15 Must See Photos Of The NFL's Steamiest Cheerleaders

The life of a NFL cheerleader can be considered very difficult. From endless hours of practicing, to working out to have that perfect look, to having the strictest rules, they are definitely held to a very high standard. It’s sad because for all that cheerleaders have to do to entertain the crowd, they really don’t make that much money. As a fan, you would expect that since they’re entertainers on the field, they would get paid a pretty paycheck. Well, they actually get paid a low amount, which is why manage of them actually do cheerleading on the side to some of the other jobs that they have.

Cheerleaders do have one thing that is very important when they are performing: look good. They are required to stay fit and wear skimpy outfits every week, which sometimes can be very difficult. But they manage to do it, week in and week out. It’s important that we recognize some of the best-looking cheerleaders in the game for their hard work, and good looks. While there are many beautiful cheerleaders in the NFL, some of these cheerleaders can’t avoid having people constantly looking at them. As such, the best of the best NFL cheerleaders are here in this article.

15 McKenna - Denver Broncos

The second-year beauty rocks the stage high up miles above sea level. McKenna actually comes from the area, as she went to the University of Colorado. She currently works with children with autism, which is a huge difference from performing in front of crowds. It’s probably a lot of work for her to be practicing a lot for the Broncos, as well as helping children in need throughout the week. But with how fit she is, it probably works perfectly.

Something really interesting to know about McKenna is that she knows sign language, which will definitely help with her future of working with children. McKenna may not be looking for a cheerleading career in the future, but for now, kills it on the football field each week. But for now, she’s living a dream job that is similar to what she wanted to be when she was younger, a professional dancer.

14 Terra - Miami Dolphins

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It seems like a common thing for NFL cheerleaders to want to work with children when their cheerleading career is over. The beautiful Terra of the Miami Dolphins has been a star for the Dolphins cheerleading team. She actually just recently won Cheerleader of the Week. Terra also was announced to be Miss September in the Dolphins cheerleader calendar. Her beautiful smile and incredible body makes her an easy choice as one of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the NFL. Terra seems to do a phenomenal job at modeling off the field, so becoming a model in the future for her could be an occupation she could do after cheerleading is over. And being in Miami, there’s always a ton of modeling opportunities with the beautiful scenery over there.

13 Bianca - Seattle Seahawks

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Anyone can make the Sea Gals outfits rock with how cool the uniforms look with the cool colors. But no one makes their outfits rock like Bianca does. The beautiful brunette with light colored eyes absolutely kills it every week in her Sea Gals uniform. Bianca is a true veteran, who has been with the Sea Gals for the past five years. She is currently a Patient Service Representative. She’s been dancing ever since she was three years old, dancing to different genres like jazz and ballet. Once she got to high school, she started competing in national competitions, which led her to being a part of the Seahawks organization. In 2016, Bianca was actually voted to be 2016 Sea Gal of the Year. With her loyalty and hard work, she absolutely deserved it.

12 Chantel - Dallas Cowboys

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What would a list like this be without a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Well, we know how prestige this cheerleading group can be, but this cheerleader takes them to the next level. Chantel is an absolute beauty, from her name to her smile to her physique. She came all the way from Washington to be a part of this famous cheerleading squad. You know she’s an amazing cheerleader, and a keeper when she says her favorite Cowboys player is Emmitt Smith. Her current occupation is in sales, which goes along with her degree that she got in Advertising/Marketing. It seems like she would love to travel if she could, as some of the places include Greece and Italy. Something you would never expect about Chantel is that she grew up as a tomboy, and grew into performing for the most famous cheerleading squad in the world.

11 Annemarie - Atlanta Falcons

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Annemarie has traveled everywhere, which is pretty shocking that she made it to Georgia to be a part of the Atlanta Falcons cheerleading squad. She grew up in Virginia, but then went to Florida State University, but ended up in Atlanta to join this group of women. The only sense that could be made out of it is that her favorite player is Devonta Freeman. She is a huge Star Wars fan, so you may not see her on the field come the next few weeks because of the new movie. Dancing is not only her occupation, but has led to many childhood memories and has helped her connect with other people. The beautiful Annemarie also works for IT Sales. She’s wanting to travel, and maybe after her Falcons career, she will be able to live up her dream.

10 Mallory - Houston Texans

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Wow, is Mallory not one of the most stunning women you have ever seen or what? No wonder why she was Miss May in the previous Texans’ cheerleader calendar, she is absolutely gorgeous. By watching some of her interviews, it seems like she has a really good sense of humor. As everyone deals with the stress of jobs differently, she jokes around about all the different poses she had to take during her swimsuit photo shoot. She is just a great person, who is very appreciative of her opportunity. She doesn’t just appreciate the opportunity she has, but also how great her teammates are. That’s really great for her to be that thankful of them because not every cheerleader realizes that without those other girls, their job may not be worth sticking with.

9 Erika - Washington Redskins

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She walks with pride, and deserves to be that proud with how beautiful she is. The third year Redskins cheerleader out of Fairleigh Dickinson University pops up on our list. Erika is fluent in Tagalog, which is an interesting language that is used by most people in Luzon in the Philippines. She loves using the application WAZE, which helps you navigate in and out of traffic, usually saving you time on the road. She would love to take a road trip down the Pacific, so maybe if the cheerleaders ever have a photo shoot in California, Erika’s dream will be able to come true. Erika has a different way of posing, as she doesn’t always usually smile. Sometimes she just looks deep into the camera, with a different look which is different from the typical smiling pose that most cheerleaders do in photo shoots.

8 Tara - New York Jets

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The New York Jets' Flight Crew is a group of women in the NFL that doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as they should. Not only do they perform at a high level and look incredible doing it, but they also perform in one of the most popular cities in the world, in sometimes extreme weather conditions. And one of those ladies who stands out is Tara, from Smithtown, New York. She’s currently in her fifth year with the Jets as she performs for the Flight Crew. Five years means a lot of hard work and dedication for a group that has to perform under some harsh conditions. This Flight Crew needs a little bit more recognition.

7 Jenna - Arizona Cardinals

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This beauty is truly living her dream. It was always a dream of Jenna’s to become an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, and now she’s currently on her third year with the team. She’s actually currently a patient care coordinator at a plastic and reconstructive surgery practice. Reading into what kind of occupation she has, it seems like she may not even need the extra cash of being a cheerleader. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science. She’s big into trying new foods, and would love to go visit Italy someday. Which would be great, because she also loves to cook, so maybe she could find some new recipes if she travels out there. Despite just performing for the Arizona Cardinals, she also has some previous professional experience dancing for the Phoenix Suns.

6 Justene - Los Angeles Rams

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This California native joins the list as part of the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad. However, Justene does a lot of performing without her family nearby. Much of her family is currently in Alaska, so they usually don’t get to see her performing on Sundays. When she found out that she was accepted, her uncle was there as a surprise and it meant the world to her. Justene is a very adventurous cheerleader, who likes to go paddle boarding and spending time with her dogs, as well as hanging out with her friends in the very little amount of spare time that she has. Justene, like many cheerleaders, thrives off the energy of the fans. So if you go to a Rams game before the season ends, make sure to go a little crazy to bring out the energy of Justene!

5 Angelica - Philadelphia Eagles

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Angelica (seen above on the extreme left) definitely has one of the longest background stories that we have seen on this list so far. She’s also a rookie, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Rowan College of Gloucester County. Unlike most cheerleaders, her smile is very calm, which shows her true beauty because she isn’t really trying to smile. She loves the fact that she gets to be on the big screen at Eagles game, along with the rest of the squad. She loves to model, and by the looks of her pictures, she’s really good at it. What’s pretty crazy is that she actually is a foster parent to her little brother. Her calm smile and incredible body makes her a score for the Eagles cheerleading squad. And not only did they get a beauty, but a great person in general.

4 Annalise - Carolina Panthers

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It makes sense for Annalise to be a cheerleader for the TopCats, considering her favorite player is Cam Newton. In fact, she may actually rock that Panthers jersey better than Cam does himself. Annalise is the most experienced cheerleader on our list so far, as she is in her third year. It’s actually crazy to think that Annalise is considered a veteran, where in sports, you would still be considered at the beginning of your career. With the pay and everything of being a cheerleader, these jobs definitely don’t last that long. Annalise is also a dance instructor from North Carolina, so she gets to stay in her home state and perform center stage during every home game. Of course, we had to add a veteran on to our list!

3 Brianna - Baltimore Ravens

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Here’s another third-year veteran, except this veteran isn’t actually from the state of the football team she cheers for. Brianna P. from the Ravens cheerleading squad is from Hamilton, New Jersey. Now of course you would wonder why she chose to try out for the Ravens, and well, that’s because she attends the University of Maryland. Now it makes a little more sense on why she was just in Maryland and decided to hop on and join the squad. Brianna had a very interesting desire when she was younger, and that was to be a contortionist. A contortionist is someone who is very flexible and performs extreme stunts that would be shown in street performances and circuses. Well, lucky for Brianna, she gets to perform for a company that she’s able to use her flexibility to perform.

2 Kayla - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The tan second-year pirate comes in as one of the last steamy cheerleaders on our list. You can tell that Kayla has been living it up in Tampa Bay, as she’s extremely tan. Her beautiful smile and fit body helps her unleash her pirate on Sundays at Raymond James Stadium. But, there’s also a nice sweet woman on the inside of her pirate self. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby. Her favorite player has been an absolute beast this season, Gerald McCoy. Her favorite phone application is something that isn’t very popular, called Poshmark. It’s basically like a StubHub, for those who are in to fashion, as you can buy and sell items from all over the world. She also loves Thanksgiving, and it may be because she’s up to something against others.

1 Madisyn - Los Angeles Chargers

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And we close things off with a rookie on the list. This rookie is from Orange, California, who is a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s pretty impressive that one of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the game, come from someone who just came into the profession. But it makes sense, considering she’s also a dance instructor outside of being a cheerleader. Like cheerleaders, many dancers have to look as good as possible and be really fit, due to the amount of activity that you do on the dance floor. Performing seems to be a big part of the life of Madisyn. She not only performs for the Chargers, but she performs as her regular occupation as well. Her beautiful smile while she performs leads to her being one of the top in her game.

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