15 Smokin' Pictures Of Kristin Cavallari That Jay Cutler Wants Extinguished

Earlier this year, Jay Cutler was cut from the Chicago Bears after eight years leading their offense. There are few quarterbacks in the NFL who have had the rocky relationship with the media, and their own team's fans like Cutler has. In spite of a powerful and indeed, accurate throwing arm, Cutler has always had serious problems with his decision-making, and is almost synonymous with untimely interceptions.

Prior to his eight seasons in Chicago, Cutler played in Denver for three years, and got the job in Chicago after a very impressive 2008 season (albeit a season that still involved 18 picks, second most, only behind an aged Brett Favre). That 2008 year saw him place third in the NFL in passing yards, with 4,526. He was seventh in touchdown passes, was sacked just eleven times on the year, and averaged over 280 yards through the air per game. Take away the picks and that's a great season for any field general.

Of course, since then he performed less impressively in Chicago (but not nearly as bad as many of his haters like to claim). After Ryan Tannehill was declared unable to play this season, Cutler signed on with the Miami Dolphins, to the tune of a single year, $10 million contract. He had originally intended to take a job broadcasting in his retirement, but decided to return to the league. According to Cutler, he joked that the final push he needed to join the team was from his wife, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, who "got tired of me around the house." It's a funny joke, but one has to imagine an NFL quarterback sharing a house with a reality TV personality could get irritating.

With that in mind, this is a reminder that Jay Cutler has one of the most gorgeous celebrity WAGs of any athlete out there. Here are fifteen gorgeous pictures of Kristin that Jay would probably rather we all didn't see.

15 Pretty Smile

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After leaving Laguna Beach at the end of it's second season, she moved on to some other small acting roles. She was in an episode of Veronica Mars, had a starring role in a small budget horror flick that isn't worth watching, worked on an episode of CSI: New York, and hosted a reality show called Get This Party Started, which lasted only two episodes.

In 2009 she went back into the world of reality TV, starring on The Hills, with several of the insufferable cretins she starred on Laguna Beach with. The show ended in 2010, the same year in which she met Cutler, and between 2010 and 2013 she continued to act and appear on reality TV. She had a few cameos on The League, guest judged on a couple of shows, and was on Dancing With the Stars in 2011.

14 We'd Let Her Bring Us a Drink

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Having a woman with this level of attractiveness bringing drinks every weekend is basically a universal goal for just about any man you'll ever meet. It doesn't look like she's carrying beers, which kind of sucks, but when Kristin Cavallari is providing, you probably just accept whatever beverage she's offering and enjoy the heck out of the view. While fans, analysts, and haters can give the guy a hard time for his follies on the field, nobody is disputing the fact that he has one of the most absurdly beautiful women of any athlete. We have to wonder if, when handing Jay a drink, Kristin has to tell him, "Jay, hold it with two hands, don't fumble this." Then again, maybe a fumble comment is uncalled for, since he hasn't had a problem with fumbles since early in his career.

13 She's Not Too Sure How Bikini Tops Work

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While most women would start panicking if their bikini top came off, here's Kristin with a wide grin on her face, as if to say "my top is coming off, and I'm just so happy about it." While we could just spend the rest of this article making cracks about her husband and his football career, we imagine there are some of you reading this who still might not have any clue why this woman is famous. Well, other than being married to a football player, she got her start on reality TV, as one of the main characters on the abomination known as Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She was seventeen when the show started and was therefore still in high school. The show only lasted from 2004 until 2006, and Kristin was in the first two seasons.

12 Stunning

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Whether Jay Cutler wins or loses on a Sunday, the knowledge that he's coming home to a woman this beautiful probably makes all his on-the-field problems drift away rapidly. We know it doesn't take a lot of work and makeup to make this gorgeous woman look good, but seeing her dolled up and sitting in a chair in a sundress by a pool is something special. While this was probably just taken at some photo shoot for Laguna Beach or something to do with The Hills but we imagine Jay coming home from a game, seeing this and then hearing from his wife "Jay, you threw how many interceptions?" Anyone offended by Jay Cutler interception jokes should get used to it, because we'll be making them for several more pictures on this list.

11 Looking Great in Lingerie

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Way back in 2010, after the end of The Hills, Kristin did a photoshoot with Tyler Shields. He's a former X-games participant who now works in photography and has some experience in the film business. He's the guy who was taking pictures of Kathy Griffin when she held up what looked like Donald Trump's severed head. Regardless of how you felt about that picture, they  other shoots he has done with other stars demonstrate a great amount of talent. Most of his work features women with little or nothing on, and in this case, Kristin looks unbelievable up against the wall in high heels and lingerie. Chances are, Jay Cutler isn't the biggest fan of the world getting to see his wife in something like this, but when again, most of her public career has been spent in tiny bathing suits, so maybe he's cool with it.

10 Yellow Bikini

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Like we've said before, maybe Jay Cutler hates people ogling his gorgeous wife, and maybe he's just indifferent at this point. More than likely however, Cutty just doesn't care. We'll keep coming back to this theme because there is a hilarious story about Cutler at the urinal in a bathroom when a fan comes in and starts doing his business next to the quarterback. The guy then tried to start a conversation about Vanderbilt, their shared alma mater. Cutler quickly cut him off, saying "DOOOOONNNNN'T CAAAAAARRRRREEEE." It is an urban legend and may never have happened, but with his attitude toward fans, officials, critics and just about everyone else, it is quite clear that Jay Cutler does not give a f***. How does he feel about us posting pictures of his wife? Cutty probably doesn't care.

9 Intensely Good Looking

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It's story time, and while Cutty probably doesn't care about us constantly pointing out how beautiful his wife is, he probably laughed at her over the tale of her mother's DUI. It was back around the time she and Jay met and started dating, and Kristin and her mother had gone out drinking north of Chicago in Barrington, Illinois. Her mom Judith was sloshed behind the wheel, and Kristin, who was starving in the passenger seat, apparently ran off while she was doing some roadside sobriety tests, trying to get get food at a nearby Subway and shouting at the cops to bring her water. Good for them, you can't take cops and their silly rules and activities too seriously.

8 Bed Sheets Aren't Clothes

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There aren't many things more amazing in life than women barely covering themselves up with bed sheets. Honestly, women wrapped in bed sheets are about as important to the survival of our species as oxygen and clean water. Come to think of it, there may be a severe shortage of this.

The messed up hair, along with her gorgeous face, and of course, her body, which we can see most of, make this a really special image. Regardless of how bad that Bears defense got over the last few years (and it has been pretty bad at times), Jay always knew that he was coming home to this Goddess, whether she was wrapped in a bed sheet or just wearing nothing at all, it must be a reassuring feeling to know you're coming home to something like this.

7 Nice...Um...Dress

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There aren't many things that age a woman quite like pregnancy and child-bearing. It isn't offensive (okay, it shouldn't be offensive) to say that, as it is just a fact of life. Kids do the same thing to dudes; ankle-biters don't help anyone look or feel younger. This shot of Kristin was taken at the Grammy Awards back in February of this year. She's had three kids, and now age 30, she looks unbelievable, regardless of kids and age. She's showing off a lot of skin and between the amount of leg we're looking at along with the extremely low cut neckline on this dress, we aren't sure what she's doing to remain so youthful and beautiful, but it's working. We've said it before, and we'll say it again, Super Bowl ring or not, Cutty is a lucky man.

6 Van Wilder: Freshman Year

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Remember National Lampoon's Van Wilder, in which Ryan Reynolds and a young, not-yet-destroyed-by-cocaine Tara Reid capably acted their way through a hilarious story? Well there are two more films that bare the name "Van Wilder." The Rise of Taj told the story of Taj, Van's former personal assistant, and his misadventures after Van's graduation from the Coolidge College. In 2009, there was a third movie, a prequel, because as we all know, there is nothing better than prequels, right?

Kristin Cavallari played Van's eventual love interest in the movie, and did so fairly well, and looked pretty cute the whole time. The movie itself wasn't very good though, as they couldn't get Ryan Reynolds to act in it, and the humor was about as uninspired and unoriginal as you can imagine a straight-to-DVD title would be.

5 Lingerie Shoot

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This is another shot from the photo shoot she did with controversial photographer Tyler Shields. This pic is another gem from Tyler Shields' shoot from 2010. He's no stranger to getting celebs into interesting positions to say the very least, and he and Kristin clearly had some fun together. For some men, it might be difficult to see your woman wearing barely anything, while straddling another man, but in the case of Cutler and Cavallari, we'd have to imagine that Cutler knows she's spent her career in show business, and is known primarily for her body and pretty face. Then again, maybe Cutler, who "don't care" about anything, just shrugs off stuff like this.

4 Green Bikini

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Outside of her time on reality TV, and playing mom and wife to Jay and her kids, Kristin Cavallari is a busy woman with a lot on the go. Several years ago she did quite a bit of charitable work with foundations like One Kid One World in Kenya, and spent time helping people in El Salvador; both of which she recalls as rewarding experiences.

More recently, she and Jay are still involved in charitable causes, including a couple of Diabetes related initiatives (Jay was diagnosed with Diabetes several years ago). Other than charity, she's published a book: Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making it all Work last year, and has her own line of jewelry called Uncommon James, which specializes in "timeless, effortless and refined jewelry to women on-the-go." She also designs shoes.

3 See-Through Top

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If you haven't figured it out yet, Kristin Cavallari has an amazing set of legs and a gorgeous posterior to go with them. The see-through top is also a nice touch, and we have to imagine that most of the guys at the party she hosted in this shot were very distracted for most of the day. This picture was taken back in 2010 when she was hosting a pool party at Liquid, the pool/lounge/bar at Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Having seen what that place looks like, it would be hard not to have a good time at a party at such a venue, hosted by someone this good looking. This is just a few months before she started dating Cutler.

2 Yep, Still Hasn't Figured Out How Bikini Tops Work

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In terms of hot things women can do while not wearing much, the undone bikini top is second only to the bikini bottom tug. Unfortunately, there are no bikini bottom tug pictures on this list, but there are ample top malfunctions. We seem to keep coming back to whether or not Jay Cutler cares (he certainly doesn't), and from her expression, it seems his woman doesn't care too much either. It is amazing what good looks and money can do for people. Kristin's expression seems to be saying something to the effect of "my outfit is half off but I couldn't care less." She's covering up just enough to make this picture suitable to show to polite company, but most definitely giving us most of what we want.

1 The look On Her Face

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We can't tell for certain, but there seems to be some annoyance in her face, apart from that very slight smile. The pool behind her is beautiful, as is she, but the look on her face might just be some disappointment. Maybe she was getting out of the pool and asked Jay to toss her a towel, but it got intercepted by a Packers' safety. What Ha-Ha Clinton Dix or Morgan Burnett are doing picking off towels in Jay Cutler's back yard we have no idea, but maybe, just maybe, they joke about this kind of stuff when they're at home. On second thought, probably not, we have to imagine that she's supportive and that Jay Cutler, as is his way on the field, just doesn't care too much about anything.

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