15 Things About Aaron Rodgers He'd Want Forgotten

Who is Aaron Rodgers?  For being such a huge NFL superstar, Aaron Rodgers has done a good job of keeping much of his personal life out of the national spotlight.  He is known for being a quirky type of person that is not very forthcoming or approachable.  It's clear from his time in the NFL, so far, that he is very dedicated to becoming the best quarterback he can be and he has been pretty amazing up to this point in his career.  Rodgers is often considered the most gifted quarterback in the NFL and he is the ultimate competitor when on the field.  He seems like the perfect, all-american quarterback right?

Rodgers is pretty close to being perfect, but everybody has their flaws and embarrassing stories, and Aaron Rodgers is no different than the rest of us in that aspect.  There are certainly somethings that Rodgers wishes we would all just forget about as time passes, but for now we will be petty and continue to judge him for them... sorry Aaron.  This list takes a look into 15 of the more embarrassing, strange, and even sad aspects of Rodgers life to date. But don't feel too bad for Rodgers, just remember that despite these circumstances listed below that he has still earned hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, won a Super Bowl, and dated beautiful women. So although Aaron Rodgers has already won in life, he would still want you to forget about the following 15 things in his life.

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15 His Long, Embarrassing Wait on Draft Night

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Aaron Rodgers was projected as being the #1 pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. The only person who could seemingly unseat him was another quarterback, Alex Smith from the University of Utah. The San Francisco 49ers held the #1 overall pick and seemed to be infatuated with Rodgers, who was also born and raised in Northern California. It seemed like a perfect fit for both sides.

But the 49ers selected Alex Smith with the #1 pick and one of the most embarrassing free-falls in draft night history occurred. Rodgers, along with many other high ranked prospects, attend the draft in person. This proved to be painful for Rodgers and his family as pick after pick went by without Rodgers hearing his name called. After nearly four hours in the green room at the draft, the Packers finally selected Rodgers with the #24 overall pick. Safe to say that Rodgers has made all the teams that passed on him regret their decision.

14 His Ex-Girlfriend Is Stunning

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Oliva Munn is a serious vixen.  She has all the qualities of a prototypical "dream girl" in that she is sexy, funny, smart, successful and yet really down to earth. Rodgers and Munn appeared to be a solid couple for years but announced they were mutually splitting ways in 2017. Some believe it was Rodgers' inability to commit long-term to Munn. Others blame other family issues that were going on behind the scenes.

Whatever it was, it's safe to say that Rodgers took an L on this one. Munn continues to be in the national spotlight as an actress. Munn is a constant on Maxim's Hot 100 list every year and shows no signs of slowing down. If you've never seen Ms. Munn, I encourage you to check her out as soon as possible.  You will see why Rodger's would like to forget about her if he can no longer be with her.

13 His Brother Was On The Bachelorette

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You may not no this, but Aaron Rodgers' brother, Jordan Rodgers, is a huge tool. Jordan often refers to himself as a "former professional football player" but the truth is that he never made it farther than being a practice squad quarterback. While his older brother has been torching NFL defenses, Jordan has been embarrassing himself as a contestant on The Bachelorette TV show.

Give him credit though, at least he "won" The Bachelorette and earned the right to propose to Joelle Fletcher.  The two are surprisingly still engaged to this day.  While on the show, Jordan revealed personal information about Aaron's torn relationship with the family.  In true Aaron Rodger's fashion, he responded that "he doesn't watch that show" and so it hasn't affected him at all.  Also, is it just me or does Jordan Rodgers just have a face that makes you want to punch him?

12 Rodgers Did Not Get a Division I Scholarship Right Out of High School

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It's crazy to think that with all of the major colleges in the Division I program of the NCAA that not one of them were able to take a risk on a guy like Aaron Rodgers.  Many people don't realize that Rodgers actually started his collegiate playing career at Butte Community College, a local school near Rodger's hometown.  After being overlooked by every big program, community college was Rodger's best alternative.

Fortunately, he put up big numbers at Butte and drew the attention of the University of California - Berkeley.  After transferring to Cal, Rodgers eventually earned the starting job and led Cal to one of their highest college football rankings in school history.  After two seasons as a Bear, Rodgers decided to forego his senior season to enter the NFL draft.  Not bad for a guy who couldn't even get a real scholarship offer just three years prior.

11 He Has Seen UFOs In Real Life

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Yes, Aaron Rodgers swears that he has had his own close encounter of the third kind.  During an interview with comedian Pete Holmes, Rodgers recounts a night back in 2005 in which he was on the east coast for a pre-draft interview. After eating a later dinner, Rodgers heard the sound of a loud siren outside and went to check what it was.

That was when he all of a sudden noticed a large orange object flying through the clouds.  About five minutes after they witnessed the orange object, Rodgers said he heard four fighter jets fly over the house and towards the direction of the object. Rodgers put two and two together and boom, he saw a UFO. While it might seem like a lot of speculation, don't tell that to Mr. Rodgers because he is adamant that he witnessed alien activity on that cold, snowy night.

10 He Considered Quitting Football and Studying For Law School Instead

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Following his senior season of high school and not receiving a single scholarship offer to continue playing football collegiately, Rodgers began mulling over his options and trying to envision what he wanted his future to look like. This is a difficult task for any 18-year-old, but for a bright-minded student like Rodgers it seemed to him that law school would be a good option. Thankfully Butte Community College talked him out of that one and continued his football career.

Rodgers is a very intelligent person and his brains are a big reason why he has excelled in the NFL. His preparation, studying, dedication and quick thinking are all skills that good attorney's possess so maybe Rodgers could have been the next Harvey Specter, but that's not as cool as being a Super Bowl MVP... just sayin'. It looks like Rodgers made the correct choice.

9 It Took Three Seasons For Him to Throw His First NFL Touchdown Pass

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Not every quarterback has a career trajectory like Dak Prescott or DeShaun Watson, in which they take the starting quarterback gig during their rookie season and experience immediate success.  In fact, most teams often try to let their young quarterbacks sit on the bench for a year or two so they can learn the nuances of the NFL game and give them a better chance of success once they finally get thrown into a game.

This model is often referred to as the "Aaron Rodgers Model" in regards to how Rodgers came into the league as a back up to Brett Favre and waited patiently for his opportunity to be the Packer starter.  Because of this, Rodgers played sparingly in his first three seasons and when he did play it often was not pretty. It was so bad, in fact, that Rodgers finally threw his first NFL touchdown pass in week 13 of his third professional season. For the record, he has thrown over 300 TDs for his career now despite the slow start.

8 Ryan Seacrest Big-Leagued Him at a Party

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If you're a 2-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl winning quarterback, you are usually the most famous man in the room at any party. Yet, this did not stop Rodgers from having an embarrassing moment at the hands of Ryan Seacrest of all people. Apparently the two were at a party hosted by Ellen DeGeneres when Seacrest unknowingly big-leagued Rodgers.

According to Seacrest he walked up to the bar and struck up a conversation with an athletic looking guy, but didn't realize it was Rodgers. Seacrest started talking to him about how psyched he was that the Atlanta Falcons had just won the NFC Championship game and were headed to the Super Bowl. He then asked the guy what position and team he played for, to which Rodgers responded "Quarterback, Packers." Seacrest was completely embarrassed and offered to buy Rodgers a beer. He's lucky Rodgers didn't throw him completely over the bar.

7 He's Only Won One Super Bowl (... so far)

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While most NFL quarterbacks would love to say that they have "just one" Super Bowl ring, Aaron Rodgers is not just a normal NFL quarterback.  Aside from Tom Brady, Rodgers is the top dog among quarterbacks when it comes to pure talent and skill.  Rodgers is a two-time NFL MVP winner and is always ranked near the top in every statistical passing category at the end of each season.

He also plays for one of the most prestigious franchises in all of football. A franchise that expects excellence ever since the earlier days with Vince Lombardi. While Rodgers is in no way in danger of losing his job in Green Bay, it would certainly help cement him as a legend if he could win a few more Super Bowls. He just needs one more to surpass his former mentor Brett Favre and you know he will want to one up him. Can he do it? Time will tell.

6 Rodgers No Longer Speaks to His Father

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As his younger, loser brother Jordan spoke about on The Bachelorette, Aaron Rodgers has essentially zero contact with any of his family at this point in his life. There are plenty of rumors as to why this family riff has occurred which include Rodgers' family not approving of his ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn, the family choosing not to root for the Packers, or as Rodgers' own father stated, because "fame changes people."

Whatever it is, it is clearly a strong enough rift that Rodgers has essentially decided that he no longer needs the love and support of his family. This cannot be easy on Aaron as his family was always a close, Christian valued family growing up. But maybe the fame really has changed Aaron and his family is struggling with losing their brother and child to the bright lights of the NFL. Family dynamics are always tough but I, for one, at least hope that the Rodgers family can workout their differences.

5 His Former Teammates Say He's Not a Good Leader

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/ Rick Wood

Many of Rodgers' former teammates have come out and stated that they believe Rodgers is not a good leader or captain for an NFL team. What is alarming about that is it has mainly been his receivers that bash him the hardest. Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, and Jermichael Finley have all mentioned to the press that Rodgers lacks the integral leadership skills that required for the quarterback position in the NFL.

Finley stated that he feels Rodgers is "self-centered and arrogant" and that he cares more about his own stats than he does the guys around him in the huddle. He also stated that Rodgers is so scared of confronting his teammates that he "goes into his little shell" and stays quiet. Another source stated that Rodgers is a "f---ing headcase" who can never admit that he was wrong. These aren't the type of things you want your teammates saying about you but apparently to Rodgers he doesn't care at all what they have to say. I think that only proves their point of how self-centered he is even more.

4 His Teammates Don't Understand His Humor

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Everybody that has played with Rodgers agrees that he is a strange man. Many of his teammates point to Rodgers' not-so funny sense of humor as a clear example of the quarterbacks weirdness.  As former Green Bay fullback once put it, "[Aaron] makes jokes that fall on deaf ears" because nobody usually laughs at his one-liners. But this may not be all Aaron's fault, as he believes many of his jokes are over his teammates heads.

Apparently one of Rodgers' favorite one-liners that he often uses during meetings is, "Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons." This quote from the 1980s classic "The Princess Bride" is alright, but it's certainly not the type of line that would make his 20-something year old teammates chuckle. Aaron, if you're reading this, try some quotes from the movie "Step-Brothers" instead, as I'm sure they will hit more often than your weak Princess Bride jokes.

3 Game Days = No Fun

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Back when Rodgers and Oliva Munn were still a couple, Munn would frequently put their bedroom life into the public media during talk-show interviews. During a 2014 interview on "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen asked Munn whether she and Rodgers get it on during game days.  Munn responded by saying, "No we don't. Not on game day. There's not a rule, but it just doesn't happen because there are other things to focus on."

In the least, this shows how dedicated to the sport Aaron Rodgers truly is that he puts all of his focus on that days game instead of being "distracted" by his incredibly attractive girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). Packers fans should be proud of this loyalty to the team. Regardless, Munn also stated that she "tries to have as much sex as she can" and so she wouldn't rule out whether the make love after the games or not. What a tough life he lives.

2 Those Amusing, Yet Terrible Discount Double Check Commercials

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By now nearly every NFL fan has heard of the "Discount Double Check."  What originally started out as Rodgers' touchdown dance and an homage to the WWE wrestlers that Rodgers' grew up watching, ended up turning into one of the biggest marketing campaigns in NFL history.  It seemed like nearly every week there was a new discount double check State Farm commercial.

Okay, I'll admit that the first few were actually pretty amusing, but they eventually got stale and annoying.  Thankfully State Farm has new marketing strategies for Aaron Rodgers because the discount double check was played out.  His acting has slightly improved since his first commercial, but he has a long way to go before he can compete with Peyton Manning for an Emmy.  At least Rodgers' now has Clay Matthews, equipped with his star cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 (which ironically also featured loser Jordan Rodgers), as his acting buddy.

1 His Broken Collar Bone Ruined the Packers 2017 Super Bowl Hopes

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The Green Bay Packers were looking like one of the best teams in the NFL heading into Week 6 of the 2017 NFL Season, but then it happened.  What appeared to be a lazy bootleg pass to the right by Rodgers, ended in him being pile-driven to the ground by a Minnesota Viking defender. The collision was violent and unfortunately Rodgers broke his collarbone when his shoulder hit the ground.

While most NFL teams would struggle if they lose their starting quarterback, this is especially true for the Packers. This is because Aaron Rodgers is not just a franchise quarterback, he is a once a generation type of talent. The type of player that can will his team to a win in even the most unlikely scenarios (cue all of his Hail Mary highlights here). To recap, what looked like a promising season for the Pack could now turn into a high lottery pick next draft.

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