15 Hilarious Memes About Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

A couple with this kind of fame and fortune is bound to have some hatred, and these days, the best way to mock someone is through memes

You don't earn fame, fortune, and success without earning yourself some hate. Take any head of a large corporation, any political leader, celebrities and of course athletes; they all strive to be the best in their field, and when they succeed, they will be met with about as much hatred as love. Tom Brady is a prime example of this phenomenon in the sports world.

Taken in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, few people saw what was to come. In 2001, he took over for the New England Patriots after Drew Bledsoe was badly injured early in that season. He took the team to the Super Bowl that year and as we all know, he won it, earning himself the first of his four Super Bowl MVP selections. Over the next few seasons, football fans got to know Brady on and off the field. Back in late 2006, he left then-girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan (while she was pregnant, we might add) and shortly thereafter, started going out with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

A couple of years later the two got married and now have two children. While plenty of athletes have prominent celebrity wives, nobody hit the jackpot like Brady. Gisele Bundchen is one of the most successful models in the history of that business, and has an estimated net worth of over $350 million. Tom, as a starting quarterback in the NFL bringing in over $20 million per year, is the small earner in this relationship and has an estimated net worth of just under $200 million.

A couple with this kind of fame and fortune is bound to have some hatred, and these days, the best way to mock someone is through memes. Here are fifteen savage Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen memes.

15 Tom and the Uggs


Tom Brady's haters love to question his masculinity. On one hand he's an NFL quarterback, and as such, has worked his entire life, putting his health and safety on the line getting chased down by larger guys. Furthermore, he has the reputation of being one of the quarterbacks responsible for the NFL cracking down on vicious hits against offensive players. Whether these criticisms are legitimate or not, he's also worked as the spokesman for Ugg, the Australian boot brand. While we have no specific complaints against the brand, many guys consider it a women's brand and hiring Brady as a spokesman did nothing to shake that perception.

14 There's a Lot of Winning


This is one of those things that applies not only to Tom Brady, but also to just about any man who has a great looking wife or girlfriend. It really does something for a guy's confidence to know that regardless of how work goes, no matter how bad other parts of life might be, they're coming home to a great looking woman. In Tom Brady's case, he isn't just going home to a Goddess, his wife is also absurdly wealthy, an active philanthropist, and an overall impressive person in her own right. Even if he loses a game or even the Super Bowl, he won the Super Bowl of athlete WAG's. This is one of those facts that his haters don't like to acknowledge.

13 Who Wears The Pants?


This savage meme is another one of many that takes a shot at Tom Brady's masculinity. It's a funny one for sure, and we'll laugh, but we should also note that everyone on the internet who wants to call Tom Brady names and disparage him as an athlete or a man is jealous and would give one of their arms to get live his life for a week.

But back to the meme; variations on this one pop up whenever a male athlete dates a strong, capable woman (think MMA fighters Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway), or in the case of Brady, people just want to call him gay, and a woman. The look on his face is priceless however, and while he's smiling, it looks like a fake smile and there may be fear in his eyes.

12 How Long Will His Career Go On?


In terms of athletics, Tom Brady is an old man. We know there are plenty of others who have played the game well into their forties, including names like Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Vinny Testaverde, tons of kickers and punters, and of course, George Blanda, who played until age 48. Brady is 40 years old at the time of writing. Back in 2015 he mentioned that he wants to play the game for another ten seasons. It is common knowledge that he has strong work ethic, and his diet, about which there has been plenty of publicity, sounds healthy enough for him to be around a couple more seasons, but we'd be surprised to see him stick around as long as Blanda did. Then again, if he keeps appearing in and winning Super Bowls, he might just run out of fingers for those rings, which is a scary thought for everyone who isn't a Patriots fan.

11 She Has a Few Exes


While it isn't a problem for all relationships, and some people are perfectly okay with this kind of information, many people don't particularly want to know "where their current partner has been." Most people recognize that there may be exes in a partner's history but just don't talk too much about it and don't think about it. In the case of Tom and Gisele, both have high profile exes. Tom's list includes of course Bridget Moynahan, but also rumors of having briefly shacked up with Britney Spears and Tara Reid (but before either of them became train wrecks). Gisele on the other hand, has dated a few Brazilian businessmen, along with surfer Kelly Slater, and most notably, one of the greatest actors of our time, Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether the verbal exchange being implied in this meme ever took place, we can't say.

10 Gisele Isn't Shy


One of the nastiest aspects of the sports world is when athletes publicly call out their teammates or shame them for their play. After Brady's loss in Super Bowl XLVI back in 2012, she had some choice words for the Patriots' receivers, while contending that Tom played fine in the game. She wasn't wrong, he had a 65,8 completion percentage in the contest, threw two touchdown passes and a lone interception. After the game someone caught her on camera complaining "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times. My husband cannot f---king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." While Aaron Hernandez (remember when he was playing in the league?) and Deion Branch both had a few incompletions thrown their way (nine between the two), neither deserved to be called out by Gisele.

9 Is She Thinking About Peyton?


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are widely and accurately considered the best quarterbacks of the 2000s. They've both won multiple Super Bowls, had league MVP honors, along with tons of other accolades. Over the years, the two field Generals had highly anticipated meetings, many of which were high profile playoff games. While Brady has a significant edge in terms of wins (11-6), Manning is up 3-2 in terms of playoff wins, with three victories coming in AFC Championship games.

This meme from a couple of years ago, is a hilarious crack at Brady over Peyton, whose Denver Broncos beat the Patriots in the 2014 and 2016 AFC Championship games. Peyton was of course, shouting "Omaha" as part of his cadence at the time.  For those who don't recall, the picture is actually taken from a video of Brady crying while remembering his experience getting picked in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.

8 Well Done, Kid


Everyone, whether a celebrity or a normal person, has some unfortunate pictures from their youth. We get the point of this meme, and yes, in this shot, Brady looks like a spaz for lack of a better word. At the same time, we'd be genuinely surprised if there aren't some "teenage awkward phase" shots of Gisele that she wouldn't want us to see. This nerdy looking kid holding the baseball bat managed to not only become one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks but also married one of the most beautiful women on the face of the globe. Who really cares what he looked like 25 years ago?

7 A Good Way To Get Over a Tough Loss


There are a few themes to this list, including how Tom Brady never really loses, given that he always goes home to a supermodel. While we're trying to offer up some solid criticism of Brady, we do admire the guy's career and don't want to come off as a bunch of haters. With that in mind, this caption is perfect for Brady's disgust after the Patriots' loss in Super Bowl XLVI back in 2012. Losing to Eli Manning for the second time must have hurt quite a bit, but at the same time, on some level, it likely made most of Tom's pain go away when he got to see his woman and carried out the action described in the meme.

6 Deflategate is Meme Gold


The entire message of this meme is in the title of this entry. Take a quarterback who has a bit of a reputation for being a pretty boy, who also plays for a team that has a reputation for cheating, and shady tactics. Add that to a major cheating controversy that involves balls, along with a legion of highly immature guys on the internet, and you have a concoction for some incredible memes. This one is about as simple as they come. The Patriots' had several game balls found to be underinflated, and it may have played a part in their win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship two years ago. While many were outraged, the internet had a field day with memes like this one.

5 Conan Has a Point


If you follow an organized religion, chances are your deity is some sort of all-powerful being that can do quite literally anything, and sometimes talking to them can bring good fortune. Evidently, Gisele is a believer because a few years ago, just days before Super Bowl XLVI, she sent a mass email to friends and family asking that they pray for Tom in the upcoming game. As we all know, the end result of that contest was a 21-17 win for the New York Giants. Conan O'Brien weighed in on the topic and his reaction, even three days before the event, was not only funny but also turned out to be accurate. Then again, if you're not religious, God didn't do anything for Brady's career, and it was all hard work (and maybe some cheating).

4 Belichick is a Dirty Old Man


There was a time several years ago, between 2010 and 2012, during which the New England Patriots had an incredible pair of tight ends. Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were making opposing linebackers and defensive backs tremble as a pair of dominant pass catchers. While Gronk has had two phenomenal seasons in 2014 and 2015, he's had injury problems at times. Last year Martellus Bennett took most of the work at TE and did a decent job. The joke being made in this meme is a clever, corny play on words, but given how Bill Belichick almost never smiles, it is hard to imagine him making a dirty old man joke like this. But we've seen Gisele in tight clothes, and the meme has a point.

3 Poor Tony Romo


We, along with many others have said it numerous times, but Tony Romo gets a bad rap. While he did have some noteworthy blunders throughout his career, he was actually one of the steadiest in the league when he wasn't injured. Granted, nobody remembers steady play, rather many football fans just remember him throwing some untimely picks and occasionally rolling around on the turf in agony.  While we do have respect for Romo, we also recognize that he's a prolific target for football fans in terms of a "loser" quarterback.

For what it's worth, the Romo haters should be reminded that Tony's wife Candice Crawford is a former Miss Missouri, and is also absolutely smoking.

2 Another Deflation Joke


We couldn't finish this one off without another Deflategate meme. There are a ton of these, and given the innuendo involved, more than a few deflation memes feature Gisele. We can't tell the intention of the meme however, because it can be taken in two ways. We could read this to be saying that a night with "Tom Terrific" leaves Gisele worn out, tired and thoroughly worked out. Of course, it is more likely that whoever made this meme is just making a gag on the fact that Brady allegedly deflated footballs a couple of years ago. Back when the controversy first broke, there was no shortage of ridiculous memes online relating every Tom Brady picture out there to deflation.

1 That's a Lot of Rings


This meme is slightly outdated, as there is now a fifth ring available. Tom is tied with '80s and 1990s linebacker and defensive end, Charles Haley, with five Super Bowl wins. Haley was on two Super Bowl winning teams with the San Francisco 49ers and then three more with the Dallas Cowboys when they tore the league apart in the 1990s. On the other hand, Haley, a five time Pro Bowl selection, was never a Super Bowl MVP. Brady has held that honor four times, but then again that honor is most often given to an offensive star as opposed to a defensive stand-out. We have to wonder, if this guy plays the game a few more years, will the wedding ring lose it's spot?

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15 Hilarious Memes About Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen