15 Forgotten 90s NFL QBs: Where Are They Now?

Throughout the 90s we had seen some terrific quarterbacks in the National Football League like Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and John Elway. However, there are some names that many football fans might have forgotten simply because they were a total bust in the NFL.

In this list I have examined the top 15 most forgettable NFL quarterbacks from the 1990s and where they are today. Many fans might tend to figure out what these players do after they retire from the professional level. Do some players pick a different role in football? Do some going into other areas of interest? Or do some players just sit around blowing all their cash earnings they received from playing in the National Football League?

Some of these players might be ones that some fans of a specific team might remember. And surprisingly, there are only four players on this list that are still in football, but in a different role. Some of these players might be big in other industries, much like Peyton Manning is really involved in Nationwide commercials and the Nationwide jingle.

Unlike Manning, what makes all of these players forgettable is that they were a total bust in the NFL and surprisingly one of these players is a Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Miami. Some of these players have some real interesting jobs now that pretty much anyone would want to have.

Let’s start with a former quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks that is really interested in the wine industry.


15 Rick Mirer

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Where are the wine lovers at? If you are a fan of football and wine, you might want to check out Mirror Wine Company, because Mirer is he is the head of that winery in St. Helena, California. Mirer was better known as a quarterback at Notre Dame, but he played in the National Football League for 10 years from 1993-2003, spending four years with the Seattle Seahawks. According to a blog known as The Gray Report, Mirer got interested in wine when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers, which is only 66 miles from Mirror Wine Company. Perhaps 49ers fans have been going to the Mirror Wine Company a lot with the way the team has been doing the last couple of years.

14 Steve Walsh

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If you’re a college football fan and you pay attention to where some athletes went to high school, you might have heard of IMG Academy. IMG Academy is known for having a lot of athletes in NCAA Division I, and that might be because Steve Walsh is the director of football at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. Before becoming the director of football at IMG Academy, he was the head coach at Cardinal Newman High School for six years. While in the National Football League, Walsh played for 11 years, with four of those years playing for the New Orleans Saints, despite not playing in 1992. According to usatodayhss.com, Walsh is replacing fellow NFL alumnus Chris Weinke, who was the quarterback coach for the St. Louis Rams, as IMG's new football director


13 Dave Brown

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Sometimes it can be hard to trust someone with money, unless if it’s someone who already has a lot of money like Dave Brown. Brown is currently working for Greenhill & Co., which is an investment banking firm. Brown was in the NFL for 10 years, with six of those years spent with the New York Giants. He also spent his final four years with the Arizona Cardinals from 1998 to 2001. It’s actually appropriate for Brown to work with a banking firm since he earned over $15 million in 10 seasons in the National Football League, including a $4 million signing bonus with the Giants in 1996. In his last season with the Arizona Cardinals in 2001, he made $650,000 and he only played in one game. Overall he earned $8.85 million in salary with bonuses up to $6.2 million.

12 Billy Joe Tolliver

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Why don’t all non-golf athletes do this after retiring? Billy Joe Tolliver is golfing professionally after playing in the National Football League for nine seasons going 15-32 all-time. Tolliver has won the American Century Celebrity Golf tournament four times with his latest victory in 2013. He also won the tournament in 1996, 2005, and 2010. Tolliver spent four years with the Atlanta Falcons from 1991-’93 and again for a short time in 1997. He also spent some time with the New Orleans Saints (two years), San Diego Chargers (two years), Houston Texans (one year), and Kansas City Chiefs (three games in 1997). Therefore, if he has 15 NFL victories and four championships in golf, it sounds like Tolliver should’ve been a golfer rather than a football quarterback.


11 Rodney Peete

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Peete competed for a lot of teams in the NFL, including the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, and Carolina Panthers. He’s currently married to actress Holly Robinson Peete and is the President of HollyRod Entertainment and co-founder of the HollyRod Foundation. For those who don’t know, the HollyRod Foundation is a foundation that helps people with autism and Parkinson’s disease. During his time in the National Football League, he went 45-42 overall in his 15-year career, including going 15-9 with the Eagles in four years. He spent five years with the Lions going 21-26 from 1989-1993. He also went 1-1 with the Eagles in the 1995 playoffs with a win against Detroit 58-37 before losing at Dallas 11-30. He also played in a playoff game with the 1994 Cowboys.

10 Jim Druckenmiller

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Jim Druckenmiller is currently in Memphis, TN working at a beverage distributor known as A.S. Barboro Inc. Druckenmiller was best known in the NFL for his legal troubles including being charged in malicious wounding in 1996 and being charged with sexual assault in 1999. Perhaps a lot of people have forgotten that Druckenmiller was in the NFL, considering he only had one start in his two years with the San Francisco 49ers. In his lone start, which was also his NFL debut, he threw one touchdown and three interceptions in a 15-12 victory over the St. Louis Rams. Overall, he only had one start and he played in six games in his entire NFL career. Druckenmiller also spent time in the XFL’s Memphis Maniax where he was actually pretty good with more rushing yards than any other XFL quarterback.


9 Kordell Stewart

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If you watch any NFL show on ESPN, you should be able to recognize Kordell Stewart. He spent most of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1995-2002. Stewart is not forgettable for being on ESPN’s NFL Live, but many non-Steeler fans might forget that Stewart was even in the National Football League. What’s funny is that his last NFL appearance was in 2005 with the Baltimore Ravens, but yet he announced his retirement from the NFL in 2012. His best season was with the 2001 Steelers when he was selected to the Pro Bowl after going 13-3 starting all 16 games. He also made it to the Super Bowl in 1995, which was his first season in the National Football League despite losing to the Dallas Cowboys, 17-27.

8 Heath Shuler

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Heath Shuler was in the National Football League for four years spending three years with the Washington Redskins from 1994-’96 and played for the New Orleans Saints in 1997. Right now he is the quarterbacks coach at Christ School in Arden, NC. It’s surprising that Shuler is one of a few players on this list that is still involved in football. What’s also funny is that if you take a look at his bio on the Chris tSchool website, you will see that it doesn’t even mention that Shuler was in the NFL. It only talks about his days at high school and Tennessee University. Other than that, he must be doing a good job considering last year’s Christ School team went 6-1 in the regular season despite losing in the first round of playoffs.


7 Browning Nagle

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Nagle is now in the medical device business. He’s currently the senior manager for Medtronic Spinal and Biologics in Tennessee and he has been since retiring from the National Football League in 2000. He was in the NFL from 1991 to 1996 spending his first three years with the New York Jets. Many Jets fans would probably want to forget the 1992 season when Nagle was the primary starter going 3-10 in 13 starts with victories over New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and Buffalo Bills. His best season was in 1994 when he started only one game for the Indianapolis Colts, when he won 10-9 over the Bills. Perhaps Nagle was never meant to be a starter, considering that 1992 was his only season with at least one start.

6 Stan Gelbaugh

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Gelbaugh is the first of two players on this list to be the vice president of something. Gelbaugh is currently the senior vice president of Kalmia Construction in Maryland. During his time in the National Football League, Gelbaugh spent his final four years with the Seattle Seahawks from 1992-’94 and 1996 after not playing in 1995. In his lone season as a primary starter, Gelbaugh went 0-8 in eight starts with six touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He received his only win as a starter in his last season in 1996 against the Oakland Raiders despite having only two pass attempts with zero completions. The Carlisle, PA native also went 0-3 in three starts with the 1991 Phoenix Cardinals, making his overall NFL record 1-11. Hopefully he’s a better vice president at Kalmia than he was an NFL quarterback.


5 Jay Walker

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Who would have thought that any football player would get into politics after playing in the National Football League. Well, Walker took that path, as he’s currently a Democratic representative of District 26 of the Maryland House of Delegates making roughly $47,000 a year. During his NFL days, he actually only played in one game in his entire career with the Minnesota Vikings in 1996, which easily makes him a very forgettable quarterback. In his lone NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals, he threw two completed passes on two passing attempts for 31 yards. With stats like those, why didn’t he get any more action in the NFL? Imagine putting Walker in your fantasy team. Congratulations, you only got one fantasy point out of his entire career.

4 Gino Torretta

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According to ESPN.com, Torretta has been very busy working on radio. He’s currently a GAMCO Investors executive, Touchdown Radio Productions CEO, and he’s an analyst for SiriusXM. The former Heisman Trophy winner only played two games in the NFL with the 1996 Seattle Seahawks and 1993 Minnesota Vikings. Maybe he was just more focused on working in the radio business. His best game was at Oakland with the Seahawks when he threw his only touchdown and interception of his entire career. It’s shocking to see that a Heisman Trophy winner was a huge bust in the National Football League. Maybe Torretta should’ve done radio at the University of Miami rather than play football, or maybe he shouldn’t have played in the NFL at all even though he basically didn’t except for two games.


3 Troy Taylor

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If you’re a fan of Utah University football, you better recognize your offensive coordinator Troy Taylor. Taylor is currently in his first season as the Utes' offensive coordinator after a long coaching career. He also played with the New York Jets in 1990 and ’91 only playing in seven games. He first started coaching in 1994 as an assistant coach at Casa Roble High School in California. During his time with the Jets, he completed 60% of his passes in his two-year career with two touchdowns and one interception. He had 12 completions for 125 yards in his entire career. In 2016 as a co-offensive coordinator, he led Eastern Washington University to the FCS semifinals including leading the Eastern Washington offense to the top passing offense in FCS.

2 Jeff Rutledge

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Here is the last player on this list that is still involved in football in any way. After a long 13-year career in the National Football League, Jeff Rutledge is currently the head coach of Valley Christian High School in Chandler, AZ. Since taking the head coaching position in 2013, Valley Christian only had one winning season under Rutledge going 7-4 in 2014. Rutledge finished his career in 1992 after spending his last three seasons with the Washington Redskins. In his entire NFL career, he went 2-7-1 in 10 starts with his two wins coming in 1987 with the New York Giants against the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles respectively. Who would have thought that Rutledge wouldn’t be a great high school head coach after being in the NFL for 13 years?


1 Jeff Kemp

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According to an article by Madaline Donnelly on Daily Signal, Jeff Kemp is currently the vice president of a marriage and family advocacy group known as FamilyLife. Kemp was in the National Football League for 11 seasons from 1981 to 1991, spending most of his time with the Seattle Seahawks from 1987 to part of 1991. He also played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1991. In 29 career starts, Kemp went 16-12-1 with his best season in 1984 with the Los Angeles Rams going 9-4. I guess you can say that Kemp is a family guy since he’s a vice president for FamilyLife. For those who don’t know, FamilyLife is a business that helps with marriage and family relationship problems and has been around since 1976


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