15 Things You Need To Know About Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen’s Relationship

Isn't it every man's dream to wake up with a supermodel lying next to them? Or every woman's dream to come home to their Superbowl champion husband? For Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, that isn't a dream, it's their reality. The couple has been married for seven years now, and it just doesn't seem fair. They appear to lead a fairytale-esque life- jet setting across the world, living in mansions, dominating their respective industries- but like any couple, there were a couple obstacles they had to face to get where they are today. With that being said, it just doesn't feel right to complain.

You see Tom's face on your television screen every Sunday (or Thursday or Monday, depending on the schedule) and Gisele whenever you open up a magazine. How is it that two people who are equally as interesting and successful as these two found each other and more so, how are they making it last? So many marriages, specifically celebrity marriages, fall apart quicker than a Jenga set, but Tom and Gisele seem to have found a formula that works. You may think you already know everything there is to know about America (and Brazil's) favorite power couple, but some facts may surprise you. Here are 15 things you need to know about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s relationship.

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Sometimes your friends are right when it comes to who they think you should date. According to Brady and Bundchen, they were set up by a mutual friend who thought they were the male and female versions of each other. Blind dates carry such a stigma, but one look at Tom's smile and Gisele was sold. Let's be real, I'm sure Brady felt the same. Gisele told Vanity Fair, that the couple sat and talked for three hours when they were introduced. There was such a connection that Gisele didn't want to leave and go home for Christmas. Of course she did, but the two spoke every day after they met, breaking the hearts of many men and women that never stood a chance. You know what they say, when you know, you know.


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If you thought Tom and Gisele were dating average Johns and Janes, you would be wrong. Before they had each other, they had just as beautiful and successful exes. In 2004, Brady began his relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. You may recognize her from films like Coyote Ugly or Serendipity, or television shows like Sex and the City and more recently, Blue Bloods. After three years together, the couple split and Brady soon after started dating Bundchen. Gisele, on the other hand, dated notorious model-lover Leonardo DiCaprio from 2000-2005. Despite their on-again-off again relationship, the media was enamored by the couple. After their final breakup, Gisele briefly dated surfer Kelly Slater. Though she says she spent a lot of time in serious relationships, she was enjoying the single life for a year before she met Tom and the rest is history.


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When you're the highest paid supermodel and the number one ranked quarterback in the NFL, taking care of your body is an obvious priority. The Brady-Bundchens made headlines earlier this year when their chef revealed their less than normal eating habits. You would think that a locally produced, organic diet seems like an average meal plan these days, but it's so much more than that. The do not eat list contains: white sugar, white flour, MSG, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, coffee, caffeine, fungus and dairy. Overall, the diet is 80 percent vegetables (minus the ones on the do not eat list) and whole grains and the other 20 percent is lean meats, as well as wild salmon. So, it doesn't look like many people will be running over to the Brady-Bundchen compound for dinner anytime soon.


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We all know by now that Brady started dating Gisele soon after his split from actress Bridget Moynahan. What you may not know is that Moynahan announced that she was pregnant with Brady's child about two months after the couple had gotten together. In an interview on "CBS This Morning," Gisele said she didn't know what to do when the news initially broke and thought about running away from the relationship. It wasn't only she that was in shock, but Tom didn't see the pregnancy coming either. She told Vanity Fair that she questioned whether or not she should encourage Brady to get back with Moynahan and try to work things out. Though it was a challenge, eventually the two decided to stick it out and work through it together.


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The Met Gala is one of the most exciting nights for fashion enthusiasts. It's a black tie fundraiser attended by the A-list of the entertainment industry. So, it's only fitting that Gisele would make an appearance there every year. Prior to National Geographic's Years of Living Dangerously season premiere event back in September, the two were last seen on a red carpet together at the 2014 Met Gala. When the Brady-Bundchens didn't show for the 2015 Met Gala, people were questioning the notable absence. Everyone needed to fear not, the couple skipped out on the event because Gisele was attending an event for Chanel in Seoul, South Korea. Tom has stated that their two-year red carpet hiatus is simply due to wanting to spend their off-time together as a family.


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Every year, Forbes announces the top 100 highest-paid celebrities across the globe. If you are wondering why they are second and final, it is because the only other couple that earned more than the Brady-Bundchens combined are the King and Queen of hip hop, Beyonce and Jay-Z. No other two people on the list this year are dating or married. Tom took the 54th spot with $44 million in earnings, while Gisele was ranked 99 with $30.5 million. She may have made the least amount of money between her husband and the Knowles-Carter duo, but she has been featured on the list the most (16 times.) It looks like they are not in bad company. With new ad campaigns arising and Brady coming back hot from suspension, they probably won't fall off the list anytime soon.



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Not only do Tom and Gisele have bodies of gold, they have hearts of gold too. Back in February, after celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary, the couple decided to adopt a black and white puppy from the LA-based rescue organization Wags and Walks. The organization's goal is to find an adopter whose home, family and lifestyle are a perfect fit for a particular dog, and who wouldn't want to join the Brady-Bundchen bunch? Gisele welcomed their newest member to the family in an Instagram post and stated that the Brady children were "over the moon" about the puppy. Fluffy joined the family's other two dogs, Lua and Scooby, and may take the cake for cutest pup. The best part about the adoption? The video Wags and Walk posted to their Instagram of "King Tom" holding Fluffy up like Simba to the sounds of "Circle of Life."


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There is no shortage of public displays of affection from Tom and Gisele. Whether they are vacationing in Positano, Italy, sitting on a tree stump in Boston or posing on a red carpet, the couple is all over each other. It doesn't matter who's around- their kids, pets, paparazzi, a bunch of strangers- it's obvious the couple can't get enough of each other. Besides kissing, there is cuddling, hugging and more importantly, butt grabbing. You don't even need the paparazzi to catch them in action. Look no further than Gisele's Instagram account to see many loving moments captured between the gorgeous couple. While most people can't stand to see others embracing each other in public, no one is looking away from Brady and Bundchen.


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"My husband cannot f****** throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." The famous words uttered by Gisele after her husband's loss to the Giants in Superbowl XLVI. Though she may not have been in support of his teammates at the time, she wasn't afraid to back up her husband and speak her mind. She's also seen at many games with the couple's children, cheering Brady on from the stands. And when they're not at the game, they're watching from home. Brady is also a supportive husband, constantly doting on his wife. When he couldn't attend the summer Olympics in Rio due to training camp, he took to his Facebook page to congratulate Gisele on her walk during the Opening Ceremonies. He said that words couldn't describe how proud he was to watch her represent her country. Who needs cheerleaders when you have the New England Patriots quarterback supporting you?


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Would you expect anything less from Gisele? She is a supermodel after all and though she has retired from the runway, you can still see her in print ads. She's been the face of Stuart Weitzman, Under Armour and countless others. This year she added the hot and heavy Givenchy jeans ads to her plate, as well as Colcci, where she stars in the Fall campaign alongside Clint Eastwood's son, Scott Eastwood. But if you think she is the only member of the family you can spot while you're paging through a magazine, look again. Husband Tom Brady has been the face of UGGs, the Australian-made boots, for six years. He said Gisele did not give him any modeling tips when he first landed the campaign but he did take cues from her being that she is a natural.


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First comes love, then comes marriage, then two of the most beautiful people in the world have two children. Tom and Gisele have one son, Benjamin, 6, and one daughter, Vivian, 3, together. Tom also has a son, Jack, 9, from his former relationship with Bridget Moynahan. They are both hands-on parents and very involved in their children's lives. While they do have help from nannies, Gisele is the queen of schedule making and keeping everyone on track. Tom isn't shy to admit that his daughter has him wrapped around her fingers which makes it tough for Gisele when she's trying to discipline. Surprisingly, Tom has said that the boys are more involved with soccer and baseball than they have been with football, but he doesn't mind. Not to mention, both children are fluent in Portuguese. Whenever the couple has down time, it is spent doing family activities.


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The Brady-Bundchen nuptials took place in a quiet ceremony in 2009, in Santa Monica, California. The media was buzzing about the wedding but the couple managed to pull off their low-key ceremony without details leaking out until after. In fact, the first photo Gisele shared of her wedding dress was in an anniversary related Instagram in 2014. After the Santa Monica soiree, they celebrated the marriage again in Costa Rica in April 2009. Seems perfect right? Not for their bodyguards. According to United Press International, two of their bodyguards approached paparazzi during the festivities in an attempt to retrieve their camera's memory cards. Police said a shot was fired at the photographers as they left. Though the couple claims they didn't hear any shots, their former bodyguards were found guilty of attempted murder in November 2013.


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Much gossip surrounded Tom Brady and Gisele's engagement and it seems like we will never know how he actually popped the question. Some sources said he proposed on a private jet on Christmas Eve, others say it happened in mid-January. Gisele told Vanity Fair that they were engaged long before the rumors even started to circulate, she just didn't wear the ring. Their engagement lasted a brief two months and Brady told GQ that they planned the wedding in just ten days. Both of their parents and Brady's son, Jack, were the only people to attend their first wedding in Santa Monica. Even when they threw their other party in Costa Rica, the invite list was a cool 40 people consisting of extended family only.


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Are we sick of all the political talk and election drama yet? Gisele sure is. After someone spotted a "Make America Great Again" hat in Brady's locker and Donald Trump himself said that Brady had called him to endorse him, it was assumed that he was backing our now President-elect. Of course this sent the media into hysteria and post-game press conferences became full of questions regarding his vote. In response to a comment on her Instagram, Gisele simply said "no" they were not supporting Trump. Needless to say, Brady eventually told reporters that after a discussion with his wife, he would not be talking politics. When someone asked why he gave Trump permission to announce his endorsement, Brady said the reporters were assuming he gave him permission. He made the right decision to leave the political talk behind and stick to football.


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While many couples start to crumble when the going gets tough, Brady and Bundchen come out stronger. As they always do, rumors about Tom being miserable, aggravated and nasty during the Deflategate scandal started to make headlines. Everyone was wondering if Gisele would leave him and was she taking trips without him just to get some space? Fear not Brady-Bundchen supporters! The couple never broke a stride. During his suspension earlier this season, the two jetted off for an Italian vacation and Gisele let everyone know she was keeping her QB ready by having catches with him and working out together. Instead of letting the scandal break them, they used it to spend quality time together, time they normally wouldn't get during the season. It seems like it's going to take more than a few deflated footballs to tear this family apart.

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