15 Photos Of Chanel Iman That Would Drive Sterling Shepard Crazy

We would be lying if we said Sterling Shephard was the best wide receiver on the New York Giants. But as long as he laces it up alongside Odell Beckham Jr., that's probably something that is going to be true for the foreseeable future. While Beckham Jr. made a name for himself with one-handed catches, Shephard definitely wants to use both of his hands when engaging in activities with his fiance, Chanel Iman.

If you don't know who Chanel Iman is, you're in for a treat. And if you do, then it makes sense why you've checked out this list. Iman has used her determined and charming personality to become one of the most talked about models in society. Granted it also helps that many believe there isn't a woman out there who looks better than Iman! We all know athlete WAGs are usually gorgeous, but Chanel Iman takes it to a new level.

Though she also worked for Victoria's Secret, so putting her assets on prominent display is definitely something she is more than familiar with. While it's impossible for us to decide what steamy entry will be your favourite, it's also impossible to imagine you won't love getting to check out these 15 photos of Chanel Iman that are sure to drive Sterling Shephard crazy!

15 Resting By The Pool

Jamaica 🇯🇲

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Who doesn't love chilling out poolside? Better question, who doesn't love chilling out poolside in sunny Jamaica? Last question, who in their right mind wouldn't want to chill poolside in Jamaica with Chanel Iman? We can't see Sterling Shepard anywhere in this shot, but that doesn't bother us one bit.

Chanel is very active on her Instagram account, and that sure makes us glad. She takes a whole lot of trips around the world and is always quick to share some photos at the beach or by the pool. She is always able to brighten up her followers' days. With over 1.5 million followers, that's a lot of sunshine to be spreading.

14 Ocean Vibes

Thank you @revolve for the best birthday kick off #revolvearoundtheworld

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Chanel Iman is plenty comfortable hanging out by the ocean when there is a professional photographer taking the photos. But in order to get so comfortable looking good for professionals, she clearly must have some "practice" on the beaches in the summer while looking like a stunner. After all, you need to build your portfolio somehow!

And while Iman may get tired of the paparazzi attention that is sure to follow her, we're sure she would agree that at the very least she looks red hot in the red bikini that she wore in Miami back in July. At least she and Shepard have the income to pay for some privacy if they ever truly need it!

13 Sharing A Snap From The Bahamas Days Prior To Engagement

Bahamas 🌴☀️🐚

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You can imagine that there aren't many professions that allow you to travel all over the world as frequently as being a professional model. Sure, Shepard flies around too, but traveling to different cities to play football and then hop back on the plane isn't exactly quite the same thing.

One of Iman's favourite places in the world to travel to seems to be the Bahamas. Considering how good people think she looks in swim wear, perhaps that's a pretty logical place to enjoy hanging out! She shared the photo with her Instagram followers hanging out in the Bahamas back at the end of November, meaning it was also one of her last photos uploaded prior to Shepard popping the question. Did it have a factor? It probably didn't hurt!

12 Sports Illustrated

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There are many opportunities in Chanel Iman's life where she is seen flaunting her curves in a waterfront setting. And while she looks captivating in anything, you may be an even bigger fan of seeing how she looks when hanging out on the sandy shores.

The above photo isn't the only photo she's ever taken for Sports Illustrated, but you'd be hard-pressed to find another one that dials up the heat to such an extreme level! Something tells us Shepard is going to be spending the off-season playing beach football. Or maybe he'll switch over to volleyball. Heck I wouldn't blame him if he started windsurfing just to have an excuse to see Iman on the beach again!

11 Desert Pose

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If you are looking for a typical photo shoot of a woman in a bikini, it's probably normal to expect that water is going to be featured somewhere in the shot. If you don't get water, you're at the very least going to get some sand or other elements that make you think of the beach in there. But with the next photo, it seems like the photographers at Sports Illustrated were more interested in exploring the more rocky terrain.

The heat factor is definitely still there, but we don't know if the models enjoyed not having a place to cool off after the photos are done being taken! The above photo was featured in the 2015 edition of the magazine.

10 Red Carpet Stunner

Glamour woman of the year awards

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Chanel Iman has many moments in her life where she is either smiling or staring the camera down with a classic model pose. But for the next entry on our list, she is clearly working her hardest to embrace the more classy side of walking the red carpet by striking a pose that simply captivates us all. But hey, if you're going to be spending several hours every week getting your photo taken, we're sure she loved the opportunity to really knock one out of the park. The photo makes sure to point out that she is at the Glamour Woman Of The Year awards, and we can't help but pull for her.

9 Enjoying The Beach

Oh Sunny Day ☀️ @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld #bahamas

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This is far from the only photo on our list that features Chanel Iman enjoying the sand in a beach setting. But If Sterling Shepard had his way, we might be seeing a lot fewer pictures of this stunner being so open on her Instagram.

Why? Because even if he isn't featured in our photo (because c'mon now), he can rest assured that he got to see Chanel Iman in much fewer layers enjoying the sand. The two were spotted enjoying the beaches of Miami together back on June 30th. It won't be the last time the two are going to be spotted by the paparazzi, which means they both may make sure they take that extra few minutes to make sure they're looking their best before leaving the house!

8 Rocking The Pink PJs

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When you are getting ready to unwind for bed, the most important aspect of your clothing should be that you are wearing something comfortable. And while Victoria's Secret sells several forms of clothing where comfort clearly isn't the main priority, they also sell outfits like the pink PJ combination that you're seeing Chanel modelling.

Though combine the look on her face with the fact that she is starting to lift it up, and perhaps you'd agree that it should be called a Pink Naughty! We aren't too sure if that outfit would inspire much sleep for Sterling Shephard if he saw Iman putting on a fashion show before bed, but we're sure he'd give it rave reviews either way.

7 Party Girl

Dance till the sun comes up #ibiza

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One of the best qualities you can have in a partner is that they are willing to go out and have a great night on the town. Especially if you're like Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard and can both afford to go and drop some serious cash. You just need to hope they trust one another because there's no denying that Chanel must get approached on an annoyingly frequent basis.

One thing is for sure, Chanel definitely looks tremendous when she hits up the party scene. The above photo may have been uploaded in 2014 when she was partying in Ibiza, but we're sure Chanel still knows how to dance it up when the time is right.

6 Walking Down The Runway For Victoria's Secret In 2011

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When it comes to walking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you better believe the women are under a great deal of pressure to make sure they're looking their best. So while Iman has had the honour in 2009, 2010 and 2011, perhaps she is a little bit relieved that she hasn't walked down the runway in several years. Even if you may find yourself wishing there was a more recent photo of her in lingerie!

She's also worked with the company in various campaigns, but as you've seen with this list, her modelling career has extended beyond Victoria's Secret. That being said, we're sure you love this "throwback" photo from her 2011 walk down the runway.

5 Photoshoot With Sterling For New Era Hats


Chanel Iman has gorgeous hair, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love covering it up once in a while. As was the case this past July when the two combined their talents for a photo shoot for New Era hats. While Shepard's hat is on prominent display, it's a bit harder to tell which one Iman is wearing.

Call us crazy, but you think that it would have made more sense for people to, y'know, identify her hat as well, but who are we to argue with a professional photo shoot? Let's just hope it was a Giants one! If she has allegiances to another NFL team (God forbid someone like the Eagles), there may be some awkward conversations around the house throughout the year.

4 Chanel At Vanity Fair

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There aren't many styles of outfits that Chanel Iman can throw on and not come away looking like a stunner in. And while she may be covering up more of her skin when attending the Vanity Fair award show back in 2017, there is no question that all eyes should have been glued to her. At the very least we hope Shepard's eyes were, otherwise there may have been some awkward conversations if she caught him checking out some of her best friends!

As gorgeous as people think Chanel is, she did make sure to give credit to the various people involved in helping get her outfit looking on point that night; including Anita Patrickson who is a celebrity fashion stylist.

3 Showing Off Her Incredible Length

❤️💄💋🇫🇷 @revolve @fwrd #FWRDtravels @grlfrnd_denim #myGRLFRND

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Chanel Iman often wears outfits like the above one where she clearly had to be feeling confident in her body in order to pull it off. But when talking about her good looks, Iman has admitted that while she used to just be "naturally skinny", she has since had to step up her workout game

"Now I'm getting older I have to work on it. I go on hikes, box and do a little yoga," said Iman when talking to Australia's InStyle magazine. We're sure that Shepard is a tremendous workout partner! After all, nothing will motivate you like trying to make sure you stay in as good as shape as a professional football player.

2 Chanel Iman Lends Her Assets To GQ South Africa

via gq.co.za

When it comes to accomplishments in the modelling world, there are several magazines that Chanel Iman can say that she has worked with. And while Sports Illustrated may be famed for throwing their models in swimsuits, they definitely aren't the only company that has realized that bikinis are one way to sell a lot of magazines!

It seems to be a trend found around the world, as back in 2015 it was the South African version of GQ that reached out to Iman. Who understandably wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to be on the cover of the magazine. Especially when it was combined with some seriously steamy photos that we're sure are some of Shepard's favourites. At least until he puts the pieces together that she took the snaps and then went home to another man!

1 Promising To Love Shephard For Forever

My love for you will last forever

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There are many relationships in Hollywood that end in disaster. That's only natural. You have friends that have relationships end too, your friends probably just aren't super famous. But if Sterling Shepard needed any one photo to convince himself that he and Iman are deeply in love, it may be this next one.

Sharing the photo to her Instagram back on December 5th, only days after their engagement, Iman made it clear to the world that her eyes are only set on Shepard. After several relationships including allegedly bumping it up with J.R. Smith and Kanye West, it seems like Iman has finally found the man to settle down with.

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