17 Photos These Star QBs Don't Want You To See

Do you have any photos where you may not be looking your best? Perhaps ones that you would rather not become public knowledge? Of course not, buddy, you're a good looking stud! But imagine if you were rich and famous and every time you went out partying, the paparazzi was there to snap a picture. Especially if you just happen to be the QB of an NFL franchise.

When it comes to photos that would be embarrassing we've also opened it up to not only include photos of QBs getting their drink on like Vince Young who lost his shirt at the club, but also some photos that would definitely lead to some awkward conversations at the dinner table. Whether it's due to who they might be in the photo with (such as Wilson's draft day with his now ex-wife) or photos where they may not have looked their physical best like Fat Jameis or Dad Bod Peyton.

At least the next time someone tries (but of course, fails right, buddy?) to take a photo of you where you aren't looking your best, you know that it also happens to some of the best quarterbacks of all time!

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17 Tom Brady Partying It Up + Looking Like Bieber

Via pinterest and buzzfeed

When you consider I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan you can understand that photos of Tom Brady celebrating how many Super Bowl rings he has is definitely a little bit of a trigger. Especially when you consider the above photo was taken in 2015 after he captured his fourth ring. Not pictured are the hilariously awful moves that Tom had on display on the dance floor at the ring ceremony including the classic "shaking the dice" dance move.

While Brady is no stranger to controversy off the field, he’s far more likely to have his hands on some balls than be six tequilas deep and posing for the paparazzi. We’ll be honest the photo on the right is just a cheap shot at Brady, how on earth did he think that Bieber haircut was a good look? I mean I guess it’s hard to argue with the guy, he is married to one of the biggest supermodels in the entire world, but something tells us she doesn't love him for his hair.

16 Eli Enjoys His Sand Pale + Dad Bod Peyton

Via pinterest

There may not be a more iconic name in football history than Manning. Peyton is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time and shattered countless records over the length of his career that also saw him take home two Super Bowls. Also given that the camera loves him you can expect to be seeing Peyton commercials for at least the next decade.Which made it all the more humorous albeit shocking that the legend himself had such a “dad-bod” look to him when he appeared at the 2015 Pro Bowl (look into it). I mean don’t get us wrong it’s definitely his mind and arm strength that defines Peyton’s legacy, but this photo definitely still got people talking.

On the flip side of the spectrum, Eli has also had himself a respectable (albeit less hall of fame worthy) career that saw him also take home two Super Bowls. The above photo of him is a fantastic example of a quarterback taken out of his element, not only do you have Eli rocking the semi-“dad bod” but you also have the fact that he was holding a little red pale cup as if to say “f**k yeah I know how to make a good sandcastle b**ches.”

Let that image burn in Patriot fans, that’s the man who beat you for two titles.

15 Kyle Orton Ruining His Shirt, But Not His Night

Via westworld and totalfratmove

Kyle Orton may be far from a star quarterback, but over the length of his career he still threw for over 18,000 yards and suited up for the Bears, Broncos, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bills. Orton was also able to protect the ball relatively speaking with a 101-69 TD/INT ratio, but if he was busy being careful on the field, the above photos clearly show that he loves being sloppy off of it!

Who among us does not have at least one shirt that is deemed one of their “drinking shirts” because it’s just been covered in liquor from over the years. Thankfully for Kyle Orton he made enough money in his career, that he could definitely own as many as he wants and judging by the above photos, that may be a closet full!

While below you’re going to see Vince Young lose the shirt and pound back the bottle, at least Kyle Orton gives you a nice precursor for the night ahead as he holds the bottle with a goofy smile.

14 Frat Boy Stafford

Via deadspin and wordpress

I absolutely love watching Matthew Stafford play. He always seems like he never hesitates to give it his all and has had countless great comebacks to his resume. Yet perhaps that is because he got so good at rallying back from some nights of hardcore drinking! If you didn’t already think Stafford looks like a bit of a frat boy, you definitely may find it hard to shake that image of him after you look at those above photos. With the super cool orange sunglasses as he flips off the camera it definitely gives off the vibe that Stafford has had a few too many and is goofing around with friends, but of course, photos get leaked! Theone on the right is definitely a little less douchey, but how do you not laugh when you realize it was probably the girl’s idea to make her look super strong. Looks like that’d be a pretty strong candidate to throw on your Facebook profile picture for the foreseeable future.

13 Romo Gets Drunk With Jessica Simpson

Via popsugar

Now even if you absolutely hated Tony Romo (which I’d find hard to believe) you have to give him a great deal of respect for recognizing how well the Cowboys have played this well and electing to take a step back and let Dak Prescott continue. But perhaps he realizes that without the starting job he may be able to get his drink on more often, and judging by the above photo, getting drunk is definitely something that Tony looks to love.

Making the photo all the more awkward was that the event was attended with his then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson. Romo also divulged a hilarious alcohol-driven story on Jimmy Kimmel back in 2015 in which he went up to Jason and Stephen (owner Jerry Jones’ sons) and indicated that they have 25-30 years to win championships, whereas Jerry Jones is going to be dead in four to five years and Tony will be retired!

Oops! Definitely not the smoothest conversation to have with the boss.

12 Matt Ryan Proves He Can Lift Two Beers

Via buzzfeed

There are going to be plenty of photos on this list in which the quarterback looks like he is definitely going to be relying on his offensive linemen to help him get home from the bar. But would you really expect that type of behavior from Matty Ice? After all, Matt Ryan is not only an incredibly talented quarterback, but he’s also always had a relatively clean image off the field.

In the above photo of Matt Ryan having some drinks at the bar, it honestly looks like he is more just showing off that he can hold two pints of beer at once (bragger) and less that he is about to slam them both back.

Matt Ryan is an avid golfer in his spare time, so perhaps he is just saving his drinking days for when he doesn’t have to take hits on the field and instead is hitting up the green.

11 Rodgers Partying In Vegas In 2011

Via blogspot

Aaron Rodgers was definitely having himself a pretty successful 2011. Along with winning the Super Bowl, Rodgers was named the Super Bowl MVP after leading his team to a victory over the Steelers while putting up three TD’s and 304 yards with zero interceptions. Big Ben on the other side of the coin threw two picks in the loss. If Ben wants to feel better maybe he’ll be happy that he’s got a higher spot than Rodgers on this list?

We definitely have to give some love to Rodgers in the above photo though as he points to himself as if to say “Yes..Yes I am the man!” The photo was taken back in February 2011 as Rodgers was hanging out in the Moon Nightclub at the Palms in Las Vegas.

To make the night seem all the more memorable Pauly D was the DJ for the night. Perhaps that’s why Rodgers had to make sure to get his drink on? Along with the drink in his hand, paparazzi reported that there was a bottle of Ketel on Rodgers table.

10 Russell Wilson's Awkward Draft Day

Via profootballzone

Russell Wilson has had many things in his life that you are probably jealous of. Not only has he achieved his dream of winning the Super Bowl, but he also happens to be married to one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world, Ciara. To add to that they have recently announced that they are expecting a child in the near future. But if you know anything about Russell Wilson there is no way we’d catch a photo of him celebrating, so you’ll have to settle for this hilariously awkward photo of Wilson’s wife looking super Saiyan with excitement as he gets drafted.

Wait wife? That’s not Ciara! Despite being one of the happiest days of his life, getting drafted is a memory he will always share with Ashton Meem who he married in 2012 and divorced in 2014. Hardly the most embarrassing thing in the world, but definitely means that this photo is probably not framed and hanging in the Wilson house.

9 Cam Newton Not Afraid To Pop Bottles

Via startraksphoto

Cam Newton is definitely no stranger to loving the bright lights of the NFL when he is on the field as he is often seen with a big smile on his face, you know, at least unless the Panthers happen to be losing in which he may be singing a far different tune on the sidelines. But did his teammates think to have this photo on standby in case Newton ever gets grumpy to remind him how unbelievably happy he can look?

After all, you may have to deal with some poor performances from teammates, your defense or yourself on some nights but if you miss the playoffs that just gives you an extra long offseason to crank in some extra endorsement deals and hit up the club. When you consider it is reported that Newton was opening a bottle of Ace of Spades champagnewhich has an estimated value of $100,000, you can understand why he must have been getting ready to have himself a pretty awesome party.

8  8. Drunk Manzeil as Scooby + Skinny At Coachella

Via movietvtechgeeks and people

Johnny Manziel is perhaps the biggest example in NFL history of someone coming in with potential red flags about their maturity, and then proceeding to prove all of those red flags correct. To make the punch line all the worse is the fact that Manziel went to theBrowns and helped continue them along their path of mediocrity.

But Manziel’s constant inability to stop drinking and partying it up off the field led to an early end to his NFL career and helped cement that while he may end up in the drinking hall of fame, canton is definitely no longer a possibility.

If we do want to give him some credit, that IS a pretty sweet Scooby Doo costume. The photo on the right is just scary and was taken in April 2016 and shows Manziel partying it up at the Coachella Music Festival. With the amount of muscle he looks like he has on him in the above photo he looks more likely to crumble to dust than get up following a sack.

7 Cutler Can't Keep His Eyes Open 

Via betches and beargoggleson

God help you, Jay Cutler. Not only are you super drunk in the photo on the left but you are at that wonderful stage of drunk where even keeping your eyes open are a struggle. More photos from that night also show Cutler awkwardly trying to play some darts. And while he may play for the Windy City, there is definitely little excusing that awful looking hair cut on the right. Even his friend looks like he's pretty disgusted by the overall vibe that Cutler was bringing to the night.

Drunk photos are always great, but one advantage that Cutler has over every single QB in the league? There is also a dedicated Tumblr to photoshopping cigarettes in Cutler's mouth, aptly named Smokin Jay Cutler.

6 Fat Jameis Winston + Denied Entry To Club

Via larrybrownsports and tmz

Poor Jameis Winston. Peyton Manning is not the only NFL quarterback to get blasted on the internet for looking a little bit larger than people expect (especially around the belly area). To make matters all the worse for Winston the photo was released prior to him getting his start in the NFL which means people got to run wild with speculations that he would never be in good enough shape to compete at the NFL level. Even if you take away the tummy, you are also left with a sweaty Winston who looks more like your creepy 45-year-old uncle, and less like the future Rookie of the Year.

The photo on the right was a rude awakening for the superstar. It was taken back in 2015 when he attempted to enter the chic Blue Martini Bar in Tampa, but was denied entry because he was wearing shorts! Looks like next time he’ll take a closer look at the dress code, and perhaps also in the bushes for the paparazzi for TMZ who snapped thisshot of him being turned away!

5 Carson Palmer Lost a Bet

Via cbssports

Where there are plenty of photos on this list that definitely resulted in a pretty significant hangover, for Carson Palmer this photo just probably resulted in a bunch of laughter in the locker room. Palmer was the loser of a weekly game of skill competitions between him, Drew Stanton, and Matt Barkley and as a result had to wear the Hawaiian luau. To make matters all the more fun, the photo was taken back in December 2015 and was only a few days before Palmer's 36th birthday.

We do have to give a bunch of credit to Palmer for still looking like he was going through the pregame workouts pretty vigorously! Though unless your name is Geno Smith, as long as you're the QB of the team there is probably a pretty good chance nobody is going to try and ruffle your feathers too hard.

4 Vince Young Losing His Shirt

Via bosip

When it comes to Vince Young there are so many things that went wrong it is hard to know where to start. Sure he was able to pull off some exciting moves on the field but his career was definitely hindered by his affinity to party it up. Young also gets to be one of the manyfootball players that went broke after retirement despite making over $25 million in his career.

Young was known to reportedly often go to Morton's restaurants and order $600 shots of Louis XIII for him and his friends. There was also another occurrence in which he and his teammate decided to go out and buy 75 shots of patron in 30 minutes. Yikes!

In the above photo Young is clearly having the time of his life as you have to get to a certain level of drunk to take your shirt off in the club (though if I was jacked, that may be a more frequent occurance) as it definitely is not everyday you get to see celebrities pounding the liquor back straight from the bottle. Even one of his buddies is looking at him like “Bro….might want to slow down.”

3 Big Ben Knows Showing He Can Drink Like a Champion

Via whodeyrevolution and deadspin

Ben Roethlisberger is absolutely tough as it comes on the football field. At 6’5 and 240 pounds he uses every part of him to help establish dominance in a passer that requires some significant talent to bring to the ground. You think that task might be a little biteasier if the defensive linemen took Big Ben out for some big beers prior to the game though? These two photos are taken years apart but help prove one point, which is that Ben absolutely loves to get his drink on and evidently, knows how to drink like a champion.

Ben has been at the center of several sexual assault investigations and while the girl on the left is not the one he allegedly assaulted, the photo is from the same night in 2010 which ended up leading to a six game suspension for Big Ben.

2 Eli Manning 

Above we touched on the legacy of Eli Manning and how he was able to take home two Super Bowl wins. But do you think he is more proud of that, or the fact that he earned not only one but TWO spots on our list? And this time he doesn’t even get overshadowed by big brother Peyton!

Eli took the drinking like a champion (perhaps learning from Big Ben) on this fateful night that certainly looks to be very early on in his NFL career. Eli might be used to leaning on his offensive linemen for support (sure as hell can’t depend on the running game) but when you have as much liquor as you need to look like you do in the above photo, then your best support is going to be whatever is around you. The photo on the right may be from a professional game, but you have to admit he definitely looks a little out of it!

1 Oh Johnny..Johnny...Johnny

Via blogspot

When it comes to finishing our list, there was absolutely no doubt in our minds that Johnny Football needed to wrap it all up. After all, doesn't the above photo really just encapsulate Johnny's career in a nutshell? It’s a great reminder that while Johnny Manziel must have had himself a blast with his time in the spotlight before he completely self-imploded.

Manziel’s final straw in his NFL coffin came fittingly as a result of partying after he decided to party in Vegas the night before the last game of the season, which he was scratched for because of a concussion. Manziel followed this up by failing to meet with the team medic the following morning, as well as posting a photo of himself and his dog at home saying he was in Ohio, which was evidentially just a lie.

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