15 Ridiculous Pics Of Drunk NFL Players You HAVE To See

NFL players seem to be in legal trouble more than any other athletes. Maybe it's that NFL is now king in the United States, or maybe the NFL culture just triggers wrongful doing in some way. Regardless it feels like every week there is a high profile situation going on with one of the NFL's top stars.

This article isn't about those that have found themselves in trouble but rather 15 random drunk NFL faces that were out enjoying their time off the field. These guys take a beating on Sundays for the fans so it's amusing and humanizing at the same time to see them out and about taking a load off like the rest of us would.

There are certain current and former NFL players that we know enjoy having one too many cocktails at a time. The party life seems innocent for some but for others (Johnny Manziel) it has ended up ruining a once promising career. Here we can take a look at some of these players who are partying for the right or wrong reasons. To us those blurry eyes still bring a form of entertainment we might not get on Sundays.

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15 Rob Gronkowski

via twitter.com

Everyone's favorite party boy. Rob Gronkowski seems to have a free pass to get as drunk as he wants in front of whoever he wants. For some players, fans, analysts, and front office personnel may see Gronk's ways as a problem, but it does seem that his play has never wavered because of his off field antics. Furthermore, it seems like he knows how to have a good time without it going too far. This is just one of many pictures we are able to find of Gronk during his nights out.

One the field Gronk is a 4 time First Team All Pro, 4 time Pro Bowler, and has helped the New England Patriots to 2 Super Bowl Championships.

14 Von Miller

via Twitter.com

Von Miller is one of the most dominating defensive players in recent memory. He led the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 victory, and has been named to 5 Pro Bowls in 6 NFL seasons. Miller is even enjoying a 99 rating in Madden 18.

Miller has accomplished as much in 6 years as most NFL players dream of. Last summer he was blessed with a 6 year 114.5 million dollar contract. Seems to me that he is able to enjoy some nights out. Between the winning, dominance, and money, Miller has plenty to celebrate. He's been linked to 1st team partier Johnny Manziel. He said he was offering help to get Manziel back into football, but it can be assumed they may have had a nice night out as well.

13 Drew Brees

via spurstalk.com

At age 38, Drew Brees is still slinging the football like little have every done. He owns NFL records for career completion percentage (66.7), touchdown passes in a game (7), and consecutive games with a touchdown pass (54). He has compiled more than 66,000 pass yards. Brees is a Super Bowl Champion, 10 x Pro Bowler, and has led the league in passing yards 7 times!

Like any of us, Brees seems to be enjoying his time away from the field with a bottle of liquor in his hand. Brees is not known as the partying type. It even seems like he is superhuman not only on the field but off of it as well. That makes seeing a photo of him being an every man even better.

12 Eli Manning

via Deadspin.com

There are pictures of Eli Manning on the field that look pretty similar to his drunken photos. With the beer in his hand, I am going to assume this is the product of a drunk night rather than a line backer bearing down on him. There are some photos that date back to Ole Miss, and there are photos of the younger Manning brother that suggests his loves have a few cold ones on his days off.

On the field Manning is a 2 time Super Bowl Champion. He also grabbed 2 Super Bowl MVP's for those efforts. Off the field, Eli and Peyton both are advertisement gold. They present a humor on commercial ranging from their Sportcenter add to his DirecTV commercials.

11 Jay Cutler

via pinterest.com

Recently Jay Cutler has come out of his really short retirement that didn't even last an offseason. After beginning his career in Denver, Cutler put together some of his best years in Chicago. There he also seemed to lose interest in the NFL, which we all thought ultimately led to his retirement. Well, he is back in the NFL this time with the Miami Dolphins. He will take the starting reigns over for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

We may not know which Jay Cutler will show up on the field, but we know he isn't going to stop his relaxing, carefree ways off of it. There are plenty of Jay Cutler memes and photos displaying his live-free attitude.

10 Vince Young

via Complex.com

Vince Young will forever be remembered as one of the biggest what ifs in the history of football. A huge star at Texas, Young was able to bring the school a National Championships before being drafted by the Tennessee Titans 3rd overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. Young went to his 1st of 2 Pro Bowls due to his promising rookie campaign. Even though he would be able to add a second Pro Bowl, Young's career began to spiral out of control after injuries, some depression issues, and nights like this.

In 2014, Young declared bankruptcy despite 34 million dollars earned in salaries, and another 30 million earned in endorsement deals. Wish Young all the best, but still have to wonder what if when you bring up Young.

9 Donovan McNabb

via YouTube.com

If you decide to drive then there's little to say you didn't deserve it. The same rings true for the greatest quarterback in Eagles history, who tallied his second DUI arrest in 18 months. There is actually a video to this photo in which Donovan McNabb tries to deny any use of alcohol. The problem is he does admit to taking cough syrup, and considering the police could smell it on his breath, it must have been a lot of whichever the combo was.

From 2000-2009, McNabb was a 6 time Pro Bowler. He earned NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2004, and helped the Eagles to 1 Super Bowl and 5 NFC Championship Games.

8 Kyle Orton

via twitter.com

Another player that has had drunken pictures circulating for years, here is pre-beard Kyle Orton partying it up with a full bottle of Jack Daniels. Judging by his demeanor it probably is the first bottle that made its way into his hand.

Kyle Orton made a career being an extremely solid backup. He even played a big hand in taking the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl before Rex Grossman was ready to return. As we know Rex Grossman didn't end up being a Hall of Fame quarterback. Wonder how Bears fans feel that Super Bowl would have went down with one of our favorite partiers behind center.

7 Patrick Peterson

via complex.com

Patrick Peterson is one of the most electric players that steps on an NFL field at the moment. His ability to the change the whole course a game from the cornerback position, as well as a special teams punt returner, is that of a player that used to go by the name "Primetime". Peterson's tactics on the field may be calculated and phenomenal but he has his fair share of regrettable nights since his arrival in Arizona.

Actually it was during his arrival when his partying ways got off to a not so great start. It was reported that Patrick Peterson left a party with Jason Kidd's ex wife. Since 2011, it seems Peterson has learned to party a little more quietly as a famous athlete.

6 Matt Leinart

via Zimbio.com

Much like his National Championship counterpart Vince Young, Matt Leinart left the NFL fan with much to be desired. Unlike Young, Leinart's career never really got off the ground at all. He had a certain partying way about him at USC, and it carried over to the NFL. Leinart hasn't been seen on a NFL field since 2012, but he has managed to stay relevant in the paparazzi's eyes.

Leinart has been seen publicly with the likes of Paris Hilton, Jay Cutler's wife Kristin Cavallari, and Alyson Michalka. Maybe Cavallari has a type, but at least she ended up with the more successful quarterback.

5 Aaron Rodgers

via twitter.com

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest players to play behind center. Once he finds a groove, he can make opposing defenses look like they're not even playing the same game. There aren't too many embarrassing drunk photos of Rodgers out there, but he is seen out frequently having a good time. There was the 2012 part the Playboy Mansion, and more recently photos of Rodgers having a great time at teammate Randall Cobb's wedding.

Once he was finally able to take over for Packer legend Brett Favre, Rodgers has put together one of the more historic 9 year runs in the history of the positions. Rodgers has earned a Super Bowl MVP, Super Bowl Championships, 2 NFL MVPs, 6 Pro Bowls and has led the league in numerous categories.

4 Tony Romo

via pinterest.com

Tony Romo may not have been able to get the Cowboys over the playoff hump during his 12 year stay in Dallas. During those 12 years, the team made the playoffs 4 times and a playoff round win twice. One thing that is undeniable was Romo's toughness and his ability to build his own brand. Romo has had his fair share of high profile relationships including Jessica Simpsons and Carrie Underwood. It also seems that Romo is able to enjoy a night out every once in a while. He plays perhaps the toughest position in sports and a nice drunk every once in a while seems legitimately earned.

3 Joe Namath

via nydailynews.com

Joe Namath was a Super Bowl winning quarterback in 1969. Before that game he took his lure to a whole new level when he guaranteed victory as a heavy underdog. For even longer, Namath has been entertaining us with his flamboyant lifestyle, and drunken shenanigans. There was the night club named Bachelors III which invited the stars of sports, entertainment, politics and even organized crime. Namath almost retired from the NFL in favor of the club when commissioner Pete Rozelle asked the QB to choose between the league and the club.

This picture of course became famous from a sideline interview in 2003 with Suzy Kolber. As Kolber asked Namath questions about football and the Jets, he couldn't help but let the reporter know he just wanted to kiss her.

2 DeSean Jackson

via crossingbroad.com

DeSean Jackson isn't afraid to show his emotions on the field. What some see as confidence can also be seen as cockiness to others. One thing is for sure, Jackson is damn good and he has fun doing it, whether we like it or not. D-Jack has parties with the likes of Bow Wow, Gillie Da Kid, and Floyd Mayweather. Earlier this year Jackson even weighed in on Mayweather's new strip club calling it world class. Coming from a sure fire partier, that is good news for Money Mayweather.

The former 2nd round pick has been named to 3 Pro Bowls throughout his career. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2008-2013 before spending 3 seasons with the Redskins. In 2017 Jacksons will suit up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

1 Johnny Manziel

via sportingnews.com

The NFL king of drunk pictures, Johnny Manziel has hundreds of photo we could put here. The photo of him talking to his stack of cash is the first one that really kicked off this whole prolonged party boy session. Manziel has seemingly ruined a once promising NFL career but thinking he was above the unwritten standards of the NFL. Teams saw that Manziel did not commit to his off season in the form of learning and bettering his physique. Rather he ended up looking unaware of his surroundings and even started to lose the little weight he was already carrying as far as a NFL players' standards should go.

Manziel remains out of football, but he still manages to give us a night life or binge drinking gem every so often.

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