15 Recent NFL Memes That Are So Savage, But So True

We are only a few weeks into this new NFL season, but it already is one to remember. In the offseason, we had the drama of Ezekiel Elliott, a show that is still ongoing as ridiculous as that sounds. We also had a few bandwagons being formed by people thinking that this was finally the year the Oakland Raiders would become a great team that could get into playoff contention, which ended up being one of the worst popular guesses coming into the season.

There have also been the usual predictions that the Patriots were going to be unstoppable, the Cowboys were finally going to become the team they are supposed to be, and that the Giants could make another run at a title. Now guess what? All of those predictions failed. It seems like the NFL has turned upside down with a few exceptions, like the Browns and 49ers pretty much doing what was expected of them. And we have to be thankful for teams like that because they are the only thing that keeps us believing that we are actually living in the real world and not a crazy simulation.

Seriously, we have had more surprises early in this NFL season than we usually get during a whole month of March Madness. To go along with this barrage of surprises and ridiculousness, we have also gotten a bunch of hilarious memes that explain precisely what is going on. Depending on what team you cheer for, you might not like these memes. Either way, here are 15 recent NFL memes that are too true.

15 Let the Hunting Season Begin

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Every year, fans believe their team can surpass expectations and become much better than anyone thought they would be. That was certainly the case with the Chicago Bears going into this new season. They got one hell of a draft pick by picking up North Carolina quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, but when the season started, the rookie who held the hopes of the city of Chicago was kept on the bench and instead the Bears decided to start Mike Glennon. We will talk about Mike later on, but first, we have to mention the one game that exemplifies what the Bears’ season is going to be like.

Against Chicago, Aaron Rodgers went 18-26 for 179 yards, which doesn’t seem too much when we are talking about Rodgers. Nevertheless, those measly yards translated into four touchdowns. This guy was sniping, and the Bears defense couldn’t do anything to stop it. Something that we expect will keep happening any time they face a good quarterback.

14 Professional?

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Okay, there is no lack of things we could say about Ezekiel Elliott. The fact that this guy has been playing since the beginning of the season is just ridiculous. First of all, he clearly should have been suspended, and he obviously still will be suspended. So what is the point of the Cowboys fighting this thing in court and just pushing the inevitable? Imagine that by some miracle they manage to snag a playoff spot and only then the suspension gets through the courts and has to begin. How funny would it be to watch this team without Ezekiel Elliott in the playoffs?

Of course, it wouldn’t be that fun if you are a Cowboys fan. But then again, do you really want to watch this guy wearing a cheerleader top every weekend?

13 Poor Jay

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If anyone is at fault for anything that is happening in Miami, it is their front office. You had no business pulling Jay Cutler out of retirement. This guy clearly did not want to go back to playing football. But if you throw millions of dollars at a guy’s face and tell him, “hey, we just need you to play, you don’t even need to try that hard,” anyone would’ve picked up that contract.

Sure, they didn’t need to sign a franchise quarterback since Ryan Tannehill is still their guy and he’s just hurt. But there is no reason to believe that Matt Moore couldn’t provide you the same kind of offense that Jay Cutler is. Here’s the proof: last year Moore played four games, with just three starts. He finished with a 2-1 record in his starts, throwing eight touchdowns and three interceptions. Cutler has inspired no confidence in the Dolphins this year. Why stick with what isn't working?

12 Who Likes The Rams?

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Changing cities cannot be easy for a franchise, but one of the reasons franchises change locations is because they believe they will have a larger fan base and more commercial appeal in a new city. That was not the case with the St. Louis Rams. Sorry, the Los Angeles Rams. So far this season, we have yet to see even a half-packed stadium for the Rams. According to FiveThirtyEight, the Rams decline in attendance from last season to now is the biggest in two decades. On average, Memorial Coliseum is seeing about 26,000 fewer people on average than last season. The closest dip in attendance happened in 1996 when Tampa Bay saw a drop of about 17,500 people on average.

And the sad thing here is that the Rams look good on the field!

11 The Chargers

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You know what? Maybe the problem is not with the team, but with the city. The Chargers moved to Los Angeles, but the skill level remained the same on the field. After all, it is no surprise that their team is 0-4 so far this season. To be fair to them, a pair of those losses were close games against the Eagles and the Broncos, but packed in between was a ridiculous loss to Jay Cutler and the Dolphins.

The real problem though seems to be with the attendance for the LA clubs. As a matter of fact, it appeared that there were more Eagles' fans in the stands in Los Angeles than Chargers' fans during their Week 4 matchup. Ditto for their Week 1 matchup with Miami. And that is terrible for an NFL team. Not only did they lose their San Diego fan base, now every Chargers game is pretty much an away game.

10 Cowboys Nation

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Every year there is one team that does not live up to the hype they have built over the off-season. Well, 2017 has set a new golden standard for these kinds of teams. We have at least three or four disappointments that anyone could quickly name off the top of their heads. And one of those teams is the Dallas Cowboys. After the surprising year they had last season with the ascension of Dak Prescott and Zeke, the Cowboys seemed set for another winning season, and who knows, perhaps they could even go far in the playoffs. Too bad, Cowboys’ fans.

If the start of the season has shown us anything, it is that the only chance the Cowboys will have of reaching the postseason would be for the Eagles to completely botch the rest of their year, which does not seem likely at this point.

9 Best in New York?

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If there is one thing that Giants' fans could have been proud over these past few seasons was that they were at least the best team in New York. That is not saying a lot when the competition is the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. Still, that was something to boast about. But as you can deduce from Eli Manning’s face in that meme, the Giants are pretty far from being the best team in New York as of now.

Surprising or not, Manning and his band of misfits have gotten off to a terrible start to the season. Meanwhile, the Bills are actually pretty good and the Jets, as terrible as they are, have already won more games than they were expected to all season.

8 All the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

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Since we are talking about all the crazy things that have happened since the NFL regular season begun, we found one meme that put everything in a nutshell. Yes, believe it or not, the Bills had a lead on the AFC East after the month of September. Can they go all the way to the playoffs? Maybe.

The Saints defense pulled off a shutout in Week 4. Yes, that might be the most fantastic thing that happened the entire season so far. Saints fans probably won’t remember the last time they had a shutout. But then again, that was against Jay Cutler and the Dolphins.

We have already talked about the Patriots, we have already mentioned how bad the Cowboys are, and everyone knew OJ was going to walk at some point. Still, as someone who called Blake Bortles trash before the season started, he put up a few performances that shut me up. Let’s see how far he can find consistency in Jacksonville.

7 New Englan (their D was confiscated in the pre-season)

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What is more surprising, the fact that It was a box office success or that the Patriots stink? We will go with the Patriots stinking. More than that, we really do believe that if Pennywise The Clown appeared to Bill Belichick and told him he had a good defense waiting for whoever followed him into the sewers, Bill wouldn’t think twice before jumping into that sinkhole.

Seriously, that Patriots defense is so bad we had never seen anything like it. Just check the stats. So far this season New England has given up 33 points to Carolina, 33 again to the Houston Texans, 20 to the Saints, and 42 to the Kansas City Chiefs. If they really want another ring, Bill better fix that defense before it’s too late.

6 The Chiefs

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After talking about the New England defense, we cannot help but talk about the most exciting team in the NFL right now. Not only are the Chiefs the team currently playing the best football in the National Football League, but they were also the team to humble the defending champions in the season-opening game. Call us bandwagoners or whatever you want, but if you are a Golden State Warriors fan in the NBA, you should not feel ashamed of jumping on the Kansas City bandwagon for the NFL season.

The Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the NFL, and most of their remaining games are jokes. They have a bunch of games against teams like the Dolphins, Chargers, Jets, Giants, and the Cowboys. Literally, everyone that is struggling right now will face the Chiefs sometime soon. We don’t know about a Super Bowl, but they are a major candidate for the number one playoff seed.

5 The Hype

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No team was as hyped as the Oakland Raiders before the start of this season. The Raiders were good last year, but they were young, and this season they were gunning for something better. This was going to be their year. Amari Cooper proved he could play against the best corners in the game; Derek Carr took yet another step in his evolution to become a top-tier quarterback; their defense was improved; they had more offensive weapons. For God sake, they added Beast Mode to the fold.

Still, the same thing that happened to the Cowboys as many times as we can remember, happened to the young Raiders. Their superstar quarterback went down with an injury early on in the season. Now it’s up to EJ Manuel to hold down the fort. And yeah, that’s not a joke.

4 The QB

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Mike Glennon is far from being anyone’s first choice when it comes to starting quarterbacks in the NFL. And so far this season in Chicago, it seems like he’s going to keep people thinking that way - after all, he's already lost his starting job. After telling everyone that 2017 was going to be his year, our good friend Mike did not disappoint his critics and made sure everyone who wanted Trubisky to start had enough fuel to convince the Bears' coaching staff that this was the right choice. With a 1-3 record and 833 passing yards, Glennon will have to hope that the rookie plays miserably for him to get that starting job back. Oh yeah, when it comes to touchdowns Mike scored four this season, but he also threw five interceptions.

3 Cam Is Back

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The biggest story so far this season might just be how bad the New England Patriots have looked. And the thing is that we cannot really blame their offense or Tom Brady. They might not be performing well enough to win games on their own, but the problem is the defense. Still, do you know who does not care about any of that? Cam freaking Newton.

After a season to forget, it seems like the Carolina Panthers are for real again, and they dropped the Patriots in Week 4 to one of their worst season starts in recent memory. Who could imagine that after winning a Super Bowl in the fashion they did last year, Tom Brady and the Pats would go down 2-2 to start off 2017?

2 The Only Way out

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Hey, the way things are going we don’t see any other way for the Pats to turn things around in time for the playoffs. Sure, there is a significant possibility that Bill and his coaching staff will be able to turn that terrible defense into the defense that helped them get to the Super Bowl last year. But still, if that doesn’t work, the Patriots might have to start going back to their old ways.

One thing is for certain, if their defense does not improve anytime soon, you better bet that every team is going to start checking those footballs to see if the pressure is right or not after every drive in which Tom Brady scores. Remember, if they did it once, there is no reason for anyone to believe they won’t do it again.

1 When Mom Lets You Choose Your Clothes

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This is not the kind of thing we expect to be talking about when the subject is a professional sport. Who could imagine that the Rams would actually show up for a game with mismatched uniforms? It’s not like anyone cares anyway. How many people were in that stadium watching? Maybe 200, 300? Out of those hundreds of people, how many do you think picked up on the fact that the uniforms were wrong? Actually, there must have been more fans there because the game was at Cowboys Stadium, but you get the point.

One thing is for certain, however, it doesn’t matter how few of them are in Los Angeles, if Todd Gurley and Jared Goff keep performing like they have and the Rams keep tallying up wins, they could play with Halloween costumes for all LA fans would care.

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