15 NFL Players Who Will Be On New Teams In 2018

A devastating, yet exciting time for many football fans around the nation. A time filled with heart break, nervousness, and excitement. In the middle of March, many NFL players with sign or be traded to new teams. Many fans will cry as they lost their favorite player to a fan that is jumping with joy to the new player that their team has just signed or acquired for.

The NFL offseason can completely change a player’s career. A popular trend in the NFL, has been trading players the season before their contract year that seem to be wanting to leave that team. This allows the team to get something in return for the player they are trading. Players are being used as trade bait now, helping teams get something in return before letting a player walk.

The offseason is filled with many changes on the management level of teams, as well as the coaching and player levels. It’s a time where many coaches and general managers are fired, and players are signed and traded. It’s an exciting time for NFL fans that could be miserable waiting for the new season to begin.

In this NFL offseason, we saw many big-name players such as DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffrey, and Jamaal Charles. After the 2017 season, many popular NFL stars, and future NFL stars are expected to hit the market, and get paid.

Here are 15 NFL Players That Will Be On New Teams In 2018:


15 Carlos Hyde

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Hyde, running back for the 49ers, seems to be a player the 49ers may leave behind after this season, trying to rebuild their franchise and bring them back to the top. Hyde has showed signs that he can be an explosive back, but struggles to stay on the field. During the beginning of Hyde’s career, he has not been able to pay all 16 games in every of his first three seasons. In order to be the starting running back for a team, you need to be able to play.

The 49ers may already be planning to look for Hyde’s replacement, as they traded up in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, to draft running back Joe Williams from the University of Utah. The 49ers may have the replacement for Hyde already, and if fans see Williams succeed in the 2017 season, Carlos Hyde may see himself out of San Francisco quicker than he may expect.

14 Alfred Morris

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It was confusing enough as to why the Dallas Cowboys signed Alfred Morris in the first place. Morris signed a two-year deal in 2016, just before the Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Cowboys have proved that with Zeke and McFadden in the back field, that they can dominate defensive lines. Alfred Morris didn’t game much playing time last year, as he only rushed for 243 yards and scored two touchdowns.

The Cowboys may look to upgrade their backfield by signing a running back that can be a good fit in the passing game, which is not Morris, considering he has never caught a passing touchdown in his career.

Morris’ career in Dallas was short, but he will find a new home where he can get back into rhythm and perform at a high level in the league. After all, Morris started his NFL career with three straight 1,000+ yard rushing seasons.

13 Trumaine Johnson

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A stud of a cornerback will be on the market in 2018: Trumaine Johnson. The Rams cornerback is set to receive a big paycheck after his 2017 season. Johnson has created nightmares for quarterbacks, accumulating 16 interceptions in his five-year career. For a player with that caliber, he may be seeking a team that has a chance for a Super Bowl run.

Many teams will toss money at Johnson with a player that is still fairly young, performing at a high level. The position of cornerback is tough, so many teams will look to instantly upgrade their secondary by signing an experienced corner that could help go up against top notch receivers.

Another thing is, the Rams may not have Johnson in their future. With a team that has a decent defense, they may look to help put money towards supporting Jared Goff and that offense. Expect to see Trumaine Johnson wearing colors, other than navy blue and gold.

12 Mike Wallace

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most forgotten wide receivers in the NFL is about to hit the market in 2018, Mike Wallace. The receiver from Baltimore may see his time purple closing slowly. The Ravens signed Jeremy Maclin this offseason to help alleviate the pressure off of Joe Flacco and Mike Wallace. Wallace has performed at a consistent level in this league, and may be one of the most underappreciated wide receivers in the league.

Wallace has seen the Super Bowl before, and may look to find a new location that gives him another opportunity to make it to the big stage. A Ravens team that struggles to make it to the playoffs, are in danger of losing their top wide receiver. In the 2018 offseason, Wallace may look to find a new location that provides him with a better chance at putting a ring on his finger, and putting him in the spotlight.

11 Sheldon Richardson

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The defensive end from the Big Apple may be looking for a new home after the 2017 season finishes. Or the Jets may choose Richardson’s fate, and trade him away during the 2017 season. The Jets made phone calls notifying teams that Richardson was available, possibly allowing teams to negotiate a deal to take Richardson outside of New York.

Richardson has shown some productivity in his time in New York, but may look for a new beginning after this season. Richardson could look for a team that is willing to pay him a nice paycheck, and a winning environment. With all the holes in the Jets depth chart, it seems that they are saving for a big 2018 offseason, and that offseason doesn’t seem to include signing Richardson.

When a team puts a player on the trading block, it doesn’t seem promising that the team will want to bring that player back. For a player that hasn’t completely excelled at his position, you could expect the Jets to try and trade away Richardson at some point during this upcoming season.

10 Frank Gore

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 8th rusher of all time is about to find a new home come 2018. Frank Gore is a 1,000 yard rushing season away from landing in the top five running backs in rushing yards of all time. Gore has spent the majority of his career in San Francisco until 2015, when he made the move to Indianapolis. Gore isn’t getting any younger at 34 years old, but the man has the heart of gold to win a championship.

The Colts seem that they are a ways away from heading back to the promised land, and after the 49ers loss to the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, Gore seems to want to keep playing until he gets his ring. Gore still continues to perform at a high level, finishing the 2016 season with 1,025 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Gore continues to show that he is a starter in this league, and will land in another city come 2018, on his journey to win a Super Bowl.

9 Isaiah Crowell

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The worst team in football is going to lose one of their key players come the 2018 NFL offseason: Isaiah Crowell. Crowell was one of the upsides to the Browns awful season, finishing with 952 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. Crowell has the ability to be a starting running back in the league, and has the ability to become one of the more elite backs in the game.

Crowell showed signs of future success, with a team that struggled heavily. His speed between the tackles is phenomenal. He looks like a lightning bolt running behind that offensive line. He also has the ability to make defenders miss, and the power to go head to head with linebackers. Crowell may not be talked about a lot due to the team he plays for, but he definitely has the ability to change a team’s run game.

His market may not be large, which may cause the Browns to lose him. A guy that isn’t expected for a big paycheck, may choose to find a team that is trying to win. And that is why Isaiah Crowell will leave Cleveland.


8 Mike Glennon

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

TRADE ALERT! Mike Glennon’s career in Chicago will fall short as Mitchell Trubisky takes over for the Chicago Bears.

The whole signing of Glennon to a three year $45 million deal, made no sense for a guy who has never started a full season. Glennon has shown signs that he can start in the NFL, but to get paid $15 million a year, with not enough experience, it doesn’t add up. However, Glennon has showed that he has the arm strength and accuracy to compete in this league. He can make the throws needed with pressure in his face while also being able to get out of the pocket and make plays.

Then, the Bears traded up and selected Trubisky in the 2017 NFL Draft, this is where it gets confusing. After signing a big contract with Glennon, they draft Trubiksy for the future. Glennon seems that he will start the 2017 season, but may lose his job to Trubisky if we see poor play by Glennon. Glennon may be used as trade bait for the offseason, to help gain some pieces to put around Trubisky and this young Bears team.

7 Teddy Bridgewater

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Just two years ago, Teddy Bridgewater led the Minnesota Vikings to a playoff game, where they lost in the final seconds to the Seattle Seahawks. Two years later, we are discussing the future for Bridgewater, as some say he may never see the football field again.

In August 2016, Bridgewater suffered a severe knee injury that cost him the 2016 season. A few days later, the Vikings acquired Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford took the team by lead starting the season off 5-0, and finishing the season with the best completion percentage in a season by a quarterback in NFL history. Bradford completed his 2016 season with 20 touchdowns, 3,877 passing yards, and only five interceptions. Bradford seems that he will take the position again in 2017, and is ready for another great season in Minnesota.

As for Bridgewater, the Vikings declined his fifth-year option. With his future in limbo, it seems unlikely that the Vikings will risk signing him back to the club, with Bradford performing at such a high level.

6 A.J. McCarron - Cincinnati Bengals

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A confusing future for the former Alabama quarterback. He will be a restricted free agent come 2018, but no one knows the restrictions on McCarron as of yet. This may be due to the fact that McCarron is a high possibility for a future trade, and he is open to being traded. With Andy Dalton under the team’s lead, it doesn’t seem like he will be going anywhere anytime soon.

But for McCarron, he showed glimpses of becoming a star quarterback in the league. After Dalton got hurt in 2015, McCarron took the team by lead and helped them get to the playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost to the Steelers in the Wild Card round, but he seems to show signs of becoming a starter.

McCarron has great accuracy, and has the ability to throw the long ball. The Bengals should easily be able to wheel and deal with a team that is in need of a quarterback.

5 Jimmy Graham - Seattle Seahawks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The former New Orleans Saints tight end has not been able to bring the same productivity to Seattle, that he had with Drew Brees and company. Graham had a decent season this past year finishing with just under 1,000 yards and six touchdown catches, but still doesn’t seem to be making that impact that the Seahawks expected when he arrived.

With the Seahawks slowly losing their step, they may want to spend their money elsewhere to help build their offensive line and bring in a running back that could immediately impact a team that was ranked 25th in rushing.

With teams emerging and becoming more dominant, the Seahawks are going to look for a way to give themselves a chance at getting back to the Super Bowl. That team may not include Jimmy Graham, who would be an expensive piece to bring back.

4 Malcolm Butler

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Almost three years have passed since the spectacular interception on the goal line, that helped save the New England Patriots from losing in Super Bowl 49. The man who saved the season was Malcolm Butler. At the time, Butler just an ordinary cornerback in the NFL, now Butler is known as one of the league’s top cornerbacks.

Speculations went around this season that the Patriots were looking to trade Butler, however, he is still on the team. Butler signed his one year contract tender, giving him another year in Foxboro. It seems very unlikely that Butler would stay with the Patriots passed the 2017 season. After the Patriots signed Stephon Gilmore to a 5-year, $65 million deal, it seems that Butler and the Patriots will part ways after this season. After all, the Patriots are known for using a player for their needs then dumping them.

3 Jimmy Garoppolo - New England Patriots

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And we see another Patriots player that will be gone during the 2018 NFL offseason. This player may be one of the stars of the future, but with Tom Brady saying that he still has a few more years to go, it’s hard to believe that Jimmy Garoppolo will want to wait any longer to become a NFL starter.

Garoppolo emerged to become one of the most popular backup quarterbacks in the NFL when he started the 2016 season due to Tom Brady’s suspension. In the two games that he started, he threw for 496 yards and four touchdowns. Garoppolo shows the ability to use both his arm and his feet to make plays down the field. A player that looks like he can be a starter in the NFL, is going to look for that starting position with a bigger paycheck. Expect to see Tom Brady play Jimmy Garoppollo one day in the near future.

2 Kirk Cousins

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins have seemed to have bad blood throughout this whole process. The Redskins once again failed to reach an agreement with Cousins, as they placed the franchise tag on him once again this offseason. Speculations went around that Cousins would be traded before they put the franchise tag on him, but it did not happen. There have been rumors that Cousins would like to leave the Capital after this season, and join the 49ers to play with former offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Cousins would get the opportunity to play with his old coach, and break the bank with a big contract. Cousins did openly say that he would be willing to play for the 49ers.

When a team has a quarterback at his prime, it can be discouraging for them to not reach a long-term agreement. And with both Cousins top targets in 2016 being gone, Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, it may seem closer to the end of Cousins time with the Washington Redskins.

1 Richard Sherman

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

And the trade that could not get done in 2017, will get done in 2018. Richard Sherman is still playing at a high level, but with his age getting up there, it’s hard to believe that the Seahawks will want to give Sherman a big contract going into his mid 30s. Trade talks involved Richard Sherman with possible destinations such as the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. With the Seahawks having to keep most of their defense together, it seems they may trade away one of the most dominant parts. Fans were shocked that Sherman is still on the Seahawks roster today, but it seems that next season he will be gone.

Teams that are desperate for a star cornerback will give up valuable draft picks to get an immediate upgrade in the secondary. And for the Seahawks, with the help they need on offensive, it may make sense for them to use draft picks to help the offensive and to build young. Eventually players get old and don’t perform at the same levels they used to, and this will be the reason Sherman sees his flight out of Seattle.


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