15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Tom Brady

Tom Brady has created his own following of fans, as he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to step on the football field. He has helped lead the New England Patriots to six Super Bowls in his 17 seasons of playing for them. If you think that is impressive, he managed to win four out of the six Super Bowl appearances and has consistently played well every season.

Every fantasy football enthusiast can’t resist to pick up Brady for their team, being that he always puts up big numbers statistically each game. After many successful seasons playing, Brady got caught up in the “Deflategate” investigation after their 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game on Jan. 18, 2015.

Brady was ultimately suspended for four games for being somewhat aware of the wrongdoing the team’s personnel did. They purposely deflated 12 of the footballs that were changed mid-game. Regardless of the Patriots shady antics, Brady will certainly be making the hall of fame for his stellar career. However, there are definitely some other interesting facts about Brady that aren’t commonly known to football fans.

Here are 15 shocking things that you didn’t know about Tom Brady.

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16 Brady Enjoys Calling His Teammates "Babe"

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According to an interview that ESPN did with a New England Patriots teammate in 2012, he explained that Brady is fond of calling them “babe.” For example, rather than say “how’s it going, man?” He would say, “how’s it going, babe?” The teammate that gave this information chose to not give his name, to avoid any possible negative repercussions. I’m sure Brady wasn’t too pleased to find out that a certain teammate has leaked a secret habit of his to the press.

However, it’s been four years since the player gave the interview. Whether, Brady still calls his teammates “babe”, is a mystery itself. Who knows, maybe Brady was just going through a weird phase of calling teammates that.

15 Gisele Almost Left Him

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So we all know Tom Brady is married to Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. What most people tend to forget is that he had a serious relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. How serious? They sorta had a child together. This happened as Brady was starting to date Bundchen, who was obviously not pleased with the baby revelation. So much so, that Gisele told CBS that she was thinking about leaving him. Ultimately she stayed, and thankfully loves her step-son, and the family is as happy as can be. Well, except for maybe Moynahan...

14 Weird Obsession With UGGs

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Brady has been openly supporting the Ugg brand for over six-years. He isn’t shy about it, and frequently has haters bashing on him for wearing them. Around every Christmas, he leaves a pair of the most fashionable Uggs in every player’s locker on the team. Brady, the apparent ambassador of the Ugg brand, even gives them to the team owner, Robert Kraft.

According Footwear News, a TMZ reporter asked Kraft if Brady ever has gifted him a pair of Uggs before. He replied, “He does. They’re very comfortable.” Brady doesn’t promote a lot of materialistic items for profit, but certainly enjoys Uggs and spreading their popularity.

13 Brady Is Friends With Some Shady People

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With cheating allegations such as Spygate and Deflategate, Tom Brady is no stranger to controversy. Another such scandal involves his friend and body coach, Alex Guerrero, who has been sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission in addition to being accused of fraudulent activity. Apparently, he marketed false nutritional products such as "miracle drinks" which allegedly helped with serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The FTC fined him over $65,000. In addition, him being buddy buddy with Brady has allowed him to work at the Patriots' facilities. Talk about having friends in high places!

12 Brady's Lexus Once Got Filled With Peanuts

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Matt Light, a former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots was the mastermind behind this prank. Although, Light and some other teammates were involved in the plan, in order to make it happen. According to an interview with NESN, the prank took months to plan and required three industrial bags of peanuts to fill Brady’s Lexus completely. They filled the Lexus through its sunroof, in order to ensure that the vehicle was filled to the roof with peanuts.

Brady later arrived to his vehicle and wasn’t too pleased to say the least. Light explained, that Brady was frustrated by his antics and actually had Gillette Stadium employees clean out all the peanuts that were in his car.

11 He Was Drafted By The Montreal Expos

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Brady used play catcher and was a left-handed batter. He was actually drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of their draft in 1995. Brady was fresh out of Junipero Serra High School, in California when he was selected. According to ESPN, Brady played 61 high school games and batted .311 with eight home runs and also had 44 RBIs. He also attended the same high school as MLB superstar, Barry Bonds.

Although, Brady wasn’t offered a contract by the Expos. Instead, he decided to pursue a career in football for the University of Michigan. Brady was drafted to the New England Patriots in 2000 in the sixth-round of the NFL draft.

10 Brady Is Very Good Friends With Donald Trump

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Trump and Brady’s relationship goes back 15 years, according to an interview he did with The Daily Beast. He originally met the presidential candidate at a Trump beauty pageant and Brady was even one of the judges for the competition. The two hit it off there, and have been friends ever since.

A reporter for Barstool Sports took a picture of Brady’s locker back in Sept. 2015, spotting Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat resting in it. When asked about the controversial hat, he stated that he supports his friends. Brady explained, that he isn’t endorsing Trump and referred to the hat as a “nice keepsake.” Although, Brady does think of Trump to be a “remarkable” man and has envied his various successful careers paths.

9 Hollywood Star?

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Mark Wahlberg, who starred in the first Ted, actually contacted Brady for a cameo role. Brady could have been in the original film, but had mixed feelings about a talking bear comedy movie. After the success of the first one, however, Brady reconsidered being in it and appeared in it for a brief scene.

The film crew actually relocated to Foxborough just for Brady, since he still had to go to the Patriots training camp. Brady had to showcase his acting abilities by talking to a blank space, since Ted is digitally added in the film. He is no stranger to acting though, Ted 2 was Brady's third-feature film he acted in. He was also in Stuck on You (2003) and Entourage (2015). According to Box Office Mojo, “Ted 2” made $216 million in worldwide gross, which isn’t even half of the original’s gross.

8 Ugly Picture? No Autographs

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That’s right, Brady turns down autographs if the picture they choose displays a bad throw. According to Complex, during the offseason someone asked Brady for an autograph and apparently chose a photograph that wasn’t to his liking. He stated to the unfortunate person, "I don’t want that one — look at my mechanics."

Brady is regarded as a warm hearted individual by the majority of his teammates. It’s surprising that he turns down fans that choose images that don’t depict him using his proper throwing mechanics. However, Brady has a right to decline whatever he doesn’t want to. Although, he is a role model to countless fans. He must portray and protect his legacy in a positive light, even if it means turning down fans for an autograph on a poorly picked picture of him.

7 He Idolizes Joe Montana

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Although Brady is a loyal New England player, he is actually from San Mateo, California. Brady was a longtime San Francisco 49ers fan, being that he grew up in California. Not only was he a 49ers fan, he actually looked up to the hall of famer quarterback, Joe Montana.

In Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks, Brady threw his 12th Super Bowl touchdown during that game, surpassing Montana's previous record of 11 touchdown passes during a Super Bowl.

Additionally, Brady beat Montana’s postseason touchdown passes in Jan. 2015. He threw his 46th postseason touchdown pass during the Patriots’ 35-31 divisional round playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens.

6 Kevin Youkilis Is His Brother-In-Law

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Kevin Youkilis married Tom’s sister, Julie. He was drafted by the Boston Red Soxs in 2004 and played third-baseman for them. He played in the MLB for 10 years, before he retired as a member of the New York Yankees. Although, he ended up playing for one more season for a minor league team in Japan. During his prime, he was a three-time all-star while he played for the Red Sox.

It’s ironic that Brady’s sister married a guy that plays well at the other sport Brady was once interested in playing professionally. Youkilis and Julie made their marriage official on April 19, 2012. Since then, they’ve had two boys together and also have a step-daughter. Now that Youkilis isn’t playing baseball, he is working on opening in his own pub in Los Gatos, California.

5 He Wants To Play in the NFL Until His Late 40s

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According to Sports Illustrated, Brady, who is 39-years old has stated that he wants to continue playing in the NFL until he is well into his 40s. He is so dedicated to football, that he has bought his own physical therapy business. It’s located nearby Gillette Stadium in a plaza shopping center. However, it’s hidden and is only available to very important people that are close to Brady.

The man responsible for Brady’s longevity in the NFL this far, is Alex Guerrero. He has a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine and has helped Brady out with numerous injuries that could of potentially gotten worse. Brady’s plan to play into his 40s seems to being going smoothly and buying his own rehab facility shows extreme dedication to the sport.

4 Brady Had An Impressive Résumé Prepared

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Brady wasn’t taking any chances, just in case he wasn’t able to make it into the NFL. He had a résumé set aside that would certainly impress some potential employers. He had prior experience being a park security manager for a summer festival and worked at a couple country clubs. Additionally, he also interned for Merrill Lynch and Brady even has some home building skills under his belt.

Although, Brady was prepared for the worst. He ended up being drafted in the sixth-round by the New England Patriots and has been breaking records ever since. If he wasn’t drafted, I’m sure he wouldn’t of struggled that much finding a job.

3 He Is The Second Youngest Quarterback To Win A Super Bowl


Ben Roethlisberger is actually the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, as he was only 23 when he won football's greatest achievement. However, Brady being the second youngest is still an accomplishment to be proud about. He was originally the youngest, until Roethlisberger won Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks in 2006.

Brady won Super Bowl XXXVI at 24 with the victory over the St. Louis Rams in 2002. At least Brady was able to enjoy the achievement for four years, until his record was broken.


1 Sock Love

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Brady is best friends with Aaron Shea, the two met when they were both on the University of Michigan football team. They're such good of friends, that Brady is actually the godfather of Shea's child. Shea revealed in an interview with ESPN, that Brady had an unusual dream goal that he wanted to obtain. Shea mentioned, that he wanted a Hummer and a Ferrari.

Brady told him what he really wanted, and that was fresh socks. Brady was completely serious about throwing out each pair of socks that he would wear daily and would love to wear new socks regularly. With Brady making an average of $20 million a year, there is no doubt that he turned that fantasy into a reality.

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