15 Photos Of Kendra Wilkinson That'll Drive Hank Baskett Crazy

If you were being upfront about the NFL career of Hank Baskett, there wouldn't be a ton of positives to throw his way. As a wide receiver, he amassed a little over 1,000 yards in a career that lasted from 2006-2010. It also definitely didn't end with a bang, as he recorded under 100 yards his last 3 years. But there was a "bang" in his life, in the form of Kendra Wilkinson. The former lover of Hugh Hefner, Kendra has also posed nude for the magazine alongside some of Hefner's other girlfriends.

After 6 months of dating, Baskett perhaps inspired by Beyonce then put a ring on it and the two were married in 2009. Their love life hasn't all been smooth, including Baskett being unfaithful when he was groped by a transvestite, but are currently going strong. Which is great news for Baskett, because as you'll see with these 15 photos that'll drive him crazy, there may not be a hotter WAG in the history of sports than Kendra.

Included are some raunchy details about their own lovemaking, the horrific loving of Hugh Hefner and photos that you aren't soon going to forget (not that you're going to want to!)

15 Kendra Embraces Life

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Kendra Wilkinson has several causes that are near and dear to her heart. One of the areas that she is the most passionate about is the annual SlutWalk. Hosted in Los Angeles, the event was originated by Amber Rose. It seeks to raise awareness to the fact that women should not be judged by their clothing. As well as the principle that just because someone is wearing something revealing, that it is not an invitation to get all up on their body.

Considering the revealing nature of Wilkinson's career, it definitely makes sense why she would support this cause. The above photo was taken from her participation in the 2016 walk. During which, she also showed off some of her "skills" with a banana!

14 Kendra Looks Amazing On Vacation

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There are many things that you may find yourself doing to help spice up your bedroom life. For Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, that includes making love outside the bedroom "We venture off into different places like the kitchen and the Jacuzzi, and we've done it in the car a couple of times ... Hank and I did [get intimate] on a jet ski in Cabo. It was awesome," said Wilkinson in a past interview.

While we don't know if a jet ski was involved with this vacation, paparazzi did catch the two vacationing in Hawaii back in 2017. Wilkinson may look gorgeous taking a selfie, but just imagine how good the photo would have looked that she surely sent to Baskett?

13 Kendra Showing Off Her New Year Resolution

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As we continue through the month of January and into February, you may find yourself spending some time reflecting on your New Years Resolutions. Perhaps one of the most common goals is the belief that this will finally be the year that you start hitting up the gym. And while the crowded nature of the gym, especially this time of the year, could be a daunting task, perhaps you can be motivated by some of your favorite celebrities.

Wilkinson is definitely active in sharing her fitness routines on her Instagram page, including very recently. Which makes it clear that 2018 is going to be a huge year for her to continue honing her jaw-dropping body. Perhaps adding to her motivation is the raunchy session that followed one of her workouts in 2017, "Mmm ... We got busy in the gym. Have a thing for the gym right now. Idk ... I guess it counted as a round of squats," said Wilkinson on Twitter.

12 Kendra Shows Off Her Old Clubbing Outfit

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When Kendra shared this photo to her Instagram account, she captioned it "Honestly what the ... was I thinking wearing this to the clubs back then? OMFG". We all make mistakes with our outfits in the past. However, most guys would agree this is hardly an outfit choice they would ever contest.

And while that outfit was sure to catch her plenty of attention, we're sure you don't blame her for the sentiments she shares towards the ensemble. When talking about her past wardrobes in an interview, Wilkinson also admitted she used to try and wear the most revealing outfits she could to high school dances in hopes of getting kicked out.

11 Kendra With The Girls Next Door

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When you start dating someone, you need to be accepting of the things they've done in their past. But that doesn't mean you have to super love it. We're sure Baskett wasn't thrilled about the fact that when Wilkinson was 18 years old, she was one of three girlfriends to the then 78 year old Hefner. When talking about their intimacy, Wilkinson admitted to the Daily Mirror.

"I was usually very [intoxicated] during those evenings, I tended not to care about much until the next day. I had to be very [intoxicated] to survive those nights,' she said in 2014 of getting into bed with Hefner when she was just a teen. At about the minute mark, I pulled away and it was done. It was like a job. Clock in, clock out. It’s not like I enjoyed having [relations] with him"

10 Kendra Tells The World What She Wants To Do To Hank

Mood. 😄😛

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Kendra Wilkinson must naturally spend a solid portion of her year traveling to different places all around the world. The above photo definitely appears to be taken from a hotel room as she enjoyed some time in Las Vegas. But judging by the raunchy nature of the photo along with her captioning it "Mood", let's hope Baskett was also able to join along for the ride.

If not, let's hope he saw the post and knew what to expect for when she walked back through the door. Nothing like an Instagram post to let the world know just what you were hoping to get up to later! But hey, Kendra isn't exactly known to be shy when it comes to vocalizing her opinion and we're sure Baskett loves that!

9 Kendra Works Out On The Beach

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Kendra Wilkinson worked hard to shed the baby weight that she had put on with her pregnancies. But one of the biggest things she did to shed the pounds was engaging in some workouts on the beach.

And considering Wilkinson is a celebrity, it's only natural that the paparazzi is going to be on hand to catch her sweating it up. Even with her makeup left at home, Wilkinson still looked fantastic. We're sure Wilkinson was inspired by the work ethic that Baskett required to make it into the NFL when hitting up the gym. If she finds herself pregnant for the third time in the future, we're sure she'll have a great idea as to what she needs to do to still stay healthy and active.

8 Kendra With The Zipper Down On A One-Piece

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Kendra Wilkinson is often seen wearing clothing that doesn't require you to do much thinking to see what is going on underneath. This includes when she goes to the beach and can sometimes be seen rocking a bikini. But with the next entry, she clearly is aiming to prove that a one-piece swimsuit can be just as attractive (and revealing!).

While we aren't too sure what the photo shoot was for, let's hope Wilkinson didn't fall asleep with that outer wrap around her. If she did, that might be some awkward suntan lines that would be hard to erase! When Wilkinson is looking like that, Baskett would be smart to be close by.

7 Kendra Shows Off Her Flexibility

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There are many qualities that a woman can utilize in the bedroom to help rev your engine. Such as being able to be incredibly flexible. And judging by Wilkinson's love of yoga, she definitely seems to have that part down. Wilkinson's love of working out has also probably left her with some great cardio stamina, which also may come in handy during the lovemaking.

Though we don't know if anyone would blame Baskett for being unable to contain himself when getting himself alone with Wilkinson. While we don't know how "certified" Wilkinson is as a yoga instructor, we're sure plenty of her fans still take inspiration from seeing her routines.

6 Kendra And Hank Embracing In The Water

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We are sure that Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson have taken many trips together. That's just the nature of having a solid amount of disposable income. And while there are many great places to go, Baskett's favorite locations may often include the beach.

Or at least the opportunity to see his wife Kendra in swimsuits. It's not like he doesn't see her in even more revealing outfits (or nothing) behind closed doors, but hey, why not spend the day gawking over your wife before the clothes hit the floor? Something tells us Baskett probably can't wait for the weather to get hotter!

5 Kendra In Denim For Bad Moms Premiere

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When looking over Kendra Wilkinson's acting career, her biggest claim to fame definitely comes from her time as a reality star. But her celebrity nature still means that she is going to get invited out to some of the various red carpet events that go on around her. This was the case for Wilkinson who decided to get glammed up for the premiere of the movie Bad Moms this past July.

While Wilkinson may not have appeared in the movie, her outfit on the red carpet still made her a standout! We don't think many people would have minded if they had cast her in the film or brought her in for the sequel. Oh well, at least they invited her to the premiere!

4 Kendra Tells The World Her Perfect Summer Day

Havin fun at the #VeetSwim party. What a perfect summer day.

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What do you think is your version of the perfect summer day? Perhaps you spend some solid time throwing back some ice cream. Maybe you and your friends get together and take in the sandy shores. If you're Kendra Wilkinson, the answer to a "perfect summer day" is contained in the photo above. At least that's how she felt when she shared the photo on her Instagram account roughly 4.5 years ago!

We're sure if Baskett was asked about what his perfect summer day was, he'd probably also say a day in which Wilkinson is hanging out in a swimsuit. Which is great news because it seems she loves to wear them.

3 Kendra Lounges And Dishes On Love

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You can imagine that when Hank Baskett gets to look at Kendra in outfits like this, that he quickly may want to retreat to the bedroom and engage in some cardio. And while having children (they have two, age 8 and 3) may slow them down, Kendra was very frank in an interview with Catt Sadler and E! News

"I have no shame. I even tell little Hank sometimes, ‘Go to bed. Mom and pop are going to have [relations]. We got to have some [relations] Hank, okay? Go to your room. Play your video games.' You don't understand. These kids know earlier and earlier now." While we don't know if you'd agree with their methods, at least you know Hank is still bumping it up on the regular.

2 Kendra Shares A Steamy Pre-Pool Snap

Snapchat pic this morning before jumping in the pool 😊

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Kendra Wilkinson is definitely aware that her fans love getting to see her on a regular basis. Her Instagram account boasts over 800 photos. But when she has over 2.5 million fans, perhaps she feels the pressure to keep them entertained! Wilkinson is also an active user on Snapchat where she is sure to keep her fans informed on her regular day to day life.

That also happens to include some moments where she is wearing outfits that are sure to catch your attention. Such as this swimsuit snap that she thought was alluring enough to also share on her Instagram account. Hard to judge her!

1 Kendra Embracing The Simple Life

White trash comin out to play today.

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If you look at some aspects of Kendra Wilkinson's life, the phrase "white trash" is definitely not one that you think would immediately pop into your mind. But she proved that she can "get down" with the best of them with our next entry. The photo was uploaded all the way back on April 30th, 2016, but the internet doesn't forget.

It's hard to blame her for what appears to be a pair of Ugg boots because at the very least they are incredibly comfortable. But "white trash" or not, you may be in agreement that there had to be a better beer on hand than Coors Light! At least if Wilkinson ever ends up drinking too much and taking a dive, Baskett is more than equipped to pick her up and carry her to bed!

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