15 Steamy Pictures Of Ciara That Russell Wilson Might Not Like

Here we go again with another celebrity power couple. Three time Pro Bowl quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson tied the knot with the one time hip hop and R&B singer/dancer sensation Ciara. The couple exchanged vows on July 6, 2016 and so far so good. They seem extremely happy and look like they might actually be a team that can go the distance. On April 28 2017 Russell and wife Ciara had a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson. So the big happy family gets all the support in the world from Seahawks fans and the rest of the public because well what's not to like? They seem to be perfect for each other. Even though by the looks of it everything is fine and dandy in former rookie of the year Russell's world we caught a couple of moments that just maybe he wishes he could somehow cover up. There's no hiding it, Ciara is a total hottie, that's likely why the pop star has gotten the attention of more than one other fellow musician in the past. Ciara's dating history is not quite embarrassing but certainly questionable to say the least. We've got some pictures of Ciara and her famous exes.

We've got pictures of Ciara caught off guard in public. Most important we've got pictures of Ciara simply looking stupid sexy and unfortunately for Russ, these picture's aren't private. If you're "looking for the goodies" look no further because here are 15 Pictures Of Ciara Russell Wilson Doesn't Want You To See.

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15 Triple Platinum

via scoopnest.com

The Crunk&B singer burst on to the scene in 2004 with her break out single "Goodies" featuring Petey Pablo. The hit topped charts in the U.S. and U.K. becoming the number 1 song and remaining on the top list for a surprising total of 38 weeks. Not only was "Goodies" number one it also peaked at the top of the chart for 7 long weeks making Ciara's debuted single the longest running number one spot song by a female artist since 1977.  The reign on top was immediately followed up by another two hits "1,2 Step" featuring Missy Elliot and "Oh" featuring Ludacris both which earned charts #2 spot. Statistically Ciara's first album dominated with multiple songs breaking through into the top ten earning her 4 nominations at the 2005 Grammy's. What's even more impressive is the "First Lady of Crunk&B" went triple platinum .

14 Wilson Scores!

via notmad.us

What is there to say? Russ buddy you married a total hottie. This is the reason half of America fell in love with the ATL based singer & dancer. Ciara is a total smoke show. There's really nothing not to like. She is clearly smart enough to maintain relative status since 2004. She's absolutely successful. 16 songs on the top 100 chart in the U.S. is quite impressive for anybody. And yes HELLO she's obviously sexy as can be. The pop star is the full package no doubt. Russell Wilson took the win yet again when he scored this babe. Now married and parents to a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson the couple seems to be happy as ever. Even in black and white, Ciara steals the show here.

13 Hostess With The Mostess

via www.billboard.com

Ciara takes side action to another level at the 2016 American Music Awards where she co-hosted along side three time returning host Ludacris. After recording two hit charting songs together "Oh" and "Ride" it was clear the duo clearly had the chemistry to host the award show. The now mother of two looks stupendous on the carpet in her bedazzled dress. Ciara has always been known to have a nice body and the way she can move is part of what made her. Bump & grind is literally what Princess Ciara does best. She's done it with Luda, 50 and JT  and each time earning her self a spot on the top 100. In all Ciara's music videos she makes sure you can feel the heat and that's why she's the "Queen of Crunk & R."

12 Just Checking

via jikoman.info

Ciara caught on cam checking to make sure everything is right where it's supposed to be. She's looking, I'm looking, you're looking, we're all looking! Who ever snapped this one was certainly in the right place at the right time. It's likely Ciara was a little embarrassed if and when she saw this one. It's not the most flattering picture in the world that's for sure. It's not that she doesn't look good because she definitely does. If she walked passed you on the beach you know you'd do a quick double take. The picture is just awkward plain and simple. You would think Ciara grabbing her "Goodies" would be a hot photo but it's really not an attractive picture at all just rather humiliating if anything.

11 Ciara & Ex Fiancé Future

via carcanyon.com

In 2013 Ciara was proposed to by then boyfriend rapper Future. On the celebrity's 28th birthday she received a huge but tiny gift, a 15 karat diamond engagement ring. Future reportedly greeted the "Queen of Crunk" down on one knee, on the runway as she exited a private jet in the middle of a big birthday bash for the pop star. Ciara accepted and the couple was engaged for around two years before the relationship went south. Future made comments about being "embarrassed" for Ciara in the split. He said rumors of him cheating were false and that he had already ended it and was "out" far before seeing anyone else.

Calling the marriage off just three months after their son Future Zahir Wilburn was born means minus her son, the whole relationship is something Ciara most likely wishes she could just forget. Russell definitely wishes it never went down but just for the final say he went and bought his darling wife a 16 karat ring when he proposed.

10 Pretty in Pink

via pinterest.com

Ciara steps out in spectacular fashion yet again sporting nothing but an itty bity, teeny weeny pink swimsuit. Dripping wet and looking sharp as ever, it's no wonder Russell Wilson was attracted to the 31-year-old singer. Now after being married for just over a year the couple has their eyes on the horizon, looking to leave the past behind them and move on from the rocky relationships both stars were previously in.

Not only is the new family of four (including Future's son) supposedly happier than ever but with the success both Ciara and Russell have had in recent times, it appears as if the sky may be the limit. Marrying Ciara definitely must have helped Wilson get over his previous marriage.

9 Making A Splash

via promiflash.de

Born Ciara Princess Harris on October 25 1985, in Austin Texas the singer actually travelled the world far before making it big. Growing up as the daughter of military parents Ciara spent most of her youth travelling from base to base. As a kid Ci Ci lived on bases in Nevada, New York, California, Arizona and even across seas in Germany all before eventually settling in Atlanta, Georgia. After watching Destiny's Child perform on TV, Ciara became convinced she wanted to get into the industry. She joined up with an all girl group called Hearsay which ultimately just failed but gave Ciara the opportunity to write lyrics. She continued to write songs and it lead to meeting famous producer Jazze Pha who helped the teen sign a deal with Atlanta based label LaFace Records and that's when things really got rolling for Ciara.

8 Straight Stunner

via glamour.com

In April of 2014 Russell Wilson filed for divorce from long time sweetheart Ashton Meem. The ex-couple met back in high school and dated long distance throughout Russell's time at the University of Georgia. Ashton and Russell were engaged for two years and married for two years. The reason behind the divorce isn't known for certain although many speculate it all had to do with the rumors that Ashton and former Seattle Seahawk teammate Golden Tate were seeing each other behind closed doors. Tate was quoted saying "his ex-wife, Ashton, is still best friends with my girlfriend. Russell and I were good friends when I was in Seattle, on and off the field? He knows the rumors about me were unfounded, damaging to my reputation, and an attack on my character."

Luckily right around the time all this was spinning out of control the heart throbbing "First Lady of Crunk&B" herself burst into Russell's life also fresh out of a breakup and the rest is history.

7 Queen Of Crunk

via dailymail.co.uk

A picture of Ciara in her underwear is exactly what we meant by "Pictures Russell Doesn't Want You To See." Though this was posted to Instagram for the whole world to take in, I can bet Wilson would have rather just received this by DM. Ciara has more or less managed to successfully become a sex symbol without ever crossing any lines that make fans or viewers uncomfortable. Yes I'm talking about the same Ciara that basically humped the floor in every single video she made. Her dancing is very sexual and intense. She is "The Queen of Crunk" for a reason, no one else really had the same gritty yet smooth style before her. Atlanta Georgia is where Crunk originated by the likes of artist such as Lil Jon & David Banner but as far as women Ciara was for sure the first.

6 Silky Smooth

via www.ppcorn.com

Is that a skirt? Maybe a dress she just has folded down? A giant bed sheet? Who knows, who cares? The important thing here is that Ciara is half naked! The Godmother of Crunk looks remarkable as always. It has been 13 years since her debut single dropped and we still can't get enough of the "Goodies." The hit song was all about how you wanted the "goodies" but you could only look, not touch because they were going to stay put in the jar. Now in 2004 at the time the song was released Ciara was technically still a teenager, only being born in October of 1985 which is part of what made the Number 1 hit so edgy to begin with.

5 Heaven Sent

via trace.tv

Ciara in action doing the whole Baywatch thing and doing it well! Notice the blinged out cross? Ciara & Russell Wilson are actually both devoted Christians. The couple even decided to take a surprising vow of celibacy before getting married on July 6th, 2016. The plan was apparently revealed by Russell in a conversation at church. Russell even claims God spoke to him saying "I need you to lead her." Wilson said "Really? Right now?" to which God replied "No, I want you and need you to lead her." The Seahawks QB asked Ciara "What would you do if we...just did it Jesus' way?"

After the couple finally did marry they both released comical Snapchat videos about their first intimate night as a couple. Ciara was later on quoted saying "It's awesome because we get to really challenge ourselves, get to know each other and really build a foundation." The couple seems to be a perfect match made in heaven.

4 Fab & Fit

via pinterest.com

I don't know what kind of outfit that is but it's freakin hot. You can see Ciara works to maintain her figure. She revealed to fans that through out her recent pregnancy she gained around 60 pounds. Just four weeks after daughter Sienna was delivered Ciara told the world on Instagram that she was hard at work to shed that baby weight, already losing 20 pounds in just that short time. Sienna Princess Wilson was born April 28th 2017 weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. This making Ciara a mother of two after her relationship with ex-fiancé Future.

That seriously pricey custody battle was wrapped up in January of 2017 awarding both parents Ciara and Future joint custody of Future Jr.  however duo to touring schedules Ciara does spend the majority of time with their son who is now 2.

3 Bow Chicka Wow Wow

via groupieblog.wordpress.com

Remember this? Back in 2005-06 Ciara and Bow Wow were at the top of the game.Both celebrities were at the height of their careers and found themselves in a relatively brief relationship. Bow Wow's career was at it's peak after co-starring in several Hollywood Blockbusters and also releasing multiple albums. Ciara was also at the peak of her career being nominated four times at the Grammies that year. In 2006 Ciara released her second album Ciara: The Evolution, the album went platinum and reached number one on U.S. charts.

According to statements made by some of Ciara's people the split was not amicable even though Bow Wow claimed otherwise. It isn't the worst photo of the bump and grind artist on the web however anything where you're posing with your one time ex is for sure something you want your new hubby to avoid seeing.

2 Yummy Mummy

via playspotify.com

Nothing to be embarrassed about here. The "Oh" singer looks impeccable again stripping down to nothing but her denims. No shirt, no shoes, no cares. Even though you might be wishing the 31 year old yummy mummy maybe had even less on than this, it's about as close as we can call it when it comes down to what's acceptable at TheSportster. Just be thankful Ciara is covering up just enough to let this picture slide into the top 15 list. Like I said certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Ciara takes pride in her body and Russell's got to be stoked to be able to go home to a beautiful woman who's not ashamed to express her sexuality and stand up for her femininity.

1 Killing The Competition

via metrolyrics.com

Ciara is far from the most voluptuous of pop or R&B singer sensations but she takes work with what you got to heart and we love her for it. This picture's straight fire. It's all there, sex appeal, naughty stare, a highly seductive pose. Killing the competition is something Ciara has done with ease since day one and clearly Ci Ci is still winning because she wheeled in a Pro Bowl starter and Super Bowl champion in Wilson and that guy is cool as ice.

Russell Wilson proved he's got ice in the veins when he lead the Seatle Seahawks to take the win in an absolute blow out against the Denver Broncos in 2014 at Super Bowl XLVIII. We'll see if Ciara can bring him more luck for the rest of his career.

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