15 Photos Of Katherine Webb That Would Drive AJ McCarron Crazy

Star athletes striking a relationship with a hot cheerleader is something that we have seen time and time again. These people are usually among the most popular students walking around campus, and their union seems inevitable to those around them. Should an athlete be fortunate enough to make it to the highest level of their respective sport, they tend to step their game up and move on from cheerleaders, electing to strike up relationships with some of the most popular names in modelling and entertainment. What is uncommon, however, is seeing a college athlete dating one of the hottest models on the face of the earth. But when you're the starting quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide and have forged an impressive legacy at the storied university, amazing things like dating models tends to happen.

AJ McCarron may not be a household name for his accomplishments in the NFL, but in the South where college football is king, AJ McCarron is a bona fide legend in SEC football history. His career at Alabama was incredibly fruitful, and his hard work on the gridiron paid off in more ways than one. McCarron is currently married to model Katherine Webb, one of the hottest women to ever come out of the great state of Alabama. Her looks helped make her a household name when AJ McCarron was still a star in college, and her body of work in modelling is to die for. Today on our list, we will be featuring 15 red-hot photos of Katherine Webb that her husband AJ McCarron wishes stayed private.

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15 Auburn Girl

via divashyne.blogspot.com

For those of you who are in the know with college football, you are aware of the fact that Alabama and Auburn University are mortal enemies who have waged war against each other in the trenches for years. Though Alabama typically gets the better of Auburn, their rivalry game that is played each year brings with it incredible moments that will go down as some of the most entertaining and memorable in college football history. This photo of Katherine Webb shows her sporting an Auburn University football jersey, and this is not without coincidence. Webb attended Auburn University, and despite being one of the hottest women on the planet, Auburn fans were disappointed when she struck up a relationship with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. It goes without saying that AJ would much prefer to see his wife in an Alabama jersey, but this photo here will always show where Webb's true allegiance lies.

14 At The ESPY Awards

via fanpop.com

Once you have achieved the level of success that Katherine Webb has, invitations to award shows are bound to be around the corner, and when Webb had the chance to hit the red carpet at the ESPY Awards, she made sure to remind the world that she was one of the hottest models working today. Because Alabama football has been incredibly successful for so long under head coach Nick Saban, they continuously find themselves being showered with affection and awards and nominations from numerous media outlets.

One thing we truly love about this photo is the dress that Katherine Webb is wearing. The dress does an excellent job with showing off what Webb is working with, and even though she has shown plenty more skin in other professional photo shoots, Webb made sure to drop jaws when she hit the red carpet. Even though she was on AJ's arm that evening, we are sure he wishes that pictures like this wouldn't linger on the internet.

13 Little Black Dress

via gotceleb.com

I don't think there is a single model in the world who doesn't look good when sporting an all-black ensemble, and Katherine Webb left people speechless when she rocked this outfit at the ESPYs. As we mentioned earlier, AJ McCarron and his Alabama Crimson Tide are constantly up for awards, and seeing that Katherine Webb has attended several different ESPY shows should come as no surprise to anyone who follows college football. Even though this outfit doesn't show nearly as much as the dress from the previous entry, it shows off just enough to get viewers hot and bothered.

Seeing pictures of Katherine Webb from the front are commonplace, but this photo did an excellent job of showing off what she's working with from behind. Normally her smile and her eyes are the centerpiece of a photo, but this photographer seized a golden opportunity to take this incredible snapshot of Katherine Webb.

12 Those Eyes

via herbrasize.com

It takes a truly talented model to captivate viewers’ attention without showing off her body, and Katherine Webb is the definition of this. This picture shows very little in terms of Webb's body, but it is still hot enough to be included on our list. Spike TV is a channel that is typically geared towards males, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that they try to get the hottest woman on the planet to attend their events. With her status in the modelling community and in the sports world, Katherine Webb was an obvious choice to bring to this event, and we imagine that the behind-the-scenes crew we're thankful that she was able to show up. There may be a ton of beautiful wives and girlfriends that are in a relationship with star athletes, but Katherine Webb may in fact be the hottest of them all.

11 Stunning In Red

via listal.com

Now this is what we're talking about. After taking some time to explain the finer points of Katherine Webb's natural beauty, it was time to get back on track and show you all a picture of Katherine Webb showing off her smoking hot body at a Sports Illustrated event. With all of the work that she has put in the gym and with God-given genetics, Katherine Webb is working with a set of assets that are sure to make any woman jealous. Moreover, the assets that Katherine Webb is working with are sure to make any man drop whatever he's doing and give her their undivided attention. While Katherine Webb does look incredible while sporting a black outfit, seeing her here rocking this incredible red dress is almost too much for us to handle.

10 One From The Back

via moejackson.com

While we have dedicated a great deal of time to focusing on professional photos taken for magazines and at events, we wanted to make sure that we included a photo of Katherine Webb away from the glitz and glamour that helped make her famous. The outfit that she's wearing isn't anything to get crazy over, which means that to make this picture as hot as it is, Katherine Webb just had to use her God-given beauty. At this point we don't even think it is possible to find a picture of Katherine Webb where she doesn't look like absolute perfection. She doesn't appear to be wearing as much makeup as she normally does during social events and professional photo shoots, and that is another aspect of this photo that makes it more attractive. Katherine Webb is a woman who doesn't need to rely on an outfit or on makeup to look great.

9 Beautiful In Black

via mountratmore.com

This picture may look a little bit familiar to you, as well it should. We selected a photo from the same social event earlier on our list to showcase the natural beauty that Katherine Webb works with. But because we know you enjoy seeing the hottest pictures possible, we went ahead and included this picture from the same event which does a lot more to show off the assets that Katherine Webb is sporting. This lacey black number that she is wearing in this photo made sure to show off all the right places for nearby photographers, and when these red-hot photos finally made their way onto the internet, fans and admirers of Katherine Webb went absolutely nuts. Even though he is a quarterback in the NFL and achieved the highest of heights at the collegiate level, AJ McCarron's greatest accomplishment may in fact be marrying Katherine Webb for the simple fact that she is perhaps the hottest woman from Alabama.

8 A Dream In White

via nydailynews.com

Sports Illustrated is one of the premier sports publications in the world, and their work over the years, including their swimsuit issues, have been a fixture in pop culture. The publication has always done an exceptional job and covering breaking news stories, and their ability to pull down the hottest models on the planet to feature in their swimsuit issue has proved to be a complete stroke of genius. So, when Sports Illustrated decided to celebrate its 50-year anniversary, it only made sense to ensure that the hottest and most popular athletes and women were in attendance for the event. While we are sure that the events directors had plenty of names in mind, we'd like to think that Katherine Webb was high priority at the top of the list. She has an incredible body of work in her modelling career, and having her attend the 50-year anniversary event only helped bolster the magnitude of the evening.

7 A Sensual Stare

via pagesix.com

Because Katherine Webb looks simply to die for while wearing the colour black, we thought it would be a good idea to include more pictures of her sporting this colour. One of the more intriguing aspects of this photo here is that Webb chose not to smile. She normally wears a large grin on her face which only makes sense because she has some of the nicest teeth that you will ever. The contrast that Katherine Webb has with her eye and hair colour only serves to make her more stunning. Even though we have shown you many pictures of Katherine Webb giving viewers more than they can handle, this photo here was an obvious choice for this list. She didn't need to show off a ton of skin or even flash a smile in this photo to capture our attention.

6 Selfie Time

via pinterest.com

Sometimes, you just have to take a moment and take a selfie to post on your social media account. We all have a ton of friends who can't seem to stop taking pictures of themselves, though we are willing to wager that none of the people you know are as hot as Katherine Webb. In this stunning selfie that she went took of herself, she looks incredible, and her makeup is on point in this picture. This picture is an example of how hot she is even when walking around doing day-to-day things. The world is hardly a fair place, and knowing that there are people as gorgeous as Katherine Webb walking around maybe disheartening to some. Fortunately, internet is chock full of gorgeous pictures of Katherine Webb for us to look at whenever we want.

5 Poolside Beauty

via zimbio.com

Models of her caliber are never caught looking bad or looking out of shape, and the hard work that Webb has put into her body over the years has truly paid off, as evidenced by this incredible snapshot where she's stretching poolside. We're not sure if she's limbering up for a yoga session or before she jumps in the pool, but we're certain of the fact that she looks really good doing it!

AJ McCarron is arguably the luckiest man on earth, and despite coming home to Katherine Webb every night, knowing that pictures like this are available for public consumption has to get to him at times.

4 The Red Swimsuit

via si.com

Now that we have reached the last stretch of our list, it was important to make sure that these photos truly stood out from even her most beautiful snapchats that we have included. Very few women can actually pull this look off, and this is largely due to the fact that most women don't have the body of Katherine Webb. This picture also made sure to feature Katherine Webb flashing her signature smile, making it all the more impressive.

If you think that this photo of Katherine Webb sporting a red swimsuit is hot, just wait until you see what we have in store for you for the top three entries on our list. It only gets harder from here on out, and we hope you're ready to see the best photos of Katherine Webb, because these last three are guaranteed to blow you away.

3 Roll Tide

via pinterest.com

Because she is such a loving and supporting wife, Katherine Webb has made sure to show plenty of support for her husband AJ McCarron, and this photo hear of her wearing next to nothing right by his old Alabama Crimson Tide jersey is exactly what we're talking about. When it comes to college football in Alabama, AJ McCarron is a bona fide legend, and most people would jump at the opportunity to take a photo with one of his old jerseys.

AJ hasn't had an opportunity to make a big splash in the NFL, and should the day come that he takes over as a starter, expect to see Katherine Webb take a similar photo with his team's jersey.

2 Runway Model

via pinterest.com

Professional photo shoots and social events are one thing, but getting to see a picture of Katherine Webb modelling on the runway is something entirely different. Even when she is walking down the runway, Katherine Webb absolutely owns it, and other models are forced to kick their talents into overdrive just to keep up with her. We assume Katherine Webb completely owned the event, and this picture here is all the proof that you'll ever need.

With 14 pictures down, we have just one more photo for your viewing pleasure. For as amazing as her photos on this list have been, the one that we selected for our top spot is sure to leave you begging for more.

1 The Commercial

via bleacherreport.com

As one of the best models working today, Katherine Webb has been an obvious choice to be featured in commercials, and when Carl's Jr. came knocking at her door, Katherine Webb jumped all over the opportunity to appear in one of their ads. For those of you that have seen the commercial, you know exactly why this photo has been included on our list. While it may seem next to impossible to feature a woman looking gorgeous while eating a sloppy hamburger, Carl's Jr. was able to pull this feat off with Katherine Webb at the helm.

For all the hoopla that we have made about her in bikinis and her showing off plenty of skin, the hottest photo of Katherine Webb comes by way of her seductively staring into the camera while eating a hamburger. Who would have thought?

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