20 Hilarious NFL Quarterback Bust Memes

Memes. The greatest way to express one's emotions since the old days when you actually tell someone how you are feeling. It used to be so much simpler in the old days when people didn't have phones or electronics and could talk face to face. Now, just look up any meme you want on the internet and there it is, ready to be looked at and laughed at. Nobody is safe from not becoming a meme. Professional athletes get made into memes all of the time in today's world. The perfect example to remember is Michael Jordan's crying face when somebody blows a lead or loses in a championship game. One sport that definitely cannot escape the fun yet sometimes cruel world of memes is professional football.

The NFL has had its fair share of busts. The one position that has the word bust written all over it is quarterback. There have been some great quarterbacks in college that have succeeded in the highest levels and biggest games in college football history. Then for some reason, they just can't be the same productive player when they finally make it to the pros. Some notable names that come to mind as busts include Matt Leinart from USC, Vince Young from Texas and Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M. Leinart and Young won national championships while Manziel won the Heisman trophy and other big games throughout his careers. However, we are here to take a look at the funniest memes from NFL QBs' that just couldn't hack it. Let's dive to the pylon and get started with these funny memes.

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21 Thank God For Derek Carr Now

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It is hard to believe that in the mid to late 2000s, the Oakland Raiders were desperate at the quarterback position. Others came through and tried to help the black and silver reach championship glory, but ultimately failed. They knew that in a quarterback heavy NFL game, they needed to hit it big in the 2007 draft and get a quarterback that would revive the franchise. They got one part of it right...they did draft a quarterback that had actually played the position in the past.

JaMarcus Russell was selected with the first overall pick in the 2007 draft by the Oakland Raiders. This meme perfectly sums up the way Raiders fans felt during the 2010 season...duped. The fans would basically say "Nice going, Oakland. You did really well with that one." The meme literally describes how dumb Oakland ended up being for taking Russell. All Raiders fans can think now is thank goodness Derek Carr is under center with a loaded up offense around him so they can forget about the JaMarcus days.

20 Picks On and Off the Field

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The next meme gets away from Raider nation goes to Jets nation. It is kind of unfair to make fun of a man who led the New York Jets to back to back AFC Championship game appearances. But when you look at the rest of his career, it gets easier. He loved wearing number six, threw numerous amounts of pick sixes, and liked to pick other things as well...yuck!

Mark Sanchez had an interesting career when he played for the Jets for four seasons. He threw 68 touchdown passes but also threw 69 interceptions. After New York, he has made pit stops in Philadelphia, Dallas, and now Chicago. This meme perfectly captures Sanchez in a bigger picture. He couldn't get the number six out of his life, whether wearing it or simply throwing them. The boogers in his nose might have been the best thing he picked throughout his career. If you don't believe us, just look at the butt fumble as the best proof.

19 America's Secret Weapon

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There are countless jokes about Blake Bortles floating around online, but this one is too good to ignore. As we know, there's a bit of an unstable situation regarding foreign policy, and one of the many points of concern has been North Korea. How will the conflict end? Well, to overthrow North Korea, perhaps the country needs the master of overthrowing; Blake Bortles. This season the Jags have been able to find some respectability but it's been primarily due to their improved defense and their dominant running game. When Bortles is counted on to get the Jags a win though... Well, we all know how that turns out. Hopefully the Jags will be able to keep grinding out wins by feeding Leonard Fournette and keeping Bortles a non-factor.

18 Franchise Tag Tracker

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The franchise tag is usually given to a player that a team isn't quite ready to commit to long-term yet, or it's a way of locking up a pending free agent temporarily until an actual contract is eventually hashed out. Unforuntately, this meme pokes fun at not one, but two NFL disappointments in Vince Young and Johnny Manziel.

Vince Young's last NFL shot came in 2013 when the Packers signed him in training camp, only to cut him before the season started. Since then, Young has been unsuccessful in making a return to football, even getting cut by the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders following a hamstring injury.

As for Johnny Manziel, well, you can figure out this joke pretty easily. In all seriousness, let's hope Manziel is in fact seeking the help he needs.

17 He's Still Wanted Even in Denver

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Sometimes there are just deals that owners think are good in the moment, but then come back to haunt them in the long run. The New York Mets are still paying Bobby Bonilla big money when he played almost two decades ago. That is just the business of deals with players in professional sports, you win some and you lose some. The Houston Texans have a great defense when healthy, but needed a good quarterback to lead their frankly lackluster offense. They thought they found their man with Brock Osweiler.

In March of 2016, Osweiler signed a four year, $72 million deal with the Houston Texans. He didn't have the season Texans fans were hoping for, throwing 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. They made the playoffs, only to lose to the Patriots in the divisional round. Since then, Brock has found himself in Cleveland and now back in Denver. The Texans probably want their $18 million back from last season. Looking back on it, Brock essentially robbed the Texans; hence why the meme perfectly captures what Brock really did.

16 Ryan Goes To Jail

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The biggest bust of them all makes an early appearance on our list. This man was a big time star at Washington State in the mid 90s. He finished his final season in college with 34 touchdowns and 11 interceptions which was good enough to be a Heisman Trophy finalist alongside Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning, and Randy Moss. He had all of the talent in the world, but it just never materialized in the pros.

Ryan Leaf came into the NFL with a lot of hype from his college days. He just never was able to figure out how to succeed in the NFL. During his playing days, he had 14 career touchdowns and 36 career interceptions. Imagine having a quarterback of your favorite team being more likely to throw an interception than a touchdown pass. That is definitely scary to think about. Leaf also had his drug problems and run ins with the law. He couldn't make it past two years with the Chargers and didn't need to go more than two years in prison, after having initially been sentenced to five years for burglary, theft and drug charges.

15 Brock Doing the Impossible

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The NFL has been a weird and difficult journey for quarterback Brock Osweiler. He has been bumped from multiple teams, been the backup, been a starter, and yet he still comes up as a bust to most who see him play on a day to day basis. Osweiler started off as a backup to Peyton Manning for the Broncos and had a bit of success when Manning was struggling; and then ultimately found the bench again when Manning was re-focused and delivered a Super Bowl to Denver fans. He then signed big money with Houston (which we'll get to later), failed there and was traded to Cleveland. He didn't make a start with the Browns before signing back in Denver.

Osweiler has been a bust and this meme shows just how bad he can be. Mark Sanchez had it bad enough when he made the play of the century of bumping into his offensive lineman's butt and fumbled; hence the term "butt-fumble". But Sanchez didn't turn a pass into a fumble by throwing it.

14 Poor David Carr

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The Houston Texans came into the NFL in 2002 revved up and ready to make some noise. Of course, to make noise in the NFL; you need that starting quarterback that will put your team on the map. Tom Brady was able to do that in New England, Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Peyton Manning in Indianapolis and Denver, you get the point. The Texans thought they were getting their guy from Fresno State. But it just turned into a big mess that everybody likes to poke fun at.

David Carr was taken out of Fresno State with the first pick in the 2002 draft. Over his career as a Texan, Carr had 59 touchdown passes and 65 interceptions. That isn't exactly the career Texans fans wanted to see out of a number one pick. This meme basically makes fun of the Texans for the pick and for David Carr's career. Every franchise makes mistakes, and Houston made a big one taking Carr. Maybe Jerry Ricecake could have been the receiver of the future for the Texans. They can't get any luck at quarterback as Deshaun Watson is now injured and out for the season.

13 That Will Be an Empty Reception Room

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Christian Ponder is the next culprit in our making fun of bust QBs streak via the meme. Ponder played four years at Florida State, compiling 49 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. The Vikings in the 2011 NFL Draft chose Ponder with the 12th pick in the first round, figuring he would help them reach the playoffs. His numbers didn't necessarily pop off the page.

He threw 38 career touchdowns and 36 career interceptions in his four years for Minnesota. This meme clearly shows just how bad Ponder was during his career. He barely reached a 60% career pass completion rate which makes this meme perfect for Ponder. The reception hall is clearly present without a single Viking receiver in sight. With Ponder's past reputation of throwing interceptions and incompletions, it definitely fits in well her. Poor Christian Ponder, maybe one day he will be able to have a complete reception.

12 Geno Smith Can Be Intercepted By Anything

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After the Jets realized that Mark Sanchez wasn't going to be the QB that would lead them back to the promised land, they went out and got Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. At one point, Smith was expected to be a high first round pick and seeing how his NFL career has gone, we can now see why so many teams passed up on the West Virginia alum. Well, the Jets didn't and they soon found out why. Smith only lasted four seasons in a Jets uniform and he mostly sat on the bench for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. His tenure in a Jets uniform was known more for interceptions and for getting punched out by a teammate over a minor gambling debt.

11 Matt Leinart Isn't Too Much Better

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Matt Barkley was following in the footsteps of many USC greats that led the Trojans to victory in their historic school. In a time where phones on the sidelines are used, it can make for a great meme especially if it takes a shot at a USC alum. Matt Leinart had a great college career, throwing 99 touchdowns and 23 interceptions in three seasons in sunny California. He won a National Championship at USC and was one minute away from a repeat had it not been for Vince Young. Don't worry Vince Young haters, he will be around later. For now, the focus is on Leinart, Sanchez, and USC.

Sure, the meme is funny saying how Leinart isn't the guy to get advice from. But Sanchez isn't exactly the best that ever put on a Trojan uniform. Sure, he had one year in 2008 when he threw 34 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. But that barely takes away from the fact that Matt Leinart did so much more in his college days. Yes, the joke is funny of Barkley asking for advice from the worse of the two QBs. But give Matt Leinart some credit here, he put in a lot of work at USC. It just never showed at the professional level.

10 Which One is Really the Hippo?

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This one features two rather large mammals just enjoying a day at the beach. But which one is the real hippopotamus here? Like we mentioned before, JaMarcus Russell was hard to deal with as a player. He frequently was overweight and seemed not to care about the consequences of his questionable decision-making.

If JaMarcus Russell was always working out in high school, at LSU, and at the professional level; then his body would have never blown up the way it did. It is kind of embarrassing for JaMarcus honestly because he let his weight get the best of him and it probably prevented him from having a few more years in professional football. Imagine if Russell had continued the good days of his college career into the pros? This would be an entirely different conversation. But that is not the case and now he is in memes of him laying next to a hippo. What a world memes can be!

9 This Isn't Texas A&M Anymore

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The legs, the arm, the money sign, it seemed like Johnny Manziel had everything to make it in the NFL. He knew how to win, he won a Heisman trophy, even got a victory at Alabama in there as well. He was a first round pick in the 2014 NFL draft and the Cleveland Browns thought he could be the next big thing. But the Browns soon realized they were wrong and Manziel realized this isn't the good old college days anymore.

Manizel played two seasons in Cleveland. He finished his brief NFL career with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions in 15 games with eight of those being starts. Manziel had a history for causing trouble for coaches and teammates, but people figured he might change his ways once he got into the NFL. Spoiler alert, he didn't. He went out and partied like he did in college which didn't pan out well for him. This meme perfectly defines Manziel's career. Once he found out the NFL was actual work, he didn't want to do it; plain and simple. It is a shame too because Manziel had the tools to be good. He just needed the right guidance to bring it all into fruition.

8 Even South Park Likes to Make Fun of Money Manziel

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We couldn't get enough of "Money Manziel", so we have to throw in another meme his way. It is more positive light shined toward him than anything he did in his disappointing NFL career. Manziel had all of the physical tools to succeed, but mentally he was just not all there. So as quick as we all thought we would see promise was as quick as his career spiraled downward. Why not get that on a meme?

The bank of South Park makes his usual appearance on a meme list. It literally describes Manziel's career to the last detail. Another funny little element is the misspelling of the word "promising". Maybe they were missing a letter on purpose because Johnny Manziel was missing something in his career the whole time. We are certainly glad Johnny had his fun while he was an Aggie, because after that; he didn't look like he was having any fun or showing any increase in work ethic and on field performance.

7 Weeden Thankful for the Butt-Fumble

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Moving it's way to the number 10 spot on this list is the marvelous face of Brandon Weeden. Weeden played his college ball at the Oklahoma State from 2008-2011. He had big junior and senior seasons with 34 touchdowns and 13 interceptions and then 37 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in those seasons. Before the days of Manziel and Deshone Kizer, Brandon Weeden was thought of as the QB that would finally give the Cleveland Browns some consistency at the position. Unfortunately, that didn't happen just like a lot of the quarterbacks in Cleveland don't pan out.

In his time throughout Cleveland, Weeden had 23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. This is typical of a Browns quarterback though these days. He even had an infamous situation where he did one of the most horrific shovel passes anybody ever saw. This could have been the most laughed about play for years to come had it not been for Mark Sanchez and the butt fumble. This meme perfectly reflects on how bad the play was and how much worse it could have been perceived.

6 Ryan Fitzpatrick Feeling Generous Today

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Everybody loves Oprah. She has a great story which a lot of us can be inspired by. She came from basically nothing to be one of the powerful and influential television hosts in history. She was also known for her extreme generosity toward her loyal fans. There would be some episodes where people would get lavish gifts such as cars. Ryan Fitzpatrick must be a huge Oprah fan because he sure loves giving out interceptions.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has not put up the ideal numbers a quarterback should. Coming into the 2017 NFL season, he had 166 touchdowns and 133 interceptions. When you break that down per season, you are talking 13 touchdowns and 10-11 interceptions per season, not exactly outstanding. He even had one season where he threw 23 interceptions. Like we said before, Fitzpatrick may just be a nice guy and feels the defenses are sometimes let out of the fun. But I'm willing to bet his coaches and teammates aren't too happy with his generosity.

5 Where Will My Career Take Me Next?

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This next one is tough to write because of the player. We all know him from his days at Florida, the NFL, analyzing College Football, and now trying to make a career of becoming a professional baseball player in the New York Mets organization. His name is Tim Tebow and unfortunately, he was a bust in the NFL.

It isn't like Tebow was a troublemaker or didn't work hard, he just didn't have enough talent and wasn't given much of an opportunity beyond one season when you think back. He had his time in 2011 with the Broncos, helping them reach the playoffs and winning their first playoff game in overtime at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After his time in Denver, he just couldn't get another opportunity to shine. This meme perfectly describes what Tebow is trying to do right now, find his greater purpose beyond throwing a football. Unfortunately, sometimes you just can't cut it and Tebow couldn't cut it to be a legendary quarterback in the NFL like he was in college.

4 RGIII with the Bad Knees

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RGIII was the Heisman Trophy winner in 2011 and looked to have a promising career in the NFL. His numbers at Baylor had the Redskins calling. Unfortunately, he couldn't seem to get the job done.

He didn't have bad numbers in his first few seasons in Washington. His first two years, he threw 32 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. The interception total was a bit high, but he still showed a lot of promise with his arm and ability to scramble out of the pocket. Unfortunately, his career has been plagued by multiple knee surgeries which made him miss a long period of time.

Eventually, RGIII went to Cleveland, and got hurt again. The meme has a simple message: RGIII spends more time on the bench recovering than actually on the field. A lot will debate whether he was a bust or not, but safe to say because of unfair circumstances; he is.

3 Sanchez Sucks...But More Than Leaf?

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We have done a lot of bashing of Mark Sanchez in the NFL. But does he really deserve all of it? Probably not. Does he deserve some of it? Absolutely, without a doubt he does. He faltered after his time with the Jets, making him a bust. Yes, he had two brief and shining seasons where he was able to lead the Jets to second best in the AFC. But other than that, he did nothing to help his teams win. Things could be worse, he could be Ryan Leaf.

It must stink to have the life that Ryan Leaf has. You were a top prospect, did amazingly well in college, made it to the pros and then performed horribly. Then to top it all off, you have multiples convictions on your record and problems with drugs. Sure, Sanchez didn't get to the Super Bowl; but at least he played in some meaningful games. Like the meme indicates, he didn't perform as bad as Ryan Leaf. Then again, no quarterback wants to be compared to Leaf when their career is over.

2 Sandcastle is Already Better than JaMarcus Russell

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There are just so many things we can make fun of when it comes to JaMarcus Russell. We already have touched upon a few of these issues. He was selected as a number one overall pick and fell through the cracks big time with all of the expectations he had coming into the NFL. He had a bad work ethic, bad attitude, and even let his weight get away from him.

Like we said before, Russell's numbers in the NFL were just simply atrocious.  At LSU, yes he was a big factor in the Tigers offense. With 52 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in his college career, it is understandable why Oakland took a chance on him. Looking back now, Sandcastle probably would have been a better pick than Russell. At least he could have gotten some sacks, or run off a big run, or catch a ball deep down field. This one is pretty funny considering how bad Russell was.


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