15 Pictures Of Olivia Munn That Make Aaron Rodgers Regret Their Break-Up

The debate over whether is the "GOAT" greatest of all time among NFL quarterbacks is an entertaining one, and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The top two quarterbacks, and really the only ones in the running for GOAT, are Joe Montana and Tom Brady. With multiple league MVP awards each, along with four and five Super Bowl rings respectively, it is easy to see why. The debate can get quite heated, especially when one mentions certain Patriots' scandals. Furthermore, whether or not Bill Belichick is just a mastermind coach who could plug any decent quarterback into his system and achieve great success, adds to that debate.

But aside from Joe Montana and Tom Brady, there is a third quarterback, currently in the league, who is sometimes suggested as Brady's superior; Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has posted some superior stats to Brady in his time starting for the Packers, and a brief look at his stats include some NFL records, including career passer rating, season passer rating, and of course that 4.13 to 1 touchdown to interception ratio.

On the other hand, talking about anything other than wins and Super Bowl rings is somewhat unimportant, because winning big games really is what matters. Nothing I write here will convince Rodgers fans that Brady is better, much like nothing will make Brady lovers think Rodgers is superior. Most analysts will admit that Rodgers has better skills on the field, but Brady keeps a cooler head and has better "intangibles."

Aside from their play on the field, we can compare the WAG's of these two icons. Tom Brady has been married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen for a while now, and Aaron Rodgers dated gorgeous actress Olivia Munn until earlier this year. This is a hard call to make, but while Gisele is easily among the hottest football wives out there, Olivia Munn is prettier and has a nicer body. The stunning actress and Rodgers called it quits back in April. Here are fifteen pictures of her that are so hot they may just make Aaron regret dumping her.

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15 That Red Bikini

via carolinahuddle.com

We don't want to sound like a public service announcement, but looking this hot in a pool could be dangerous. Not for her of course, but any men around might be so busy staring they'd forget to keep their heads above water and drown. This shot almost makes us think of that iconic coming-of-age flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High, in which a young actress named Phoebe Cates casually hopped out of a pool and seductively walked up toward the protagonist of the film, while removing her red bikini top. Needless to say, while many men are suckers for a woman in a red dress, just about any guy would take a red bikini over a dress. Taking this a step further, no covering at all is preferable, but this isn't quite that "adult" of a site.

14 Just Woke Up

via frenchtoastsunday.com

While she looks, based on her slightly messy hair, and choice of attire, that she just woke up, we'd bet a pile of hard-earned money that this look took a while to pull off, and involved a lot more than just rolling out of bed. But at the same time, given the natural beauty this Goddess has been gifted with, we wouldn't be surprised at all if she still looks pretty unbelievable first thing in the morning. Make-up, no make up, it probably doesn't make much of a difference when you're pretty much flawless. It certainly makes us think though, how messed up did this relationship have to be for AR-12 to leave this incredible specimen? We'll try to shed some light on this topic as we progress through these wonderful pictures.

13 Magnificent

via gotceleb.com

It doesn't take much to make Olivia Munn look outstanding. In this case, a dress and a very slight smile is all it takes. While we've said plenty about Aaron Rodgers so far in this article, there may still be some of you with no idea who this gorgeous woman is. Born in Oklahoma to an American father and a Chinese-Vietnamese mother who fled Vietnam during the war, she's another example of how gorgeous half-Asian women can be. She's a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and took journalism.

Her early experiences after graduation were primarily in broadcasting, having worked for NBC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then Fox Sports in Los Angeles. During her time in L.A. she managed to break into the world of acting.

12 Lucky Couch

via imgur.com

We have some good news and some bad news. We'll start with the good. The good news is, Olivia Munn has posed for Playboy twice. The first time was a pictorial back in 2007, and she was the cover model in 2009, with a few additional shots inside the mag. Here's the bad news, neither of these glorious events featured any real visible nudity. They were all hot, but none showed off any bits and pieces. For more good news however, she has some leaked pictures online, and if you really want to see her in all her glory, a quick search should get you what you're looking for. This is pretty much what all her Playboy shots look like; a bikini bottom and nothing on top but with her chest covered. It might as well be Maxim. 

11 Princess Leia

via ranker.com

Back in 1983, the third Star Wars film came out. Okay, because of the way that series was set up, it's the sixth, but whatever, Return of the Jedi let us see Princess Leia (played by the late Carrie Fisher, an absolute icon) in a whole new light. She was captured and held by Jabba The Hutt and wore a golden bikini that became a fantasy of millions of young men back in the 1980's, and remains an incredible look that many celebrities have tried to mimic over the years. We don't know when this happened (probably some Halloween a few years back) but we're just happy that it did, because she is knocking this outstanding look look out of the park.

10 That's Not a Three-Point Stance

via pbh2.com

While she may not be doing a three point stance, she does look like something truly special in this shot. Why Olivia is topless on the lawn, we do not know, but in much the same way, we do not care...not even a bit. Pictures like this one, and every other shot on this list make us wonder why Aaron Rodgers would ever let a gem like this get away. According to a couple of reports in US Weekly, it all had to do with family. To make a long story short, apparently Olivia and the Rodgers family didn't quite see eye to eye on a few things and it caused a significant emotional headache for the quarterback. With his team's chronic injury issues, he didn't need much more on his mind, let alone family-girlfriend drama.

9 The Red Dress

via muzul.com

There really is something about a little red dress, and this one is about as perfect of a low cut as they come. It's not so low that you can't figure out how it is staying on, but low enough that you can see most of what we'd all like to see.

After her brief journalism career, which she does not recall fondly, as it was not her true calling, she managed to get into acting. Her early roles were in very small productions, including a "horror movie" about a scarecrow who kills people, and National Lampoon's Strip Poker. Her TV break came in 2006, appearing as the host of Attack of the Show. Later on, she would earn larger roles in film, including Broken Lizard's The Slammin' SalmonIron Man 2, and more recently Zoolander 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse, just to name a couple.

8 We'd Rather As Well...

via nydailynews.com

If you think that everyone involved with PETA is a dreadlock-wearing, shower-avoiding, social justice warrior maniacs who live in their parents' basement...it's not quite ALL of them. One of their campaigns is entitled "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" and as you likely guessed, it is aimed at drawing attention to the treatment of animals who are born for their fur, and encouraging people (sometimes aggressively) to stop wearing real animal fur. The campaign consists of primarily female celebrities posing (tastefully) without anything on. As you can see, regardless of your thoughts on the wearing of animal fur, it is an aesthetically pleasing campaign. Of course, using women wearing nothing to push an agenda infuriated some feminists, so that's hilarious.

7 Lingerie Is a Nice Touch

via pbh2.com

Olivia and Aaron Rodgers were dating for about three years. Over a certain time frame, the magic and spark in any relationship can wither and go less-than-passionate times. This is a roundabout way of saying, we doubt the Packers' quarterback came home to something like this every day or even once every week, but at the same time, we have to imagine that sometime over the course of their time together, number 12 showed up at one of his houses (he has one in Wisconsin and one in California, probably more) and saw something like this standing somewhere near the door. It doesn't matter how many times you got hit on Sunday afternoon, or how grueling Mike McCarthy's practice was that day, if you see something like this, you're back in gear and ready to play.

6 Seductive Look

via radiogunk.com

This is the kind of look that not every guy will ever get, but a lucky few will. The look in her eyes is essentially a subtle way of saying "hey stud, good to see ya, ready to have some fun?."  If you've ever seen this look, or a similar one, give yourself a pat on the back. If you've ever received this look from a woman as gorgeous as Olivia Munn, put a ring on that and lock it down last month. We've said something like this earlier in this list, but we feel it needs to be said again, how controlling, and utterly insane does she have to be for A-Rod to walk away from something so beautiful? Well, apparently she is incredibly controlling. While there are millions of men who would trade pathetic loneliness for a controlling relationship any day, most of us recognize that no woman is worth giving up too much of your own freedom.

5 Bunny Ears

via ranker.com

Earlier we featured a picture of this lovely woman with nothing on posing for a PETA campaign. Here she's decked out in a rabbit costume that looks like it belongs at an awesome Halloween party. Is this another animal rights stunt or just her looking amazing for another photo shoot? We don't care too much, but it did get us thinking, why are rabbit ears a hot accessory for women? It seems like an odd choice, right? Does every image of a woman wearing rabbit ears or a little tail make us think of Playboy or did Hugh Hefner somehow discover that all men have some sick rabbit-related fetish and use that as the logo of his brand in order to psychologically manipulate several generations of dudes into buying his magazine?

To quote the late comedian George Carlin, "these are the things I think about when I'm home alone and the TV is broken."

4 Need Some Company On That Couch?

via stuffsthatilike.wordpress.com

This is another shot from one of her beautiful, but ultimately disappointing Playboy appearances. That looks like a very comfortable couch, and we'd love to join her there, whether she's wearing an interesting looking swimsuit or not. Pictures like this are perfect examples of why she used to be a mainstay on lists like FHM and Maxim's hottest women on Earth lists. Why she isn't still on these lists is beyond our comprehension, as she doesn't look like she's aged a day in years, but that's beside the point. Getting back to what does matter: between the eyes, the smile, the devious look on her face and those legs, whoever shacks up with her next is a lucky man.

3 Leaked Pic

via terezowens.com

Many men who either have great restraint or poor internet access may not know this, but Olivia Munn had some pictures leaked a few years ago. While they were not as scandalous as Jennifer Lawrence's leaked shots, they were a different kind of dirty. Her leaked photos weren't just shots of her with not much or nothing on, several featured instructions.

She sent a series of lingerie-clad shots to then-boyfriend actor Chris Pine several years ago (pre-Rodgers) letting him know, in graphic detail, all the things she wanted done to herself. She got hacked and everyone on the internet who clicked certain links found out she's a bit of a freak. Good for her. It's awesome to see a woman who isn't afraid to ask for what she wants. What does this have to do with Aaron Rodgers, you might ask? Well, he probably knows what she's into and he might be missing it right now. Note that we used the tamest picture we could find among those leaked shots.

2 Stunning

via pbh2.com

Yet another Playboy shot that blows us away and leaves something to the imagination. There aren't many looks as absurdly arousing as a woman pretending to gently bite a finger.

Looking back to why she and Aaron Rodgers broke up however, maybe we kind of get it. Several reports over the last few years have shed light on the fact that their relationship was a point of contention among the family for some time. They had their reservations over whether Olivia was dating their son and brother for honest reasons, and their attitude toward her was one reason Aaron has been somewhat estranged from them since at least 2016. Most of this drama came to light while Aaron's brother Jordan was on The Bachelorette.

Even after their breakup, there is some speculation that AR-12 might still not be on good terms with his family. Either way, if he did leave her because she was controlling and didn't fit in with his family, good for him, family is important, and we have to imagine that if anyone can find someone even hotter, it is an NFL quarterback.

1 Is This Woman Even Real?

via androidcentral.com

We've asked before, and we'll say it one last time on this, the last picture of the list, why on Earth would Aaron Rodgers leave a woman this beautiful? Well, at the end of the day, it isn't for us to ask. It is his decision and much like the decisions he makes on the field, whether it be the choice to tuck the ball and run, or which receiver he tosses the ball to, his decision making is second to none. The drama she brought into his life must have been more irritating that the hotness and companionship she brought to the table. This is an example of the old saying (widely attributed to Charlie Sheen character on Two and a Half Men, but we're pretty sure the sentiment predates that show by centuries) "for every beautiful woman, there is at least one guy who is tired of her sh**." In this case, the Packers field General is that man.

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