15 NFL Players You Forgot Were Arrested For These Crimes

Even with all the fame and money in the world, some guys still can’t get out of trouble. Other guys may get caught up in the wrong crowd, and get arrested for something that may not be their fault. Many NFL players get in trouble with the law so much because they’re an easy target. Many players deserve jail time due to their actions, where some may have been falsely accused. It almost seems normal now to see NFL players been arrested due to how many players we see arrested each year.

Just in 2016, there were around 27 players arrested. One player who seems to constantly get in trouble is cornerback Pacman Jones. Since 2000, he’s the player who has been arrested the most with 10 arrests. It seems that the NFL is one of the most troubling sports, as it seems week after week there’s a new arrest. And if there’s not a new arrest, there’s another player suspended.

Many players once they get into trouble, never seem to find their way out of trouble. While we have had many players who have been on the news for their arrests, there are also many players who have been arrested who many people have forgotten about or who didn’t know they got arrested.

15 Ray Lewis

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This case is one of the more popular on the list, but many forget that Ray Lewis was actually charged with murder. Obviously, nothing went through, but Lewis was very close to spending his lifetime in jail. On January 31, 2000, two men were stabbed to death in Atlanta, Georgia. The murder 17 years later still remains a mystery, but many still accuse Lewis of the murder.

Lewis did plead guilty to obstruction of justice, which counted against him as a misdemeanor. However, many things with Lewis still connect him to the murders. His white suit that night was missing, the blood of the victims was in the limo of Lewis, as well as Lewis supposedly telling the limo passengers to “keep their mouth shut.” Still to this day no one knows exactly what happened, but Lewis was charged with a misdemeanor for part of the crime.

14 Matt Prater

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Matt Prater may be known as one of the more popular kickers in the league. Usually things are pretty quiet with kickers, but Prater has actually been arrested before. In 2011, Prater was arrested with a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Witnesses claimed that what was Prater’s truck, backed up into another truck. Prater then left the scene to head into the hotel lobby.

Police eventually found Prater at the L.A. Quinta Inn. Yes, maybe the only other thing more interesting than the arrest is why a NFL player was staying at a hotel like that. Prater supposedly never put a note on the vehicle that he hit because many witnesses were screaming at him during the incident. It seems that Prater is good at something else besides hitting field goals, hitting cars.

13 Albert Haynesworth

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Albert Haynesworth was once one of the best defensive tackles in the league. He also was one of the biggest problems in the league. Haynesworth has got himself into some trouble quite a few times. In 2015, Haynesworth pleaded guilty to a reckless boating charge in Tennessee. Due to his actions, Haynesworth lost his boating license for five months as well as it costed him money.

In 2011, Haynesworth was charged with assault when he punched someone during a traffic altercation. In 2009, he saw himself in trouble due to reckless driving and driving with an expired registration. And in 2006, he was also charged with reckless driving when a motorist supposedly tried running Haynesworth off the road. It seems that the former defensive tackle may want to stay off the road, or in any vehicle as it always seems to lead into trouble for him.

12 Nick Fairley

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And another one bites the dust. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley becomes just another NFL fails into the trap of drunk driving. Fairley was arrested in 2012 on DUI charges in Alabama. An officer claimed that Fairley drove past a cop going 100 MPH in an Escalade. He chose not to stop and tried fleeing away from the troopers while their emergency lights were on. During the same instance, Fairley was also arrested for reckless driving, no proof of insurance, and an open container. For a NFL player making millions, you would expect them to have the basic necessities when driving a vehicle.

Just shortly before this incident, Fairley was arrested on accounts of marijuana possession. Several complaints went around of the infamous Cadillac Escalade that Fairley drives. When police stopped the car, they detected a strong smell of marijuana coming from Fairley’s vehicle. Fairley was arrested due to the incident. Fairley just seemed to be another NFL player who can’t stay out of trouble.

11 Darren Sharper

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Darren Sharper at one point was one of the hardest hitting cornerbacks in the league. Now, he spends a majority of the rest of his life in jail due to rape. In 2014, he was accused of rapes and it was a suspicious case. Now this wasn’t just one case, it was multiple. Women from multiple states came forward claiming that they were raped by the ex-football star. He was sentenced to jail time for 20 years for drugging women and raping them.

One of the instances happened in October 2013, when Sharper invited two girls to a party. Sharper took them back to his hotel room first where he offered them drinks. One of the girls woke up naked being sexually assaulted. There were up to 16 victims that Sharper sexually assaulted. The former cornerback and NFL Network finally got what he deserved, 20 years of his life spent in prison.

10 Montee Ball

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Many people remember Montee Ball as one of the best running backs to ever come from the University of Wisconsin. Ball may have been one of the most electrifying running backs college football fans have ever seen. Unfortunately, Ball’s career in the NFL never worked out. Ball continued to get himself into trouble, which eventually put an end to his career. 2016 was one bad year for Ball.

It started when Ball was charged with battery in 2016. He was arrested after getting into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, when he threw her into a table. The victim ended up needing stitches after the incident. Just two months later, Ball could not follow the rules that were given to him. Due to his prior incident with his girlfriend, Ball was unable to consume alcohol as part of his bail for his previous arrest. Ball was seen at a bar drinking, refusing to undergo a breathalyzer test. Due to the incidents, Ball eventually spent 60 days in jail.

9 Sebastian Janikowski

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Even one of the most loved NFL kickers in NFL history can’t keep himself out of trouble. Sebastian Janikowski had some troubles straight from the beginning of his career. Janikowski was charged with possession of a controlled substance at a bar near Florida State University. He spent the night at Leon County Jail, and was released with a $2,500 bond. Later it was announced that the drug that Janikowski had was called gamma hydroxybutyric acid, what is called the “date raping” drug. This drug mixed with alcohol can make a person unconscious in a matter of 20 minutes.

Three years later, Janikowski was once again arrested, but this time for a bar fight. Many people at the bar claimed that Janikowski was “very intoxicated.” Janikowski might be great on the field, but off the field, he has struggled to follow the law.

8 Santonio Holmes

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Many people remember Santonio Holmes for the incredible catch he made in Super Bowl in Super Bowl XLIII. The catch helped the Pittsburgh Steelers come back and defeat the Arizona Cardinals within the final 45 seconds of the game. The catch will go down in history as one of the most clutch catches in NFL history, but because of it, many forget about the off the field issues that Holmes had.

Holmes has been charged with numerous things. In 2006, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and domestic violence. Two seasons later, Holmes was charged with possession of marijuana. Holmes has been far from an angel, but due to his legendary catch in the Super Bowl, many fans forget about the negative points in the career of Holmes. Unfortunately, in this case, the good outweighs the bad.

7 Aqib Talib

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One of the best cornerbacks in the league has a timeline of arrests and problems due to his past. Cornerback of the Denver Broncos, Aqib Talib, seems to be great on the field as well as seeing himself in trouble. Talib couldn’t seem to even stay away from problems on the field when he started in the league, as he got into multiple altercations with different players. In 2009, Talib was arrested for battery and assaulting a cab driver in St. Petersburgh, Florida. Two years later, Talib and his mother were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after an altercation with the boyfriend of his sister.

Another incident came in 2016 where Talib was shot in the leg, where many claimed that it was Talib who shot himself while intoxicated. It’s sad to say, but unfortunately, Talib came from a family that also couldn’t stay out of trouble as he was charged in one instance with his mother, and mistaken another time for his brother who was arrested.

6 Terrell Suggs

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It seems that the Ravens linebacker group just couldn’t stay out of trouble. Another Ravens legend, Terrell Suggs has seen himself in some trouble as well. Suggs incident may not have been severe as his buddy Ray Lewis, but he’s not any angel either. In 2016, Suggs was charged with driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident. The police responded to a one car accident, that seemed to be “fresh damage.” Police claimed that Suggs may have fallen asleep before the accident happened. Suggs owned up to the accident claiming it was his fault. The incident never seemed to be a big deal because no one else was hurt. Suggs never got into any serious trouble with the accident, as his life seems to have moved on ever since.

5 Adrian Peterson

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At the end of the day, Adrian Peterson may go down as one of the best running backs that the NFL has ever seen. His ability to plow through defenders, as well as kick into another gear and speed past defenders. If it wasn’t for injuries, Peterson may eventually pass Emmitt Smith with the most ever rushing yards in NFL history. However, Peterson’s agree won’t just be known for football, but the incidents that happened off the field as well.

Adrian Peterson was charged with reckless injury to a child. In a report, one of Peterson’s sons apparently pushed another one of his sons off of a motorcycle game. Due to the incident, Peterson apparently grabbed a tree branch, took off all the leaves, and beat the child repeatedly. It was also reported that Peterson’s son would be scared that Peterson would hit him if he talked about the incident with reporters. Many know about the Peterson incident, but don’t realize that at one point he was actually charged.

4 Dez Bryant

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We all remember it, and many Cowboys fans may want to forget that it ever happened. Many know the story, but very few realize that Dez Bryant was actually charged. In 2012, Bryant was arrested with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. In an argument with his half-brother, Bryant pushed his mother in the incident. Bryant was charged with a class A misdemeanor for assaulting a female family member. This was the second time Bryant got in trouble, as he had an incident in South Beach.

Many claims that Bryant punched his mother in the face, but it was never proven to happen. It seems that ever since the issue has happened, Bryant has tried his best to stay on a clean slate. No issues with Bryant have been reported since the past issue.

3 Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall is best known for his on the field play, and his occasional appearance in the studio. But Marshall has also had some off the field issues. Since 2004, Marshall has consistently been in trouble with the law. Many fans overlook these things because of his great play, as well as his great personality on the camera. Marshall in 2004 faced a misdemeanor for trespassing, resisting arrest without violence, and refusal to obey an officer as well as assault. The long list of things that happened on Halloween night of 2004, started the beginning of a long list of issues that Marshall was a part of. We could talk all day about his issues, but it may be more interesting to talk about the main problems he has faced. In March 2007, Marshall was arrested because of domestic violence and false imprisonment. The list goes on and on with Marshall. He may be a great man on the field, but he has had his share of issues off the field.

2 Von Miller

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The former Super Bowl MVP, most dominant defensive player in the NFL, has also been arrested. In 2013, Miller ran himself into a bit of trouble. Miller was scheduled in 2013 to for a hearing to appeal his four-game suspension due to violating the NFL’s drug policy. Miller was charged with failure to appear in court. A smaller incident, led to an arrest for the linebacker. A lot of this happened before Miller became the face of the Broncos organization.

Miller has also been hurt with traffic violations. Many of the issues Miller have faced have been small ones that can easily be fixed. A star player like Miller should be able to stay out of the small troubles that he was involved in. Since 2013, Miller has been on a clean slate making a positive impact on his team.

1 Dak Prescott

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The whole NFL turned when Dak Prescott shook the world when he took the Dallas Cowboys back to the playoffs coming off of a 13-3 season. Once Tony Romo went down with an injury, many fans were nervous for the future of the Cowboys organization. Prescott stepped it up, winning the Rookie of the Year Award, and took this team places they would’ve never expected after the injury to Romo. Now, many NFL fans look up to Prescott as an idol. However, Prescott has also seen himself in some trouble before his NFL career began.

Before the draft, Prescott was charged with a DUI. Later on, Prescott was eventually found not guilty of the DUI. However, this arrest may be one of the only arrests most NFL fans don’t know about. Many fans didn’t find out about Prescott until he emerged as the Cowboys starting quarterback, and most didn’t decide to do much research on his past. But yes, even one of the role models of the NFL has had his shares of issues.

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