15 Pictures Of Adriana Lima That Will Have Julian Edelman Crawling Back

Can Julian Edelman really do better than Adriana Lima? Well, apparently he thinks so, but these photos might change his mind!

It has been an interesting year for New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. Back in February, he was sprawling out on the turf of the football field making one of the most acrobatic catches in Super Bowl history. He was a big reason why the Patriots kept fighting and ended up having one of the greatest comebacks in professional sports history Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in a preseason game in August against the Detroit Lions. It cost him his season, but the Patriots are still succeeding even without his presence. Somebody else who seems to be doing just fine without his presence is Adriana Lima.

Edelman and Lima were dating through late 2016 through early 2017. There was even the moment after the Super Bowl where Adrianna Lima called Julian Edelman "my lover" right to his face. If Lima said that to me, you bet I would do anything to make sure the relationship continued. Edelman didn't think that way as the two ended things, leaving many to wonder if Edelman truly wants to settle down or stay a bachelor. The rumored reason behind their split was Edelman not wanting more kids (he has one from a previous relationship), while Lima did. Well, we all know Lima models for Victoria Secret, so maybe seeing some eye-popping pictures of the V.S. angel will change Edelman's mind. After all, it's not like he is playing football this season. Let's take a look at 15 photos of Adriana Lima that will have Julian Edelman crawling back...or at least attempting to with that ACL tear.

15 Chilling by the Beach


Right away, we kick things off with Adriana Lima laying out by the beach. Being a Victoria's Secret model, she definitely has an image and body type she needs to keep up with. She does a magnificent job of showing just how great of shape she is in. Considering Edelman has said he likes to workout a lot in the offseason, you would think that would be just one more thing to keep Edelman around. But that wasn't the case and this is the first photo that will make him wonder whether he made the right decision.

Her sun-kissed skin sizzles in the sun and her brown hair flows gracefully in the wind. The beach background and the intense stare into the sunset also make this photo a total knockout. Considering Edelman is from California originally, this could have been the type of life and warm weather he could have had with Lima. But he chose his bachelor ways.

14 That Waterfall Looks Really Good


We stick with the theme of water in the background with a waterfall. The waterfall scene is nice, but it is completely overshadowed by Lima. We love looking at Lima just like Julian did for the time they were together. Although they are no longer technically together, Edelman might be starting to come around to the idea of getting back together with this photo.

We see the luscious Lima leaning up against the rocks in a purple bikini. She loves the camera and the camera loves her, that is just a foregone conclusion. What remains a mystery however is why Julian Edelman broke it off with someone this good-looking. He also might need company while he is recovering, but Lima isn't around for him anymore. Bummer!

13 Spreading Her Wings


One of the best things about the Victoria's Secret fashion shows is seeing all of the angels spreading their wings. Some of the angels have their moments of looking unbelievable for all to see. But Lima always looks good no matter what she is wearing. Sometimes it seems like Edelman is spreading his wings when he sprawls all out for ridiculous catches like the Atlanta one in the Super Bowl.

Lima continues to show that look of determination and fierceness that sends chills down all men's spines. She knows she owns the runway every time she makes an appearance on it. Edelman would have had something to look at when not doing physical therapy to get back on the field. So who really won and who really lost out in this break-up of two good-looking people?

12 Out in the Hot Sun


There are fantasies in the world today that most men have when it comes to women. Some men like to fantasize about marrying the woman of their dreams. Others like to fantasize about having a one-night stand with their celebrity crush. But what about the damsel in distress fantasies? The scene is set where a beautiful woman has to be saved by a knight in shining armor. Lima may not necessarily be in much distress here, but it is nice to envision the fantasy with the way she looks in this photo.

Edelman was that guy once, but now he can only wonder who the next man would be to take his spot. Edelman is used to waiting on the bench for his opportunity, as he was mainly a special teams player for the first few seasons he was with the Patriots. Now he might have to be second-string again to the guy who treats Adriana Lima the way she deserves: with love, passion, and a long-term goal to marry her.

11 The Look of Determination in Her Eyes


Sometimes a woman can be so good looking, it's scary. They just have the look of the devil in their eyes that scares you, but also excites you at the same time. The thing we continue to look at is Lima's stare. It looks like she is staring directly into the soul of the next man she dates and says, "I dare you to screw this thing up and see how sorry you will be!" Maybe that is the look Lima gave Edelman when they decided to call it quits. Whatever the case was, if I was dating Lima and she gave me this stare; I would probably be doing anything she wants if she continued to dress like that. Lima has quite the dating resume, as she has gone out with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Marko Jaric.

10 Getting a Sneak Peek


Next on our list is Adriana Lima being the tease she can be by giving us an inside peek at her shirt. Edelman knows all about sneak peeks as fans always get sneak peeks of upcoming opponents based on press conferences and quotes said by players about the upcoming game. That really isn't an issue with the Patriots considering they have talent throughout the whole organization with Edelman, Tom Brady, Brandin Cooks, Rob Gronkowski, etc. What isn't an issue is giving Lima a solid ten in this picture.

Edelman has seen it all with Lima, hence the reason why she probably called him "my lover" for all to hear after the Super Bowl. It is quite a shame Edelman cannot continue to have those sneak peeks for mainly him. Now with a photo like this out, that sneak peek can be seen by all fans; which nobody would really oppose anyway.

9 Flower?


The holiday season is here. With Christmas and New Years coming up, nobody is really looking ahead to Valentine's Day in February. It is a holiday filled with chocolate and flowers and love galore. Lima seems to be thinking of the holiday early with a flower in her hand and a look of lust and love in her eyes. She once had that love and lust for Julian Edelman, but now she has to go looking for love in all places.

This photo does a great job of showcasing Adriana as a woman who is single and ready to mingle (although she is now dating Turkish author Metin Hera). She has a pink flower in her hand and the same look we have grown accustomed to seeing now. Valentine's Day will certainly be different for both of these two former lovers this year, but a photo like this might send Edelman to the store ASAP to try to win her back.

8 Pretty in Pink


Pretty in Pink is one of the most notorious movies with Molly Ringwald. While she isn't always wearing the color pink throughout the whole movie, she definitely portrayed herself well. One woman who could wear the color pink all the time and we would never get tired of it is you guessed it...Adriana Lima. She looks good in anything she chooses to wear. But this particular photo shows that pink can be up there for top colors on her. We honestly could have put any color here and captioned it 'Pretty in Color X' but pink worked out nicely here. Speaking of modeling off colors, Lima has said she has no plans to retire from Victoria's Secret in the next couple of years, despite a long, full career.

7 Little Pink...Bikini


At one point or another, we have all seen the yellow polka dot bikini commercial. The woman finally feels confident enough to wear the bikini after eating right along with the catchy jingle and the rest is history. Well, Adriana Lima unfortunately didn't have a yellow polka dot bikini to show off in. So, we had to settle for a pink bikini instead. I think you all will be just fine with that.

She is showing off her game face that is needed in modeling. Of course, we would love to see her smile more in her photos. But her mean mugging, serious look is also one that is quite appealing. She obviously keeps herself in great shape too.

Julian Edelman keeps in great shape as well, so what exactly was the problem again? Edelman could be attempting to get up and go out the door to find where Adriana is to reconcile their differences when he sees a photo like this.

6 Cowgirl

⭐️Invoking my animal totem⭐️ 📸 @diegodasilva_

A post shared by Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) on


Adriana Lima is one of the most famous models in the world, so of course she has an Instagram account and of course it's chalk full of goodies. Lima has over 11 million Instagram followers and treats them very well. Here we have Lima dressing in a cowgirl like outfit, with the caption "Invoking my animal totem". Lima dated the Patriot for a few months. Was she hinting that she now had her sights set on the Cowboys with this picture? Well, if she was, the Cowboys missed their chance, as Lima is now in another relationship. In any event, it's a good thing Edelman unfollowed Lima on Instagram after the breakup, because if he saw this photo, it would only cause him more pain.

5 At the Awards...but Where's Julian?


Awards shows are some of the most honorable events to be a part of. The biggest of stars, professional athletes, models, singers, you name it are there to receive awards or watch others bring in the glory. Of course, most celebrities show up with their significant others, families, or a date at the very least. Adriana Lima is easily a catch, so why doesn't she seem to have a date in the picture listed above?

We love seeing Adriana in the simple black dress and black boots combination. She doesn't have to put together all of these colors and styles to look good. She does a good job of showing us to keep things simple and allow for us to love her no matter what she wears, if anything at all. Edelman may have two Super Bowl rings, but are those rings more important to him than a potential wedding ring to a woman like this? Maybe, maybe not.

4 Enjoying the Water on a Sizzling Day


It looks as though Edelman is not on his hands and knees yet begging for Lima to come back. Seems like we are going to have to step up our game a bit. This next photo has a whole lot of Adriana, a whole lot of water, and a whole lot of steaminess all complied into one great photo. Edelman might want to pay attention to this since he isn't catching passes from Tom Brady anytime soon.

With the water in the background, we get a solid head shot of Adriana Lima with a little bit of shoulder showing. Based on the photo, it seems like Lima has taken a dip in the pool. She has a slight smirk on her face, or she could be just really cold and it turned into a photo like this. Regardless of the situation, she is a beauty and leaves a lot to imagination.

3 Miss Her Yet, Julian?


A lot of people miss Julian Edelman this season. First off, Tom Brady misses him because he was one of his favorite targets to throw to over the past few seasons. Second, the whole Patriots team misses him because he is a leader in the locker room and is a tough, shifty receiver you always want on your team. Finally, the fans miss him because he was a hard worker who produced and had a good personality off the field.

Unfortunately, Adriana Lima doesn't miss Julian Edelman, as here she is arm in arm, with her new boyfriend Metin Hara, who we mentioned before. Sometimes when you end a relationship with someone, you don't realize how much you want them until you see them in another's arms. Could Edelman be getting that feeling after seeing his ex with someone else?

2 Baby Got Back


We have seen a lot of Adriana Lima from the front, which has been all well and good. But we also wouldn't mind seeing a picture or two from the back as well. Some women have better breasts than butt and vice versa. But luckily for Adriana, she has a very good combination of both. But for now, we are going to focus on the butt.

Adriana does a great job of modeling a pink dress with a gap between the upper and lower back. Although her butt is covered up by the dress, it is fairly noticeable to all. She definitely does her squats and other exercises based on the firmness and roundness we see. Julian Edelman once had a chance to lock her up for the long term. They could have rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after. But instead, they ended things and Julian continues to see just pictures like this and wondering what it might take to crawl back into her life.

1 There's No Secret About Adriana


We have reached our Super Bowl of this list, the final curtain call before we end this list for good. Although it is fun, entertaining, and has eye-popping photos to look at; Julian Edelman can only crawl back if he really wants to. But we still can make one last case to him as to why he should get going and crawl back to Lima.

Overall, Lima is an absolutely stunning, beautiful woman who any man will be lucky to call his. The photos are out and the ball is in your court now, Julian Edelman! Will you make the catch (again) or will you drop it? The choice is yours!

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15 Pictures Of Adriana Lima That Will Have Julian Edelman Crawling Back