15 Players Who Should Be Banned From the NFL (But Aren't)

NFL players, and all athletes for that matter, are role models for millions of children from all over the world. Children watch these athletes and one day dream of being just like them. While some players live up to this moniker and are great role models for children, other most certainly do not.

Some players in the NFL have done some despicable things to others and while these acts would land most of us in a lot of trouble, these NFL players were allowed to continue playing and given nothing but a slap on the wrist. This isn't sending a very good message to fans and the public alike and while the NFL doesn't excuse these heinous acts, they aren't offering much in terms of reprimand.

While some of them may have been released by their teams and haven't found another job, the NFL hasn't officially banned any of the players on this list, despite how much they might deserve it. The NFL has a bit of a bad reputation for its many criminals and the fact that we can't seemingly go a week or two without a new player getting arrested or being accused of something horrible. This article will take a look at 15 NFL players who should be banned, but haven't been.


15 Ndamukong Suh

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There is no doubting that Suh is among the best defensive players in the NFL. He is a dominating force and someone who can change a game with one play. Despite his amazing play, he is actually best known around the NFL world for his aggressive and sometimes dirty play on the field. He has been fined and suspended numerous times for actions, including intentionally stomping on players' legs and arms, late hits and just overall being a deterrent to those around him on the football field. While he has not done things as bad as some people in this article, how many chances does one guy get? It's only a matter of time until he seriously hurts someone when his anger or competitive nature gets the best of him.

14 Josh Brown

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During his 10+ years in the NFL, Josh Brown was a solid kicker for a number of different teams including the Rams, Giants and Seahawks. He had a strong leg and was very accurate. However, most people now don't think of his talents on the football field when they hear the name Josh Brown. In 2016, it was made public that Brown had verbally and physically abused his wife a year earlier. Instead of releasing him on the spot, the Giants actually re-signed Brown, even with the knowledge the had abused his wife. Once the news went public, they released him, but the damage was already done and the Giants were criticized heavily for the fact they kept him on the team. It is pretty appalling not only how the Giants re-signed someone who committed such heinous acts, but also that the NFL hasn't banned him yet.


13 Junior Galette

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Growing up in impoverished conditions in Haiti, Galette managed to do what so few could do and made it to the NFL. Not only did he make it, but he turned into a solid contributor on the field for the Saints and the Redskins at different points in his career. Problem is, he wasn't that good of a person off of the field. He has had numerous run-ins with the law including a domestic violence charge in 2015, used a belt as a weapon on a female during a fight on a beach and had to be tazed in a 2017 arrest after being witnessed assaulting a man. The fact the NFL is okay with keeping people who do that is pretty eye-opening stuff.

12 Joe Mixon

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Joe Mixon is currently a rookie for the Cincinnati Bengals and is arguably the best running back that they have on the roster. He had a lot of talent and praise for his play out of college, but teams were hesitant to pick him and he didn't go until the second round, despite being a first-round talent. The reason teams were hesitant to pick him is because of something he did in 2014 that was made public in 2016. Security camera footage shows him getting into an argument with a female and punching her in the face, which resulted in several broken bones in her face. This should have landed him in prison, but instead, he walked away without anything put a slap on the wrist. The Bengals, in particular, seem to have no issue keeping people on the team who have questionable histories, which you will see later in the article.


11 Ray McDonald

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Ray McDonald is another example of someone who is a great football player, but a pretty bad human being. On the field, he was a powerful and aggressive player, but unfortunately, those characteristics followed him off of the field as well. He has a laundry list of problems with the law, including two domestic violence arrests (one which he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend) and also an assault arrest.  Thankfully, McDonald was released from his team and likely won't find any more work, but still, the NFL could have permanently banned him and no one would have been upset about it, as the things he did are simply disgusting.

10 Vontaze Burfict

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Another Cincinnati Bengal on this list, and he isn't even the last. Vontaze Burfict is one of the best middle linebackers in the NFL, but is most known for his dirty and aggressive play. Fans and other players alike have made comments on some of the things Burfict has done. His problems date back to college as, despite being a first-round talent, went undrafted and was signed to the Bengals as a free agent. Since then, he had racked up a ton of fines and suspensions for dangerous hits and antics on the field. It seems you can't go more than a few weeks without Burfict hitting someone late or getting in trouble for simply not following the rules. If he doesn't get his act together, or the NFL doesn't seriously think about banning him, Vontzae Burfict will really hurt someone, sooner rather than later.


9 Ben Roethlisberger

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Big Ben is without a doubt among the most successful and talented QBs in NFL history. He has won two Super Bowls and appeared in five Pro Bowls and has had a very successful career. So that doesn't exactly seem like someone who deserved to be banned, so what did Big Ben do? Well, he has had two separate allegations of assault against him over the last decade or so. While allegations are not always correct or accurate, having two completely separate instances (with one ending in a settlement), many believe he was responsible for them. It's pretty crazy that someone who likely did such heinous things is not only still in the NFL, but hardly anyone thinks or talks about this anymore.

8 Frank Clark

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Coming out of college, Frank Clark was a highly touted player, as he had a good college career at Michigan. However, something that occurred in his senior year that led him to slide down draft boards and actually got him kicked off the team. He was arrested for domestic violence and assault after a disagreement in a hotel room with his girlfriend at the time. This wasn't his first issue with the law either as he was suspended from the team after a home invasion, in which he stole a MacBook Air.  While he is a talented football player, Frank Clark has dealt with his share of off-the-field issues. While he has remained out of the spotlight, he hasn't shown much remorse for the things he has done and that is never a good sign for someone who has done the types of things he has.


7 Richie Incognito

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While no one can argue Incognito's skill, his skill is not why most people know who he is. In college, Incognito had a bad reputation for simply being unsportsmanlike and getting in fights, issues that led him to be dismissed from two seperate teams. Despite all of these issues and character concerns he had in college, he was still drafted in the NFL. Unfortunately, his problems followed him into the NFL. Incognito was at the front of the alleged bullying/harassment of Jonathan Martin. His bullying was so bad that Martin officially left the league. While the things he does are not as bad as some people have done on this list, he is simply a terrible person and has proven it time and time again throughout his career, and harassment of a teammate to the point Incognito took does not belong in the NFL, or anywhere for that matter.

6 Terrell Suggs

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Suggs is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and has been for over a decade now and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a Super Bowl champion and former Defensive Player of the Year. He has been a part of some of the best defenses in the NFL and is a solid contributor for the team to this day. So while he is largely loved by fans, there are some things he has done that might leave a sour taste in your mouth. In 2009 and 2012, Suggs was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend. While no criminal charges were filed, there is little doubt among most people that Suggs was responsible for these actions.


5 Bruce Miller

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While the fullback is somewhat of a dying position, Bruce Miller was one of the best in the league as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. However, in 2016, Miller did something that should've sent him to prison and gotten him banned from the NFL. He attacked two men (a 70-year old father and middle-aged son) who were vacationing in San Francisco and was arrested. He was charged with seven different felonies including elder abuse, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was released from the 49ers on the day of his arrest. While he is currently a free agent, the NFL should do the right thing and ban him. Why anyone thinks it's okay to abuse the elderly is simply crazy to us.

4 Dede Westbrook

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Dede Westbrook recently made his NFL debut in the regular season and looked to be a promising player. He had a great college career at Oklahoma, including finishing as Heisman finalist last year. However, before he had all of those accolades and became an NFL player, Westbrook did some pretty regrettable things. He has twice been arrested for domestic violence against the mother of his two children. Once the news of his arrests came out, Westbrook was less than apologetic as he basically said that he got in trouble and did some things, but since the charges were dropped, he's just like you and me.


3 Daryl Washington

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Drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft, Daryl Washington quickly became one of the best linebackers in the league. He could do it all including lay hits, play in coverage and more. He signed a large six-year contract in the 2012 season and was looking to be the future of the Cardinals defense. However, in 2013, he was arrested in Phoenix for two counts of aggravated assault. During an argument with his ex (and the mother of his daughter), Washington pushed her down with two hands, causing her to fall and break her collarbone. He was suspended for the rest of the 2013 season and this suspension was only reinstated this year in 2017. He also had problems with substance abuse throughout his NFL career as well. He was released by the Cardinals this year and is out of a job at the moment, but hasn't officially been banned from the NFL.

2 Tyreek Hill

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This year, Tyreek Hill is staking his claim to being one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He is dazzling fans with his speed and skills on the field. He is arguably the fastest player in the league and is a danger to opposing defenses everywhere. However, when you hear about the kinds of things Tyreek has done in the past, you might be shocked that he is still even allowed to be in the NFL. During college, Hill allegedly punched and choked his pregnant girlfriend repeatedly after a disagreement. He was removed from most teams' draft boards and when the Chiefs selected him, they got a ton of bad press from the media and other NFL teams alike. While Hill is a talented player, anyone who has done such heinous acts should be in prison.


1 Adam "Pacman" Jones

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It is honestly shocking that Pacman Jones is still allowed in the NFL. He is a naturally talented individual and has played for a few teams and performed well, he has TONS of off-the-field issues. You could literally write an entire article about the various things he has done. He has been arrest for fighting, drug charges, domestic assault, disorderly conduct and so many more. Roger Goodell, the commissioner for the NFL, has even sent Jones a personalized letter detailing how disappointed he was about Jones's consistent negative behavior. Despite this, he is still an active player in the NFL and is still getting in trouble. Only a matter of time before he gets in more trouble and maybe then, they will finally consider banning Jones from the NFL.


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