15 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Brady's Marriage

It's that time of year again the leaves begin to change, gets darker earlier, and of course football season begins. For the players  who have families  it's hard for them to be away from July-January. Yes you have home games, but it's probably tough when they are on the road and they can't see their families as much.This goes for Tom Brady who just turned 40 this year, and just made the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. The Patriots were down 25 points to the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI 28-3, and ended up winning 34-28. But Tom Brady has said himself it's a long season a lot of preparation and time away from his family is tough, but to him it's all worth it in the end.

As for his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen I'm sure its tough when Brady is not around. Especially this season as he started the season from week 1 instead of week 5 like last year because of the 'deflategate' suspension. Gisele made some interesting comments this offseason that some felt shed light on what their marriage is like. So let's take an inside look into their marriage and see what their marriage is like.

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15 Was Tom Brady's Hiding Concussions Last Season?

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Football is a rough sport and especially with head injuries. Do you honestly think Tom Brady would come out he had an concussions? The answer is no. Gisele, who wants Tom Brady to retire, told CBS that her husband had multiple concussions last season.

He had a concussion last year," Bundchen said. "He has concussions pretty much every -- I mean, we don't talk about it. He does have concussions. I don't really think it's a healthy thing for a body to go through that kind of aggression all the time. That could not be healthy for you."

Brady was then asked and said it's really nobody's business. He understands that he is playing a contact sport and people care about him, but he is fine and hasn't any reason to stop. It just came out that he be suffered a concussion last season, so it's obvious Gisele wants him to retire but he is going nowhere. The NFL and NFLPA have since disputed her claims, but there's still a lot to be investigated.

14 Tom Brady and Gisele Started Dating While He Was In A Relationship With Bridget Moynahan

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Sometimes in life when you don't like your relationship and you think you deserve better, you go and look for someone that works for you. Well that's exactly what Tom Brady did. He had a son named John with Bridget Moynahan who is also a supermodel, but wasn't happy in the relationship so he started looking for what was best for him.

Tom and Gisele met on a blind date, and really hit it off. My opinion is he wasn't married to Bridget Moynahan, so if he wanted to start looking for someone else there's nothing wrong with it. The only minor mistake on his part was he should've broken up with Bridget Moynahan first, before dating Gesile. But as long as they are happy that's all that matters.

13 They Had A Small Private Wedding in 2009

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen celebrated their 8th Wedding Anniversary this past February. In 2009 though it was a small private affair held in Santa Monica's Catholic Church. The date was February 26, 2009.

Brady said the wedding was perfect, also saying that "I think you have this idea that weddings need to be 200 people and you invite everybody, and I'm all for it if people want to do that, but I think there was really something special with just having out parents there."

In the eight years they've been married, rumors floated that their marriage was on the rocks, but by all accounts, they seem stronger than ever right now. Gisele's probably still anxious for Brady to retire and spend more time at home.

12 Tom Brady and Gisele's Special Diet

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Now we all know Brady feels like he's 25 even though he's 40, but not only does he exercise and keep himself in shape to play so well, it's the diet at home. 80 percent of what they eat are vegetables, they have a personal chef named Alan Campbell, and he buys whole grains, brown rice, quinona, millet, and beans. The 20 percent is meat which Alan Campbell buys grass-fed organic steak, duck, and chicken. For seafood he buys salmon.

What the Brady's don't eat is staggering, they don't eat white sugar, and no white flour. He also doesn't eat tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant , and peppers. To be honest if I did this diet I'd be starving. But if that is what makes him stay fit and play at high level then so be it.

He is coming out with a cookbook that shows the recpeies in which he uses. You can litterly eat like Tom Brady and feel great. Brady also eats avocado ice cream, and his special nuts as a snack. Not sure what happens with the Halloween Candy in the Brady household but with that diet I'm sure they fool the kids, say it's bad for them and throw it out.

11 Gisele Has Pushed Her Husband To Retire

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Tom Brady is going on 40 years old and that's old in the NFL. After beating the Atlanta Falcons in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Gisele asked him to retire and his response was "too bad babe." He loves the game so much he even told Peter King he wants to play until he's 45. He's really tough to bring down mentally and loves the challenges that lie ahead.

Does he miss his family? Of course but he loves the game of football too, and still thinks he has some left in the tank. Gisele probably thinks you've won five times, have all the records what more do you want? You know what his answer is probably that he loves the game so much and it's fun for him. He'd be pretty bored sitting around you can only work out so much during the day. Football is his happy place besides his family. When Tom Brady says he's done he will walk away. It will be on his terms no one else's.

10 Both Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Came From Big Families

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The sixth round quarterback came from a family where he was the only boy. That must've been tough growing up being the only son, and all the sisters probably used to want to play dolls with him. Who knows, they probably tried to dress him up but he didn't like it of course. No wonder why he turned to sports. He was born in San Mateo California, and his three sisters are Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. But I'm sure the three sisters are supportive of their brother doing great things.

Like her husband Tom, Gisele grew up with sisters too; she was one of five sisters. Her sisters are Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafeala, and her twin Patricia. So it's no wonder she got into modeling. She was raised by all girls, and I'm sure her parents wanted all their daughters to be successful, so why not get them into the industry early? Like Tom Brady's sisters, I'm sure Gisele Bundchen's sisters are proud of all she's accomplished, and of the man she married.

9 They Have Two Children Together 

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So besides Tom Brady having John with Bridget Moynahan,  they also have two children together of their own. There's Benjamin Brady who was born in December 9, 2009. And a daughter Vivian Brady who was born on December 5, 2012.

Both are December babies and Benny Brady has been around alot with his dad. In the last two championship parades Benny was seen in the duck boats. He's also famous the Jim Gray interviews. Those awkward interviews Jim Gray did with Tom Brady last season, well Benny came into the room and started being interviewed by Jim Gray too.

It's obvious they love their children it's shown by the trips they go on as a family. The birthday posts Tom Brady and Gesile Bundchen do when it's their kids birthday. It's very cool to see that none even when they're dad is out winning Super Bowls, and can't be home all the time.

8 The Couple's Net Worth is $476 Million 

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With Tom Brady at 40 and being at the top of his game, and Gisele Bundchen making the money she's made modeling over the years, it's no surprise they're worth hundreds of millions. There was a time when Gisele was making more than Brady because Brady kept taking pay cuts to keep the players he wanted in New England, for example Wes Welker, which didn't happen. Brady has done well with his sponsors too, and so has Gisele.

Both Brady and Bundchen have partnered with Under Armour. Brady also has Tag Heuer, Simmons Bedding Company, and Uggs. Gisele makes money with a beauty deal with Carolina Herrera, and with her own skincare products. Her and her husband appear as the only two on the Top Celebrity 100 list.

7 Tom Brady's Best Buddy Charity

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Not only does Tom Brady excel on the field but him and Gisele do great charity work off the field too. One of Tom Brady's charities is Best Buddies. Best Buddies is a non profit organization to benefit intellectually and disabled people. Millions upon millions have been raised for this charity.

Since 2001 the Best Buddies Charity has raised $46.5 million, which is awesome. Since 2011 the charity has raised $20 million, and Best Buddies has paid $2.75 million to Brady's charitable trust. Those payments support his Change The World Foundation Trust. Brady is huge on charity work and bad done a lot to help people. There's no doubt he'll continue to focus on that in the twilight of his career and when he hangs them up for good.

6 They Have Two Multimillion Dollar Homes

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It's great to be a millionaire and sometimes even a billionaire. For Brady and Bundchen, they have so much money they have not one, but two homes. They reside in Brookline Massachusetts, not too far from Gillette Stadium. They had an 18,298 -square foot Brentwood estate home for $40 million dollars.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen paid $4.5 million for their home in Brookline Massachusetts. Finally they have an apartment in New York City, which is in the process of being build and should be done by 2018. They currently have a $14 million dollar condo which they will eventually sell.

That's alot of investment and money and must feel pretty good to be that rich. But you have to work for it and they sure did, it was not handed to them whatsoever.

5 Tom Brady And Gisele Have Three Rescue Dogs

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have three dogs, which are all rescue dogs. They have three dogs a pit bull mix named luna, a beagle named Scooby, and a black and white pooch named Fluffy.

To introduce the black and white pooch Fluffy, Brady did a scene from the Lion King showing the world their new dog. So it's clear the Brady family loves dogs and tires to help the best they can. Brady often posts about his dogs and often has them dressed in full Patriots gear. You won't have to look long through his social media pages to find pictures of his dogs. It's safe to say when Brady does retire, a lot of his time will be devoted to taking care of his dogs.

4 Gisele Takes Credit For Super Bowl LI Victory

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Super Bowl LI is one of those times when you think back and say "I remember where I was during that game." It's just one of those games that will never go away. The Patriots were down 28-3 in the third quarter and you know what Gisele Bundchen was doing? She decided to meditate. She told Jimmy Fallon after the game, that she takes credit for the Super Bowl win because of her meditating.

That probably goes for anything. I know that during the game at the point I was like 'you have the greatest quarterback and the greatest coach... anything can happen'. But mediating worked so props to Gisele because her magic worked, and the Patriots won the Super Bowl. We just wonder what the players think.

3 Tom Brady Had A Record Season After His Suspension

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The date is October 9th, 2016, the day Brady comes out of his suspension. For Gisele and Tom, it was good and bad. Good that he had extra family time, but bad because he didn't get to do what he loves which is of course play the game of football. So that day was special to him.

The best thing Brady did was he used the deflategate suspension as a motivator to be the best quarterback he can be. It showed with every throw and emotion on the field. Brady gets fired up over a preseason game - that's how competitive this guy is. He never does his talking through a microphone, he always does it where it matters the most on the football field.

So in Super Bowl LI  when he was down 28-3 in the third quarter, he didn't quit; he showed mental toughness, a desire to win and keep going. He was so happy having his mom at the game who is battling cancer, so I'm sure that win was special for him too, as he probably won for her. Edelman even told Tom "this one's for your mom bro." That's what makes Tom Brady the best quarterback of all time; his desire to win.

2 When It Comes To President Trump, It's All Quiet In The Brady Household

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During Donald Trump' s presidential campaign, Trump must've said 1,000 times that he's friends with Tom Brady. Brady showed his support for Trump early on, but he has since quieted down. With Trump being a divisive figure, he doesn't want to hurt his brand so he won't comment either way, which is smart. If I'm Brady I probably wouldn't comment either.

There have been pictures of them golfing, and Trump has been on the sidelines during games. Even before the campaign, he said Brady would vote for him and he got a congratulatory letter from Bill Belichick. But again, because President Trump is so controversial, Brady doesn't want to speak of him because of his brand, and upsetting his wife Gisele Bundchen, who doesn't seem to hold the same political views as her husband.

1 They Support Each Other Through The Good And Bad Times

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We all remember deflategate and the toll it had on Tom Brady, But Gisele was right by his side from the beginning. It killed Brady not being on the field to start the season last year. After he came back from the suspension she supported him throughout the season and into the Super Bowl.

When Gisele had her modeling career going on, Tom was supportive of that as well. If she had somewhere to be, he would be gone supporting his wife if it was the offseason. Even during the season as well. It shows that they care about each other, through the good and bad times.

Last year, Brady told US Weekly that the marriage has seen its ups and downs, and has made the pair stronger: "I'm blessed to find this life partner that we all kind of seek at different times in our life," Brady said. "We found each other at the right time. We've been through a lot of ups and downs together, and in so many ways, that's kind of built our relationship so strong."

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