15 NFL Stars Who Got Too "Close" With Their Fans

NFL athletes know that there are undeniable risks that come with their decision to play the sport of professional football. But when they are trying to rest their body after a vicious game (or long career), one thing that may make the pain go away is getting to focus on a gorgeous woman (or y'know, several).

Many talented athletes have come through the NFL, but the gentlemen on our list may be the very best when it comes to grabbing the attention of women off the field. Some of the players just happen to be legends on the field, like Joe Namath and Lawrence Taylor. The former who allegedly has been with hundreds of women and the latter who loved enjoying the services of paid escorts perhaps more than he did playing football. Others may not have had the career they had hoped, like Johnny Manziel or Matt Leinhart, but have still participated in some legendary photos of nights (and women) they probably can't remember.

Some of the current stars in the game of football, such as Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy have also made their love of women perfectly clear. Whether it's partying it up with "actress" BiBi Jones, or trying to host a party that is female only, these guys clearly have one thing on their minds! While we can't condone all of their behaviour, we must say it does make for some fascinating reading.

These are the 15 NFL Stars Who Got Too "Close" With Their Fans.


15 Rob Gronkowski

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Rob Gronkowski is one of the most popular players in the NFL. As talented as he is on the field, he seems to be even more loved for his off-the-field antics which often seems to find him in situations where he's inebriated and shirtless at a big party.

The party boy got himself into some heat however when a certain "actress", namely BiBi Jones, was seen in photos wearing his jersey. At the time, Jones denied any romantic connection between the two, but over time more risque photos came out; including one where BiBi is the one without a shirt on, which seems to indicate that the two engaged in some "Gronk Spikes" when the cameras were not rolling.

14 Johnny Manziel

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Was Johnny Manziel a great quarterback? We're sure any Cleveland Browns' fan would shoot you a very mean glare for even considering the idea. But there is no denying that Manziel was at the very least an exciting quarterback. Though it definitely was not for his play in the NFL.

While his career was short lived, the legendary partying photos of Manziel will surely stand the test of time. Manziel has never publicly bragged about any of his off the field partying antics, but the plentiful photos of Manziel getting close to women should be proof enough he enjoyed the attention of women that came with his NFL status. Let's hope for his sake that they also don't mind cozying up to an NFL bust.

13 Larry Johnson

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Larry Johnson had many unbelievable moments throughout his career that lasted from 2003-2011. Drafted in the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs, Johnson rushed for over 6,000 yards and 55 TD's in his career.

Prior to the NFL, he attended Penn State University, which is when this photo was allegedly taken. Along with being a great player, it's clear Johnson was great with the ladies! Something tells us that his love of women didn't go away once his spotlight got bigger. Especially when you learn that one of the careers he embarked on after his time playing football was as a DJ at a Miami exotic dance club. That's definitely a place you apply to work for with one objective in mind.

12 Matt Leinhart

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Matt Leinhart has used his "fame" to help land the affection of Paris Hilton in the past. But something tells us he probably has a lot more fun when he hits up the club, as he did in the above photo, and has gorgeous women climbing all over his lap. Especially because reports in the past say that Hilton is allegedly far from the most gifted lover in the world.

Perhaps Matt got used to partying at USC where he was considered one of the most promising players in the draft? Though his former flame is a fellow USC athlete, so maybe following their breakup he just wanted to live it up. Either way, Leinhart appears more comfortable in the club than he ever did in an NFL pocket.

11 LeSean McCoy

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Now, do we know for a fact if LeSean McCoy has bumped it up with "fans"? Technically no. But what we do know, is that back in 2015 he tried to host a party that was literally going to be "FEMALES ONLY".

Sketchy to begin with, McCoy also had several rules that included the women send him a photo from their social media profile to receive a potential invitation, that you are not allowed to bring a +1 and will be informed of the proper (logically, scantily-clad) attire and the pickup/drop off location. After receiving some serious heat, McCoy then released a statement opening the party up to everyone, saying people had somehow misunderstood his intentions. Yeah, okay, buddy!

10 Joe Namath

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Joe Namath may have finished playing in 1977, but there aren't many football fans today who don't recognize Broadway Joe and his contributions to the game of football. As legendary as his career was, Namath also earned a reputation for being a huge womanizer. A sentiment he agreed with when asked by Playboy in 1969,

"I think it's merited, in the sense that I'm young, single, I have some money, I'm in the press a lot, and so I do all right with the ladies." Namath admitted to having been with close to 300 women by the time he finished University and that the older he got, the more he was enjoying it. Looks like his new nickname should be silver fox!

9 The Vikings Boat Scandal (Smoot And McKinnie)

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There may not be a bigger "relationship" scandal in the history of the NFL than the Love Boat scandal that emerged in October 2005. Allegedly run by cornerback Fred Smoot, 16+ players and over 100 women (many of whom were "hired" and were flown in) showed up to party it up on two houseboats.

While specific details were scarce, it was reported that player Bryant McKinnie in particular performed, as well as received, "services" in front of multiple people. Smoot was also accused of manipulating an object on two women simultaneously (we'll let you figure that one out). Several ramifications came down as a result of the situation, but perhaps none was more serious than the soon-after removal of head coach Mike Tice.


8 Ezekiel Elliott

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Ezekiel Elliott has the potential to be one of the most talented running backs in the NFL for the foreseeable future. But if he wants to keep cashing cheques, he's going to need to make sure he takes care of his off-the-field issues.

Elliott took some heat earlier this year when he was caught on video pulling down the top of a woman during a St. Patrick's Day parade. Don't worry though, he defended his actions as no big deal because the two of them had apparently gotten intimate later in the day. Something tells us if he wasn't famous that the situation would have played out much differently.

7 Lawrence Taylor

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There is no denying that Lawrence Taylor had an unquenchable thirst for womanizing and partying it up. He also had no problem paying for it, including reports saying he allegedly spent upwards of $1,000 a day for 6 women.

There's no way a man that had an obsession like this didn't also try and use his fame to coerce women for "free". Among the legendary Taylor stories is one in which he allegedly showed up to a meeting in handcuffs because the ladies he had been with the previous night had forgotten the key. C'mon Taylor, rookie move! We're sure that was a moment that his fellow teammates didn't soon let him forget. Let's just hope he was able to get some pants on.

6 Ben Roethlisberger

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Ben Roethlisberger was never officially charged with a crime, but the incident on March 5th, 2010 may have painted a picture of his personal life at the time. An unnamed woman alleged that Roethlisberger invited her and her friends to a V.I.P area of the Capital City nightclub. As the night progressed, Ben followed the woman to a washroom where she said he exposed himself to her followed by assaulting her.

Despite not being charged, the incident led to a 6 game suspension (later reduced to 4) for Ben. The above photo was taken that night, but the accuser is blurred out. At the very least we're sure this wasn't the first, nor last time, he has tried to get with a fan at a night club.

5 Julian Edelman

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There are many advantages that can come with being single and in the NFL. Such as being able to go out to the club and probably come home with whoever it is you have in your sights. But after the Super Bowl, Tom Brady probably didn't have to worry about Gisele uploading a photo of him passed out after she logically got to spend the night with him.

Unfortunately for Edelman, that's exactly what he had to experience after his "pick" for the night, Sabrina, uploaded a photo of a passed out Edelman to SnapChat. We bet Edelman wishes she had fumbled the phone, or at least done to her phone what Tom Brady did to his after the deflate-gate scandal broke!

4 Chris Cooley

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Some of the players on our list earned a spot because they seem to love going to the club and trying to pick up a random woman. But for Cooley, his talents on the field caught the attention of a fan who got to see him up-close and personal. It was Redskinette cheerleader, Christy, who Cooley became enamoured with and later married (reminder, Cooley was a Washington Redskin).

The decision for the two to become intimately involved led to Christy's termination as it was prohibited for cheerleaders to date players. We're sure he was able to cover the loss of income though when you consider she was only making $75 a week. The fact that cheerleaders are paid so low is the real scandal here!

3 Kyle Orton

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Let's be honest, if you entered a bar and you didn't know who Kyle Orton was, there's no way he would stand out from the crowd. But there are several photos out there of Orton being absolutely swarmed by women, some of whom seem to give the implication that even if he's totally out of it that he's still got some game. I mean come on, look at the photo on the left. The dude's shirt is literally covered in what we can only imagine was his favourite drink and he still has a blonde all up in his business. Orton's partying life may be far behind him, however, as he is now married and has a little girl. Let's hope he is enjoying his retirement.

2 Alex Smith

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As it currently stands, the Kansas City Chiefs are in a really bad spot having lost 5 of their last 6 games. Let's hope that Alex Smith is receiving plenty of support at home from his wife, Elizabeth Barry. Her support has definitely been tested in the past, as Barry took a liking to Smith when he was a 49er and she was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. It's like a modern day Romeo and Juliet! Despite the teams having animosity between fanbases, the two were married in 2009 and have two children together. We're sure Barry was incredibly enamoured when she was able to land her first date with an NFL quarterback, and Smith is a very lucky man.

1 Joe Namath (Part 2)

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Joe Namath's history with the women is so legendary we're giving him two entries. Along with admitting to having been with hundreds of women, Namath also revealed in an interview that specific fans would write him letters asking to be with him as well as approach him in person!

Namath admitted that he doesn't know how many women only like him because he was a famous QB in the NFL, but he has also said that he doesn't mind if that's the case. Namath also admitted to actively trying to be with women the night before a game, with team doctors saying it was good to help alleviate nerves. Well at leasthe has the excuse that he was just following doctor's orders to fall back on!


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