15 Disgruntled NFL Players Who May Demand A Trade This Offseason

It can definitely be frustrating when things aren’t going your way in the NFL. Well, that tends to happen a lot with players when they’re struggling. It seems that after this season, a lot of general managers are going to want to make changes on their teams to make the playoffs next year. Some playoff teams this year will look for a way to take the next step. There’s also going to be a lot of players that want to get out of their contract or sent to a new team, due to a bunch of different reasons.

With teams trying out so many different options or the fan bases going on about how their players aren’t performing, some players try to find a way out. There are also a good number of players that feel that they need an opportunity with another team, to get their career on track, or to take a step forward. These players are frustrated, very frustrated. Now some of their frustrations may be more obvious, while others may be more sudden. These NFL players may want a new home, and we could see some of them in new jerseys come next season.

15 Joe Thomas

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Now, Joe Thomas’s frustration to want out may come as a shocker, because he's been so loyal to Cleveland. But Thomas just turned 33 years old, and has yet to ever play a playoff game in his NFL career. After suffering a torn tricep this season, he may want to look at other options. He only has so much more football left to play, and as an offensive lineman, he’s already played a great deal of football.

After so many losing seasons, don’t be surprised if you see Thomas get released or request a trade, to give him a chance to finally compete for a Super Bowl. This is more than loyalty, this is Thomas’s legacy. Unfortunately, Thomas may not be remembered by many if he remains a Brown his whole career.

But the Browns can easily grab a few draft picks to help rebuild this team, while giving their veteran a chance to win a championship elsewhere.

14 A.J. McCarron 

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The frustration has to be building up for backup quarterback, A.J. McCarron. He’s currently in a weird situation where he goes into this offseason as a restricted free agent. As Jimmy Garoppolo just got traded, this means the next guy that we could see shipped somewhere would be McCarron. He may lose value by the time he actually becomes a free agent, so the frustration to actually play is eventually going to get to McCarron.

With it seeming like there’s no shot of McCarron starting for the Cincinnati Bengals, and the recent debacle where the Browns failed to report a trade for McCarron to the NFL, McCarron may have had enough. Knowing the Bengals were going to trade him is awkward for him, so expect McCarron to march up to the front office to find him another team.

13 Cre'Von LeBlanc

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When you’re young in the NFL and playing at a high level, your confidence boosts up a lot. For Cre’Von LeBlanc, he was an absolute steal for the Chicago Bears. The cornerback from Florida Atlantic University had 10 pass deflections and two interceptions during his rookie season, just to barely play in 2017. With the Bears signing other cornerbacks like Prince Amukamara and Marcus Cooper, LeBlanc doesn’t really see the field much besides special teams.

To come from being an absolute shock to rarely playing, it can definitely take a toll on you. The good part about this, is that LeBlanc could definitely get traded to another team instantly as it shouldn't take much for a team to acquire him. But LeBlanc would love to get a starting role on another team, something he showed he deserves during his rookie campaign.

12 Bryce Petty

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Anyone would be disappointed if they were Bryce Petty. Petty was drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, and the Jets have grabbed a new quarterback every year since drafting him. As a fourth-rounder, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a starting position, but it seems like Petty’s chances of ever getting that shot get lower and lower. Josh McCown is out for the rest of 2017, but the Jets seem to love him and he may even get signed for another season.

And on top of that, the Jets used their second-round draft choice in 2016 on quarterback Christian Hackenberg. This could also be Hackenberg who requests a trade, but with Petty already having a shot and being put at the backup position, you may see it from him before Hackenberg.

11 T.J. Yeldon

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Once Leonard Fournette was drafted fourth overall during the 2017 NFL Draft, frustration from T.J. Yeldon was bound to happen. Yeldon was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, after having a great career at the University of Alabama. Now, for some running backs, it’s great to have a star running back above you, taking away the heavy workload. But whenever Fournette has been out, Yeldon has ran the football fairly well, and has the makings to be a starting running back.

Yeldon seems like he may be in a similar situation that Alfred Morris is in, except he will be a free agent, where Yeldon isn’t a free agent until 2019. With the Jaguars on the verge of greatness, it may be a great idea for the Jaguars to use Yeldon as a player to trade off to grab some extra picks or address another need.

10 Martavis Bryant

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There has been an overwhelming amount of drama in Pittsburgh this season, and there are many different scenarios that can end up happening after this season. One scenario, would be Martavis Bryant requesting a trade after this season ends. Many players claimed that this trade talk was a rumor, and laughed it off. But it would make sense if it were true, considering the drama between him and his teammates. With JuJu Smith-Schuster playing really well, Bryant may not be needed in Pittsburgh anymore.

Obviously, the Steelers hanging on to both receivers and Antonio Brown would be huge, but they may just have to let one of them go. With the Steelers in a real battle to head towards the Super Bowl this season, it makes sense why Bryant wasn’t sent elsewhere. But after this season ends, we may see some changes made.

9 Cameron Wake

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It went on for a little while in 2016, when there was talks about Cameron Wake’s frustrations. He’s still in Miami, but he has the opportunity to opt out after this season, or play it out. An interesting scenario would be for Wake to stay in his contract, and then decide to request a trade. The reason for the trade could be the frustration of not getting the contract he wanted, or to play for a winning team. The Dolphins are clearly not ready for Super Bowl contention, and with him getting older, he may want to join a team that will give him that opportunity.

When he was originally looking for a trade, there were rumors that playoff teams like the Dallas Cowboys would have been interested. Maybe his frustration takes over and he requests a trade after this season comes to a halt.

8 Tyrod Taylor

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Like Cameron Wake, Tyrod Taylor is in a similar situation. Taylor may not want to opt out of his contract because chances are he wouldn’t get paid the same amount of money that he would have when he signed his contract. With the mistreatment of Taylor in Buffalo, it’s understandable why he would want to be out. Taylor was benched a week to play a quarterback (Nathan Peterman) who threw for five interceptions while not even playing the full game.

Taylor definitely isn’t a star, but he’s good enough to help make plays. Taylor is a game manager, with no real help to allow him to progress into an above average quarterback. Things will definitely be interesting this offseason with Tyrod Taylor.

7 DeMarco Murray

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just last season, it seemed like DeMarco Murray completely revived his career after a disastrous season under Chip Kelly’s rule in Philadelphia. Well, it seems like Murray’s star status is over in Tennessee. This season the Titans come with a dual backfield that include both Murray and Derrick Henry sharing carries. The problem is, Henry is a lot younger, so when it comes to choosing which running back is the future, chances are Henry will probably be that guy. Murray has had a frustrating season, only having one game where he has rushed for over 100 yards.

With many teams seeing that having a good run game helps you win games, you'll see teams shopping for a RB this offseason. A frustrated Murray could look to request a trade, so he could become a workhorse RB on another team.

6 Brett Hundley

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Now this one may come as a shocker, but it makes sense. The Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers looked like they wouldn’t be a playoff team, but with Brett Hundley under center, he still managed to put this team in the position to contend while waiting for Rodgers to come back. After 2018, Hundley becomes a free agent.

The problem is that with Rodgers healthy in 2018, Hundley won't get a chance to increase his value entering free agency. After seeing that he can play at a high level in the NFL, you may see a frustrated Brett Hundley request a trade after this season ends. In relief of Rodgers, Hundley threw eight touchdown passes and 1,534 passing yards, compiling a 3-4 record. They aren't mind blowing numbers, but Hundley definitely exceeded expectations in relief of A-Rod.

5 Brandon Marshall

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The New York Giants had a huge offseason that was expected to help this team make a Super Bowl run. Instead, this team sits at one of the worst records it has had during the Eli Manning era, with a lot of confusion in New York. One of the biggest moves this team made in the offseason was signing wide receiver Brandon Marshall. With the way things were looking, this Giants team had a real shot at winning the NFC East.

Now, this team is completely lost, and need to start rebuilding. With Marshall reaching his mid-30s, he may not have time to stick around with a team that needs to rebuild. Marshall may either opt out of his contract, or request a trade, to bring him to a team that needs him to go win a Super Bowl. However, it's not like teams will be lining up to acquire an aging Marshall coming off a long-term injury.

4 Larry Fitzgerald 

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This move may eventually happen. Larry Fitzgerald has been so loyal to the Cardinals franchise, but unfortunately, has not been able to get everything back that he would like. Fitzgerald will go down as one of the greatest wide receivers to play the game, but unfortunately, he may never win a Super Bowl. At this point, he may be playing for nothing, as the Cardinals for a second straight season have disappointed after an NFC Championship appearance two seasons ago.

It may come this offseason, where Fitzgerald may actually request a trade, giving him a chance to actually play for something. It may not be what the Cardinals want to do, but when someone has been that loyal to you, you may have to give in to what they want. Even if that means putting your star player on another team.

3 Richard Sherman

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman is in a unique position. Sherman doesn’t seem to be frustrated at all with his situation, although there have been a ton of trade rumors involving him. As the season continues, there are more and more talks about where Richard Sherman will be playing next season. The thought of Sherman asking for a trade doesn’t come from the fact of him being really that frustrated, but just from him being open about playing for other teams.

He did in fact even state that he would like to play for the Dallas Cowboys. If the Seahawks can play at a high level continuously without Sherman, they may realize they don’t need him. Frustration could build up, which would lead Sherman to possibly wanting out.

2 Eli Manning

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After his 210-game starting streak finally came to an end, it seems like Eli Manning would want to leave New York after this season comes to an end. Manning was benched for Geno Smith in a Week 13 matchup against the Oakland Raiders. Clearly, the Giants have a lot more to rebuild than just adding a few pieces on offense.

After the mistreatment of Manning, he may just request a trade after this season ends. The owner of the Giants, John Mara, could have easily overruled the benching of Manning, but he let it happen. Manning must be frustrated as anything, and feels no appreciation from the Giants organization. Eli may not be the best quarterback out there at this point in his career, but he would definitely love to be traded to one of these teams who need a quarterback to win.

1 Calvin Johnson

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This last one may come as a shocker. Calvin Johnson retired early after the 2015 season, deciding he was ready to hang up the cleats. But, it seems that Johnson retired due to the inability of the Lions to succeed. Some reports have come in that claim that Johnson would be willing to play football again, if it meant being traded to another team. This idea may have hit him harder when Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders.

The Lions would likely fetch a pretty good return if they dealt Megatron's rights, even if it may not be something crazy. But don’t count Megatron out this offseason, as he may heavily pursue a comeback, albeit only to play for another team.

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