15 Pictures Of Jessie James Decker That Would Drive Eric Decker Crazy

How would you feel if you knew that every single day for the rest of your life, you were married to a beautiful, successful country singer? Well, that is the life that current NFL wide receiver Eric Decker is living. Decker has spent time with the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, and now the Tennessee Titans. He comes into a situation in Tennessee where they have a promising young quarterback in Marcus Mariota, a veteran running back in DeMarco Murray, and as reliable a tight end as any in Delanie Walker. So being a veteran presence on an up and coming team is an exciting feeling for the seasoned wideout. Though he hasn't won a Super Bowl yet, he definitely is winning off of the field with his wife, Jessie James Decker.

Jessie James Decker is a country pop singer and works in the line of fashion. She has three kids with Decker and you would think after having a few kids, her beauty would take a major downhill slide! Well in this case, you are definitely wrong. From having her debut album come in at number 23 on the Billboard 200 to making her line of "Kittenish" well-known, James does all of this while still looking like a knock-out. Eric Decker is a very lucky man, but he also knows seeing his wife looking amazing every day keeps him coming back for more. We are here today to show some sizzling photos of Jessie James Decker that would drive Eric Decker crazy. Let's get on with the show, shall we?

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15 You Wear Your Helmet, I Wear My Hat

via genius.com

Eric Decker has to keep his hair under his helmet at all times, which is a disappointment to all female fans out there. The good part about Jessie James Decker is that she can still show off her hair, but still look great with a hat on. That is the case in our first photo. She sits cross-legged, wearing a long, white shirt with her chin in her hand. The hat looks really good on Jessie in this photo as she shows why she got into fashion. Her beautiful legs are a sight to behold as well. She also shows the look of a confident woman with a tremendous life, loving husband and wonderful kids. This may not look like much at first, but when you truly look into it; it shows that she can pull anything off. This is a photo that will start getting Decker's motors going in all places and it is only the beginning.

14 My Little Pink Dress

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Like we mentioned before, Jessie James Decker is a fashion designer that has come up with several businesses such as "Amore & Sorvete" which combines bathing suits and bandanas and matches them. However, if she really wanted to; Jessie could get into the tight dress business exclusively if she can make them half as good as she looks in them. The second photo shows Decker modeling a pink dress. Once again, her figure is shown beautifully. Her derriere makes its first appearance on this list. Also, her beautiful smile and blonde hair combination are one to die for. Jessie has also made her own Youtube channel to share her favorite songs, recipes, and whatever else she feels like.

She knows she is good looking and is not afraid to flaunt it at any moment's notice. That right there just spells confidence. This is the type of outfit that would make Eric Decker say "Woah!" on the outside but drive him absolutely crazy on the inside. She could probably pull off wearing workout clothes as well.

13 Come Home, The Bed Is Made!

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Imagine coming home to a celebrity like Kate Upton or Carrie Underwood and you got to fall asleep next to them every, single night? Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Well, Eric Decker lives that dream every night with Jessie. But for now, we can imagine what it would be like if we were in Eric's shoes for a bright and shining second. In this photo, we see a bedroom with a pillow saying "love", which is exactly what Eric and Jessie feel for each other. She also is rocking a white tank-top along with very short jean shorts, showing off her sexy legs once again. Her smile would get any man to fall to their knees and worship her in all ways. Like we said before, all we can do is fantasize as Eric Decker actually gets to live out the dream of going to bed every night with Jessie.

Her face also says, "I can't wait for Eric to come home!" Whether in a bed or on a couch, Eric and Jessie can relax comfortably with their lavish lifestyle.

12 The Couch Is Comfy And So Am I

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There is nothing we love more on a Sunday than sitting down with some good family and friends, cook up some food, and watch our favorite NFL team go to battle week after week. Some people like to go to the actual game, some go to their favorite restaurant, others go to a friend's house. Even some people like to just sit on their couch and watch the game. It appears that Jessie James Decker doesn't mind sitting and relaxing when she has some time to. Here she is smirking at the camera wearing a white shirt and little pink short shorts. It is almost a tease as Jessie reveals so much of her legs here.

She continues to show us why she can drive us crazy. You're telling me you could come home to her like this and not have a million thoughts going through your head? Well, if you do; save them! Eric Decker has probably thought those same thoughts a thousand times whether Jessie was in a bikini or lying on the couch like she is here!

11 Fierce Yet Beautiful

via bustle.com

Sometimes, the best models know how to just hide all of their emotions before a shoot or red carpet event and look fierce for the camera. Jessie James Decker is definitely doing so in this photo. Her face could be saying a number of different things. One of them could be, "I wonder how long the ESPY awards will be tonight?" Another one could be, "Is Eric wearing the tie I bought for him last week?" Whatever she is thinking, she is looking good.

Her hair flows down her head and gives her the beautiful country star look. Her voice is as good as her looks which makes her the complete package. Eric Decker catches touchdowns on the field and scores touchdowns off of the field with Jessie when she looks like that. We cannot emphasis enough either about how good of a country singer she really is.

10 She's Country

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Like Jason Aldean once sang, "She's country, from her cowboy boots to her down home roots!" Obviously, Jessie James Decker knows a thing or two about the country life and specifically country music. She also shows in this next picture that she can dress the part as well as she sings it. Here she is rocking a pink striped flannel shirt with jean overalls and cowgirl boots. There is only one word to describe a picture like this and that is: wow. Wow! She knows how to dazzle the crowd. Her outfit is once again so incredibly alluring that you can't ignore it no matter how hard you try.

She also looks like she could pick up a guitar and come up with her next hit song/album in a moment's notice. Good for you, Jessie! This will definitely drive Eric crazy and we're only almost halfway done.

9 A Relaxing Evening?

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We all have those nights and even days where we just want to go home and kick on our pajamas and call it a night. Then again, sometimes your significant other could be lounging on the couch with her outfit and heels on and ready for a night on the town. Jessie has done various photoshoots and we're not quite sure what this was for, but it sure highlights her assets nicely. She sends off the message here that the choice is up to you... er, maybe just if you're Eric Decker. Is is going to be a night on the town or a relaxing evening at home? Either way, you can't lose with Jessie James.

Well if not, we can still take a look at more satisfying photos of Jessie, with even some containing a mirror in the background!

8 How Do I Look In The Mirror, Honey?

The mirror makes an appearance in this one! The one thing that is missed in this photo is the beautiful smile we have seen in so many of the other photos. What's the matter, Jessie? Is Eric not treating you well? We hope he truly is, (I guess), and appreciating your photos like we are. Jessie's clearly going casual here, as she's wearing a tuque, yet she also has very short denim shorts and flip flops. Despite going casual, she still manages to grab your attention in this shot.

Now that we are halfway done, she has to be driving Eric insane. Well, relax Mr. Decker because you have plenty more you have to get through. There are probably a lot of men reading this that don't want the pics to end.

7 Kisses And Puppies; Can't Beat It!

via reddit.com

A shower makes for a sexy picture with a female as good looking as Jessie James Decker. But if there is a puppy involved, how can you not like any photo? It's a puppy we're talking about! It brings together a lot of good elements.

First of all, Jessie is wearing a short, white belly shirt and the smallest black short shorts I have ever seen! She is showing a lot of stomach and a lot of legs here. Second, you have the shower in the background which can lead to vivid images that fans can think of. The power of imagination is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Finally, the puppy in the photo that Jessie is holding is the icing on the cake! She shows she can take care of kids and take care of pets as well. With a beautiful family, beautiful kids, and having dogs running around the yard, Jessie lives a really great life with Eric.

6 I Can Handle Your Workouts

via youtube.com

One of the hottest things a woman can do is want to workout out consistently to make her body the best that it can be. Living with an NFL wide receiver as your husband probably makes you more motivated to keep up with your squats and crunches. No matter the situation, Jessie James Decker brings it and she does it again with this photo. This is a very simple and plain photo. She is wearing a black Calvin Klein sports bra and a pair of black leggings.

You can see Jessie's flat stomach and abs showing in this photo. Eric must be used to seeing a collection of fans eating junk food and showing off their huskiness. The fact that he gets to come home to a body like that makes him a winner no matter what he does for the rest of his NFL career. It sounds like Jessie might want to go to the gym soon, Eric!

5 Should She Go In The Water?

Summer is the best time of the year to see hot women and minimal clothing (sometimes no clothing too) which includes Jessie James Decker obviously. You guys didn't think we would go the whole list without some swimsuit pictures of Jessie, did you? If you answered no, you obviously don't know these types of lists. Anyway, back to what is important! Jessie James Decker is looking great in this photo.

This would probably drive Eric crazy because everyone will now get to see it and it won't be a private showing for Eric to see when they are home alone. By now, he must be used to having his wife get some looks in the summer, and all year around for that matter. Get comfortable Eric, we have a few more to show our readers!

4 Kittenish?

Mrs. Decker has her own clothing line as well, that she often posts about on her own Instagram page. The line is called Kittenish and Decker usually models off some of the clothing. After all, who better than to model the clothing line than the lady herself? She captions this photo that she's obsesses with this two piece beauty and after taking a look, so are we!

The company launched online in 2015 and by all accounts, it's been a successful venture for the country singer. She sure does a good job at selling the clothing and whether you're going to buy any of her items or not, you're definitely going to be going through her Instagram page to find more of these outfits. Easy, Eric, the list is almost done.

3 Look At The Beautiful Sky

via pinterest.com

Fall is in full effect now. The leaves are turning colors, the nights are becoming a little bit crisper, football is being played and everyone seems to love it. Unless you are Jessie James Decker and you are soaking up the sun anytime you want to. She and Eric can ride off into the sunset at any point in their lives now and live comfortably at that. The only looking off into the sunset she is doing currently is in this photo which comes in hot at the number three spot on this list. She is wearing a light green bikini that shows off her tight, flat stomach and long, flowing blonde hair into the wind. Her smile makes its return as it has us melting faster than her skin probably is in the sun. This could be number one on any given day except for today. The last two photos will truly reveal Jessie's beauty and show Eric that all of her is only for him!

2 What A Beautiful Day

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My god, Jessie James and the sunlight just go together hand in hand. She's here basking in the sunlight and just walking about with a white bra and a lovely denim skirt. When looking at Decker here, it's crazy to think that she's already had two kids. However, she sees that as a positive, and feels she looks better than ever.

“I feel better now after two children — I think I look better, I feel better,” Decker told PEOPLE.

“My body’s in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life,” she continues. “When I was younger, I was relying on those young girl genetics. I wasn’t watching what I was eating or looking at nutrition. Now I’m paying attention, and my body is leaner, I’m healthier, I’m eating better. I’m just in better shape.”

We concur.

1 Looking Back At All The Guys That Thought They Had A Chance

HUGE @kittenish sale only 24 hours!!!!! use code: hot for 20% off right meow!!!!!

A post shared by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on

What a long way we have come together! Finally, we have reached the final destination. Once again, it is a sight for all eyes to love.  She's leaning on what appears to be a bathtub in her bathroom and it looks like she might be pondering getting in. Now, it breaks our hearts to know that Eric Decker is the only man she'd ever get in a tub with, but Jessie James is simply stunning in this photo and it breaks a bunch of men's hearts in one snap.

That concludes our list, as Eric Decker will simply have to live with the fact (we're sure he's doing fine) that his wife is going to feature her assets and drive men around the world crazy.

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