15 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Are No Longer America's Team

It has been over twenty years since the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl. They still play in the massive city of Dallas, they still have supporters around the country, and the famous Cowboys star logo is still imprinted on their helmets. They are a franchise that is deemed "America's Team" because of their flashy style, widespread popularity, and most importantly, their consistent success. Much of their flashiness and popularity still exist today, but all of that means nothing without a consistent level of championship success.

So what exactly has gone wrong with the Cowboys? It all starts with their ownership and management. They have been a franchise that will not settle for mediocrity, to such a degree that they are seemingly always in panic mode. Every year they don't win the Super Bowl, the headlines around the team will consist of rumors of who is getting fired or who is getting traded. Their delusional management's attitude has trickled down to their players, who are constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Off the field issues, fights within the locker room, and a management that allows it all to happen is not a recipe for success. Their constant ineptitude and failure to evolve has made the Dallas Cowboys a show without substance. The circus that is the Dallas Cowboys franchise is now just a shell of the "America's Team" that they used to be. With that in mind, here are 15 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Are No Longer America's Team.

15 15. Jerry Jones is Arrogant 

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14 14. Recent Generation Has Never Experienced Success

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13 13. They've Become a Reactionary Franchise

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

12 12. No Team Chemistry 

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11 11. Players With Off-the-Field Issues

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10 10. Bad Free Agent Signings 

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9 9. Inconsistent Defense

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8 8. Making Headlines for the Wrong Reasons

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7 7. Not Dominating Their Division

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6 6. Lack of Playoff Success

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5 5. Losing Big Games

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4 4. Tony Romo

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3 3. Inept Coaching

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2 2. They Constantly Beat Themselves

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1 1. The New England Patriots

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Not only have the once high profile, evil empire Dallas Cowboys fallen into becoming a complete mess, they have been replaced by a new empire. That empire is Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's New England Patriots. The Patriots dynasty is highlighted by thirteen division titles and four Super Bowl championships since 2001. They have dealt with constant accusations of cheating, and are hated by the rest of the NFL because of their constant perfection and accusations that always surround them. The Patriots are everything the Cowboys once were and want to be today. They have the legendary coach, the pretty-boy Hall of Fame quarterback, the constant controversy, and most importantly, the championship success. To be America's Team, you have to have a large following of people who support you and despise you. You also have to have a level of success unparalleled by other teams in the league. The New England Patriots have all of this and have officially dethroned the Cowboys as "America's Team."

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15 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Are No Longer America's Team