and playing ball all year round when they have a family to be with.

On the other side of things, it is also very difficult to be the wife or girlfriend of a NFL player. They have to deal with those long periods of times without seeing their loved ones, trying to take care of the bills, shopping and possibly even the kids. They may not deal with the physical issues, but they most certainly have to deal with the issues that occur at home when their husbands are out and about. Not to mention, their husbands are celebrities.

Many wives even go through pain that their husbands cause. Not all of your favorite players are saints, as many of them actually may be some of the cruelest people you will see. Many of these players take their celebrity status to their head, and believe they are above the law. And unfortunately, many of these players get away with it because their husbands have a lot of money. The life of a NFL wife or girlfriend, may be a lot more evil than you may think.


15 Player Met His Wife Through Picture Seen At Bridal Party


Wouldn’t it be expected for NFL players to meet their wives in person, maybe at a gathering or a party? Being famous and having a ton of money, it would be expected that many of these players meet their wives or girlfriends from being out. One NFL wife actually admit to meeting her husband through picture exchanges. A NFL player was actually showed a picture of who is now his wife from a bridal party, which led to them getting in contact with each other.

This type of communication is very popular now with social media being so popular, but it may be unexpected from a NFL player. Fans look up to NFL fans and many believe that they live the dream life. For many people, living the dream life isn’t always meeting your soulmate through friends.

14 Players Pay For Everything


Wow, how surprising. Not. Most fans usually expect NFL players to pay for most of everything regarding their wife and family. It’s nothing against the wives, but players may encourage their wives to stay home and watch the house or the kids rather than work. Wives and girlfriends of NFL players have admitted to having everything paid for them from where they live to their food all the way to their tampons. These women end up becoming fully dependent on the player they are with. For some women, that sounds like a great idea and would love to start looking for a man in the NFL now. But, there are problems that go along with that.

Many wives and girlfriends have had to deal with splits between them and their former soulmate who is a NFL player. The problem that many women have faced is that they go completely broke after them and their NFL partners go separate ways. Many of these women don't work while with a player, so all the money usually belongs to the player. And once that relationship ends, the wife or girlfriend may be left with nothing.

13 Wife Refused To 'Get Intimate' With Husband


Now this is just confusing. As a vital part of a relationship, it’s shocking to know that some NFL wives or girlfriends actually refuse to have sex with their soulmate. But there are so many different reasons behind why this may occur.

Some of these women in relationships with NFL players may not be in it for the love, but for the money. For some women, the money is too good to pass up. They would rather take in all the money they can possibly get before even laying a hand on their man. Other women may decide to reject their partner possibly because of previous experiences. Many of these women have also been with many other men, which may have had some bad experiences. Their bad experiences may cause them to be careful in the future. Lastly, many wives and girlfriends of NFL players aren’t even attracted to the person they are with. Yes just because these players are rich, does not make them attractive in the eyes of these women.

Sometimes there are other reasons. Chad Ochocinco's ex-wife Evelyn Lozada once withheld hanky panky from Ocho unless he would score a touchdown while with the Patriots: Ocho tweeted on the matter back in 2011: "Not sure @evelynlozada motivation is working. She says if I can't score at work, it's no need to be scoring at home. Really need a TD."

Ochocinco only scored one TD for the Patriots that season.

12 Afraid To Ask About The Job

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In most relationships, the couple communicates with each other about all aspects of their lives. With NFL couples, that may not always happen. Wives have stated that they feel afraid to ask questions about the job, which may keep them silent from asking important questions about their loved one’s day. It may be a long day and the last thing that NFL players want to do is talk about football after practice, but after all, this is the women they love.

This specifically happens a lot of times for WAGs of players trying to make the 53-man roster. As many fans can tell, it’s tough to make it to the NFL. It may be a tease for some players who are signed to a team, but get cut before the end of the preseason. And for many players, this leaves them jobless after relocating to a new destination.

11 Wife Does Everything For Former Player Due To Depression


The game of football takes a toll on players more than many people may think. For former Oakland Raiders player, Nick Bell, he suffers from depression after playing three years in the NFL. Trisha Bell, his wife, states that it’s her job to do many things around the house such as shopping and paying the bills. She fears for Nick while he is alone due to his condition.

Unfortunately, Nick Bell isn’t the only player who suffers from depression, or any time of illness after retiring, or while playing. Players suffer a lot of physical and mental stress through their careers, and many of them simply cannot take it. For many young fans, it may be a dream to star in the NFL. But the hype may not be worth it with all the repercussions that you may have to live with.

10 It's Not Always About Love


Money is everything, and sometimes it may be too much. Many women have actually openly admitted to not being in love with their former husbands or boyfriends. Some get so attracted to their money and fame, that they forget about having actual feelings. The money and fame could be great, but the best part about a relationship is the love. Love is the driving force of a relationship, but for many NFL WAGs, not so much.

Some WAGs have admitted that they are so used to having everything paid for and being taken care of, that they didn’t really care for the person they were actually with. The idea of being treated like royalty actually sometimes outweighed the idea of being with someone that they love.

9 Many Players Are Financially Irresponsible


Contracts in the NFL could support some players for a lifetime. But for many NFL players, they can’t deal with having that much money being thrown at them. Many NFL players love to just get paid and shop, sometimes forgetting that they have other responsibilities. Many WAGs have admitted that their soulmates spend money foolishly. Now this may just be a thing that all women do, not just NFL WAGs, but it’s very believable.

In the NFL, we see many players showing off the best of the best with everything they own. Last Christmas, Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys, bought his whole offensive line John Deere utility vehicles for the holiday. It may have been a nice gesture, but for a young kid just starting out in the league, it may not be necessary to spend that much money for all his friends.

Players like to go out and purchase the nicest vehicles, houses and other equipment. With many other bills needing to be paid, those John Deere utility vehicles may not have been needed for Zeke to purchase.


8 Wives May Have To Keep Quiet About Injuries

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries occur all the time in the NFL, more than many people may think. The NFL is a contact sport, which contains a lot of constant abuse to the body. Many times, injuries that these players face are evident, while other injuries you may never know about. Tom Brady’s wife actually admit that Brady had a concussion last season, as well as multiple in the past. Brady rarely is ever sitting at home on Sundays, unless Roger Goodell suspends him. Brady’s wife admitted that on injury reports, Brady lied about his health to keep clearance and continue playing.

Many other wives have to keep these dark secrets away as they can keep their husbands or boyfriends away from the game of football. Safety is important, but for some players, they don’t prioritize their safety as much as they should.

7 Domestic Disputes Are Sometimes Covered Up


We all know it, as we have seen it on the news. Popular NFL players such as Ray Rice and Dez Bryant have been known for abusing their loved ones. Rice’s career actually has come to an end after a video of him knocking out his fiancee and dragging her out of the elevator leaked out. The video went viral and drove fans crazy, watching the terrifying clip. To this day, Rice has still yet to play another snap. Dez Bryant also was known for getting into a conflict with his mother. Supposedly, he ripped his mother’s bra and smacked her. These are just some of the more popular cases.

Many anonymous sources have confessed that they have been abused by their husband who is an NFL player. Some also claim that they have been abused by their husband, who also abused their mother. Some of these incidents are at times covered up due to a WAG not wanting to harm her husband's career. It’s sad that even with the luxury they have, they hurt their loved ones. No matter the stress of the job, there is no excuse for such cruel actions.

6 Some NFL Families Cannot Afford Medical Bills

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Now, many players may millions upon millions of dollars to play in the NFL. But unfortunately, that paycheck doesn’t go to everyone. Yet, these players are all playing the same game. Some players play more than others, but each player still has to deal with the physical aspect of the game. For example, cornerback of the Chicago Bears, Cre’Von LeBlanc’s contract is about $1.5 million on a three-year deal. That paycheck seems great, but a lot of those players may blow that money away quickly, and may end their career early.

The worst part about it, is many of these players suffer after effects when their career is over. These treatments that they may need may be very costly. Some NFL wives have admitted that they can barely afford to pay for the treatments based on how expensive they are. The game may sound great, but the after effects may outweigh the positive aspects of playing in the NFL.

5 NFL Players Constantly Cheating On Wives - And They Accept It


Many NFL players are very disloyal. If you are reading this and you’re looking for a committed relationship, NFL players may not be a good choice. Players are not just players, they are celebrities. They are known by many people. These players make appearance everywhere, and when they do, everyone wants to be near them. It’s very common that many women try to sleep with these players, regardless if they are married or have children. Some women like having the satisfaction of sleeping with a NFL player, regardless of the circumstances.

Many wives have admitted to knowing this goes on, and some of these wives actually stay with their husbands. Whether it be because of money or love, some of these wives refuse to let go. As many wives or girlfriends are strong enough to leave, some don’t have the will power to leave. A lot of times this encourages players to continue to cheat because they feel that it’s alright, and they aren’t worried that their spouse will leave them. NFL players feel sometimes that they are above others, which leads them to do questionable things.

4 Charities Are A Priority (Sometimes For Appearances)


These women aren’t lazy; they love to get involved and play their part in the NFL. Many of these NFL WAGs have admitted that charities are a priority to them. Many current and retired NFL players’ wives actually are a part of the Off The Field Players’ Wives Association. This association specifically helps support the growth of young children as well as promote strength within families. While many of these wives’ husbands are playing on the field, they make their contributions off the field by giving back to the community.

Despite just that association, many wives do their best to get involved to help out those in need. The motive may be known, as it could simply be to make an impact in the world or to help give a better look on their husband. Regardless of what the motive is, what they do helps many people in need.

3 Wives Advised To Call Team, Not Authorities


NFL teams really do the best they can to try and make a connection with the families of NFL players, especially the popular players. But sometimes, it may be too close of a relationship that doesn’t give the family space. Like talked about earlier, many women that are in relationships with NFL players go through rough situations such as physical abuse or even mental abuse. Many of these teams actually advise these women to contact the team, rather than the authorities.

Women have admitted that when dealing with situations that may put themselves in harm, they were told to contact the head coach first before anyone. The worst thing about this, is that some women actually followed these directions. The head coach will do anything to try and keep the best positive outlook on his team, even if that means making some questionable decisions. These women were advised to call the coach first to discuss the issue before contacting the authorities. This would help prevent the situation from spreading like wild fire on the news, and trying to fix the situation in house.

2 Player Picked Up Young Girl For The Wrong Reasons


The next two topics are both about Thomas Henderson, the former Dallas Cowboys linebacker. The first story about Henderson deals with a situation regarding him and two girls. His ex-wife explains the situation to have been a nightmare. On November 2, 1983, Henderson picked up two girls and took them home with him. He had sex with one of them, and tried bribing them money to keep shut about what happened. Henderson ended up getting jail time for the situation.

These types of situation don’t come often, but they are awful to hear. His ex-wife admitted in full details on what happened in November of 1983, when her ex-husband had sex with an underage girl. Fans wouldn’t expect things to happen like this when these players have everything they could ever imagine. Unfortunately, some of these players make very poor decisions.

1 Player Hid Inhaler In Pocket Spiked With A Substance


Just when you thought Thomas Henderson couldn’t be any worse of a person, he proves you wrong. His ex-wife admitted to some awful things he would do during games. Henderson would hide an inhaler in his pocket on game days, spiked with cocaine in it. He would actually whiff it on game days. This may be one of the most shocking things to hear about going on at a NFL game.

When fans attend these games, they expect entertainment and to enjoy their day. Many of these fans look up to these players as role models. Instead, many fans had to deal with possibly seeing a player snorting cocaine on the sidelines. And for his ex-wife, it may be one of the most embarrassing things knowing your husband is out there on the field snorting cocaine. Thomas Henderson may have had one of the most unique, yet disgusting off the field issues as a NFL player.


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