8 NFL Teams That Should Sign Colin Kaepernick And 7 That Should Stay Away

One of the hottest topics in sports right now is whether or not Colin Kaepernick should be in the NFL, and if he is in the NFL which teams would he be a fit for. There are a few factors that can go into whether or not this controversial sports figure would be a fit for a team, and those factors are location, depth at the position, and Kaepernick’s willingness to be a backup. Teams with terrible quarterbacks should be first in line to ask about acquiring him. Locations with a more liberal population and who a majority of the fans support his actions are also good landing spots, but there are also some teams that don’t need him because he could be somewhat of a distraction.

Teams with a franchise quarterback might not want Kaepernick, and he might not want to join those teams due to them not being able to accommodate his desire to start on a long term basis. It is obvious that this late into training camp Kaepernick won’t find a starting job. Kaepernick will have to start off as a backup, and he needs to be willing to accept that role. If he finds the right team he may get an opportunity someday to become a long term starter again if he improves his skill set.

Here are 8 teams that should sign Colin Kaepernick and 7 that shouldn’t:

17 Should: Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens would be a perfect landing spot for Colin Kaepernick, and the fans may not be to upset with the signing compared to other fan bases around the country. Baltimore is a highly liberal city. Kaepernick’s message has been symphonized much more with liberals, and it would be thought that there would be no issues with him joining the team after Joe Flacco’s health has become a concern. John Harbaugh also can get firsthand knowledge on how to get the best out of Kaepernick from his brother Jim who coached him in San Francisco.

Ravens owner Steve Biscotti has stepped in and vetoed the Ravens from signing Kaepenick despite the general manger and coach being in favor of signing him, and this has sparked outrage among the Kaepernick supporters.

16 Shouldn't: Kansas City Chiefs

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid has signed a controversial quarterback in the past when he took a chance on Michael Vick after he had been incarcerated, but at this point signing Kaepernick would not make a lot of sense for the Chiefs. The Chiefs do not have a great collection of quarterbacks at the moment. Alex Smith currently holds the starting spot, and is playing the role of mentor to the Chiefs first round draft pick Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs are hopeful that Smith can groom Mahomes into being the starter in the next year or two all while still being a playoff caliber team. This leaves no room for a quarterback such as Colin Kaepernick who possibly wants a chance to prove he can start again in the NFL.

15 Should: Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders have not seemed to mind controversy in the past, and the signing of Colin Kaepernick could help out their team in case Derek Car goes down like he did last year. After Carr got hurt the Raiders chances at going far in the playoffs were over. Signing a proven veteran in Kap would give them a much better option than Connor Cook, and if they were without Carr again in the postseason they would at least have a quarterback who has had success in the playoffs in the past. The only problem with Kaepernick joining the Raiders is that he would not get the opportunity to compete for the starting job. Derek Carr has proven to be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, and he has been rewarded with a massive contract this offseason which has given him the label of franchise quarterback.

14 Shouldn't: Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins seemed like a possible landing spot for Colin Kaepernick after the serious injury to starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill during training camp, but the Dolphins chose to go in a different direction. Jay Cutler was lured out of retirement by coach Adam Gase to play for the Dolphins after Tannehill’s injury. Many Kaepernick supporters were confused by this, but it makes perfect sense as to why the Dolphins went for Cutler over Kaepernick. Cutler had one of his best seasons as a pro in 2015 when Adam Gase was his offensive coordinator. Miami also has a large amount of Cuban defectors, and in the past Kaepernick has been touted as a Fidel Castro supporter by wearing shirts with his face imprinted on them and praising the fallen dictator shortly after his death.

13 Should: Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback, Antonio Brown at wide receiver, and Le’veon Bell at running back, but if Big Ben went down they’d be in deep trouble. The Steelers backup quarterback is Laundry Jones who hasn’t proven much when given the opportunity. Colin Kaepernick would be able to weather the storm if Big Ben were to get injured. There have also been questions as to how long Big Ben will continue to play, and if he decides to retire after this season Kaepenick would have a place to continue on as a starter even if he had to play a reserve role this year. Kaepernick would have to concede not starting this year possibly if he came to Pittsburgh.

12 Shouldn't: Seattle Seahawks

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One of the few teams to show interest in Colin Kaepernick this offseason was the Seattle Seahawks, and this came as no surprise after rookie back up Tyrone Boykin had another incident which involved breaking the law after the season. Pete Carroll even brought Kaepernick in for a workout with the team. Just a couple of days after the workout the team chose to sign quarterback Austin Davis, who hasn’t shown much talent in his previous stops. Carroll told the media his reasoning for not signing Kaepernick was that he was too good to be a backup quarterback. If Austin Davis somehow had a better showing in his workout than Kaepernick, the social justice advocate/football player may have trouble latching on to a team in that case.

11 Should: Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars were a sleeper team to do some damage last season, but they ended up having another dud of a season due in large part to the regression of starting quarterback Blake Bortles. The receiver core of Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marquise Lee was not to blame for the drastic mediocre play from Bortles last year. The backup quarterback Chad Henne has been erratic for every team he has started for in his career, and Colin Kaepernick could provide a much need insurance policy at the quarterback position in case Bortles play starts to dip off again. Signing Kaepernick is even a good idea if Bortles picks up his play. If the Jags had to turn to Chad Henne their season would likely be over, and they would almost be better off just waiving the white flag.

10 Shouldn't: Green Bay Packers

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The Green Bay Packers are pretty set at the quarterback position and have been good at the position for over 20 years, and have even had serviceable backups during that time span as well. For all those reason Kaepernick would not be a good fit for the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in football, and the Packers backup quarterback is the young Brett Hundley. Hundley has shown signs that he could be a starter in the NFL someday.

It wouldn’t make much sense to stunt the development of Hundley who may be better than Kaepernick by bringing Kap onto the roster. With the quarterback play being great on the Packers, Kaepernick would get little to no playing time, and it is apparent that he’d like to start again someday in the NFL.

9 Should: Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys struck gold when they found franchise quarterback Dak Prescott in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, but if Dak got hurt they would be in deep trouble. Their current backup quarterback Kellen Moore is one of the worst backup quarterback options in the NFL on paper. Moore just doesn’t have much of any experience, and he is better suited as a third stringer or practice squad player. Colin Kaepernick would be an instant upgrade for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys are used to bringing on controversial players such as Greg Hardy in the past, and although Kaepernick is controversial he hasn’t done anything unlawful the way some of the current Cowboys players have done. The Cowboys would make sense if Kaepernick is willing to be a backup and not challenge for the starting job.


7 Shouldn't: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a solid quarterback rotation that’s both young and old, and they were able to add a veteran backup in the offseason to go along with their rising star quarterback Jameis Winston. Winston is young and probably has the starting job locked up for at least 10 years. This would make Tampa a very unattractive destination for Kaepernick. The Buccaneers also already have a viable backup with the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick, and although Fitzpatrick hasn’t but up great numbers during his career he has started a lot of games for various teams. Most teams only carry two quarterbacks making a third string job unavailable to Kaepernick, and a third string job would be an insult to a player of Kaepernick's value.

6 Should: New York Jets

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The New York Jets do not have much hope for this upcoming season, and it is still unknown as to who is going to win the starting quarterback position. Most would believe that Josh McCown will most likely be the starter come week one of the regular season despite his horrendous play for the Cleveland Browns throughout the past couple seasons. The Jets also have two young quarterbacks in Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenburg, but neither has shown much to convince the coaching staff they deserve to be starters now. Colin Kaepernick would at least make the Jets get some attention if he were signed by the team. With the dreck currently occupying the quarterback spot on the team Kaepernick may be able to help the team win a few more games than projected, but he’d likely be throwing to the worst receiver core of his career with the Jets.

5 Shouldn't: Indianapolis Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts would not be a good landing spot for two reasons, and those reasons are the lack of opportunity to start most likely and the fanbase not agreeing with his action of kneeling during the national anthem. Indiana is a conservative state. Conservatives felt Kaepernick was disrespectful when he kneelt for the anthem even if they supported the cause he was protesting. Andrew Luck is also one of the best quarterbacks in football, and has no chance of losing his starting job even if he did go down with an injury. The depth at the actual quarterback position is not great with Scott Tolzien acting as the backup quarterback to Luck.

The Colts also have two young quarterbacks in Stephen Morris and Phillip Walker, and they can possibly groom them into being an NFL backup behind Luck.

4 Should: Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers would be a great landing spot for Colin Kaepernick for a variety of different reasons. The Panthers current and long tenured backup is Derek Anderson, but he has not been very effective when the Panthers have turned to him in the past. The Panthers offense would also be a good fit for Kaepernick's style of play. One of the facets of his game that he made a name for himself in the NFL with was his ability to run with the football, and current starter Cam Newton has also shown to be great at running with the football when a play breaks down. Newton has missed games throughout his career, making Kaepernick a good backup to start a game or two when needed.

3 Shouldn't: Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles went out and signed a competent backup quarterback in Nick Foles during the offseason. Foles may not be better than Colin Kaepernick, but he does have a lot of familiarity with the offense and the city of Philadelphia. Foles spent the early part of his career as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. His play got worse and he found himself as backup last season for the Kansas City Chiefs which is where current Eagles head coach Doug Pederson used to be the offensive coordinator.

Kaepernick has struggled with his decision making while throwing in the pocket, and the Eagles west coast offense requires a quarterback to be efficient in the pocket. Carson Wentz is the team's franchise quarterback leaving no possibility for Kaepernick to earn the starting job on this roster.


1 Should: Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions do not have any dilemma with the starting quarterback position, but they do not have much of a serviceable option to back up their franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford. The two other signal callers on their roster as of now are Jake Rudock and Brad Kaaya. Both quarterbacks are young and could eventually become a backup option, but both are practice squad level players early into their careers. Colin Kaepernick would be a tremendous upgrade at the backup position.

Detroit is also a city that can resonate with the cause that Kaepernick has been kneeling for in the past, and the majorly liberal city would embrace Kaepernick if he were signed by the Lions. Matthew Stafford has also been injury prone to a degree during his career and Kaepernick would give the Lions a chance for the team to win if Stafford had to sit out a game or two.

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