8 Former NFL Teammates Who STILL Hate Each Other And 7 Who Have Made Peace

Things can take a quick turn in the NFL at any second. It may seem like many of these players don’t work that often because they have such a short schedule compared to other sports, but they work just as hard as other athletes, if not harder. Working out all the time and playing a contact sport, can definitely rally up some tough feelings, and may lead to some arguments or altercations. As many of these guys are men, they may not always act like grown men, and some of them tend to have hard feelings for each other for long periods of time. Whether it be a fight that broke out, the failure for a player to perform or just disliking the player, many times we see players that just simply don’t get along. Many times, this can cause a disruption and failure for the team because certain teammates cannot get along.

While some teammates hold on to their rage forever, other teammates eventually feel there is a time where you have to let the past go and move on. While this is the outcome us NFL fans hope to see when arguments or altercations occur, unfortunately this outcome does not always happen. Different personalities and different ways of living may not always lead to getting along. There’s only so much NFL players can do, until they eventually just let it loose on another teammate.

15 Still Enemies: Peyton Manning And Mike Vanderjagt

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Like said in the introduction, some arguments are just so pointless. A slight awkwardness and frustration between Peyton Manning and Mike Vanderjagt occurred when Manning called Vanderjagt an “idiot kicker” in an interview. Manning was great throughout his whole career, but he may have gone a little too far for this. There have been many times where Vanderjagt has helped the Colts win games at the last second with game winning field goals, or come up clutch with the field goals needed to go ahead in games.

It was never clear if the two made up, so it’s safe to say that there is still tension between the two. In an interview regarding Manning’s comments, Vanderjagt didn’t really have much to say that would show that the whole thing blew over and that everything was better.

14 Made Peace: Brett Favre And Aaron Rodgers

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Who would ever think a small comment about Brett Favre could lead to a conflict between the two star quarterbacks of the Green Bay Packers organization. Another issue came up where Favre was playing a joke on Rodgers that led to Favre taking Rodgers' helmet and having it signed all around the helmet, and being hidden. Apparently, Rodgers was not a fan of the joke. The relationship between the two was the grizzled veteran looking to keep his throne against the youngster.

In an interview, Favre claimed that he has no hard feelings against Rodgers. He said that they don’t talk all the time, but that he also doesn’t talk to his family all the time. Favre also made a comment stating that he believes Rodgers still has enough time in his career to win another Super Bowl. Without the competitiveness fueling Favre, he seems to be rooting for Rodgers to succeed as much as possible.

13 Still Enemies: Donovan McNabb And Terrell Owens

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It always seemed like Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens were the dynamic duo in Philly, but in reality, they actually didn’t really like each other, and still don't. McNabb and Owens were really close, roommates and everything when they were first paired together when T.O. came over to Philly.

Owens claimed during a game that he was open multiple times and that he told McNabb that in the huddle. He said that McNabb’s reaction to that was “Shut the F’ up.” Owens said that he told McNabb that he didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to him, and that was the beginning of the end. From there on, the two never fixed their broken friendship. The two constantly went back and forth at each other, constantly saying negative things about each other. Owens eventually left the Eagles, and he never looked back on the broken friendship. Nearly 15 years after being teammates, Owens and McNabb still can't seem to make peace.

12 Made Peace: Chad Johnson And Carson Palmer

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This situation never really dealt with specifically Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson, it was more so about Chad Johnson against the whole Bengals team. Chad Johnson always had a big ego, so big that he changed his name on his jersey (and legally) to Ochocinco. Johnson was very similar to Terrell Owens, two very vocal players that may have not always got along with their teammates. There was no real hate between these two players, but there was also never a great relationship either.

However, just recently, Palmer said some positive things about Johnson which gives us hope that Palmer probably thinks more highly of Johnson than he did back when they were teammates. Palmer was talking about how he actually enjoyed playing with Johnson.

11 Still Enemies: Geno Smith And IK Enemkpali

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It’s pretty sad that one shot to the jaw of Geno Smith damaged his whole NFL career. Geno Smith was prepared and excited to be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets for the 2015 NFL season. During an altercation at practice, IK Enemkpali punched Smith in the jaw, which cause Smith to miss some time during the regular season. Apparently, the altercation was over a $600 plane ticket, in which Smith owed Enemkpali.

The injury report stated that Smith could have missed 6-10 weeks from that season, but that became completely irrelevant when Ryan Fitzpatrick took over and played extremely well for the Jets. That was the beginning of the end for Smith, who never got another real chance to be the starting quarterback in the NFL again. Smith still to this day gets frustrated thinking about the sucker punch, which was the turning point of his NFL career.

10 Made Peace: Steve Smith And Ken Lucas

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You know you messed up when you’re one of the star players and you’re sent home. During the Carolina Panthers training camp, Steve Smith punched his teammate, Ken Lucas in the face. Lucas ended up having to sit there and ice his eye after the punch, and then Smith was sent home from training camp. Smith has had some trouble throughout the beginning of his career controlling his anger, and this was just one of those moments. The end result of the fight was Lucas was left with a bruised eye and a broken nose, clearly not something that the Panthers envisioned would happen to one of their players during training camp.

Smith did what men should do, apologize for his actions. Smith apologized to the Panthers organization and to Lucas. Lucas actually did accept the apology, which then helped the team move on from the drama.

9 Still Enemies: Riley Cooper And Cary Williams

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This altercation may have been one of the most controversial in years. A small altercation between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams led to the whole sports world hating Cooper. During the small altercation, words were exchanged regarding a racial slur. Then from there, a video was shown of Cooper saying racial slurs at a country music concert. Clearly, Williams was not a fan of the words that Cooper said at the concert. Even if the altercation never led to anything crazy, Cooper and the Eagles had a very awkward relationship after Cooper was publicized everywhere because of the video.

Williams was frustrated clearly and did not appreciate Cooper’s words, which shows their poor relationship that has yet to be fixed. And it just doesn't seem it ever will.

8 Made Peace: Brandon Marshall And Jay Cutler

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Brandon Marshall is one of the great competitors in the league, even when he’s struggling (which he has struggled a lot this season playing for the Giants). Unfortunately, sometimes he says some things about some of his former teammates that weren’t able to get the job done. Marshall and Cutler clicked, and played very well together. Unfortunately, the duo was never able to make it to the Super Bowl, the ultimate goal.

Marshall has spoken about being the only one on the Bears roster who has kept Cutler accountable for his actions. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two died out and they eventually stopped talking. However, there were some positive words said about each other that proves that the conflict between the two is over. Brandon Marshall actually spoke in 2016 about how Jay Cutler could have won the MVP for that season. Although they still may not be talking, at least there’s no ongoing tension between the two.

7 Still Enemies: Robert Griffin III And WSH Offensive Line

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In 2012, Robert Griffin III took over the NFL as one of the most electrifying rookie quarterbacks to ever play in the league. His arm strength and ability to make plays out of the pocket made him easily a fan favorite for that season. Unfortunately, RGIII ran into some injuries which contributed to the downward slope of his career. In an interview with Chris Cooley, he talked about how unpopular RGIII was on the Redskins roster and how the offensive line didn't appreciate some of his habits.

This offensive line apparently never liked RGIII because they were perceived as an awful offensive line due to the hits RGII was taking and the criticism they were taking from the media and the fans. A lot of the hits that RGIII was taking to them, was due to the fact of how often he would try and make plays out of the pocket. RGIII’s time eventually finished in Washington, and the team couldn’t have been happier to stick with a steadier quarterback in Kirk Cousins.

6 Made Peace: Dez Bryant And Tyler Patmon

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Before there was the mature Dez Bryant whose production has declined, there was a troubling Dez Bryant who struggled to stay out of trouble, but also played incredible. The beginning of Bryant’s career was filled with trouble with being accused of hitting his mother, and then he got into a fight with teammate Tyler Patmon. The fight didn’t seem to be anything too serious, as it was eventually broken up and that was really it. There was never anything bizarre reported after this fight occurred, so Bryant and Patmon seemed to have moved on from the scuffle.

After the fight occurred, both teammates admitted that fights do happen and they both love each other. This never really was a huge hatred towards each other, except some frustration during the time of the fight. Good thing Bryant has matured in the league and has moved on from his reckless days and has become more of a leader within the Dallas Cowboys organization.

5 Still Enemies: Percy Harvin And Golden Tate/Doug Baldwin

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We have seen some issues between Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate, but the real drama is between Tate and Percy Harvin. When Harvin came on to the team, it obviously meant there would be a split in targets between the different receivers. Harvin told the Buffalo News that Tate and Baldwin were acting like kids. The two never got along with Harvin, when eventually a fight broke out that included the three. Baldwin and Tate claimed that Harvin was more of a threat rather than a teammate. Hearing that from a teammate may be the worst thing for a coach to have to deal with, and the relationships between them never got any better.

The fights and comments were non-stop. Eventually Harvin went to the Bills, and later on Baldwin went to the Lions. It didn’t seem that the Baldwin and Tate ever became friends again with their former teammate.

4 Made Peace: Ray Lewis And Joe Flacco

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The relationship never really was broken between Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco, but with Lewis’ comments in the booth, it never seemed that their relationship was all that great. Flacco and Lewis won a Super Bowl together in 2013, as Lewis retired in the spotlight finishing off a great career. Lewis now currently is a sports broadcaster, and maybe went a little too far on television. Lewis told Fox Sports 1, that he has never seen Flacco passionate at what he does.

Lewis definitely went a little too far, even if it was the truth, we are talking about a former teammate that he won a Super Bowl with. The comments made by Lewis had many people commenting on Flacco’s leadership and his ability to lead this team to success. Lewis talked about how Flacco is not a vocal leader that could walk in the locker room and get the guys fired up.

Flacco never really seemed to get upset by the comments, stating that this is his personality and it only really becomes a problem when the team isn’t playing well. Lewis came back and apologized for his words, which may have saved a friendship that was almost broken.

3 Still Enemies: Martellus Bennett And Kyle Fuller

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Martellus Bennett has had no problem voicing out his issues publicly. Well, one day at practice when he played for the Chicago Bears, he had no problem going back and attacking another teammate. After catching a pass, it seemed that Fuller grabbed Bennett by the neck or head area to tackle him. Bennett immediately got up and slammed Fuller to the ground, freaking out from what could have been a serious injury. Bennett ended up getting suspended due to his actions during practice.

In an interview after his actions, Bennett went on how he didn’t think it was fair the way the situation was handled and how he could have been severely hurt when he was pulled around his helmet area. Bennett talked about how he believed the whole Bears organization was soft, which gave a huge indicator that he is not a fan of Kyle Fuller still.

2 Made Peace: Cam Newton And Josh Norman

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Josh Norman did the one absolute no-go during practice while he played with the Panthers. In an altercation with Cam Newton, Norman attacked the starting quarterback which broke out to become a fight. Coaches do whatever they can to make sure their quarterback is safe during practice, so to see a cornerback attacking his quarterback is an extremely bad sign. Even though it seemed that this may make Newton furious, their friendship still stayed strong after the incident.

Even after the fight and Norman’s departure from the Panthers, the two still engage in pick-up basketball games during the offseason. In an interview, Newton joked about Norman and his family. It’s clear that the two put the fight behind the two and continued with their friendship.

1 Still Enemies: Richie Incognito And Jonathan Martin

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The worst teammate issue came between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, who were teammates with the Miami Dolphins. Martin and Incognito were apparently pretty close, until eventually Martin had enough. Martin decided to leave the Dolphins, which was in part because of bullying that was done by Incognito. Martin claimed that Incognito said very vulgar things towards Martin and things that made him feel disrespected. Martin did not like the jokes that were made towards him, as he felt embarrassed and insulted that these things were being said.

Martin also said that Incognito made jokes regarding Martin’s sister, stuff like “we are going to run a train on your sister.” Martin said that there were homophobic jokes being made constantly, which clearly upset the former Dolphins offensive lineman. Martin was dealing with mental health issues before joining the team, and Incognito, along with some teammates, made his experience worse.

Both Incognito and Martin seem to have no intentions of associating with each other again in the future, as they keep their distance after the incident which separated them from each other.

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